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In view of the fact that County
Attorney Funkley was quoted in
the Pioneer relatiye to Governor
Johnson's views on hanging and the
latter's duty relative to fixing the
dates for the execution of Munn and
Mathieson, the following interview
which the chief executive gave to
the Minneapolis Tribune last Satur-
day will be interesting reading for
Pioneer subscribers:
"I do not consider that in signing
the death warrants for the execution
of two men at Bemidji in the near
future," said Gov. Johnson to the
Tribune, "that I am in any way
responsible for their coming deaths."
The Governor was in his private
office at the capitol, and in a
reminiscent mood. Placing his feet
comfortably in another chair in front
of him he continued:
"l remember some 35 years ago,
when I was a small boy in St, Peter,
of passing by the old county jail.
"It was a small, rather dilapidated
structure. At its rear that day
quite a space was being fenced in.
The fence was of boards nearly as
high as the jail itself. I asked some
one what the fence was being built
for, and received the answer that
two men were to be hung there that
Chief Executive Doesn't Believe in Capital Punishment.
Early Experience Recalled When He Signed Wan ants
for Execution of Munn and Mathieson.
Phone 207
Were You Ever Annoyed
with clinkers? If so, you will be pleased to learn that there
is one good heating stove on earth that does not make any.
The genuine ROUND OAR. Of course clinkers are made,
but owing to the cone center grate and double fire pot used
in the ROUND (f\K they are not melted together,
consequently you never know that they are there. The
ROUND OAK burns successfully and economically auy kind
-__ ''r'i LL
"l'"" ft
night on a scaffold already con
structed within the fence.
"I will always remember the feel
ing of awe mixed with horror with
which this information filled my
youthful mind. It was the first time
that an execution had been so forced
upon my thoughts. There, within
that fence, two men were to have
ropes fastened around their necks
and to be deliberately hanged until
they were dead. It was dreadful to
think of, more dreadful* to imagine.
And I could not shut out the picture
from my mind. That night I lay
awake for hours thinking it over. I
then and there formed an abhorrence
for capital punishment which I have
ever retained."
But why then," asked the re
porter, "have you not refrained from
signing the death warrants for the
two Bermidji murderers?"
My dear sir," was the energetic
reply, "for the simple reason that I
have taken oath to support the laws
of this state and perform my duties
under them to the best of my ability.
My work of setting dates for execu
tions is really but clerical. This is
the fourth time I have had that duty
to perform. The first time was for
the execution of the Elk River so-
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New Canned Goods
We are daily receiving our line of choice
put up by Griffin & Skelly. These goods have no equal
in the market and a trial will convince you of the quality
of our canned fruits and vegetables.
Prices are the same as last year.
of fuel you put intc it and it heats up much or little because
the fire is under perfect control. It is the easiest, cleanest
stove to operate you have ever seen. It is as easily regu-
lated as a lamp, It is of course a plain stove compared
wifh a base burner, but it is business. It is all radiating
surface so no heat is lost. It is handsome too in its own way,
and most people like it best. If you are going to buy a
stove call in and let us explain why the ROUND OAK leads
the procession. There is only one ROUND OAK. The
genuine has the name on the door and leg.
Hardware. Furniture and Undertaking
Much interest is being taken in
the Farmers' Institute which will be
held at the city hall in Bemidji next
Saturday, Nov. 2, on which occasion
it is proprosed to have a rousing
meeting of the farmers in the vicinity
of Bemidji for the purpose of getting
together and listening to the dis
seminating of information on how to
farm in an up-to-date manner.
Prof. A. D. Wilson, superintend
ent of the Minnesota Farmers'
Institute, and A. J. McGuire of
Grand Rapids? superintendent-- of
the Northeast State Experimental
Farm at Grand Rapids, will be in
Bemidji Teams Have a Task in Playing
Against the Rapids Football
As the "Bemidji Chief" football
team will in the near future play a
game against the Grand Rapids
City team, and the Bemidji high
school eleven will contest with the
"Rapids" highs at Grand Rapids,
the accounts of recent games played
by these two teams will interest
local followers of the gridiron.
The Grand Rapids highs played
Hibbing high last Saturday, and a
Duluth paper prints tihe following
account of the contest, -which was a
walk-away for Grand Rapids:
"The Hibbing high school foot
ball team was easy for the Grand
Rapids highs Saturday, the boys
from Itasca county winning by a
score of 22 to 0. The game was
played in a heavy snowstorm and
the wet field undoubtedly held
the score down. Grand Rapids
scored twice in the first half on
straight football and kicked both
goals, the call of time leaving the
score 12 to 0. In the second half,
Grand Rapids again crossed the
tfoal line twice, but failed to kick
either goal."
The Grand Rapids City team had
a battle royal with the Bovey team
at Grand Rapids Sunday, and the
Grand Rapids account of the game
is as follows:
"A field goal by Kramer of the
local team two minutes before the
final call of time, gave the Grand
Rapids city teai a 4 to 0 victory
over Bovey in a. hard fought contest
here yesterday. During the entire
game, both teams showed great
form. The ball went back and
forth, nearly ajl the play being in
the center of he field. Both teams
were forced tjo punt repeatedly] and.
little advantage was shown on
either side at any time. The Grand
Rapids team was weakened some
what by th absence of two of the
regular pla'/ers, but the substitutes
put up a ood^game and Bovey was
never very? dangerous,"
Plenty of Currenby for Legitimate
Owing to the action taken by the banks in St, Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth,
and also the financial institutions of the principal cities of the United States, in
refusing to pay out or ship currency to the country banks, the local banks have
agreed to pay out as little money as possible, and ask the co-operation of the people
sin endeavoring to continue business activity as it now is and to use checks in lieu of
currency, where possible.
Both the Fust National Bank and the Lumbermen's National Bank of this city
have plenty of currency to meet legitimate demands.
It.is believed the situation will be relieved in a few days, both by gold imports
and by government deposits in national banks.
By F. P. Sheldon, President.
By A. P. White, President.
Speakers of Note Will Be Present and Everybody Interested
in Farming Is Invited to eat the Bemidji City Hall
Saturday, A Day.
attendance at the institute and will
address the farmers.
Messrs. Wilson and MeGuire will
speak in both the forenoon and after
noon, and they will have real live
subjects for discussion with the
other farmers who attend the insti
tute. The subjects to be discussed
are as follows: Clearing land dairy
ing growing seed, roots, etc. raising
bacon hogs marketing farm pro
ducts, and several other topics.
The gentlemen announce that
they, will be prepared to answer^any
questions regarding any subject
pertaining to farming, and more
If present arrangements do not
miscarry, the Bemidji highs will
play at Grand Rapids on Saturday
of next week, and the Grand Rap
ids city team will line up against
Bemidji on Sunday following.
Pleased With Fall Trade.
George Fleming: "Business is
good with Fleming Brothers. In
fact, we are doing double the amount
of business we transacted at this
time last fall, and in fact trade is
much better than it ever was with
us since we engaged in business in
Bemidji. We have been compelled
to add to our corps of workers and
have hired Evan Jones to assist in
taking care of our patronage. Be
midji is the best city of its size in
the state this I firmly believe."
Regular Meeting Held Last Evening
Was Devoid of Any Feature
of Interest.
The regular weekly meeting of the
city council was held last evening at
the council chambers.
-After the reading and approval of
the minutes of the last meeting, and
allowance of the usual number of
bills, theroutine work was taken up.
The street commissioner was
ordered to do a little more grading
on Third St., and also from Third
St. to the Great Northern depot.
The city clerk was ?uthorized to
communicate with the council of the
village of Nymore and request them
to pay to the City of Bemidji the
$150 agreed by them as their share
for the construction of the new road
on the line east between the City of
Bemidji and the village of Nymore.
The council voted the free use of
the city hall to the farmers' institute
to be held here Saturday, Nov. 2.
The report of the fire department
was accepted.
The city clerk was authorized to
advertise for bids for fifty cords of
four-foot wood, bids to be opened
Nov, II.
*S^W?**^r: ,^-^'^s^c ^rr:: ^7^T^p-3?s^f^^^w '*v^~ TS^JT^j^-^f
especially to the requirement of the
farms located in northern Minne
Institutes have been held in St.
Louis county during the past week
and they have been well attended.
Reports from Institutes are to the
effect that great interest has been
manifested in the subjects discussed
by Mr. McGuire and Mr. Wilson.
Everyone interested in agriculture
and/the best methods of farming is
urged to attend the Institute, as the
addresses which will be delivered at
the gathering will be of great benefit
to those present.
Crookston Journal Authority for State
ment of New Survey Headed
This Way.
The proposition of building some
kind of an old railroad from Detroit
to Bemidji (at least on paper) will
not down.
Two years ago, the Soo surveyors
started a line from Detroit Bemidji
ward, and after "sashaaing" about
the country for a couple of months,
pulled up stakes and have never
been seen since.
Now, the Crookston Journal
thrusts another survey upon us, from
Detroit, and states that is the N.P.
this time.
The Journal says:
"A large party of railway survey
ors are working in the vicinity of
Detroit, Minn., in the direction of
Bemidji, Minn., and in the opinion
of business men of the former city
they are in the employ of the North
ern Pacific Railway company. The
survey is being made along' the old
survey made by the N. P. some
years ago, connecting the two cities.
While it is not probable that any
building will be done this year, it is
thoughts the N. P. is preparing to
construct the line in the spring. It
would open up a new territory and
cut into the Soo business through a
large stretch of country."
New Store Doing Very Well.
E. H. Jerrard: "The hardware
business is opening nicely for us,
and we are satisfied with the trade
which the public is according to us.
We intend to handle the best at all
times, and desire to always please
customers, which will undoubtedly
redound to our benefit. Again, w*e
are doing nicely, and the trade is
coming our way." A
Note the advertisement of Jerrard
& Covington, printed on the first
page of this issue of the Pioneer.
The new firm will treat you well.and
they have an excellent stock to
select from/'^. \T
Four years ago, Mr. Fagenstien,
superintendent of Baptist Sunday
school work in the state, presented
a banner to the schools in Minne
sota. This banner is awarded each
year to the school that is most
aggressive and best organized. The
first year it was captured by a
Minneapolis school, but for the past
two years it has been won by Be
midji. At the recent state conven
tion in Albert Lea the banner was
presented for the third time to
Second place was given to the
fourth Baptist church of Minnea
polis, and the third place to Park
Rapids. As there are about 280
Baptist Sunday schools in the state,
this is no mean distinction for Be
The Minneapolis school, coming
second, has an average attendance
of over 500. The local school won
by the largest attendance compared
with the resident membership of the
church missionary contributions
equaling twenty-five per cent of the
school expenses graded Primary De
partment with a cradle roll and be-
Club Dance Thursday Night.
The members of the Bemidji
Dancing Club will give a Hallowe'en
dance in the Masonic Hall, Thurs
day night.
It is the intention of the club to
make the dance one of the most
successful ever held under the
auspices of the organization. The
Goods Delivered
**\T A,
Local School Has Won State Banner of Baptist Denomina-
tion Twice.Another Win Will Locate the Banner
Permanently in This City.
Artistic Tuning
Bemidji people will receive with pleasure the announce
ment ol the coming to this field of
ginners' class home department
normal class and teachers' meeting,
besides other features.
It was announced at the conven
tion, that hereafter, the banner
would become the property of. any
school that should win it for three
consecutive years. As Bemidji
already has two years to its credit,
the local school proposes to spare no
effort in building up the school, so
that the banner will find a permanent
home here.
It will be a big undertaking, with
two other schools, both of which are
larger and have better facilities for
their work, determined to win it.
This year a count will be made
upon the attendance of adults. If
the attendance in adult classes
equals twenty per cent of the aver
age attendance of the school, it
will count ten points.
Sunday, Mr. Fagenstien was
present and personally presented the
Banner to the school. It need not
be told that the school was more
than pleased to welcome the Banner
back, and proposes to keep it as a
permanent trophy.
Blackduck orchestra has been en
gaged to furnish the music and the
usual good time is assured.
For Sale.
Saw mill, situated in northern
part of country. Will sell cheap.
Call or write, A. A. Andrews, Be
midji, Minn.
Who never failed to please the most exacting piano owners
during his ten years with
Stone's Music House.
Mr. Farrar is now ready to receive orders for piano
tuning which may be left at the Frank H. West
& Co. store or addressed to
Stone's Music House,
It is a clean new stock and comprises
everything in the Hardware line.
Is still one of our leading features and we
can give you the best to be obtained in
sanitary work
Is our specialty, our employees are all ex
perts, and our prices are consistent with
quality in all lines
Boyer Building, Minn. Ave'
Phone 21

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