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The personal recommendations of peo
ple who luwe Ken cured of coughs and
Colds by Chamberlain's. Cough Remedy
have done more than all elte to make it a
staple article of trade an 1 commerce ovci
a large part of the civilized world.
Barker's Drugstore
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Office over Post Office
E. E McDonald
BcaldJI, nina. Office: Swedback Block
Dr. Rowland Gilmore
Physician and Surgeon
Office: rules Block
Physician and Surgeon
Office in ilayo Bloek
Phono 396 Res. PKorve 397
rat National Bank Bu Id'g. Telephone No. 330
Telephone Number 209
Third St.. one block west of tat Nat'l Bank
Wes Wright,
Dray and Transfer.
Phone 40. 404 Beltrami Ave
Tom Smart
Dray and baggage. Safe and Piano moving.
Phone No. 58 QIS America Ave.
Are Yo Going to Build?
If so write to
for plans and specifications,
Modern Plans. Careful Estimates.
A. G. E VASSEUR, Grand Rapids, fUnn
Pianos, Organs, Violins,
Guitars, Mandolins, Ac
cordians, Harmonicas,
Violin Strings and all
string instrument sup
plies. Sheet Music.
Also the'celebrated*Singer
and Wheeler & Wilson Sew
ing Machines. Supplies and
Repairs^for Sewirg^Machines.
Mail Orders^given
Prompt Attention.
Terms to Suit Purchaser
Bisiar, Vanderlip
& CO.,
311 ninnesota Ave. Phone 310
Star Theatre
Now Ope
Moving Pictures
Illustrated Songs
High Class
Now Open
FOLETlSHONEr^TAR toss tfee oontfh avnd Hamlnlmnfr
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat*
SfiiS! "lu^f'r JAt-^UL* \tl *jiL 1 1 MokSLtti *in*tji
'i "in1"
1' 'irJ
A. a. RUTLBpao
managing Bator
Business Manager
'Cntered in the poetofflce at Bemidji Minn.
as second class matter.
The Grand Rapids Independent
has the following to say relative to
the imposing of the death penalty
on Munn and Mathieson and the
setting of the dates by the governor
for the executions-
"Governor Johnson is loath,
according to press reports, to set a
date for the execution of the Bel
trami county murderers. It the
governor only knew what a wide
spread effect for good the executions
would have in this north country,
he would hesitate not a minute, but
hasten the date, that justice would
not have a chance to miscarry. Th
governor's contention that capital
punishment is a relic of barbaric
ages may be all right, alright, but
the same might be said about shoot
ing a fellow man in cold blood, and
looks to us as though something
more than a year or two or three in
prison and then a pardon ought to
be done to put a stop to the
extremely careless use of life-des
troying implements in this great
The Lord will not lift the man
who does not try to rise.
Use the knowledge you have and
you will have all you can use.
One day's charity is a poor
balance for six days' robbery.
Folks need what is in your
heart more than what is in your
It's nothing but a cackling kind
of piety that can be made with a
tailor's goose.
Some folks think they have lots of
grit because they know how to grind
their neighbors.
The man who is advertising for a
wife says that the "net proceeds"
of his campaign so far area house
keeper. That's more than a lot of
husbands have.
A Testimonial For Veracity.
"It's a moighty fome thing to have a
character for truthfulness," remarked
0'Grady when he returned home the
other evening.
"Indade an' it is that same," agreed
Mrs. O'Grady, with an approving nod,
as she hauled one child out of the fen
der and scraped the cinders off his
frock. "An' what makes ye say that,
"'Cause me master belaves in me
veracity lntoirely," was the response
of Phelim. He lighted his short pipe
and took his accustomed seat on a
broken chair near the chimney. "I
tould him this morning that I couldn't
help being late an' that I had run a
moile in a minute an' a half to get
there in tolme. An' what do ye think
te said?"
"Mebbe that ye deserved another
sixpence a week."
"Better than that. These are
very words. 'O'Grady,* ses he, *OI wud
just as soon belave ye if ye sed ye
had done it In half a Jiinute.' So ye
see what faith he has in me veracity
lntoirely."London Answers.
Reading the Pace.
Restless eyes denote a deceitful, de
signing disposition greenish eyes mean
falsehood, malice and a love of scan
dal blue eyes tell of tendency to co
quetry black eyes mean a lively, spir
ited and sometimes deceitful charac
ter eyes with a yellowish, bloodshot
white usually betoken strong emotions
and hot temper gray eyes mean dig
nity and Intelligence and brown eyes a
tender, true, kind and happy nature. A
mouth had better be too large than too
small, for a very small, pursed up
mouth Is seldom significant of good
conversational power. Large mouths
are more often found In conjunction
with liberal dispositions than very
small ones. A person with a pointed
chin Is fanciful, refined in taste and
difficult to please. A broad, square
chin signifies ardent love, often accom
panied by jealoasy. A broad, round
chin means ardent love, with a stead
fastness and purity of affection.
When Did You Oil Your Watoh?
When did you oil your watch lastl
Never? You may remember when you
lubricated your sewing machine, type
writer, lawn mower or grindstone
within a year, probablybut your
watch you never oiled, that you can
remember. Yet In a period of eighteen
months the balance wheel turns on
its axis 13,996,800,000 times. Expert
watchmakers say that a watch should
be thoroughly cleaned and oiled every
eighteen months. Many persons wear
a watch for years, winding it up each
night, and never oil It. Watches are
Instruments of uncertain age some
run Indefinitely, keeping accurate time,
without need of repairs. As a matter
of fact, nothing is so neglected as this
mall, delicate and useful Instrument
-North American.
Majestio Webater.
Theodore Parker gave the following
graphic description of Daniel Webster
in the famous threo hour sermon
preached soon after W ebster's death:
He was a man of huge mold, a
great body and a great biain He
seemed made to last a hundred years.
Since Socrates there has seldom been
a head so massivelj large sa\e the
stormy features of Michael Angelo.
Sin** Charlemagne I think there has
not been such a giand figure in all
Christendom. A large man, decorous
In dress, dignified in deportment, he
walked as if he felt himself a king
The coal heavers and porters of London
looked on him as one of the great
forces of the globe They recognized
a native king In the senate of the
United States he looked an emperor lu
that council Even the majestic Cal
houn seemed common compared with
him. Clay looked vulgar and Vanthe
Buren but a fox What a mouth he
had! It \\as a lion's mouth, yet there
was a sweet grandeur in the smile and
a woman's softness when he would.
What a brow it was! What eyeslike
charcoal fires in the bottom of a deep,
dark well! His face was rugged with
volcanic firesgreat passions and great
thoughts, "The front of Jove himself
an eye like Mars, to threaten and com-
Came Near It.
Wit and humor are such elemental,
fundamental things that it has
ways been found difficult to analyze'
them. Upon some points, however,
those who h.rve essayed this puzzling
task agree, for they all hold that wit
is an intellectual, humor an emotional,
quality that wit is a perception of re
semblance and humor a perception of
contrast, of discrepancy, of incongru
ity. The incongruity Is that which
arises between the ideal and the fact,
between theory and practice, between
promise and performance, and perhaps
it might be added that it is always or
almost always amoral incongruity. In
the case both of wit and humor there
is also a pleasurable surpilse, a gentle
shock which accompanies our percep
tion of the hitherto unsuspected re
semblance or incongruity. A New
England farmer was once describing
In the presence of a very humane per
son the great age and debility of a
horse that he formerly owned and
used. "You ought to have killed him,"
interrupted the humane person indig
nantly. "Well," drawled the farmer,
"we didalmost "Atlantic.
A Strenuous Statesman.
In his "Eclipse and O'Kelly" Theo
dore Andrea Cook tells a story of the
English statesman and sport Fox. He
had wagered something about a waist
coat which could only be obtained in
Paris went off to Dover by night,
caught the mail packet, posted to Pap
is and back to Calais, and remembered
he had a horse racing at Newmarket
He chartered a fishing boat bound for
the eastern counties, just got to New
market in time for the race, took the
post back to London and stopped on
the way to dine In the middle of the
port and dice after dinner he was
caught by a special messenger who had
been tearing over half of England iu
search of him and reminded that he
had to move to bi ing in a marriage bill
in the house of commons He rushed
to the stables, reached the house in
time to make a brilliant speech in re
ply to North and Burke and defeated
North on a division by a single vote.
The Bee's Feet.
Naturalists say that the feet of the
common working bee exhibit the curi
ous combination of a basket, a brush
and a pair of pinchers. The brush, the
hairs of which are arranged in sym
metrical rows, is seen only with a high
grade microscope. With this brush of
fairy delicacy the bee brushes its vel
vet robe to remove the pollen dust with
which it becomes loaded while suck
ing up the nectar of flowers. Another
delicate apparatus is the spoon shaped
appendage that receives the gleanings
that the bee wishes to carry to theof
hive. Finally, by opening the brush
and the basket by means of a neat lit
tle hinge, the two become a pair of
pinchers, which render important serv
ice in constructing the cells for theI
reception of the honey.
Tinned Tongue.
"Are you studying Esperanto, Mr.
Idiot?" asked the linguist.
"I am not," said the idiot. "I can
too much In English if I want to."
"It is a very fine language," said the
linguist"condensed, concise and easi
ly acquired."
"No doubt," said the idiot. "But I
don't care for potted tongue."Broad
way Magazine.
The Other Captain.
Captain (witheringly to private)My
friend, you ought to be eating hay.
Are there any more like you in your
family? PrivateI have only one
brother, sir. CaptainOh! And what
Is he? PrivateCaptain, sir.Bon* VI
His Act of Charity.
Mrs. HenpequeSo you did an act
of charity to commemorate the twen
tieth anniversary of our wedding. Mr.
HenpequeYes I refused a raise In
salary to one of my clerks who wanted
to get married.
One Use For It.
"1 notice that you writers use a
great deal of tobacco. Does It stimu
late your brains?"
"I don't know, but it makes you for
get that you're hungry."Cleveland
The Bachelor's View.
"What is the most aggravating thing
In married life?" asked Dorothy.
"Sometimes," said the bachelor
friend, "It's the husband, and some
times it's the wife."
4 A Criterion.
What is a synonym?" asked a teach
"Please, sir," said the lad, "it's a
word you can use In place of another
if you don't know how to spell the oth
er one.School Board Journal.
Used Up.
DlgbyHow long did it take you to
learn to run a motor car? Skorcher
On, five or six. DlgbyFive or sixthe
what-weeks? SkorcherNo motor
cars.Catholic Standard and Times.
A Hideous Dream.
I had a horiible dieam a fow nights
ago I dreamed that I was the sub
editor of a religious weekly. There is
nothing dreadful in that, of course.
The horiible pait tomes latei. My
editor, lust off for a holidayeditors
generally uie, jou Knowinstructed me
to write to se\eial people of eminence
and ask them to tell me their favorite
prayer (1 record Uils little story in
all reverence, ou understand Well,
many of the eminent people replied,
Including lady novelist of great
fame The lady wrote:
Dear SuIn ropl to \our esteemed fa
vor, 1 have much pleasure In Informing
you that my favorite praver is, "Give us
this day our daily biead"
I placed it at the head of the col
umn, put the paper to bed and went
there myself, feeling pleased. Ne\t
morning when I opened my copy of
religious weekly I found that three
letters had been diopped from the lady
novelist's favorite piayer, which, to my
consternation, now read as follows:
"Give us this day our dally ad." I
woke up screaming Keble Howard in
Classed as an Antique Also.
A charming hostess of one of the
"big houses," as they are called by
those v\ ho are welcomed into them,
has the added beauty of prematurely
white hair, says the Washington Star.
That which seems to her contempo
raries an added charm may appear to
ciudelj young a mark of decline,
at least so it appears in one instance
of which the hostess herself tells with
The lady is a connoisseur of antiques.
At one of her teas a debutante rich
with the glow of youth, but sadly con
strained with her sense of her own
novelty, was handed a cup of tea. The
cup was beautifully blue and wonder
fully old The hostess, desiring to
lighten the strain on her youthful
guest by a pleasingly diverting re
mark, said, "That little cup is 150
years old
"Oh," came the debutante's high
strained tones, "how careful you must
be to have kept it so long!"
Trades That Kill.
One of the most dangerous of trades,
according to the Pilgnm, "is the cover
ing of toy animals with skin, chamois
leather being used, for Instance, for
the elephants, calfskin for the horse
and goatskin for the camels. This
covering must of couise fit without
a wiinkle to look natuial, so the wood
en model is first dipped into glue, then
sprinkled with chalk dust then the
skin is put on The chalk is so fine
that it fills the air and is drawn into
the throat and lungs A year of this
sort of work often lesults in death.
Another very injurious toy is the rub
ber balloon The fumes and solvents
used in 1 educing sheet rubber to the
necessary thinness while retaining its
strength and the dyeing of the bril
liant yellows, greens and purple are
most of them poisonous.
A Swelled Head.
A typical Enghshw oman, when some
one spoke the other day of a certain
man ha-ving a "swelled head," looked
dazed "Really' You don't mean it!"
cried the English^ oman. "I'm very
sorry A day or so later the English
woman, happening to meet the wife
of the man in question, observed that
she was so sorry to hear that Mr.
Blank was ill
"But he isn't!" cried the wife. "He
was never better in his life."
"Is that so?" said the Englishwo
man. "Why, what could Mrs. Dash
have meant the other day when she
said he was suffering from a swelled
His Narrow Escape.
A jolly old steamboat captain with
more girth than height was asked if
he had ever had any very narrow es
"Yes," he replied, his eyes twinkling,
"once I fell off my boat at the mouth
Bear creek, and, although I'm an
expert swimmer, I guess I'd be there
now if it hadn't been for my crew.
You see, the water was just deep
enough so's to be over my head when
tried to wade out
an Just shallow
enough"he gave his body an ex
planatory pat"so that whenever I
tried to swim out I dragged bottom."
Horrible Example.
"My dear," said Mrs. Strongmind, "I
want you to accompany me to the
town hall tomorrow evening."
"What for?" queried the meek and
lowly other half of the combine.
"I am to lecture on the 'Dark Side of
Married Life,'" explained Mrs. &,
"and I want you to sit on the platform
and pose as one of the illustrations."
Chicago News.
A Financial Pessimist.
GayeYes, he Is what you might
term a financial pessimist. Myers
What's a financial pessimist? Gaye
A man who is afraid to look pleasant
for fear his friends will want to bor
row something.
AliceHow did you come to meet
your second husband, Grace? Grace
It was purely accidental. He ran
over my first one with a motor car
and afterward attended the funeral.
A Crash.
"John, what was that awful noise in
the bathroom just now?"
"Don!t worry, my dear," replied
John sleepily. "It was merely a crash
towel falling "Milwaukee Sentinel.
Opinion Is a light, vain, crude and
imperfect thing settled in the Imagina
tion, but never arriving at the under
standing, there to obtain the tincture
Of reason.Ben Jonson.
His Rising Day.
"He never did rise in the world till
he stumbled over a lot o' dynamite,"
the village gossip said, "an' even then,
like so many men In the rlsin' busi
ness, he never did know what he riz
fer!"Atlanta Constitution.
Health Recipe.
One time a man asked the poet Long
fellow how to be healthy, and this la
answer he received: 1
Joy, temperance and repose
Slam the door on the doctor's nose.
"His Awful Fate.
An American visitor in a German
city bought a dachshund. The ani
mal's length of body, short and pecul
iarly shaped legs and "highly Intelli
gent dachs face," he writes, would
have made the dog conspicuous among
the finest of his breed. "One day we
missed him and were unable to find
our pet Next day his dead body, a
little longer than in life, was shown
to me by the man who came to tell us
he had found the dog. He was very
dead, but I did want to know how he
met his untimely end and after Inquir
ing learned that he had been run over
by a 'spiegelscheibentransportwagen.*
I could readily understand how that
would have killed even an elephant
and wanted to know why the Infernal
machine had been allowed to come in-i
to the city. It was a relief to be told}
that a spiegelscheibentransportwageU
Is a wagon on which mirror plates ar
transported. Poor little dachs!"
The Sheik and Hia House.
When the French came Into contact
with the Bedouin in Algeria, It was
thought that a ready way of civilizing
him would be to assist him to build
himself a permanent habitation. A
sheik who was thus favored was full
of gratitude to the French engineers
who had built him a house.
"Since my house was finished," he
said, "I have not lost a single sheep.
I lock them up In my house every
night and next morning I find them
all in safety
"Then wheie do you sleep yourself?"
asked an officer in amazement.
"Oh, for myself, a sheik can live
only In his tent!" said the other, with
Blond Indians.
One of the mysteries of Mexico Is
presented by the Maya Indians, who
inhabit the Sierra Madre mountains in
the lower part of Sonora. They have
fair skins, blue eyes and light hair, and
students of ethnology have always
been puzzled to account for them.
There is a tradition, however, that
these Indians are the descendants of
the crew and passengers of a Swedish
vessel wrecked on the Mexican coast
centunes before Columbus discovered
the new world. But this tradition is
founded on nothing more substantial
than a folklore tale current among
them that their ancestors came over
the big salt water hundreds of moons
A Frog of Peculiar Habits.
South America has a frog of peculiar
habits. Dwelling in the virgin forests,
at the tops of the highest trees, it
chooses as a site for its nursery some
hollow stump and then proceeds to
lme it with resin procured from trees
in the neighborhood This lining serves
to catch and hold the rainwater, with
which it quickly becomes filled. As
soon as this takes place the eggs are
laid therein, and here they undergo de
velopment into tadpoles. How the re
sin is collected is a mystery, nor is it
yet known how the separate pieces be
come welded to form the water tight
basin necessary to insure the safety of
the treasures deposited therein.
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets i
Diuggists lefund money if it fails to cure 1
E W GROVE is signature is on each box
2DC if
g- ^iS^&VK^nli 'H'^/ S i
Want It?
AskyourJoclorallaboutAycr'snon. Z\ A
alcoholicSarsaparilla. Ihmyouwill
how whether tm want it or not
A large consignment of Day Books,
Ledgers, Cash Books and Journals, have
jut been received and the stock is com
plete and will give the buyer a good
good selection from which to make his
Our line is the most complete assort
ment in'Northern Minnesota. We have
books from the very cheapest to the
very best leather bound book or cover.
Stationery Department
Want a nerve tonic? Ask your doctor
Want a blood purifier? Ask your doctor
Want a strong alterative Ask your
doctodoctortrrC Want a family medicine? Ask yourr
,,COho i.
Look us up for your winter supply of
CoeJ and Wood
We have a large supply
Kidney=tte$cur Backache
Cbe Header of tbem All. Price 25 Cents
Ow Drug Store, Bemidij, Minn.
SarspariUa As your doctor W p?
We lav no secrets! We publish
thoeformulas of all our medicine*
Lvirrvber and
Building MscterieJ
We carry in stock at all times a
complete line of Lumber and Building
Material, Dimensions, etc.
St. Hilaire Retail Lbr. Co.
With the growth of Bemidji
good lots are becoming
scarcer and scarcer. We
still have a number of good
lots in the residence part of
town which will be sold on
easy terms.
For further particulars write or call
Bemidji Townsite and Im
provement Company.
H. A. SIMONS. Agent. Swedback Block, Bemidji.
Lowell, JVUBS
-J & .&.

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