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The personal recommendations of peo
ple who have been cured of coughs and
eulds by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
have done more than all else to make it a
Uple article of trade an 1 commerce ovei
urge part of the civilized world.
Barker's Drugstore
bodied unmarried men, between
ages of 21 and 35 citizens of
United States, of good character
and temperate habits, who can
speak, read, and write English
For information apply to Recruit
ing Officer, Miles Block, Bemidji
WANTED: For the U. S. Marine
Corps men between ages 21 and
35. An opportunity to see the
world. For full information apply
in person or by letter to Marine
Recruiting Station, Armstrong
Hotel, Bemidj', Minn.
WANTED: Pine lumber grader
and helper. One of the men
must be a married man. Good
house rent free. Apply at once.
Donald Land 6c Lumber Co,
WANTEDGirl for general house
work. $4 to $5 per week. Call
at once. Mrs. A. A. Richardson,
50S Minnesota Ave.
WANTEDGood girl for general
housework. Mrs. The Wonzor,
1007 Beltrami Ave.
FOR SALERubber stamps. The
Pioneer will procure any kind of a
rubber stamp for you an short
FOR SALESixteen inch dry sea
soned jack pine. Telephone 373.
days, Thursdays and Saturdays,
2:30 to 6 p. m., and Saturday
evening 7:30 to 9 p. m. also.
Library in basement of Court
House. Mrs. Harriet Campbell,
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior. Land Office at
Cass Lake. Minn.. Dec. 10. 1907.
Notice is hereby given that William D.
Mohltr. of Bemidji. Minn., has filed notice of
his intention to make final five year proof in
support of bis claim, viz: Homestead Entry
No. -.'it* made Feb. 15th. lyoi. for the NEK
M\ 4. Section 29. Township HT N.. Ranee 33
and that said proof will be made be
fore i". W. Khoda. Clerk of District Court.
Beltrarr.i Co.. Minn., at Bemidji. Minn., on
January 17th. 1908.
He names the following witnesses to prove
ln- continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of. the land, viz:
William H. Rice. Fred Bardwell. Harry
Evens. Joseph steidl, all of Bemidji. Minn.
flortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Fiefault having been made in the payment
'f the sum of Five Hundred One and 47-100
*'"!.47 Dollars, which is claimed to be due
frnci is due at the date of tMs notice upon a
certain Mortgage, duly executed and deliver
ed hj George Creighton. a single man. Mort
tfat'or. to Arthur B. Palmer, Mortgagee, bear
in? date the 13tb day of January. 1905. and
with a power of sale therein contained, duly
recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds.
in and for the County of Beltrami, and state
of Minnesota, on the lltb day of February,
A. D.. 1905. at 1 o'clock. P. M.. and was duly
recorded in Book 8 of Mortgages on page 545,
and no action or proceeding having been in
stituted, at law or otherwise, to recover the
debt secured by said Mortgage, or any part
Now, therefore, notice Is hereby given, that
by virtue of the power of sale contained in
said Mortgage, and pursuant to the statue in
such case made and provided, the said Mort
gage will be foreclosed by a sale of the prem
ises described In and conveyed by said Mort
gage, viz:
The South East Quarter (SEM) of Section
Eleven (ID. Township One Hundred forty
nlne (149). Range Thirty Five (35). containing
One Hundred sixty (160) acres more or Jess
according to the United States Government
Survey thereof, in Beltrami County and State
of Minnesota, with the hereditaments and
appurtenances: which sale will be made by
the Sheriff of said Beltrami County, at the
East front door of the Court House. In the
City of Bemidii. in said County and State, on
Monday, the 27th day of January, 1908. at 10
o'clock A. M.. of that day. at public vendue
to the highest biddei for cash, to pay the said
debt of Five Hundred One and 47-lW) *S01.4?
Dollars, and interest, and the taxes, if any.
on said premises, and Twenty Five (125.00)
Dollar.*, Attorney's fees, as stipulated in and
by said Mortgage in case of foreclosure, and
the disbursements allowed by law: subject to
redemption at any time within one year from
the date of sale, as provided by law.
Dated Dec. Kith. A. D 1907.
D. FISK Mortgagee.
Attorney for Mortgagee.
t- Delivered to your
S door every evening
Only 40c per Month
ttuinM Manager
Managing Editor
Entered in the postoffice at Bemidji. Minn.
as second claaa matter.
Contiuued from First Page
turb the men others said no good
would ever come of it. Then the
men, many of them, were against it.
Some said it was a graft others had
their favorite churches, and were
afraid the mission workers might
say something against their church.
In other cases the foremen of
the camps were very unfriendly to
wards the missionary, which made it
very hard, especially when he felt
he was not welcome in the camp.
But I am now thankful to say that
practically all of these obstacles are
gone. Some of the lumber firms are
now requesting that a missionary be
sent to their camp and are anxious
to have him spend all of his time
among their men, and for this the
company is willing to pay the entire
salary of the man, and board and
keep him, besides the men in the
various camps are always glad to
see the missionary now, and look
forward to his coming and give him
the glad hand and throughout the
entire service pay the most profound
respect. When the missionary is
about to leave he receives many in
vitations to come again.
"I am glad to tell you that the
work this past summer has been
reorganized, and, as I have said,
instead of it being any longer a local
work, it is now fast becoming
national in character. We now
have such men as John H. Converse,
L. L. Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman,
D. Rev. Parley E. Zartmann, D.
Hon. Hugh H. Hanna and others
organized as a committee, with Rev.
J. C. Buswell acting as general
superintendent,with the head
office in the Lumber Fxchange,
Minneapolis. It is the purpose to
extend this work just as rapidly as
possible throughout our great" coun
try, wherever logging is carried on,
not only holding meetings in the
camps, but giving the men reading
matter, taking care of many of the
poor fellows, who fall by the way
when they come to town, and visit
ing the various hospitals where the
men are taken while sick.
Sometimes it is to carry reading
matter or a little fruit, or it maybe
to write the last letter to mother, or
some other loved one, or to listen to
the story of a misspent life, with a
desire to die in the faith of their
4 Many times, as I have stood by
such sick beds, how I have wished
that the Christian world could only
understand this great need that is at
our doors. And why should not
these men in our forests have some
attention paid to them by the church?
Have we not already been too long
awakening to this condition? Has
the church, for many, many
years, been sending missionaries to
foreign countries, and at the same
tine been overlooking this great
need at home? Not but what it is
our duty to send the missionary
abroad, for the command of Christ
was to go into all the world. But
we must not do this at the expense
of our home work, for let us never
forget that our great America is the
dumping ground of almost all other
nations, and many of these nations
should be sending missionaries to
make good citizens of their people,
since they have chosen this fair land
for the home ot themselves and their
Because of this neglect of our
men in the forest, we now hear
the cry everywhere that its men
are fast becoming hoboes, tramps,
etc. The wonder to me is that
they are half as good as they are.
Let us stop for a minute and con
sider. Years ago the men of the
forest went away up the river,
as it was called. They were many
miles away from civilzation, but at
the same time they were away from
temptation, for they staid in the
woods most of the year. But of
late years they log by rail, and no
sooner is a railroad surveyed through
the forest to get out a piece of
timber, then every few miles a town
springs up, which at first consists
principally of saloons, gambling
houses and brothels. These not
only have their regular expenses,
but the owners are ready to bleed
them for every cent, and in turn
they have to make it out of the
lumberjack, for he is one they can
expect to make their living from.
And how often, when a lumber
jack, whose only fault was to go
to town and drink too much, tried
to get some justice, was told to
go back and earn another stake.
In many cases he is spoken of as
only an old drunk but what has
made him this? Was it not his
surroundings? If he went to many of
these towns and wanted a shave, he
had to go into a saloon if he wanted
to eat he had to go ipto a saloon
or if he wanted abed he had to
go over a saloon, or in many cases
was glad fo take the sawdust
floor of a saloon and in the cold
winter's day, the saloon was the
only place provided for the lumber
jack to keep from freezing. He
had no place to sit down in com
fort to read or rest or warm him
self, but rum, rum, rum was staring
him in the face, and to the poor
fellows, who have the temptation,
think of the awful results.
"is it any wonder, I say, that we
need missionaries at home, and
especially in this part of the state?
But the question is so often
asked, does this work do any good?
Let us see: I feel sure a few
men, who are now living a good
straight life, will not object to me
using their names, such men as
O'Connor, who today has a fine
farm in North Dakota.
A few years ago he was down
and out.
Al Moore, who was picked up on
the streets of Bemidji when even
his own wife was ready to give him
up. For many years before he died
he lead a clean life.
"Frank Bush, who now is doing
so well in the west.
'John Sorenberg, who was hunted,
like a rabbit by hounds, by the
police, and justly so, today has a
good home and is happy, and who
thanks God for the day the mission-
for Yourself
what the
Northern Pacific Railway
offers it* patrons. On a daylight trip the
Day coaches and Smoking care are comfort
able and clean, with high-back upholstered
seats For night travel the Pullman Tour
ist and Pullman Standard sleeping cars
have large and comfortable berths. Din
ing cars on all important trains.
If you contemplate
come and talk the matter over with us. -l"*^
We will assist you in making the neces- f* "I
sary arrangements.
Inquire of Local Agent M. & I. Ry. 6
A. M. OLELAND, General PasBeriger Agent, N.P.R., St. Paul, Minn!
aries came to the camp.
And there are many others yes,
hundreds who will testify they
have been helped by this work.
Let us remember, these men are
worth saving. Many of them
are mere boys from our farms,
who need the influence of the
missionary, surrounded as they are
by these awful evils.
"in conclusion, let me say the
better class of people in all our
towns should take more interest in
our men from the woods. They are
not bad men. They are more often
victims and feel that nobody cares
for them, unless they can get their
money. How I long for the day,
and I believe it is near at hand,
when in every lumbering center we
will have fine hotels for our men
from the woods, where they can get
a bath, a meal and a clean bed for
a reasonable price with no evil
Additional Locals
Hinz's mince meat at Roe &
The Model is showing one of the
best lines of box chocolates and
bon-bons for Christmas ever brought
to Bemidji.
Grant McClure, who has been
visiting his mother at Milaca for the
past couple of months, arrived in
the city from that place yesterday
to look after some real estate which
he had purchased adjoining this
city. He returned to Milaca again
this morning, but expects to be in
the city again in about a week.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any
case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles in 8 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c.
Special offer of hemstitched
peau de crepe, Bengaline and
^twilk.silk mufflers tf*| A A
worth 91.60,at.... /.tpl.UU
GJ0Yeg niajje
Every member of the Bemidji M.
B. A. lodge is earnestly requested to
attend the meeting of the lodge,
which will be held Saturday night.
Several candidates will be initiated
and there will be a general good
Telephone 319
500 Ties at Choice 50c Suspenders
NeckwearExtra values in Buckles engravable Persian
beautiful silks of European and silk suspenders worth $1.50 at
American weaving, uncommon $1.00 Biocahed silk ^flT/
effects. They're 75c and $1.00 suspenders iOC
ties, very special KA^
values 0\J\j
"Wilson" gloves, special values
Wtoo silk lined and unlined $1.00
$1.60 fleece lined gloves and
%Imitt8- tf^-^y^ 5!^-$f: :k Vf:
|4 $1.00 to $3.00 %z,
I oo
Your doctor toill tell
Hair Vigor so prom,
Money Cheerfully Refunded Before or After Christmas
Clothing Hovise
Greatest Furnishings Gif Store by Reason of Large Stock,
Efficiency of Service
Terry Cloth Bath Robes
Very lo g, closely .jiwoven
mingled patterns
$4.00 to $6.00
V*Shir Suggestions
n* Lion shirts in semi dress effects
in light and medium weights
$1.00 to $1.50
11 uoa whuAuer's
hair. A$k him all
A Christraets Ce^sh SaJe of
Pii^^ Organs
55 1-5 off I 551-5:. off 55 1-5
Beginning Dec. 18th and lasting until Dec. 24th we
shall sell any of our pianos and organs at1-3 off
A Piano worth $250 for $166.67
A Piano worth $300 for $200
A Piano worth $375 for $250
A Piano worth $400 for $266.67
A Organ worth $65 for $43.34
A Organ worth $75 for $50
A Organ worth $90 for $60
A Organ worth $100 for $66.67
These Instruments are all of standard make and first
class in every respect. Come early and select your instru-
ment as at these prices they will go like hot cakes.
Checks on either Bemidji bank accepted same as cash
Bisiar (Si Fraser
You Read So Many Offers
of Bargains in Overcoats, It's no
wonder if you are Confuse or
Tell you what to do look around come[here
first or last whenever you come here will be
the right time for us for you. In a few plain
words here's what you'll see a newly arrived
lot of finest overcoats, they're the perfect ex-
pression of all that the name "good clothes"
stands for: W call them $20 values, but $22
is nearer the mark. You've got to see them to
know. We honestly believe it's the best over-
coat opportunity you, or we, ever saw. W put
them on sale at $12.50.
Good books are all right, but do not letthem
cheat you out of your good looks. Drop
your books take up your mirror! Is your
hair exactly to your liking? Remember,
Ayer's Hairp Vigorr a hair-medicine,,dansdestroynair-meaicine
falling hair
Jy, check, falling
aboutit. druff. Does not color the hair, fc&jragfc
311 Minnesota. Ave.
JUS Jm jm jm jm.mk. fe. I fe Pk.

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