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A. P. Ritchie, superintendent of
the Bemkiji schools, gives out the
following concerning the term of
school, which has just closed.
"The Bemidji city schools closed
yesterday for the regular holiday
vacation. The teachers and pupils
have worked hard during the past
four months and will now have a
vacation of two weeks, during which
time they will rest from the grind of
school life.
The Bemidji schools have rap
idly come to the front, and do not
take a back seat' when compared
with other schools of the state in
work attempted. This year the
schools have been improved in sev
eral ways. More teachers have been
added to the corps and the work
extended in the following lines:
Music is being regularly taught in
all the grades and the high school.
Physical culture and drawing have
been added as a part of the regular
grade work. In addition to the
above, the work in the high school
has been improved by strengthen
ing the science department and the
establishment of a commercial de
partment. In the latter department
bookkeeping,study of commerce and
typewriting are taught. It is hoped
that by another year stenography
may be added.
"As yet, nothing has been done
along the line of manual training or
domestic science, and probably will
not be done until a new high school-
Until Christmas
Eve Store Will Be
Open Until 10
Superintendent Ritchie Tells of Excellent Work of the
Schools Daring the Present Term.Need of More
Room for Scholars.
building is elected. The latter
courses have found there way into
nearly all of the best high schools of
the state, and wherever established
they have become very popular, and
no thought of discontinuing them is
'There is probably no other school
in the state, the size of the Bemidji
public schools, where either manual
tiaining or domestic science, or
both, are not a regular part of the
course. There is no criticism on
the part of the board of education
for not having established these de
partments, as the rapidly growing
school population has been a prob
lem in itself to solve.
This year the enrollment will have
passed the 900 mark, before the
year closes.
It is doubtful if the usual class of
beginners can be admitted in the
spring, as all the lower grades are
crowded and there is no room for
another teacher. Two teachers are
now compelled to use the same room
in the Central building. The three
buildings now in use outside of the
main Central building have enrolled
288 pupils, as follows: Reed build
ing, 100 school No. 2, 110 school
No. 3, 78.
It is a conservative estimate that
from 75 to 100 more pupils will be
enrolled next year than this. The
question for the people of Bemidji
to settle is how shall they be taken
care of? Shall we go on and rent
ivikj. tirely
desirable G-ifts in thisC department.
Mocha G-ioves &L.25 to $1.75 Kid G-loves $1.00 to $2.00
erything from a top to a steam engine.
LADIES' COATS AND FURS rear parfto of store.
In this department you
can buy seasonable presents at a low price.
more outside buildings, wholly unfit
for school purposesheat, light and
ventilation in such a condition that
they would be condemned as a prison
for convicts? Then the additional
expense of rent, heating and janitor
service is a matter that should be
given consideration. At present
the items above mentioned in the
six rooms in the outlying buildings
exceeds the expense of the same
items in the large Central building,
in which sixteen teachers are em
ployed. Shall the policy of main
taining more small buildings be con
tinued or shall another large build
ing be erected? These are matters
that should be taken up at once by
those interested in school affairs.
I suggest them because I think it
my duty to do so.
"Now a word to the parents
directly: We know that you are
interested in the best possible devel
opment of your boys and girls
physicially, mentally and morally.
It is the duty of the schools to help
the home build along all of these
lines. It. is the duty of the home
to help the school. To this end,
we believe that all should work
together. I shall now point out, for
your consideration, some lines along
which I think improvement can be
made: The tobacco habit has
fastened itself on far too many
boys, and many others are
acquiring the habit. Do you know
whether your boy uses tobacco or
not? Is it encouraged or discour
aged at home? Nearly all the tobacco
users in school are fond of cheap,
trashy literature, which is another
great evil which has to be met. I
think that both of these habits men
tioned are on the decline in Bemidji,
and especially among the younger
pupils. I am sorry to say that the
reading of cheap literature is not
confined to the boys alone, but
many of our girls indulge in it.
"Right along with the habits
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man fe
mentioned is the habit of 'trapsing*
the streets after school hours and
evenings. Do you insist on your
boys and girls returning home
immediately after they are dis
missed? It has come to my knowl
edge frequently that boys and girls
will loaf rround town, go skating on
the lake, or do something else, and
then tell their parents they were
kept after school by the teacher to
do work.
"in order that parents and teach
ers may talk these matters over, we
are planning to call a meeting at the
Central building during January to
discuss topics of interest.
"Very respectffully submitted,
"A. P. Ritchie."
In addition" to Superintendent
A. P. Ritchie, the teaching corps of
the Eemidji schools consists of the
following: Mr. Biddinger, Chicago
Eva Graling, Minneapolis Nellie
Harding, Northome Mrs. Dwyer,
Bemidji Nellie Shaw, Funkley Ida
Ormsrud, Crookston Mabel Brown,
Brainerd Ruby PilQt, Moorhead
Dora Hanson,] Moorhead Lillian
Nelson, Atwater Miss Wessberg,
Fergus Falls Maude Hayden, Elk
River Bernice Stoker, Minneapolis
Mary Tchumperlin St. loud Ada
Holes, St. Cloud Gerrrude Alley,
Buffalo Miss Elliot, C&dar Mills
Bertha Taylor, Bemidji Miss Oliver,
Minneapolis, and Verna Bell, Cedar
There Was a Large Attendance First
Degree Conferred on Six Fine
Lunch Served.
The meeting of the Odd Fellows,
which was held last evening, was
one of the most enth&sfastic and
largely attended gatherings of the
lodge which has ever been held in
this city,
It was expected that Grand Mas
ter Shearer of St. Peter would at
tend the meeting, but it was im
possible for that official to come.
However, although there was
considerable disappointment at the
absence of the grand master, the
meeting was full of enthusiasm.
J. J. Jenkinson, district deputy
grand master, and W. B. Stuart
delivered interesting addresses
filled with useful information con
cerning the "three linkers."
The first degree was conferred
upon a class of six candidates and
the work did by the local team was
very good.
At the conclusion of the regular
meeting, elegant lunch was served
by the Rebekahs, which was liber
ally partaken of by the Odd Fel
lows and the Rebekahs.
It's "Papa" Gibbons Now.
There is ample cause for that smile
that won't come off which City
Attorney John Gibbons is wearing
these daysin fact, he has carried
it with him ever since he came
from St. Paul Wednesday even
When Mr. Gibbons was at St.
Paul, the first of the week, the edi
tor of the Pioneer met the gentle
man there and was informed that
there was a son and heir born to
the house of Gibbons, and that the
youthful newcomer was a lusty
Irish descendant, tipping the scales
at over nine pounds.
John has not said much since
returning home,but that satisfactory
smile betokens considerable.
Sam is Optimistic.
Sam Cone, who represents the L.
S. Loeb company of Duluth, and is
one of the commercial travelers who
is particularly well satisfied with the
business of the past year, is in the
city today. This is Sam's last trip
before the close of the year.
Sam says:
"I have nothing but optimistic
views of the financial situation for
1908. I believe it will be better
than 1907, which was by far the
best year since I have been 'on the
Additional local matter will be found
"Kids" Are Destroying Property and
Committing Lawless Acts that De
serve Severe Punishment.
Judging from recent occurrences,
there are a number of youngsters in
this city who are heading toward
the reformatory or the state school
for a severe term of discipline, if
not imprisonment at hard labor, for
acts of vandalism and wanton
destruction of property.
One of the uncalled-for acts of
which some of the youths are guilty
is the destroying of windows in the
Street buiiding, adjoning the build
ing used as a school room opposite
the Markham hotel. On Thursday,
a number of young imps broke into
the building, knocked out and
ruined forty-two panes of glass,
broke a lot of dishes, and damaged
the interior to the extent of a con
siderable sum, afterwards going their
way, utterly unconcered as to the
A. P. Ritchie, superintendent of
the Bemidji schools, got busy and
learned the names of some of the
boys, and it is more that likely that
they will be punished for their law
lessness, or will be extremely lucky
if they can avoid prosecution by
paying for the damage done.
There are some other acts of
youths that will be punished if the
perpetrators do not cease their "play
fulness." City Attorney Gibbons
informs the Pioneer that some per
sons have of late been forcing their
way into a number of the private
boat houses along the lakeshore, and
after gaining admittance have done
considerable damage to the property.
Mr. Gibbons states that the next ex
pedition of this kind will result in
vigorous prosecution of the perpetra
Roy Bliler returned this morning
from an extensive trip through the
country in the vicinity of Blackduck
and Battle River. Mr. Bliler has
been doing some surveying for pri
vate parties near Blackduck and in
the Battle River and Red Lake
country, and has spent the past
month in this work.
The' Big Bemidg" basketball team
will play two games against the
Crookston basketball team this
evening and Sunday afternoon.
The Crookston team arrived in
the city this noon. The members
are a husky-looking lot of players,
and they will undoubtedly give the
local team two very warm games.
These games are on the regular
schedule which the local team has
formed for its contests to determine,
the championship of northern Min
nesota. It is expected that both
games will be very warmly contested
as Bemidji has shown that it has
some remarkably fast players and
the Crookston team is the fastest
five in that city.
Last year Bemidji won two games
from a Crookston team, in one of
which it left the visitors without a
The two teams will line up as
"Big Bemidg"H. Geil and T.
Markham, forwards L. Heffrou,
center W. Collins and G. "Peterson,
guards F. Brown, substitute.
Crookston TeamWattam and
Lommen, forwards Carlson, center
McLaughlin and Beaudin, guards
Moulton, substitute Edson Jerome,
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Locals Will Be Pitted Against Strong Visiting Basketball
Five from the "Queen City."Another Game
Tomorrow Evening.
The Pioneer40c per Month
Tonight's game will be called at
9 o'clock. There will be skating
prior to the game.

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