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Entered In the postofflce at Bemidji. Mien.
as second class matter.
Have you been Opsahlized, yet?
The people of this county are
very much interested in a normal
school, and should the county lose
its representative, it will go to Red
Lake county. So if you are inter
ested in its development, vote for J.
J. Opsahl, for a vote taken from him
and given to Funkley, is a vote for
Ives of Red Lake.Taken trom the
"Opsahlized" Sentinel.
The above is one of "Colonel''
Allen's invitations to vote for his
personal candidate for the legislature.
A vote for Mr. Tunkley is by no
means "a vote for Ives of Red
A vote for Henry Funkley for
the legislature is a vote for a man
who will do all in his power,
from the opening day of the legis
lature, to secure for Bcnidji and
Beltrami county many things that
are needed from the legislature.
It is certainly true that it will not
be necessary to send a delegation
of representative business men to
St. Paul to prod our representative
in the legislature to "get a move on"
and work for our interests on the
normal school proposition, as was
the case with Mr." Opsahl last
winter, although he finally did "go"
fairly well after it had been sug
gested to him that he was the rep
resentative of the people of Beltrami
Under the caption, "Pioneer Takes
A Stand," the Sentinel contained
the following in its last issue:
"We are glad to learn that Sunday
the Pioneer took a political stand,
and came out with the platform:
Gcod for the editor, glad to have
you out in the open."
The above is but one of the many
untruthful sweeping assertions made
by the Sentinel in its last issue
relative to the legislative contest,
which is at present occupying the
undivided attention of the Sentinel,
under the directorate or J. J. Opsahl,
"Colonel" Allen, "Carpetbaeger"
Brown and "informer" Rood. The
statement is as untruthful as it is
The Pioneer is not published on
Sunday and further, no such asser
tion as given above was ever made
by anybody connected with the
Pioneer and clothed with the author
ity to make such a statement.
Mr.. Opsahl and his asroclattis
must indeed be driven to the last,
ditch when they will resort to lies
1 subterfuges in misleading the
pec pie to vote for the Sentinel',
Verily the entire Sentinel outfit,
from the "Growler" down to "in-
former" Rood, has been Opsahlizjd,
to a fare-ye-well.
Candidate for Republican Nomination
Sheriff, Primaries Sept. 15.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the republican
nomination for sheriff of Beltrami county before the primaries to be
held September 15, If elected to the office I will give the duties
thereof the very best ability which I possess.
Three Persons Dead and
Another Dying.
Gas Tube Attached to Heater in Bath
room Becomes Disconnected and
House Rapidly Fills With the Dead
ly FumesFailing to Arouse In-
mates a Relative of the Victims
Promptly Summoned Aid.
St. Paul, Sept. .Peter J. Schollert,
head of the Schollert company, paint
ers and decorators Mrs. P. Schollert,
his wife, and Lewis Christianson,
brother of Mrs. Schollert, are dead at
the Schollert home as the result of
asphyxiation by illuminating gas.
Hans Hendrickson, a cousin of Mrs.jury,
Schollert, is at the city hospital,
where physicians say he cannot possi
bly recover.
The dead and dying were discovered
by Mrs. G. Webber, a married daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Schollert, who
lives next door, and who, at the re
quest of her brother Victor, who had
arisen early and gone to work, went
to the house to call her parents and
their country visitors, who had been
at the fair the previous evening.
Failing to arouse them from their
slumbers and detecting a strong odor
of gas Mrs. Webber instantly sought
help and Dr. Wirth was summoned,
He found life extinct in the bodies
of Mr. and Mrs. Schollert and of her
brother, Mr. Christianson.
There still remained a spark of life
in Mr. Hendrioksen and he was hast
ened to the city hospital with a hope
of saving his life, although the hos
pital authorities fear that the elderly
man cannot withstand the battle for
life, as his age and physical condition
are against him.
A gas tube attached to a bath heater
in the bathroom which became dis
connected by coming in contact with
the chain is assigned to be the cause
of the accident. When the bodies
were discovered gas was pouring from
a small stub vo which the tube should
have bean attached.
Secures Next Year's Encampment of
the G. A. R.
Toledo, O., Sept. 5.Salt Lake City
won over Washington for the forty
third annual encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic next year
by a vote of 461 to 104.
Colonel Henry M. Navius of Red
bank, N. J., was elected commander
in-chief. The election occurred on the
first ballot, which gave Mr. Nevius
454 votes, compared with 254 for for
mer Governor Van Sant of Minnesota
and 90 for L. T. Dickason of Illinois.
"Statement*Was Misleading.",
The attention of the Pioneer has
been called to a statement made in
the Daily edition of last Friday,
wherein it was said that the analysis
of a powder sent to a chemist in the
cities agreed with a previous analy
sis made by Prof. Derby, and v.e
have been asked to print the follow
ing statement, made by Arthur
Akerberg, btother of the deceased
Carl Akerbarg:
"The statement made by the
Pioneer was misleading, in that the
analysis made by Professor Dei by
of some of the powders of that
prescription did not conform with
the analysis made by Mr. Lehman,
which was the analysis of the par
ticular powder submitted to Mr.
Lehman by stipulation of the attor
neys. The analysis made by Prof.
Derby was furnished to the grand
at the spring term of court.
We do not want this case tried in
the papers but are willing to leave
the matter to the courts."
Notice to Employers.
The law provides that no child
under sixteen years of age shall be
employed at any work whatever
during the time school is in session
without a special permit.
Permits cannot be granted to
children under fourteen years of age
under any circumstances. Permits
may be granted to children over
fourteen years of age to do certain
kinds of work as specified by law.
Permits, will be granted by Uie city
superintendent of schools in cases
permitted by law.
The law further provides that all
childern between the ages of eight
and sixteen shall attend school dur
ing the entire time school is in
Respectfully yours,
A. P. Ritchie.
In Municipal Court.
John Johnson was arraigned this
morning before Judge Bailey in the
municipal court on the charge oi
drunkeness and fined $5 and costs
or ten days in jail. He paid his fine
and was dismissed.
This afternoon William Guskey
was brought up on a charge of
drunkeness and fined $10 and costs
or ten days in jail. Judge Bailey
suspended sentence on condition
that he leave the city immediately.
Guskey promised to do so and left
for the dam.
William Oliver was charged with
being druuk and disorderly. He
entered a plea of guilty and was
fined $10 and costs or fifteen days
in the county jail. Oliver paid his
fine and was dismissed from custody.
Got Out 41,000 Ties.
L. Amadon, who has been engaged
in getting out ties in the Mallard
lake country, was in the city today,
having completed his work in the
vicinity of Mallard.
The L. Amadon company has
gotton out and loaded for shipment
41,000 ties, all of which are on the
main line of the Mallard Spur, from
Shevlin to Mallard. These ties were
{.hipped to Edenburg. N. D., where
they will be usecfin constructing the
Nor.h Dakota railroad, rear Eden
Left for Home.
A. N. Ludington, father of J. A.
Ludington, left this morning for
his home at Adel, Iowa, so as to
present at the reunion to be held at
Boone, Iowa, September 15.
Milk Wagon Drivers Strike.
New York, Sept. 5.Because their
union was not officially recognized by
the Sheffield Farms Dairy company,
who employed them, a large number
of drivers of milk wagons went on
strike and many residents were de
prived of their usual supply of milk.
Several outbreaks occurred between
the strikers and the men hired. Milk
wagons were overturned and harness
cut while the new drivers were inside
buildings making deliveries.
Thomas Lowry Near Death.
Minneapolis, Sept. 6.Thomas Low
ry, president of the Minneapolis, St.
Paul and kault Ste. Marie railway
and the Twin City Rapid-Transit com
pany, lies at tfle point of death at hia
horn* here. He has taken a change
|or the worse and is in a dangerous
jsondition. A paralytic stroke, of
"Which he has had two, is feared by at
tending physicians."~~~~
I hereby announce to the public
my candidacy for the Republican
Te-nomination for county auditor
to be voted upon at the primary
election, Sept. 15*
I have held the office of county
auditor for the past four years and
in asking for re-nomination and
re-election I come before the
people as one who thoroughly
understands the work of this im
portant office.
I believe in an economical ad
ministration of the affairs of the
county, a just and equitable assess
ment of real and personal property.
During my term of office it has
been my aim to familiarize myself
with the different sections of the
Extra Session of Indiana Leg
islature Galled.
Indianapolis, Sept. .Governor
Frank J. Hanly has issued a call for
an extra session of the Indiana legis
lature to meet in Indianapolis Sept. 18.
The subjects to be considered are a
county local option law, a repeal of
the grant of $120,548 unexpended bal
ances appropriated to state institu
tions by the last legislature from re
verting to the general fund Sept. 30,
which would have occurred on ac
count of an error in the present law,
and to give the governor power to
deal with troubles in Southern Indiana
that may be caused by night riders.
^epublic^iY Nominator!
for Sheriff.
A. B. Hazen of this city has filed for republican nomination for
sheriff of Beltrami county at the primaries to be held September 15.
There is probably no man in Beltrami county who is better known or
who has a larger acquaintance than A. B. Hazen. He is one of the
pioneer residents of Bemidji, and has always been prominent in every
move calculated to advance the best interests of this city and Beltrami
Candidate for County Auditor.
county and their needs, and in so
doing have conducted the office
for the whole county and not tor
any particular section.
If nominated and elected I will
give the duties of the office my
closest personal attention, and
conduct the affairs of the office in
an intelligent manner.
At this time I wish to thank all
who have stood by me so faithfully
and loyally in the past and hope I
merit their continued support.
To those whom I am not acquainted
with I hope to meet you some
day, I will appreciate work done
for me by all who will kindly
give me their support.
Yours Truly,
John Wilmann.
Divorced in South Dakota.
Sioux Falls, S. D., Sept. I.-Mrs.
Cornelia Dawbarn Peck obtained a di
vorce in the state district court from
Harry Thurston Peck, professor of
Latin in Columbia university, famous
magazine writer and prominent edu
cator of international reputation. It
was applied for and granted on the
ground of desertion.
Better Volume of Retail Trade.
New York, Sept. }.Dispatcjjgs to
Dun's Review indicate abetter vMumjjj
of retail trade and preparation fpr fail
and winter provide more activity at
jobbing and wholesale houses. Tne^e
is a decided gain in the active ma
chinery at leading manufacturing in
dustries, but mercantile payments are
still irregular.
To Remove Soldiers* Bodies.
Miles City, Mont., Sept. .Th war
department has decided to disinter
the remains of 167 bodies of soldiers
in the burial ground of Fort X&ogh
some time ago abandoned by the de
partment and reinter the l^djn, 4
Fort Custer. Bids will be asKef for
the work. a^&
tmmmmt MiMifeSaita
Sterling Silver Cut Glass
Fine Plated Ware Art Goods
From 1885 to 1902 he was chief of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
In 1898 President McKinley appointed
him as a member of the industrial
commission and when he resigned
from that body he declined the posi
tion as chief of the bureau of engrav
ing and printing. He had been com
missioner general of immigration
since 1902. He was a thirty-second
National Civic Federation. He also
was a member of the Creve Coeur
club of Peoria, 111., and of the "Fifty"
club of Philadelphia. He had been ill
foi several mouths with an ailment of
the stomach, which refused to yield
to the best of medical treatment.
Four Thousand Houses Burn.
Tolcjp, Sept. 5.Dispatches from
the city of Niigata in the Ichigo prov
ince, eighteen miles northwest of this
(City, tell of a fire in which 4,000
Rouses were destroyed by the flames
Fearful scenes of destitution and suf
fering are reported as a result of the
d|*aster and the government is render
ing every possible assistance to the
Inhabitants of the stricken city.
Come to Hundreds of Bemidji
There are days of dizziness
Spells of headache, sideache.back
Sometimes rheumatic pains
Often urinary disorders.
All tell you plainly the kidneys are
Doan's Kidney Pills cure all kid
ney ills.
Here is proof in Bemidji.
Mrs. N. E. Crowell, living at 423
Mississippi Ave., Bemidji, Minn.,
says: i have used Doan's Kidney
Pills and know them to be a reli
able remedy for the kidneys. At
the time I began their use I was
not confined to my bed, but felt
very miserable. I had a dull lan
guid feeling, and there was a con
stant ache in the small part of
my back. At times I was dizzy,
and these spells gave me the
greatest discomfort. I decided to
try Doan's Kidney Pills and pro
cured a box at the Owl Drug Store.
They gave me great relief, I con.
tinued taking them and the Im
provement I received was surpris
ing. From the satisfactory results
I derived from their use, I can rec
ommend them to others as a fine
kidney remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents, Foster-Mil burn Co.
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the nameDoan's
and take no other.^^^^^^A^^'^j?
Geo. T. Baker (L Co.
Located City Drug Store Near the Lake
Commissioner of Immigration Suc
cumbs to Stomach Trouble.
Washington, Sept .Frank P. Sar
gent, commissioner of immigration,
department of commerce and labor,
died in this city of stomach trouble.
In addition to his stomach trouble
Mr. Sargent was stricken with para
lysis about six months ago and sus
tained a bad fall at that time. Twice
afterward he suffered strokes of para
lysis. On Wednesday night he had a
sinking spell. Three physicians were
called in for consultation and it was
recognized that the end was not far
off. He never rallied.
Mr. Sargent was fifty-four y^ars of
age. He was born in Orange, Vt.
bodied unmarried men, between
ages of 18 and 35 citizens of
United States, of good character
and temperate habits, who can
speak, read, and write English
For information apply to Recruit
ing Officer. Miles Block, Bemidji
WANTEDGood girl for general
housework. Inquire at 1111
Dewey Ave.
WANTEDGood Lady cook. Ad
dress, Box 501. Bemidji, Minn.
WANTEDBell boy.
the Merchants hotel.
FOR SALE16-inch dry slab wood
$1.25 per cord delivered. M. E.
Smith Lumber yards. Phone 97.
FOR SALEOne new six horse
power Fairbank's Morse gasoline
engine. Douglass Lumber Co.
FOR SALEA $60 invalids tri
cycle cheap. Inquire Mrs. Ander
son, Bazaar Building, Bemidji.
degree Mason and a member of the FOR SALE Good residence prop
Inquire 923 Minnesota erty,
FOR RENTSeven-room cottage
with electric lights. Inquire of
M. L. Morse, 1120 Beltrami
LOSTA purse, containing $15 in
bills and some change, between
Eighth and Seventeenth streets on
Irvin avenue. Finder please
return to Mrs. S. N. Reeves, 1241
Dewey avenue.
days, Thursdays and Saturdays
2:30 to 6 p. m., and Saturday
evening 7:30 to 9 p. m. also.
Library in basement of Court
House. Mrs. Harriet Campbell
WANTED-One male cub bear, or
may take a pair. Must be tame.
Write me what you have, also
prices F. O. B. your R. R. station
crated. Harry Hart, Kenmare,
N. Dak.
A telephone says to burglars.
Has your home "this invaluable
and inexpensive protection?
Order the
Inquire at
FOR SALERubber stamps. The
Pioneer will procure any kind of a
rubber stamp for you an short

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