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How would you like to be the
ice man?"in
Fargo and Ashland People Have Been in Bemidji, and Are
Well Pleased With the Outlook HereAre
Responsible Parties.
This question has been seriously
considered during the past week by
two men from Fargo, and also an
experienced iceman from Ashland,
Wis, who have been looking over
the ground in Bemidu with the
intention of installing an ice busi
ness here, if conditions were favor
All three of the gentlemen, al
though not working together, made
a thorough canvass of the situation,
and while the lhan from Ashland
would say but little, the gentlemen
from Fargo were enthusiastic in the
belief that Bemidji could support an
other ice company, and they believed
a business here would prove a pay
ing venture.
In speaking of the situation, to
the Pioneer, one of the gentlemen
"We have looked over Bemidji and
Morris Fuller Shot About 3 O'clock
Yesterday Morning.Two Men
Are Under Arrest.
Morris Fuller, one of the Crooks
ton Lumber company's employes in
Camp Number 2 at Fowlds, was
shot through the neck by a com
panion about 3 o'clock Sunday
morning, dying twenty minutes later.
Sheriff Thomas Bailey and Cor
orner Marcum returned to the city
this afternoon, with Barney Nelson
and Archie Brown in custody, from
Fowlds, where the former were called
this morning to investigate Fuller's
According to the story of the
shooting, as told by Brown, he and
Fuller had been drinking consider
ably during the night and were
walking into Fowlds about 3 o,ciock
this morning, when they met a mau
who looked very much like the
Barney Nelson now under custody.
They invited the man to return to
the village and have a drink with
them, which he decided to do. Nel
son, or the man resembling him,
was walking in front of the two
when Fuller placed his hand on the
man's shoulder and said, "What's
your hurry?"
The latter immedi-
ately turned and fired his revolver,
the ball entering Fuller's neck and
The First National Bank
of Bemidji
firmly established and long s'nce past the stage of
experimental venture
Calls Attention
to its facilities unexcelled for the transaction of all
legitimate business in all banking lines.
Capital and Surplus
exceeds that of any other bank ia north central Min-
nesota. With effective, efficient and comprehensive
management, makes it beyond doubt the safest depos-
itory for your funds.
its funds exclusively as designated by law which
embraces a less extensive, but more stable class.
made promptly and remittances mailed on day of
bought and sold on all principal cities of the world*
Your Business
is respectfully solicited and you are invited to call
and use our offices without charge.
I assure you we think well of your
city. In conversation with local
business men, who use ice on an
extensive scale, we find there is a
healthy sentiment for the establish
ing of a new company. There is
no doubt but what the ice business
has been a paying venture here and
we return to Fargo, this afternoon,
for the purpose of 'getting together.'
"it is more than likely that we
will invade Bemidji, and if we so
decide, we will be with you inside
the next three weeks.
We have taken option on some
very desirable property, where we
can erect a large, commodius and
up-to-date ice house, where the sea
son's crop of congealed aqua pura
can be stored.
"We conduct all business on safe,
sanitary lines, and you may depend
upon it, if we decide to locate in
Bemidji, that you will have decidedly
the best service in furnishing ice
you ever had in your city."
causing his death twenty minutes
Nelson had been seen drinking
last evening and with a revolver in
his possession and Brown is of the
opinion that he is the man who shot
the deceased. Sheriff Bailey took
Nelson and Brown into custody this
noon and they will be held in the
Beltrami county jail, pending the
decision of the coroner's inquest
over the remains tomorrow.
The remains of the deceased
were brought to the city this after
noon. Morris Fuller was a young
farmer about twenty-five years old
who l'ved near Wadena and had
gone to Fowlds to work during the
Is the Bible the Word of God?
In other words, is Christianity
A majority of the people of
Bemidji do not beleive it. This is
my calm judgment, after 15 months
acquaintance with you. I do not:
wish to accuse you behind your backs
but face to face. And I will tell
you why this is my judgment of you,
Monday evening at 8 o'clock, at the
Presbyterian church. This is one
of the vital religious questions of the
age. I shall state the position of
the present school of critical thought
upon it and deal with it in the light
of that thought. You can find out
what I know about it and where I
stand upon it by being at the Pres
byterian church Monday evening.
Respectfully yours,
J. H. Deniston.
Burt Currier Charged With Securing
$10 on "Bogus" Check Signed
"Dan Robinson."
Bert Currier, a "lumberjack"
working in the vicinity of Tenstrike,
was arrested in this city last even
ing by Deputy Sheriff Andrew John
son on a charge of forgery, in accord
ance with a telephone message
received yesterday afternoon from
Tenstrike asking that he be appre
The message stated that Currier
was wanted at Tenstrike on a charge
of forging the name of Dan Robin
son, a farmer and logger, and secur
ine $19 on the false check, Currier
had left Tenstrike and was walking
towards Bemidji. A good descrip
tion of the man was given and it was
with ease that the deputy sheriff
found Currier when the latter arrived
in the city.
Mr. Robinson came in this morn
ing from Tenstrike with the forged
check and Currier was given a hear
ing this afternoon. The case was
continued on account of the illness
of the present county attorney and
the fact that the new attorney will
step into office tomorrow.
Clothing Sale a Success.
The great sacrifice sale now on at
Gill Bros.' clothing house is proving
an unprecendented success.
The public has clearly demon
strated its confidence in this sale,
and this assertion can be verified by
the throngs of people daily to be
seen beside their counters.
Their stock of clothing, and foot
wear of every textile and pattern has
been reduced to a seductive price
while the grade of them will compare
with the highest class goods to be
found in the city.
With a record of six years as
business men of Bemidji, Gill Broth
ers need have no qualms as to the
glowing success of this sale.
The unusual warm weather has
compelled this move on their part,
and it is feasible to presume that
the public will continue to take
advantage of the goods and prices
Change at Express Office.
T. E. Lloyd of Fargo, N. D.,
arrived in the city Saturday and will
relieve H. G. Page, as local agent
for the Great Northern Express com
Mr. Page expected to be sent to
the Fergus Falls office three months
ago and moved his family to the
"Falls" at that time but was unable
to secure his transfer until now.
Mr. Page has been very courteous
and obliging while acting as the
company's representative and is well
liked in Bemidji. It is with regret
that we lose him.
Mr. Lloyd comes well recom
mended from Fargo and will doubt
less ably represent the company's
interests in this city.
Committed to Insane Asylum.
Frank Haas of this city was
examined before Judge of Probate
Clark Saturday morning and ad
judged insane, being committed to
the state insane asylum at Fergus
Haas' particular form of insanity
is along religious lines as he stated
that God is in Missouri and that
he has changed the Lord's Prayer
to read "Our Father which art in
Missouri," etc.
The insane man was taken to
Fergus Falls Saturday afternoon by
Deputy Sheriff Andrew Johnson,
who returned to the city yesterday
Gave Temperance Lectures.
James R. Julian of Minneapolis
and N. T. Moen of Ada, members
of the Anti-Saloon league, lectured
yesterday in the Methodist, Presby
terian, Baptist and Norwegian Luth
eran churches of this city on the
subject of "Temperance." They
were listened to by large audiences
both morning and evening.
Local News on Last Page.
President Replies to Congres
sional Resolution.
Language In Annual Communication
Called Objectionable by Representa
tives Will Stand Analysis, Declares
ExecutiveHe Renews His Argu
ment For Repeal of Law Limiting
Activities of Treasury AgentsCites
Cases In Which They Have Aided
In Punishment of Violators of Fed
eral Laws.
Washington, Jan. 4.In a special
message to the house of representa
tives today President Roosevelt says:
To the House of Representatives:
I have received the resolution of the
bouse of representatives of Dec 17,
1908, running as follows:
Whereas, There was contained In the
sundry civil appropriation bill which
passed congress at its last session and be
came a law a provision in reference to the
employment of the secret service in the
treasury department, and,
Whereas, In the last annual message of
the president of the United States to the
two houses of congress it was stated in
reference to that provision, "It is not too
much to say that this amendment has
been of benefit only and could be of bene
fit only to the criminal classes," and it
was further stated, "The chief argument
In favor of the provision was that the
congressmen did not themselves wish to
be investigated by secret service men,"
and it was further stated, "But if this is
not considered desirable a special excep
tion could be made In the law prohibiting
the use of the secret service force in in
vestigating members of congress," it
would be far better to do this than to do
what actually was done and strive to
prevent or at least to hamper effective
action against criminals by the executive
branch of the government and,
Whereas, The plain meaning of the
above words is that the majority of the
congressmen wer_e In fear of* being inves
tigated by secret service men and that
congress as a whole was actuated by that
motive In enacting the provision In ques
tion and,
Whereas, Tour committee appointed to
consider these statements of the presi
dent and to report to the house cannot
find in the hearings before committees
not in the records. oL the -house or sen
ate any justification of this impeach
ment of the honor and integrity of the
congress, and,
Whereas, Tour committee would prefer
in order to make an Intelligent and com
prehensive report, just to the president
as well as to the congress, to have all
the information which the president may
have to communicate, now, therefore,
Be it resolved, That the president be
requested to transmit to the house any
evidence upon which he based his state
ments that the "chief argument in favor
of the provision was that the congress
men did not themselves wish to be in
vestigated by secret service men" and
also to transmit to the house any evi
dence connecting any member of the
house of representatives of the Sixtieth
congress with corrupt action in his offi
cial capacity and to inform the house
whether he has instituted proceedings for
the punishment of any such individual
by the courts or has reported any such
alleged delinquencies to the house of rep
"I Cannot Understand Resolution."
I am wholly at a loss to understand
the concluding portion of the resolu
tion. I have made no charges of cor
ruption against congress nor against
any member of the present house. If
I had proof of such corruption affect
ing any member of the house in any
matter as to which the federal gov
ernment has jurisdiction, action would
at once be brought, as was done in the
cases of Senators Mitchell and Burton
and Representatives Williamson, Herr
mann and Drlggs at different times
since I have been president. This
would simply be doing my duty in the
execution and enforcement of the laws
without respect to persons. But I do
not regard it as within the province
or the duties of the president to report
to the house "alleged delinquencies"
of members or the supposed "corrupt
action" of a member "in his official ca
pacity." The membership of the
house is by the constitution placed
within the power of the house alone.
In the prosecution of criminals and the
enforcement of the laws the president
must resort to the courts of the United
Portion of Message Quoted.
In the third and fourth clauses of the
preamble it is stated that the meaning
of my words is that "the majority of
the congressmen are In fear of being
Investigated by secret service men,"
and that "congress as a whole was ac
tuated by that motive in enacting the
provision in question," and that this
Is an impeachment of the honor and
integrity of the congress. These state
ments are not, I think, In accordance
with the facts The portion of my
message referred to runs as follows:
Last year an amendment was Incor
porated in the measure providing for the
secret service which provided that there
should be no detail from the secret serv
ice and no transfer therefrom. It Is not
too much to say that this amendment has
been of benefifeaonly and could be of bene
fit only to the criminal classes If delib
erately introduced for the purpose of di
minishing the effectiveness of war against
crime it could not have been better de
vised to this end It forbade the prac
tices that had been followed to a greater
or less extent by the executive heads of
various departments for twenty years. To
these practices we owe the securing of
the evidence which enabled us to drive
great lotteries out of business and secure
a quarter of a million of dollars in fines
from their promoters. These practices
nave enabled us to discover some of the
most outrageous frauds In connection
with the theft of government land and
government timber by great corporations
and by individuals These practices have
enabled us to get some of the evidence In
dispensable in order to secure the convic
tion of the wealthiest and most formida
ble criminals with whom the government
has to daaL both those operating In viola-
Historical Society/ IffuQ
tion of the anti-trust law and others, The
amendment in question was of benefit to
no one excepting to these criminals, and
it seriously hampers the government in
the detection of crime and the securing of
justice Moreover, it not only affects de
partments outside of the treasury, but it
tends to hamper the secretary of the
treasury himself in the effort to utilize
the employees of his department so as to
best meet the requiiements of the publla
service It forbids him from preventing
frauds upon the customs service, from in
vestigating irregularities in branch mints
e.nd assay offices and has seriously crip
pled him It prevents the promotion of
employees In the secret service, and this
further discourages good effort In its
present form the restriction operates only
to the advantage of the criminal, of the
The chief argument in favor of the pro
vision was that the congressmen did not
themselves wish to be investigated by
secret service men Very little of such
investigation has been done In the past
But It is true that the work of the secret
service agents was partly responsible for
the indictment and conviction of a sen
ator and a Congressman for land frauds
in Oregon I do not believe that it l&
in the public interest to protect crim
inals in any branch of the public service,
and, exactly as we have again and again
during the past seven years prosecuted
and convicted such criminals who were
in the executive branch of the govern
ment, so in my belief we should be given
ample means to prosecute them if found
in the legislative branch But if this is
not considered desirable a special excep
tion could be made in the law prohibit
ing the use of the secret service force in
investigating members of the congress
It would be far better to do this than to
do what actuallv was done and strive to
prevent or at least to hamper effective
action against criminals by the executive
branch oi the government
Asks Careful Reading of Message.
A careful reading of this message
will show that I said nothing to war
rant the statement that "the majority
of the congressmen were in fear of
being Investigated by the secret serv
ice men" or "that congress as a whole
was actuated by that motive" I did
not make any such statement in this
message Moreover, I have never made
any su^h statement about congress as
a whole nor, with a few inevitable ex
ceptions, about the members of con
gress in any message or article or
speech On the contrary, I have al
ways not only deprecated, but vigor
ously resented, the practice of indis
criminate attack upon congress and
indiscriminate coRdemnation of all
congressmen, wise and unwise, fit and
unfit, good and bad alike. No one real
izes more than I the importance of
co-operation between the executive
and congress, and no one holds the au
thority and dignity of the congress of
the United Stages In higher respect
than I do. I have not the slightest
sympathy with the practice of judging
men for good or for ill not on their
several merits, but in a mass, as mem
bers of one particular body or one
caste. To put together all men holding
or who have held a particular office,
whether it be the ofilce of president
or judge or senator or member of the
house of representatives, and to class
them all, without regard to their in
dividual differences, as good or bad
seems to me utterly indefensible, and
it is equally Indefensible whether the
good are confounded with the bad in
a heated and unwarranted champion
ship of all or in a heated and unwar
ranted assault upon all I would nei
ther attack nor defend all executive
officers in a mass, whether presidents,
governors, cabinet officers or officials
of lower rank, nor would I attack or
defend all legislative officers in a mass
The safety of free government rests
very largely In the ability of the plain,
everyday citizen to discriminate be
tween thosevpublic
servants who serve
him well and those public servants
who serve him ill. He cannot thus
discriminate If ha is persuaded to pass
judgment upon a man not with refer
ence to whether he is a fit or unfit
public servant, but with reference to
whether he Is an executive or legisla
tive officer, whether he belongs to one
branch or the other of the government
Says Message Is Misunderstood.
This allegation in the resolution,
therefore, must certainly be due to an
entire failure to understand my mes
The resolution continues, "That the
president be requested to transmit to
the house any_ evidence_upon,which_ he
[.Continued on Last Page]
The House and Senate Appropriate
$800,000 for Relief of Italian
Earthquake Sufferers.
Washington, D. C. Jan. 4,
(Special to Pioneei.)The House
and Senate today agreed to and
passed a resolution appropriating:
#800,000 for the relief of the Italian
sufferers, and that amount becomes
immediately available and will be
sent to the proper authorities in
This action followed a special
message from President Roosevelt,
recommending such an appropriation.
Jebe's Endorsed.
"Mr. Jebe possesses a full tone of
the purest quality, is a master
technician, and is very dramatic.
Mrs. Jebe is intensely dramatic and
she has a power to sway her audi
ence in a wonderful manner."
Times-Record, Valley City, D.
At City Opera House Thursday,
Jan. 7. ^^fe^ t%W^4^
^^jy i
J. J. Opsahl of Bemidji, representa
tive in the legu'ati're from (the
61st) legislative dis'nct, favors a
change in the"manner of selling state
timber, so that the land will be sold
with the timber, assuring taxes with
the sales he also favors the crea
tion of a new state land department,
outside the auditor's office, to be
composed of capable and efficient
men who thoroughly understand all
kinds of timber, together with the
conditions that prevail in different
parts of the state.
Mr. Opsahl thus expressed him
self prior to departing Sunday
afternoon for St. Paul to resume
his seat at the session of the
legislature. Mr. Opsahl will take
quarters's at the Merchant's hotel,
temporarily, until he can find suit
able quarters, when he will be joined
by Mrs. Opsahl, who will remain
until the close of the session.
At the last session, Mr. Opsahl
was chairman of the immigration
committee, which was instrumental
in creating the State Immigration
Week of Prayer.
The public is cordially invited to
worship in a Union Prayer service
each evening this week in the Pres
byterian church. This evening
Rev. J, H. Deniston will preach, his
"heme will be "The Bible the Word
of "God." We urge a special effort
on the part of christian people to be
present at all these services.
Representative Opsahl Does Not Favor the Selling of State
Timber Without the Land on Which It Stands
Would Create State Land Department.
commission, which, under the di
rection of George Welch, has done
much work directly beneficial to all
parts of Minnesota. When the bill
was passed creating the commission,
failure was predicted, but Mr. Op
sahl was one member who expressed
confidence in the practicability and
efficiency of the work that would
be done. Representative Opsahl is
a strong supporter of the proposition
advanced by the State Federation
of Commercial Clubs asking an
appropriation of $100,000 with which
to exploit the state's resources.
Mr. Opsahl was a member of the
committee of the last legislature
(five senators, four representatives)
which was to investigate and report
on the state's lands, timber and
minerals. In connection with his
opinion that the method of selling
state timber should be altered, Mr.
Opsahl thinks that a law should be
adopted making it the part of the
official duties of the school board to
exercise general supervision over
state school lands in their vicinity
report trespass, etc.
Glee Club Meet Tonignt.
The Arion Glee Club will meet at
8 o'clock this evening at the the
store of the Northwestern Music
company. All members are expected
to pe present and those who have
been invited to join the club are
requested to hand in their applica
tions tonight.
Mask Carnival
At the Roller Rink
Monday Evening, Jan. 4
Grand March at 9:30
Unmask at 10:30
Only those in costume or mask will be allowed to
skate. Costumes can be procured at Crane & Gould's
at reasonable rates.
CEO. V. ADAM, Floor Mgr.

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