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Warfield Electric Company Desire to
Secure New Franchise.Old
Franchise Has Expired.
The following is a complete copy
of the ordinance which was intro
duced at the meeting of the city
council held last Monday evening,
and which is really a franchise for
the Warfield Electric company, whose
original franchise expired during the
month of July.
"At a regular meeting of the City Coun
cil on the 16th day of August, 1909, the
following ordinance was introduced by
Alderman E. J. Gould, seconded by Alder
man Smart.
"Ordinance No. 42.
"An ordinance for granting the use and
right of the streets and alleys in the
City of Bemidji for electric light and
power purposes.
"The City Council of the City of Bemidji,
Beltrami County, do ordain as follows:
"Section 1.There is hereby granted by
the City Council of the City of Bemidji,
Beltrami County, Minnesota, unto C. W.
Warfield and A. A. Warfield, a copartner
ship doing business as Warfield Eleotric
Company, their executors, administrators
and assigns, permission and authority to
erect and maintain for a period of fifteen
(15) years the use of the streets and
alleys in the City of Bemidji within the
corporate limit as may be necessary for
the production and transmission of elec
tricity for the purpose of lighting and
furnishing power.
"And the said Warfield Electric Com
pany, its executors, administrators and
assigns, is hereby granted permission and
authority for a period of fifteen (15)
years from and after passage of this
ordinance to erect and maintain poles on
any and all of its streets, alleys or ave
nues, and to stretch wires on said poles
for the purpose of operating the said elec
tric light plant in the City of Bemidji for
the use of the City of Bemidji and its
"Provided, however, that such poles
shall be so set and placed and the wire
so strung thereon as not to endanger or
obstruct travel on anjr street, alley or ave
nue of the said city. Said poles and
wires and operating fixtures, within the
streets, avenues and alleys of said city,
to be placed and erected under the dir
ection of the Light Committee of the City
of Bemidji, and when so placed, located
and erected, the same shall not be moved
or ordered to be moved by said City dur
ing the term of this grant, without just or
sufficient cause.
"And provided further, that if at any
time during the life of this grant the said
Warfield Electric Company, its executors,
administrators and assigns, shall fail to
furnish electric light in accordance with
the provision of this grant, to said City
and to the inhabitants thereof for thirty
(30) consecutive days through the failure
or neglect of said Warfield Electric Com
pany, its executors, administrators and
assigns, then the right by this ordinance
granted, shall cease and terminate at the
option of said City Council, excepting
however, as apart of such period of fail
ure aforesaid, such time as may be reas
onably required by said Warfield Electric
Company, its executors, administrators
and assigns, to repair or restore such
works and their appurtenances, or
part thereof, as may at any time be in
jured by fire, lightning or other causes,
which necessary time shall not be con
sidered as part of such period of failure
to operate said works or to furnish light
and power.
"Section 2.The said Warfield Electric
Company shall at all times protect, de
fend, save harmless, and indemnify said
City of Bemidji from and assume all lia
bilities for damages which may arise or
accrue against the said City from the
injury of any person or persons, company
or corporation or to any property from the
doing of any work herein authorized to
be done, or from the operation of said
Electric Company, its executors, adminis
trators and assigns, or any of its employ
ees to comply with any ordinance relative
to the manner of the use of the highways
of said City, and defend the City from
any and all actions at law and in equity
on account of property or persons being
injured by the using or occupying any of
the streets, avenues or alleys of the said
City by the said Warfield Electric Com
pany, its executors, administrators and
assigns, in business herein set forth, and
save said city harmless from any action
the Bemidji Townsite & Improvement
Company, its successors or assigns may
institute by virtue of any right it or they
may claim in and to the streets and alleys
of said City, by virtue of any reservation
said Townsite & Improvement Company
may have made in dedicating the streets
and alleys of said City to the public.
"Section 3.The said Warfield Electric
Company, its executors, administrators
and assigns, in consideration of the grant
ing the aforesaid rights and privileges,
shall furnish electric lights to said City
and its inhabitants thereof at rates not to
exceed the following to-wit: For commer
cial and residence lights, all night service,
as follows:
"16 c. p., $ per month.
Toilet Articles
Our line of toilet articles is exceptionally
complete, having in stock all standard prep
arations, including the cold creams, lotions,
toilet waters, toilet soaps, talcum powders,
and items too numerous to mention. We
are adding to our stock daily.
Postoffice Corner Bemidji, Minn.
Blindfold Buying
The man who rushes blindly into the first yard he comes to when he
buys lumber will never get round shouldered carrying the money he saves by
such tactics.
Those who reason that all lumber is alike because it looks alike, have
several more guesses coming. There's as much difference in lumber as there
is in shoes or clothes, and you. don't buy those with your eyes shut, do you?
As lumber is supposed to last a long time, quality should be the first
consideration in buying.
Your money talks here, of course, but what you get for your money, talks
more yet, Our rule of quality firstthen pricesatisfaction alwaysdoesn't
leave any chance of blindfold lumber buying at this yard.
Phone 97 We Also Handle Coal and Wood
M. E. Smith Retail Lumber Co., Bemidji
"32 c. p., $ per month.
"For street lights all night service, the
City shall be charged rates as follows:
"2000 c. p. Arc Lights,$ .per month.
"32 c. p. Incandescents$ .per month.
"Providing, however.'that whenever any
person or persons desiring to use the said
lights, demand that meter be
placed in his or her or their building or
buildings, the same shall be furnished
and placed in such building by said War
field Electric Company, its executors,
administrators and assigns, at actual cost
to the consumer, and the meter rate shall
not exceed 12c per 1000 watts.
"The following lights shall be furnished
free to the City of Bemidji:
"1-32 in City Clerk's Office.
"3-32 in City Council Chambers.
"I in Police Station.
"1 in Basement City Hall.
"2 in Fire Hall.
"(The above to be all night service.)
"Section 4.In further consideration of
the benefits which will result to said City
of Bemidji from an electric lighting plant,
the said City hereby agrees to rent from
the said Warfield Electric Company, its
executor, administrators and assigns, the
following lights:
"23 2000-c. p. Arc Lights.
"82 32-c. p. Incandescents.
"of the character and class herein des
cribed, during the full ternvherein granted:
And it is agreed the full rental of such
lights shell be paid the first day or each
"The Warfield Electric Company, its
executors, administrators and assigns,
shall at all times during the continuance
of this grant keep the electric lights,
apparatus and lamps in repair and good
order, without any expense to the City.
The Light Committee shall have the right
to locate all lights rented by the City.
"Section 5.All poles are to be peeled
and straight in the construction or exten
sion of any lines transmitting electricity.
All electric conductors shall be placed not
less than twenty-five (25) feet above the
"Section 6The acceptance of this
ordinance shall not In any manner impair
any existing rights to use the streets which
the Warfield Electric Company now have,
if any, nor be constructed in any manner
as a waiver thereof,
"Section 7The said Warfield Electric
Company shallfiletheir written acceptance
of this ordinance with the City Clerk with
in five days after the passage therof.
"Section 8.This ordinance shall be in
force and take effect from the date of its
publication and acceptance.
"First Reading, August, 16,1909."
Casselman and Montgomery, the Band
and Orchestra and Local Talent
Will Participate.
The Bemidji band and orchestra
will give a public entertainment, on
Thursday, August 26th, when there
will be given a first-class "show"
under the direct supervision of
Casselman and Montgomery, a
vaudeville team of St. Panl, who are
now in Bemidji and arranging for
the entertainment.
It is the intention to give a min
strel first part. With a vaudeville
second part and musical selections
by the band and orchestra. The
participants in the entertainment, be
sides Mr. Casselman and Miss
Montgomery, will be chosen from
local talent of which Bemidji is well
1909 Diaries.
The Pioneer still has a few 1909stopping
diariesleft which will be closed out at
half price. The assortment includes
some of the best as well as the cheap
er books.
Local news on last page.
The Thrilling Historical Military Spectacle, the Big Evening Spectacle, at the Minnesota State Fair, Sept. 6-11.
Dick Bertram and Loella Lennerville
Wed.Both Have a Large Circle
of Friends.
A pretty home wedding was
solemnized at the home of the brides'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lennerville,
at 4:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
The contracting parties were Miss
Loella Lennerville and Mr. Dick
Rev. J. H. Deniston was the
officiating clergyman who tied the
nuptial knot pronouncing the cere
mony which united the lives of
these estimable young people of our
The wedding was a quite one,
witnessed only by the immediate
relatives and friends of the bride
and groom.
The bride was very^ prettily
gowned and looked the very queen
that her life characterizes her to be.
The groom wore the conventional
black and the pleasant smile that
is his by nature.
The bride was attended by Miss
Blanche Paddock, who acted as
bridesmaid, and Edward Currie stood
as "best man" for the groom.
After hearty congratulations had
been showered upon the bride and
groom, the entire party partook of
an elegant wedding dinner, which
was served in a sumptuous manner.
The bride is one of the best known
young ladies of Bemidji. She is a
young lady of many graces of mind
and person, who is capable of filling
the home she will adorn with happi
ness and will prove to be truly a
helpmate and companion to the
husband she has chosen to honor
with her hand.
Dick" Bertram is one of the most
popular young men of this city. For
some time past he has officiated yery
efficiently as piano player and singer
of illustrated songs at the Brinkman
Family Theater. By his gentlemanly
deportment, good nature and true
manliness, he has made hosts of
friends in this city.
This event marks the most im
portant mile-stone in their lives.
Another home is made, anew start
in life is commenced under the most
favorable conditions and circum
stances. We wish them long life
and bespeak for them much hap
piness. We rejoice that they remain
among us to cast their leavening in
fluence for good in our community.
Ernest Flemming Has Resided at Bena
for Many Years.Has Done
Ernest Flemming, the prosperous
Bena merchant, was a visitor in the
city yesterday, coming over from his
home on the afternoon train and
here until the G. N. east
bound train went Benaward, when
he returned home. Mr. Flemming
has been in the mercantile business
for the past ten years or more at
Bena, and through his square and
courteous dealings with the Indians
and others worked up a business
that is second to none in northern
Minnesota. He owns a big store
that carries an immense stock of
general merchandise.
Mr. Flemming states that the Soo
surveyors are working in the vicinity
of Bena, and that their line runs
some two miles west of that place,
where he owns a forty of land, the
proposed line of the Duluth-Thief
Falls extension being run directly
through this forty. He also says
that the surveyors are working north
and east of Cass Lake, running lines
in the vicinity of Pimush lake, in the
eastern part of Beltrami county.
Just where they will work west from
their present location is a secret
that is pretty well guardedand the
surveyors plead ignorance of the
route proposed.
Band Concert Friday Night.
The following is the program of
the concert which will be given by
the Bemidji band, at the city band
stand, on the dock Friday evening:
March'Fillmore Triumphal"
.S B. Stambaugh
SelectionFrom "The Honeymoon Trail"
JoeE. Howard
Intermezzo"Flashing Eyes"
Henry Frautzen
Overture"Poet and Peasant". Suppe
Intermelzo"Dublin Daisies".
Percy Wenrich
Selection"Broken Idol"
Egbert VanAlstlne
Medley March"Down in Jungle Town"
Theo Morse
Fantaise on "My Old Kentucky Home"
March"Peacemakers" (Introducing
Russia, Japan and America) H. L. Alford
Good Night.
Elks' Meetinq This Evening.
A regular meeting of Bemidji
Lodge, No. 1052, B. P. O. Elks, will
be held at Masonic hall this evening,
beginning at 8:30 sharp.
As there is much business of
importance to be transacted, every
brother is requested to be on hand
F. S. Lycan, E. R.
M. S. Gillette, Sec.
Expected That Many Gun Experts Will
Be Present from All Parts of
The Bemidji Rod and Gun Club
will hold a shooting tournament in
Bemidji on Wednesday and Thurs
day, September 15-16, and at a meet
ing of the club held after the shoot
last evening, the following committee
was appointed to take charge of the
P. J. Russell, president of the club
V. L. Ellis, secretary Dr. G. M. Pal
mer and John D. Lunn.
The dates selected( September 15-
16) arethe first twodays of the fourth
annual fair of the Beltrami County
Agricultural association, and it is
the desire of the fair management to
hold the shooting tournament at the
fair grounds if suitable arrangements
can be made. This matter will be
definitely settled Sunday, when W.
R. Mackenzie, secretary of the fair
association, will meet with the mem
bers of the club.
The events will be open to partic
ipation by gun club members from
all over the northwest, and already
many crack shots have signified
their intention of being present.
Ifc^s, .J-^^J^J^-C*!^^ ^Ufk-Sg^^Ts,^^, frJIss
Richard McLain, Working on the New
Watertank, Fell From Top Inside
of the Tank.
Richard McClain of Louisiana,
while putting red-hot rivets in the
top of Bemidji's new 100,000 gallon
steel watertank yesterday afternoon,
narrowly escaped death by falling
thirty feet on the inside of the tank.
McClain was working near the top
rim of the tank and while stepping
to another part of the tank slipped
and fell to the bottom of the tank.
The curved bottom broke his fall
but McClain sustained a heavy cut
on his head and a badly bruished
The other workmen in the vicinity
quickly lowered a rope and brought
McClain to the top. He was taken
to a surgeon and his wounds dressed.
It is reported that McClain will be
all right in a day or two.
Accounts Payable.
Having disposed of our hardware
business, we desire that all those who
have accounts with us, call and
settle at once. All accounts not
paid by September 1 will be placed
in the hands of our attorney for
collection. Accounts may be paid
at the store or to E. Johnson.
John Fleming & Co.
1909 diaries at the Pioneer office
at half-prize.
116 Third St.
Drugs, Toilet Articles and Preparations,
Patent Medicines, Cigars, Perfumes, Etc.
Is an Interesting Comedy Drama, Pre-
sented by Brownlee & Reed.Is
Well Recommended.
In presenting to the public for
the season of 1908-09 the drama
entitled "The Texas Cattle King,"
we wish to assure them that this
production is devoid of the sensa
tional clap-trap and blood and
thunder which has characterized so
many western plays and we endeavor
to portray in a faithful manner
scenes and incidents characteristic
of western life and present a clean,
up-to-date performance in every way
worthy of your patronage.
Brownlee & Reed,
Managers, The Texas Cattle King.
"The Texas Cattle King," which
comes to the City Opera House,
Thursday, August 19th, is one of the
most beautiful and interesting
comedy dramas now before the
public, full of pathos mirth and
interesting situations. The scene of
the play is laid in the Lone Star
Statethe home of chivalryand
portrays in a faithful manner life on
the plains as it really is. The com
pany is composed of excellent
players selected with care from the
best theatres in the east, and patrons
of the Opera House are assured of a
rare treat on the appearance of the
Buy Land in Liberty Township.
Beltrami county Iands,more espec
ially those of the western end of
the county, are in good demand
by landseekers and some recent
sales indicate the healthy condition
of the land market of northern Min
W. R. Mackenzie, who is vice
president and resident manager for
the Northern Minnesota Dairy Farm
Land company, has just closed
deals whereby he sells some tracts
in the Town of Liberty to Wisconsin
In the party who bought land,
and who departed this morning for
their home, were the following:
William Esau of Milwaukee, Henry
Schulcam of Wauwatosa and Henry
Steembock of Oshkosh. They were
well pleased with, the land and will
hold the same either for specula
tion or personally improve the same.
No One Knows Your business So
Well as You Do Yourself.
DON'T permit yourself to be inveigled into
investing in "get rich quick" propositions,
organized solely for the purpose of "get
ting you poor quick.'"
YOU go wrong in seeking high rates of inter
est on your money, but you cannot go far
wrong in calling on the First National
Bank when you are in need of funds or
when you have funds for deposit.
A Careful, Conservative, Ligitimate Banking busi
ness Conducted.
The First National Bank
of Bemidji
Phone 52
,Ti W i^^?Mi^ v^'JTi(A
^*i^fe2'^yfi^Ml*c /l

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