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Published every afternoon e*ept Sun
day by the Bemidji Pioneer SrVblishing
Company. O. S OABSOH. E SEXTO.
r. A. wttsoar, Editor.
In the City of Bemidji the papers are
delivered by carrier. Where the deliv
ery is irregular please make immediate
complaint to this office. Telephone 31.
Out of town subscribers will confer a
favor if they will report when they
do not get their papers promptly.
All papers are continued until an ex
plicit order to discontinue is received,
and until arrearages are paid.
Subscription Bates.
One month, by carrier ..$ .45
One year, by carrier 6.00
Three months, postage paid 1.25
Six Months, postage paid 2.60
One year, postage paid 5.00
The Weekly Pioneer.
Eight pages, containing a summary
of the news of the week. Published
every Thursday and sent postage paid
to any address for $1.50 in advance.
MARCH 3. 1879.
S June 24.
$ 1314Battle of Bannockburn $
$ in which the Scots under $
S Robert Bruce decisively S
$ defeated the English $
S under Edward II. $
S 1497John and Sebastin Ca- 3
$ bot sighted the coast of
$ Canada.
$ 1706The English and Portu- $
puese allies entered $
$ Madrid. S
.$ 1813Henry Ward Beecher,
$ famous pulpit orator, $
born in Litchfield, Conn. $
Died.in Brooklyn, March $
$ 8 1887. $
S 1859The allied French and
$ Sardinan armies de- S
$ feated the Austrians at $
$ Solferin o. 3
$ 1862Gen. Thomas Williams-, $
$ with four regiments and 3
eight guns, occupied the 3
$ peninsula opposite Vicks- $
$ burg. $
1863Confederate army under
$ General Lee crossed the $
$ Potomac. $
1895Marquis of Salisbury ac
S eepted the British $
S premiership. S
Kelsey's "Indian Girl" may make
the other lake boats red with envy.
Two million persons cheered King
George V., but just wait until Bryan
is elected president.
There is a growing suspicion that
Governor Eberhart has a piece of
putty where his backbone ought to,
As the result of recent events we
suggest to merchants having those
first watermelons on hand that they
lock tnem in the safe, and then
guard the safe.
A $9,000 diamond has been found
in Pike county, Arkansas. The
puzzling part is, how did anyone ever
happen to stay long enought in Pik*
county tofindit?
Perhaps, a bit premature for the
Fourth, but the remainder of the
state must admit that Northern
Minnesota has been furnishing some
choice fireworks
Whoever it is that is to assume the
duties of county attorney for Bel
trami, he will face work requiring
extraordinary courage and he must
be a man who is capable of rising to
the occasion. Not only will he be
required to play hie part in the
Dumas tragedy but it is reasonable
to presume that it will fall to his lot
to properly present in a legal manner
the evidence of alleged wrong doing
on the part of Sheriff Hazen, Viggo
Peterson is not the sort of a man to
permit charges of so serious a char
acter to die in the hands of the gov
ernor or the attorney general. Verily,
there is much work ahead for the new
county attorney.
Naturally this week's newspapers
are crowded with comments on the
Dr. Dumas affair, some favorable to
Dr. Dumas, others neutral as to his
guilt, but severe on the detectives.
This from the Princeton Union,
Robert C. Dunn's paper is an ex
"Too much loud talk is being In
dulged In by the detectives, state fire
marshal and his deputies relative to
the arrest of Mayor Dumas of Cass
Lake and the startling denouements
that are to follow. The affair at Pu
posky was badly bungled on the part
of the officers. The officers knew for
days in advance that the store at
Puposky was to be burglarized and
had laid all their plans to entrap and
capture the crooks, yet they succeed
ed in capturing only one of the yegg
men and cowardly permitted the
other to escape. It does seem as if
an army of sleuths and officials, fore
warned and forearmed, should have
either killed or captured the two lone
thugs. The affair at Puposky does!
not reflect much credit on the offi
According to present plans Presi
dent Taft will remain in Washing
ton until the end of the week, when
he will accompany Ihhs family to
their summer home at Beverly, Mass.
The President's stay at Beverly, how
ever, will be brief as he will almost
immediately start for the middle
west, where he has several engage
ments to speak.
Little of political interest is pro
mised for the week with the exception
of the Democratic state-wide pri
maries scheduled for Kentucky on
Saturday. The primaries will end
a spirited campaign that has kept
the Blue Grass State in a ferment for
many months. Governor and other
state officers are to be nominated and
a candidate for United States senator
to be endorsed. Most interest cent
ers in the senatorial contest. Sena
tor Thomas H. Paynter is a candidate
for re-election and has for an oppon
ent Ollie M. James, the present rep
resentative from the fiirst Kentucky
Important conventions of the week
will be the annual session of the
American Mtedical Association, in Los
Angeles the annual meeting of the
Catholic Edicational Association, in
Chicago the meeting of, the Southern
Textile Association, in Greenville,
S. the meeting of the American
Institute of Instruction, in Provi
dence, and the fourteenth annual
*Mtl*ift4H:t"tl kMU4/lEniri.yy
Fftl* ^"7 9^%
I H* fc W
Work Shirts a large assortment in all
colors, regular 50c values sale OQ
price fcwU
Men's soft shirts in soisette and madras,
regular $1.50 and $1.25 values, OQ
sale price. P5U
Men's underwear in plain balbriggan and
porous mesh 35c values sale 4 Qi%
price iwv
convention of the Federation of
American Zionists, in Tannersville,
Of interest to the followers of
athletic sports will be the annual
regatta of the Intercollegiate Rowing
Association, at Poughkeepsie the
Yale-Harvard boat races, at New
London the Western open golf
championship tournament, at Grand
Rapids', the national track and field
championships of the A. A. U., at
Pittsburg the championships of the
Royal Canadian Golf Association, at
Ottawa the championship meeting
of the Canadian Wheelman's Assoc
iation, at Waterloo, and the opening
of the summer meeting of the Niag
ara Racing Association, at Fort Erie.
The festivities following the cor
onation will make the week in Lon
don a brilliant one. Of paramount
interest will be the State visit of the
king and queen to the city of London
on Thursday and the king's fete to
100,000 children at Crystal Palace
on the following day. Then there
will be the gala performance at Co
vent Garden Opera House, a garden
party at Buckingham palace, a gala
performance at His Majesty's Thea
ter, the great dinner and ball to be
given by Lord Derby, the Dominion
Day dinner and Lady Strathcona's
Dominion Day reception at the Im
perial Institute, a dinner to'be given
by the Pilgrims in honor of John
Hays Hammond, the American am
bassador to the coronation, and the
visit of the king to the Royal Agri
cultural Show.
All $22.50 and $20.00 Suits, this seasons newest styles
Other interesting events in the
foreign field will'include the sessions
of the Eucharistic Congress at Ma
drid, the Automobile Grand Prix of
France, the conclusion of the Kiel
Regatta/ and the competition for the
International Aviation Cup at Hen
don England.
$IOO Reward, $IOO.
The readers of tbis paper will be pleased to
learn that there Is at least one dreaded
disease that sience has been able to cure in
all Its stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Gure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Oure
is taken Internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work. The" proprietors
have so much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for list of
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
County of Beltrami.
City of Bemidji.
Notice is hereby given. That application
bas been made in writing to the city council
of said City of Bemidji and filed in my office,
praying for the transfer of a license to sell
intoxicating liauors granted to Lat'bappelle
& Kramer for the term terminating on
September 1st. 1911. by the following person,
and at the following place as stated in said
application, respectively to-wit:
at and in the front room ground floor of that
certain two story building located on lot
14, block 14. original townsite Bemidji, Minn.
Said application will be heard and deter
mined by said city council of the City of
Bemidji at the council rooms in tbe city ball
in said City of Bemidji in Beltrami county
and State of Minnesota, on Monday, the 3rd
day of July. 1911. at .8 o'clock p. m. of that
Witness my hand and seal of City of Be
midji this 16th day of June i9u.
City Clerk.
2 Sat. June 17th-24tb.
The Great June Clearance Sale inaugurated by us two weeks ago will be con=
tinned with renewed effort and price cutting.
This has been one of our most successful Sales, but our large stock is still com*
plete in all departments, giving every one an opportunity to make his desired selection
at a great saving
No Breadlen Breakfast
With This Dog Around
t^ffcttfcifr^ the most perfectly tailored in the best metropolitan styles, fine
WwUwulK^ grays, browns, tans and blues, many variations in plaids and
checks, in serges, worsteds and scotch, exceptionally good values for $25 and tiIO %R
$30, during this sale W-W*J
Our $15.00 Suit Values have always been the best shown in regard to price, style and
workmanship, but during this sale we will sell them at the extremely low G i C\F%
The Following Are a Few of the
in Men's Furnishings
Men's union suits in balbriggan and
lisle, regular $1.25 value, sale "7C|fi
price IvC
Men's half hose in finest lisle, plain and
fancy colors 35c values, sale 4 Qj%
price IOT#
Silver Brand Shirts, attached and de
tached cuffs, plain or plaited front
coat style, $1.25 value, sale 7Q#%
price ivv
Third Street, Bemidji, Minn.
all our $13.50 and $12.00 Suits. These are values that
rarely shown, and it would pay you to take advantage of in this sale
'VB laughed to myself an awful lot," said Eveyn as daddy drew a lopg
breath and prepared for his inevitable story, "about that dog called
Laddie. Can't you tell us some more 'about him, daddy dear?"
"Surely," said daddy, "and not only about Laddie, but his great
chum Tip, who is just as clever."
"Fine!" cried the children. "Hurry up, please."
"Laddie's folks, as I told you," began daddy, "live in the countrythat is,
the almost country. They have air and sunshine and room such as are not to
be found in the city, but they are Just as much in need of the baker, the
milkman and the iceman as city folks. They can't milk cows nor raise
chickens nor bake bread, and they haven't any room on their 'spreading lawns'
that's a joke, my dearsfor an icehouse.
one morning Mrs. Hooker, the lady who owns Laddie, came in great
excitement to her husband, who was sitting on the porch waiting for break-
fast, and said: 'My goodness, what shall we do? The baker hasn't stopped
here this morning, and there isn't a single bit of bread in the house. Have
you time to go down to the town and get some?'
'No, ma'am,' said Mr. Hooker firmly 'I have to be at my office at 9
o'clock sharp. I'll have to eat my breakfast without any bread. Suppose you
fry some potato cakes?'
'No mashed potatoes left over,' said Mrs. Hooker.
"Laddie, who had been listening, suddenly disappeared, and just as the
Hooker family had gathered around the breadless table he came in with a
large paper bag in his mouth containing a. loaf of French bread and a dozen
crisp rolls.
"Whereupon the Hooker family, knowing that the family Laddie had
robbed couldn't suffer any-more than they, promptly ate the bread and rolls."
"He" should have brought in a pound of butter also," commented Evelyn.
"Now please tell us about Tip."
"No, ma'am," said daddy. "You've made fun of my story, so I'll keep the
one about Tip for some time when you'll have more respect for your daddy's
gray hairs."
"Forgive me. daddy," pleaded Evelyn, pretending to cry.
"All right," said daddy, .with a wink at Jack. "The man who $wns Tip
has the initials W. A. One morning he didn't have a clean handkerchief
and complained. Tip heard him and came in with a handkerchief marked
G. W. A. That's pretty good for a little dog, isn't it?"
Laddie Couldn't
The Family Starve
Pachard shoes and oxfords this season's
latest styles, all leathers, lace or button at
25 per cent discount.
Hats, straw or felt, all new styles at 2 5
per cent discount.
One lot of hats odds and ends, all
this seasons styles and colors,
regular $2.50 values, sale
A. O. TJ. "W.
Bemidji Lodge No.
277. Regular meeting
nightsfirst and third
Monday, at 8 o'clock.
at Odd Fellows hall,
402 Beltrami Ave.
P. O. E.
Regular meeting nights
every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Eagles hall.
O. A. B.
Regular meetingsFirst
and third Saturday after-
noons, at 2:30at Odd Fel-
lows Hall, 402 Beltrami
I. O. O. P.
Bemidji Lodge No. 119
Regular meeting nights
every Friday, a o'clock
at Odd Fellows Hall,
402 Beltrami.
/c?a~o-?\ O. O. F. Camp No. 24.
j[^jv|fi Regular meeting every second
P^r\ and fourth Wednesdays at 8
o'clock, at Odd Fellows Hall.
Rebecca Lodge. Regular
1 meeting nightsfirst and
third Wednesdays at 8 o'clock.
I. O. O. F. Hall.
^j^^X^ Regular meeting nights
Jrg every Tuesday evening at 8
*&y o'clockat the Eagles' Hall,
Third street.
Regular meeting night
last Wednesday evening
in each month.
A. F. & A. M.. Bemidji,
233. Regular meeting
nightsfirst and third
Wednesdays, 8 o'clockat
Masonic Hall, Beltrami
Ave., and Fifth St.
Bemidji Chapter No. 70,
R. A. M. Stated convoca
tionsfirst and third Mon
days, 8 o'clock p. m.at
Masonic Hall, Beltrami
Ave., and Fifth St.
Elkanah Commandery No. 30
K. T. Stated conclavese-
i| cond and fourth Fridays, 8
J? o'clock p. m.at Masonic
Temple, Beltrami Ave., and
Fifth St.
O. E. S. Chapter No. 171.
Regular meeting nights
first and third Fridays, 8
o'clockat Masonic Hall,
Beltrami Ave., and Fifth
M. B. A.
Roosevelt, No. 1523. Reg
ular meeting nights every
second and fourth Thurs
day evenings a*. 8 o'clock
in Odd Fellows Hall.
M. W. A.
Bemidji Camp No. 6012.
Regular meeting nights
first and third Tuesdays at
8 o'clock at Odd Fellows
hall, 402 Beltrami Ave.
Regular meeting nights on
the First and Third Thurs
days in the I. O. O. F. Hall at
8 p. m.
Meetings held second and
fourth Sunday afternoon of
each month at 205 Beltrami
(sldinci ftont S8 Stl Antrlc* AT*. Offlci HUM 12
Offlee'313 Beltrami Av.
'.Phone 319-2.
Farm and
City Loans
Real Estate
William C. Klein
O'Leary-Bowser Bldg.
Phone 19.
Bemidji, ^Sr
B. P. O. S.
Bemidji Lodge No. 1062.
Regular meeting night s
first and third Thursdays,
8 o'clockat Masonic hall,
Belirami Ave., and Fifth
C. O. P.
Regular meeting night
every Second and Fourth
Sunday evening, at 8
o'clock in basement of
Catholic church.
Meeting nights every
second and fourth Monday
evenings, at Odd Fellov

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