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makes no selection by March 4, the
vice-president becomes president.
As the senate is Republican and
the house Democratic, it is possible
that the country may have a Demo
cratic president and a Republican
vice-president in case that the elec
toral college fails to make a selec
tion and throws the choice to con
gress. Students of American govern
ment believe that if such a situation
works out that it will bring home
to the people the necessity of doing
away with the present machinery
and electing the presidents in a
more direct manner.
Notwithstanding the noisiness of
the campaign made by the candidates
and those who have been speaking
for them, it has generally been noted
that fewer men are saying for whom
they will vote than at any other
High Glass Service at Law Prices
Northern Automobile Go.
Mark Your Ballot Like This.
Constitutional Amendments to be Voted for by the People
FirstAmendment to section sixteen (16) of article nine
(9) of the constitution, establishing the road and bridge
fund, and authorizing the legislature to levy an annual
tax for the purpose of constructing and- improving roads
and bridges within this state.
SecondAmendment to article nine of the constitution of
of the State of Minnesota, authorizing the state auditor"
to levy an acreage tax on lands which, at the option of\.
the owners thereof, may have been listed with the county
auditor for protection against loss by hail and wind, or
either, in this state, for the purpose of creating an insure"
ance fund against damage to crops by hail storms on such
listed lands and to provide for the manner of handling:,
and distributing of said fund.
Por increasing the gross earnings tax of railroad companies
from four to five per cent, and providing for the paymelt
of the gross earnings tax semi-annually.
flii*. -:m
THIRDAmendment of section six (6) of article eight"(8)^ f
of the constitution relating to the investment of school^ 0,
funds and authorizing the investment and loaning of^ f||
school funds on improved farm land within this state/
FOURTHAmendment of section thirty-six (36) of article
four (4) of the constitution, allowing cities and villages \j
in this state to frame their own charters and classify
ing cities.
FIFTHAmendment of section 7, article 7, of the constitu-.
tion of the State of Minnesota providing for ah educa
tional and professional qualification for county super
intendent of schools.
SIXTHAmendment of section 2 of article 4 of the constitu-, -,-,'j
tion, relating to the number of members of the senate
and house of represenatives and the basis.of appctrtiqn-irC
ment thereof.- \*s3i3 silk seS
ii NO
we fit
in the
requirements on your part is all that is necessary
to produce perfect bakings with Calumet Baking
fowder. Calumet by its purity and perfect lea*enin^
qualities does the rest. S^:_ f^- #-S fe
Leave your next baking to Caluniet andlnote tile
improvementsalso note the savingfor Calumet is
economical in cost and use. All good grocers sell it.
time in years. Party lines are bad
ly broken and the uncertainty of the
outcome lends more than usual in
terest to the election tomorrow.
Bemidji people have dis
covered that A SINGLE DOSE of
simple buckthorn, bark, glycerine,
etc., as compounded in Adier-i-ka,
the German appendicitis remedy, re
lieves gas on the stomach and con
stipation AT ONCE. E. N. French &
Co., Druggists.Adv.
A Model Servant.
Miss Ann Ansell of Weybridge, 8
rey, who recently died at the
ag of 87 years, was an e
ample of long and faithful domes
tic service. Throughout her whole
lifetime she had only one "place." At
the age of 16 she entered the serv
ice of the family of the late Sir Pres
cott Hewett, and she remained in the
same family, as nurse and faithful
Wend, for 71 years.
Now is the time to engage your space, for
winter storage. Dead storage feiooperl mohth.
We will put your car in proper shape for winter
without extra charge. Live storageGarage
will be heated and you can drive your car all
winter. Inquire for rates.
Our repair department is one of the best. We
are giving you the same class of repair work for
6oc per hour that cost 75c and 85c in Minne-
_. _,-. YES
nothing to a whole army of them.
Nearly all of the states penalize
pauperism, idiocy, insanity and fel
ony by taking away the voting priv
ilege. In addition, a number of the
states bar delinquent taxpayers from
the right of suffrage.
United States soldiers, sailors and
marines are not qualified to vote in
Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, South Da
kota, Texas and New Mexico.
Florida and Wisconsin place a ban
on "duellists" and Idaho and Missis
sippi deny the right of voting to big
amists and polygamists. A voter in
Wyoming must be able to read the
state constitution in the* English lan
guage. In Maine, Michigan, Mon
tana, South Dakota and Washing
ton special restrictions are placed on
the voting privileges of Indians.
Some more of the "Hornets" have
returned from. the,.Dakota harvest
The Literary society meeting was
held in the Winan school Tuesday
evening. -The following program
was given:
Song, "Minnesota", All.
Recitation, "The Little Red Hen",
Clara Stene.
Recitation, "The Old Man i and
Jim," Martha Stene.
Newspaper Robert Shaw.
Monologue,. "Her First Call on the
Butcher", Miss Anvid.
Quotations, v"
Political Speeches,' Taft, Robert
Shaw Roosevelt, Hattie Bogart
Wilson, Miss Anvid.'
Straw vote taken, the result'as
follonc: Wilson, 11, Roosevelt 4,
Taft 2.
Song, "AH Through the -Night,"
Miss Anvid, Robert Shaw and Mrs.
Recitation, "The Tramp's Redemp-
tion," Ojetta Bogart.
Dialogue, "Goin' Some Where",
J. D. Bogart and wife.
On account of the change in the
weather on Tuesday, not all could at
tend the Literary that evening, so
it was repeated agafri, with a few
changes on Thursday evening. A
good deal of interest was shown in
the straw vote in which all took part.
The vote on Thursday night stood:
Wilson 10, Chafln 6 and Taft 4. Roy
Cossentine gave a ve_ry good talk on
the Prohibition party.
Moulds of Bronze Age.
'The molds of the latter bronze age
were either of elay or bronze. In cast
ins swords and daggers- of bronze the
molds must have been of clay ami
been heated to dull redness at th
time when the metal was poured in
a method of casting which is still
practiced In' Japanas by. no other
means could! such perfect castings of
their thfn blades have been obtained,
The castings generally were ham
mered at the cutting edges, and It
is to this hammering, and to it only
that the hardness of the cutting edge i
of both eopper and bronze weapons iti
due, and hot to any method of tem
pering. Much has been written about
the so-called art of tempering bronze
supposed to have been practiced by
the/ men of the Bronze Age. in the
manufacture of their weapons the
hardness is also said to be greater
thar ca,n be given to the bronze at
the present day. William Gowland
has recently pointed out that this Is
an error, and has expressed the opin
Ion that it can onfy have arisen ow
ing to its authors never having mads
any comparative practical tests
the hardness of bronze.
Rough on "Good Samaritan."
Frank Koetsoh, a laborer, was put
on trial at Qrax for bis action in
paving the life of a would-be suicide.
had found a man dangling from
a tree, and had promptly cut him
down and taken him to a hospital The
man recovered from the effects of the
hanging, but complained of a scalp
wound he had received when falling to
the ground, and he brought a charge
of personal injury by carelessness
against the man who saved his life.
Koetsch was acquitted, but declared
he" would take care never to act the.
Good Samaritan again.
Brinkman Theater
Ifl I."
Adrar's Polar Bears at
til! BrinklBinJ oBigM.
Greatest Animal Act
the World. European Nov
ytujim'.illV'i'jl^ijK nrlol. ni
Guarantee PRICE- 116 Third St.
^f Do you feel, Mr.
Reader, that your abili
ties are coining all they
are worth?
fl-Why not do a little
prospecting,with a
"SituationWantecT ad?
The possibilities are
worth the smallexpense.
$10.00 for Series.
1 aiinouitet Ut
iiH lite Afc_
puoiicuti candidate for the ollice
of County Attorney for Bel
trami county.
If elected I will be the attor
ney/or the county. I will con
tinue to conduct the office eco
nomically, as a purely business
one, and in no sense as a politi
cal office.
I solicit the active coopera
tion of'the people of this county
in support of my candidacy.
Bemidii MTTV.
OffiSlS Beltrami Ave.
Phone SIS-9.
Want Ad
1-2 Cert a Word-Cash
Qeaniilg JHoosel
"I'f 1
Dry Cleaning of Ladies'
and Gents' Clothing, House
hold Goods, etc,.
106 Second St
Watch Chains
We are showing over 150 styles in GId Filled Gent's in the
Chains. These chains are made in standard style and Vest
various styles chajiwworn^m^n^
Quality -^c^^of
& SI!T^_.
i'^ t- factory and we give our personal guarantee.
The highesi jewelry art has been embellished in their making.
,It is hardly possible to make a chain that will give more ser-
vice. These chains are madeiwith a patent processi which adds
at least 10 per cent to the wear.
IT 0
Our Gold Filled Chains are guaranteed for 20 years by the
The selling price is $2. 50 to 88.60. These chains we
purchase Direct from large factories in the east, eliminate
the Jobber and save you the Middle Man's profit which is
about 25 per cent.
WANTEDCompetent girl for gen
eral housework. Mrs. Sarah Rob
erts, 609 Lake Boulevard.
WANTEDGirl for general house
work. 903 Beltrami ave.
WANTEDDining room girl at
Erickson hotel.
FOR SALETypewriter ribbons for
every make of typewriter on the
market at 50 cents and 75 cents
each. Every ribbon sold for 75
cents guaranteed. Phone orders
promptly filled. Mail orders given
the same careful attention as when
you appear in person. Phone 31.
The Bemidji. Pioneer Office Supply
FOR SALEThe Bemidji lead pen
cil (the best nickel pencil In the
world, at Netzer's, Barker's, O. C.
Rood's, McCuaig's, Omich's, Roe A
Markusen's and the Pioneer Office
Supply Store at 5 cents each and
50 cents a dozen.
FOR SALE104 acres or Hardwood
timber land in section 31, township
148, north range 34, town of Lib
erty, Beltrami county^ PHcetfor
whole tract $1,500. Apply at Pio
neer office.
FOR RENTRooming house, twelve
rooms upstairs over Model Bak
ery. ^Partly furnished. I Gbbd lo
cation. Inquire at the Henrion
net Millinery Parlors, or phone
FOR SALE:tenan fonts of ^type,
several different. points and in
first class condition. Call or
this office for proofs. Address Be
midji Pioneer, Bemidji, Minn. 1
FOR SALE If you want to hire
seven teams of good horses for
winterf a ^wor& write Hugh I-5Mal-
colm, Bemidji, Minn. 1,.
FOR SALESeven room house. Mod
ern. 716 Minnesota avenue. In
quire at residence.: i
-Kitchen range, bed and
Inquire 1018 Bemidji
FOR SALE-r-Hbrse, Will sell cheap
Inquire J. B. Hansen, 5^3.Minne-
3 & '7 --S i' i
Near the ta ke
The Pioneer Want Ads
72 oant /tor word per* Immua
Regular charge rie 1 c-m pt-i word per mpertion. No ad taken for less then
*3 i^nts Phone 3 1
The Pioneer everywhere so tljat everyone has a neighbor who
takes it -md eo,.ie who .10 not take the paper generally read their neighbor's
so your *?ti\i vt- Own ail.
J^ Cent a Word Is All it Costs
."WANTEDGirl or woman to cook
'for superintendent's family at
Red Lake Agency. Salary $20.00.
Position is for one who can take
charge and be her own boss. In
quire at this office or call W. P.POR
Dickens by telephone or on a re
verse ticket at the Red Lake
house of seven rooms also cottage
of three rooms. Vacant about Nov.
10. Can be seen at any time. In
quire 415 Bemidji ave.
RENTThe Heffron house,
903 Eleventh St. Inquire at First
National Bank, Bemidji, Minn.
FOR RENTFour room house, 909
Bemidji ave. Inquire of Wm. Mc
FOR RENTFurnished rooms. In
quire 621 Bemidji avenue.
FOR RENTWarm house,
of John G. Ziegler.
REWARD Anyone delivering, or
giving information within the next
few days, to A. Remfrey, 619
Minnesota avenue that will lead
to the recovery of a large brass
horn, belonging to the Bemidji
band,.will be rewarded.
ADVERTISERSThe great state of
North Dakota offers unlimited op
portunities for business to classi
fied advertisers. The recognized
advertising medium is the Fargo
Daily and Sunday Courier-News,
the only seven-day paper in th
state and the paper which carries
the largest amount of classified
advertising. The Courier-News
covers North Dakota like a blank
et reaching all parts of the state
the day of publication it is the
paper to use in order to get re
sults rates one cent per word first
insertion, on-half cent per word
succeeding insertions fifty cents
per line per month. Address the
Courier-News, Fargo, N. D.
WANTED Young lady, employed,
desires room and board with priv
ate family not close in, but withr
in walking distance of Third St.
Address T. S., care of Pioneer.
small comfortably fur
nished house with furnace, or coal
stove heat until May 1st". Address
with terms and description, R. C.
Spooner, Wilton, Minn.
WANTEDStenbgrapher wants po
sition/ Has had some experience.
Address, Turtle River, Minn., R. F.
D. Nol Box^ 44J
WANTEDrr-Old cotton rags, clean,
free from .buttons. No silk cloth,
gunny sack or wool cloth accepted.
Pioneer Office.^.,
furniture. Odd Fellows building,
across from postofflce, phone 12.
mamm iiiiiii i iiiii liii inn iiiliifli i
NOVEMBER 4, 1912
St, && & j^#
M O. V. W,
Bmitj Lodce No.
a77- Begular. --^nesting
ni^ht*nrtL and" third
on&mt, .S O'clock.
Odd JFeiiows ,hll.
4 Beltimml Ave.'
B. P. O. S.
Bemidji Lodge''No. 10KJ.
Regular meeting nights
first and third Thursdays
8 o'clockat Masonic hall
Beltrami Ave., and Fifth
a o. y.
^avery second and fourth
%uhday evenlns, at
o'clock in basement oI
Catholic church.
Regular meetingaFirst
and third Saturday after
noons, at 2:80at Odd Fel
Iowa Halls, 402 Beltranl
X. O. O. T.
Bemidji Lodge No. lit
Regular meeting nights
every Friday, 8 o'clock
at Odd Fellow* Hall.
402 Beltrami.
I. O. O. F. Camp No. 84
Regular meeting every second
and fourth Wednesdays at 8
o'clock at Odd Fellows HalL
Rebecca Lodge. Regular
meeting nights first and
third Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
1. O. O. F. HalL
Bemidji Lodge No. MS.
Regular meeting nightsex
ery Tuesday evening at 8
o'clockat the Eagles' HalL
Third street
Regular meeting night
last Wednesday evenlns
ic each month.
A. F. & A. M., Bemidji,
283. Regular meeting
nights first and third
Wednesdays. 8 o'clock at
Masonic Hall, Beltrami
Ave., and Fifth St.
Bemidji Chapter No. 70,
R. A. M. Stated convocations
first and third Mondays, 8
o'clock p. m.at Masonic
Hail Zeltrami Ave., and Fifth
Blkanah Commandery No. 20
K. T. Stated conclavesecond
g and fourth Fridays, 8 o'clock
p. m.at Masonic Temple, Bel
iraini Ave., and Fifth S
O. E. S. Chapter No. 171,
Regular meeting nights
first and third Fridays, 8
o'clock at Masonic HalL
Beltrami Ave., and Fifth
M. B. A,
Roosevelt, No. 1628.
Regular meeting nights
Thursday everings at 8
o'clock in Odd Fellows
Bemidji Camp No. 6012.
Regular meeting nights
first and third Tuesdays at
8 o'clock at Odd Fellows
Hall, 402 Beltrami Ave.
Regular meeting nights on
the first and third Thursdays
In the I. O. O. F. Hall at
p. m.
Meetings held third
Sunday afternoon of aaeb
month at Troppman's
Meetings the first Friday
evening of the month at
the home of Mrs. H. F.
Schmidt 80S Third street.
Who Sells It?
Here they are all in a row. They
sell it because it's the best nickel
pencil on the market today and
will be for many days to come.
The Bemidji Pencil
stands alone in the [five cent
world. It is sold on your money
back basis. A store on every
street and in surrounding cities.
Here They Are:
Gtwtmon'm Variety Storm
Barkor'm Drug and Jew
elry Store
W. a, Sokroeder
0. O. Rood A Oo.
-at. Wm Metxer'a Pharmmoy
Wm. MoOualg
J. P. Omloh'a Olgar
Roe A Mmrkumee
F. 0. Troenman Oo.
L. Aberoromhle
The Fair Store
Gould'm Confectionery
Ghlnnowa Trading Store
Red Lake
Bemidji Pioneer Seegfy
Store -?fm
Retailers will receive immediate
shipments in gross (more or less),. by
calling Phone 31. or addressing the
Bemidji Pioneer Supply Store, Bemidji,
-Sl nA&~'&ii/"S:
or Movom
Meeting nlghta every
second and fourth Monday
evenings, at Odd Fellows
Regular meeting nights
every 1st and 2nd Wednes
day evening at 8 o'clock.
Eagles halL

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