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Organize Company of fifteen Mem-
bers and Elect Their
John Thoren and H. P. Dunning Are
Secretary and Treasurer
Will Connect With the Bell Tele-
phone System at That
At a recent meeting of the farmers
and citizens of Solway an organiza
tion was effected, which will be
known as the Solway Telephone com
pany. The officers elected are An
drew Larson, president John Thoren,
secretary and H. P. Dunning,, treas
urer. Fifteen members have already
sent in their appropriation toward
the building of a line from Sblwoy
east into the thickly settled portion
of the town of Lammers.
The distance of the immediate line
will be seven miles. The poles are
up and the'stringing of the wire will
be commenced within a few days. It
is expected that the line will be.com
pleted within a period of two weeks.
The central station will ^be at the
Hotel Solway, where Edward Lindall
will have charge, -The line."will be
connected with the regular Bell tele
phone system and also with other
.lines in that ^-vicinity as welt a|S
throughout the entire country. It
will cost, nothing for the: owners, to
talk to the respective-^members on
their line, but a charge of five cents
will be made for a_jeonnection to an
other line, in addition, to the regular
toll charge.
The line is being built by subscrip
tions raised by the citizens of Sol
wal and farmers in that section. In
the spring cf the year it is planned
that a seven mile line will be ex-:
tended south and another seven miles
The present membership consists
of the .following: H. P. Dunning, E.
B. Lindall, Mike Wold, H. C. Ellis,
John Lindall, Gust Johnson, Axil
Johnson, John Erickson, John Thor
en, Andrew Larson, Lars Anderson,
L. D. Johnson, Nels J. Saltness and
Joseph Lindall. Others have signi
fied their intention of taking stock
and becoming a part of the new tele
phone system.
A directory will be issued for the
company and will, be distributed
among the patrons as soon as the line
is completed.
London, Nov. 20.The report that
an armistice had been agreed to by
the Bulgarians and Turks along the
Tchatalja lines for the burial of the
dead appears tonight to be unfound
ed. Dispatches from Nazim Pasha,
the Turkish commander in chief,
show the artillery duel continued
throughout the day.
The Turks claim successes against
the Bulgariaus, but there is nothing
to indicate the Bulgariaus have yet
reade a serious attempt to penetrate
the lines. The battle may be ended
any moment by Turkey accepting the
allies' terms for an armistice, which
are said to include the surrender of
the Tchatalja lines, Adrianapole, Du
razzo and Scutari. The porte may be
induced to make a further stand in
the hope of securing easier peace
The prospects of European dissen
sions arising fTom the settlement, of
the numerous territorial claims to be
arranged after the war becomes daily
more menacing. Both Russia and
Austria are taking measures so that
they will be prepared for any event
uality. It is reported that Russia is
purchasing hundreds of guns abroad.
Allow Turks Rations.
Thecouncil of ministers decided to
defray the cost of maintaining the
Turkish prisoners from funds provid
ed for the campaign. The soldiers
will receive the same rations as the
Bulgarian troops. The captured gen
erals will be allowed twenty francs
per day for food and pocket money,
other officers from seven to eleven
francs, according to rank.
Charlas N. Kramer, Who Confess?
d H Killed He. and Wife
Photos bv Aineruin MICM Association
Preparations Are Completed to Re-
ceive a Record Breaking
The next meeting of the Northern
Minnesota Development association
will be held ,in Crookston, December
5, and 6, and plans are .well under
way by the- Grookston. QommsfCial
club to give the visitors a royal re
ception. Qrookston:, is planning fdrC
one of" the largest crowds that has
attended a N. M. D. A., meeting.
The. Duluth Herald in an editorial
of today urges the support of the citi
zens of this sectioon of the state. The
editorial reads as follows:
On to Crookston Again!
The fall meeting of the Northern
Minnesota Development association,
which will be held at Crookton, Dec.
5 and 6, is close at hand.
Every county in Northern Minne
sota, and so far as possible every
community, should be represented at
this meeting.
It comes just before the gathering
of the legislature, at which matters
of the highest importance to North
ern Minnesota will be considered. At
this meeting a plan of campaign be
fore the legislature must be outlined
and measures taken to see that North
era. Minnesota's needs are fully and
fairly considered.
The N. M. D. A. has been a power
ful force for the development and
prosperity of Northern Minnesota. It
has not yet succeeded in the primary
object of its being,reapportionment
but is has better hope of succeed
ing this winter than it ever had be
fore. It has crystaiized public senti
ment in the northern counties. It has
called attention to the needs of this
section and it has advertised its ad
vantages, A new flood of settlement
and an awakening of interest
throughout the state and country in
the wealth and prospect of this north
ern empire are due very largely to
the splendid work of this organiza
Crookston as a host has been tried
before, and it has made good. Those
who attended the previous meeting
in the capital of the Red River valley
will be glad to be there again.
The meeting should be attended by
every citizen of Northern Minnesota
who can possibly arrange to be there.
iiM'ir^i ^^SSs&i.
ff-'^f -$*% J^'-t
Home Talent Play Will Be Presented
At the Brinkman On the
Above Dates.
Every afternoon and evening the
characters in the high school play
endeavor to perfect their part. The
characters have all learned their
parts and are now working on ex
pression and the yells and college
songs. The stage scenery* furniture
and the characters dress will be the
best that can be secured. A dress re
hearse! will be held Thursday night
if the suits that were ordered from a
Minneapolis firm arrive by that time.
The best stage talent in the city will
be represented in the play and all
the principal characters are High
school and University graduates.
Some idea of the play can be gained
from the following description of
some of the scenes.
The opening scene is a typical col
lege boys' room. Several hoys are
sitting about the room exchanging
yarns and joking one another about
girls. The boys represented" in this
act are all seniors in Yale college and
are all the principal athletes in the
Harvard-Yale meet which is repre
sented in the third act of the play.
In the midst of this scene Prof. All
bright enters and as he is of a very
serious nature the boys immediately
begin to have some fun with him.
This part is exceptionally comical
and will cause a great deal of laugh
ter. Ludlow enters in time to rescue
the bofs from being subject to a long
lesson 'from Prof. Allbright on the
immortal Hume, with the astounding
news that some swell girls are on
their way up to the room. T'he way
the boys clean up the room is langh-
The part of the leader of the "Rah
rah" fellows is taken by MayneStan
ton. He handles his part exception
ally well and is exceedingly reckless
with his bets on the meet.
Miss Vera Backus, the offended
heroine carries her part off exceed
ingly well. Gwen Hardy, the col
lege flirt is admirably played by Mrs.
A. E. Nelson. W. Z. Robinson will
make a big hit as Beef Campbell,
while A. E. Carson carries the part
of the nervous freshman, Beef's rival,
as well as a professional could. Be
sides these characters there are over
twenty atheletes and swipes together
with a number of rooters. Miss Mar
jorie Knappen has charge of the play
and is spending a great.deal of time
in perfecting it and puttingsos fnej
finishing touches
Many inquiries have been made -re-l
garding the time of the play. SEhe
attraction will be presented atithe*l
Brinkman Family theatre Fridayjandi
Saturday evenings, November 2aipl[
Says Results Are Satisfactory
Inserts Another Page Today*
The Crane store used two page ads
in the Daily Pioneer to announce to
the public that.it would discontinue
business and place on sale its entire
stock at.reduced prices. "The result
was satisfactory. We had all the
business we could take care of," said
Mr. Crane today. "I knew what re
sults to expect through the columns
of the Pioneer and I was not disap
Today's paper' contains another
page announcement of the bargains
offered by this store and Bemidji peo
ple have proven that they read the
advertisements and take advantage
of price saving propositions.
This Amout May Be Reached By The
Women of Bemidji
Complaints are coming into this
office,from apparent new subscribers
to the effect that they have placed
^their^suhscriptiottifc^n Utff n*ndsr
some of the women, who are hustling
in the Pioneer Gift Giving Subscrip
tion campaign, and have as yet not
received the paper.
The Pioneer requests that all sub
scriptions be turned in as soon as
received, so that no one will he dis
appointed and kept waiting. When a
subscriber pays for his paper he
wants it and should have it. Tele
phone in the name if you have not
the time to come to this office the
day yOU get it. We will see that the
paper is started at once. -_,..
Outsiders are more and more be
ginning to take interest in the work
that is being done by the church
women. There are subscriptions
waiting to be credited to some-oneJ
Come in and find out if you are the
lucky one. There areei somm here who:
have as ye not decided to whom to
for that.
If you are unable to get out, use
your telephone. Call up your friends.
Secure their promises and land the
subscriptions when you first chance to
see them. "By keeping at it day af
ter day your gift to the church at
Christmas time will run into hun
dreds of dollars and it will surely be
worth while.
Stock and Fixtures Have Arrived and
Will be Ready for Inspection.
I. P. Batchetder, who has leased
the store building next to the Bemid
ji Creamery is moving his stock into
the new quarters and announces that
he will be ready for business Monday
of next week. Mr. Batchelder was
formerly in business in Mildred,
Minnesota, and will conduct his store
here along the same lines. He will
deal in wood, timber and posts and
other materiahvthe farmer may offer.
His stock consists of a general line
of merchandise including groceries,
hardware, men's furnishings, etc.
A Small Package With A Big Wrapping
The Firs* tmsmv
Connect With Exhaust Pipes of City
Power and Light
Benson, Minn., Nov. 20.The city
of Benson, in Swift county,|A_town of
about. 3,500 population
steps ipward modernizing it* ueaK
ing system, and WOTS: has been begun-'. -t
ut ouu wr. i
J,f- --s.Vi
to&:B use the steam from ttie
pipes of the Power and Light plant,
which has been wasted all these
years, for the purpose of heating
guilding throughout' the city.'
Chief Engineer T. K. Lei is super
vising the work and those Who have
installed the new. heating System are
thoroughly satisfied with the results.
In this manner a cheap fuel can be
supplied at no great expense to the
consumers. TiAPPLY NEW TRIAL
Jew York, Nov. 20.It took the
jurs just twenty minutes to decide
thefrcase of the four gunmen known
aas|PGyp the Blood," Lefty Louie",
"^pittey Lewis" and Dago Frank",
wlpjit were charged with the murder
of jpambler Rosenthal.
TAey will be called before Justice
Gofll tomorrow who will then fix the
day, for imposing the penalty, which
is death in the electric chair. The
attorney for the gunmen announced
that he would begin preparations for
a new trial, so like the Becker case,
it may be months before the cases are
actually decided.
Arthur Sturdevant, a logger from
Kelliher was taken to St. Anthony's
hospital yesterdy with typhoid fever.
Geo. Stevens, a logger from Bena
was taken to St. Anthony's hospital
yesterday. Mr. Stevens had his right
leg badly crushed in an accident in
the lumber camps near Bena.
Carl Tallum died this morning in
St. Anthony's hospital from heart
failure. Mr. Tallum was picked up
unconscious on.the street Monday
and at first was thought to have pneu
monia but it later proved to be heart
failure. j^j
Wm. Kellett is confined in St. An
thony's hospital witi a badly crush
ed foot which he injured in an acci
dent at Funkley.
**&- s-^g"
Decides to Ask for Bids to Sink
Two Twelve-inch
At a regular meeting* of the city
council Monday evening the alder
upon one necessary point
antf that was that the
ity has" not*.-a^.-^.e th present time
ample water supply. It voted to ad
vertise for bids for the digging of
one and two twelve-inch wells, in
stalling piping and making connec
tions with the big eity water tank.
The work will probably be com
menced as soon as the bids are ac
cepted and Bemidji will be well sup
plied, with good, pure water. The
*'#%$rJ^Lbe drilled in the vicinity of
thtfpaesjSrt one in the western end of
Bemidji now has one ten-inch well
and one eight-inch well. The eight
inch well is of little service to the
city as it is at present and bids will
also be asked for to sink this well
deeper and fit it with a six-inch pipe.
It is now 243 feet deep.
The city clerk's and treasurer's re
ports were read and afterward re
ferred to the committee on finance.
Liquor license transfers were al
lowed as follows: F. M. Dudley's li^
cense was transferred to Joseph Har
rington and Lycan & Co. license to
W. H. Meyers. Mr. Meyers also re
quested the council to permit him to
change his location from the burned
Rex hotel building to the Stechman
building on Third street. This mat
ter will be acted upon at the next
The usual routine of business was
gone over and the usual number of
bills were allowed.
Compelled to Send for More In Order
to Supply the Demand.
County Auditor James L. George
was compelled to send to St. Paul for
another hundred big game licenses
in order to supply the present de
mand. He has issued more than 600
to date and has about twenty-five
more applications at hand. During
the season of 1911 there were about
400 issued all season. Mr. George
lays the large increase to the present
fine weather.
A. _*""'..-""'
Sentiment Decidedly In Faror
Giving This City a
"An Imposition Met to Have
Say* T. J. Burke,
i m,
Demand by Bemidji Business Men
May Result In Securing
Extra Car.
Much interest is being centered
upon the possible prospects for secur
ing an additional sleeper for Bemidji
patrons to and from the twin cities
on the M. & I.| road. Since the re
port of a committee of business men
who visited headquarters regarding
an extra sleeper, this topic has been
one of the chief ones for discussion.
Many instances have been cited
when the sleeper was crowded to tbe
limit and in most cases it was crowd
ed by patrons who boarded the train
at Bemidji, and by thoose who board
ed the train in the twin cities en
route to Bemidji. It has been proven
numberless times that Bemidji pat-:
ronage is the life of the M. ft I. rail
way sleeping car department.
To illustrate the sentiment of Be
midji business men may best be stat
ed by using practically their own ex^
pressions when asked, "Should aa
additional sleeper for Bemidji be ad
ded to the_train going'to and from
the twin eitles-orer the HatthBrm Pa-"'--
cific railroad?"
T. J. Burke, president of the
Northern Grocery company: "Ifot
having one is an imposition."
W. L. Brooks, cashier Northern
National bank: "Of course we want
it. It's a necessity."
A. G. Wedge, vice president First
National bank: "We need it and we
want it, and should make an effort
to get it."
A. P. White, president of the
Northern National bank: "I under
stand the trade given this sleeper
warrants it. It would be- a great
convenience and we should have it."
M. J. Brown, attorney: "I think
we ought to have it. We would all
appreciate it."
B. A. Barker, proprietor Barker's
drug and jewelry store: "Most as
suredly. Let us get together and go
after it."
A. H. Jester, manager of the Be
midji Brewing company: "I think
Bemidji is entitled to a sleeper and
the Commercial club is justified in
going after it."
John L. Brown, attorney: "By all
means, yes, give us a Bemidji sleep-
Henry Cominsky of the Schneider
Brothers' Clothing store: "We ought
to have it. All traveling men agree
in this favor."
H. C. Baer, cashier of the Security
State bank: "You bet. W need a
sleeper for Bemidji. I have been
shown figures where but four or five
have made the trip, but have never
gone down myself when it was not
necessary to engage a sleeper ahead
of time, and then it was always
F. S. Lycan, proprietor of the
Markham hotel: "It's one of Bemid
ji's greatest inconveniences and I
think we should by all means have a
David Gill, proprietor of Gill
Brothers' Third street clothing store:
"Why, of course, we want it. Ifs
mighty inconvenient not to have it."
R. H. Schumaker, cashier of. the
First National bank: "We ought to
have one for the amount of traffic
Bemidji gives."
J. K. Given, Given Hardware com
pany: "Bemidji is entitled to a
F. ,A. Megroth, proprietor of the
Megroth Variety store: "It would he
a convenience that we would all ap
preciate. I am in favor of doing what
we can to get it."
A. B. Palmer, proprietor of Palmer
Hardware store: "By all means we-n
want a sleeper. Put it as strong as'
you like.**
C. E. Battles, proprietor of the Bat
ties' Hardware store: "Why, certain-
ly." c
George T. Baker, proprietoor Bak
er*s Jewelry store: "I have been of
that opinion all along and ifs high
time that we were getting it/*^ -_
Judge C. W. Stanton, District
cesatmw* oa lest pnsxK

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