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fnthe OTty^WBBHWjl the,paperpr
delivered by carrier, yirherer the deliv
ery is irregular pleaae paake immediate
complaint to this office. Telephone 81.
Out of town subscribers vrll% conjtw a
favor if they will report' wlftSn they do
not get their papers promptly.
Every subscriber to the Daily Pioneer
will receive notice about ten days be
fore his. time expires, giving, him an
opportunity to make an advance pay
ment before the paper is finally stopped.
Subscription Bates.
One month by carrier. ...,......$ .40
One year, by carrier.......:....... 4.00
Three months, postage paid..... 1.00
Six months, postage paid. 2.00
One year, postage paid 4.00
The Weekly MOM W.
Eight pages, containing a summary
of the news of the week. Published
very Thursday and sent postage paid
to any address for 1.50 in advance.
Published every afternoon except Sun
day by the Bemidji Pioneer Publishing
x. OABBOV. m. x. savv.
HA&OI.D aura, aitor.
Men of Note.
It is only on rare occasions that a
city the size of Bemidji will enter
tain at once as many railroad men of
high office as are here today. Be
midji is glad that they are here and
hot a little proud of the fact. They
are welcome now and will always be
welcome in the future, whether they
come singly or in groups. May the
desire for a return visit be strong in
their hearts!
Who Are the Progressives?
Coming in the same mail, the edi
tor received a letter from the Minne
sota Progressive Republican league
asking him to be present at a con
ierence and banquet in St. Paul,
January 22, and one from "Progres
sive Party" for a conference and
banquet in St. Paul. The first call
comes from the Loftus organization
and the second from,.the Halbert.
i ne first group wishes to reform the
Repuoncan party the second wishes
to establish a new party. To
wiio wants to be progressive and
who has always been a Republican,
the question is, Which, conference
and banquet is the better one to atforever
A Six Per Cent Tax.
Six per cent is the personal prop
erty tax called for by County Treas
urer iuarl Ueil on his tax notices
seiu out txiis week, in fact tne per
centage figures out 6.5 per cent. On
a valuation of fifty per cent, this is
a tax of nearly three per cent oi
actual worth.
The tax rate of Bemidji is con
stantly being increased without any
loweung oi tne valuations. lam,
iuo, spite ot the people who, are
coming to Bemidji in increasing
numbers and in spite of the new in
dustries we nave. But the tax rate
is made only large enough to cover
tne expenditures, it would appear,
mereiore, tnat tne city is spending
coo mucn money.
*ew people not in constant toucn
wun tne nnanciai attairs ot the city
Know tnat it nas a Dig bonded debt
ana tnat its expenditures for current
expenses are putting it deeper in
debt every year. Tne men of Bemidji
who are in constant touch with tne
city's affairs, know and realize that
tnis condition cannot obtain much
longer if the'city is to thrive.
One of the main reasons why the
city is constantly losing so much
money is the iact that it is still gov
erned by the old fashioned council
plan whereby one man is elected
fiom each ward. With the best in
tentions in the world, and it can be
said that the last three councils have
been somewhat better than their
piedecessors, a council will waste
money simply because no one member
is responsible for its best use.
Does Bemidji want a continuation
of the council regime or does it want
a government based on a plan which
will make one or three salaried men
responsible? Bemidji is a million
dollar corporation, yet what corpora
tion of that size allows its details to
oe looked after. by the board of
directors? Bemidji needs a working
plan whereby the details are looKed
after by responsible men subject at
all times to the recall.
A six per cent tax rate is entirely
too high for a city of this size. Some
excuse is to be found in the fact that
the city grew suddenly but that fact
cannot excuse an increasing tax rate.
The Pioneer hopes that not many
moons will pass before active steps
are taken to secure a commission
form of government.
Misanthropic. &* ^i^*S*
During a discussion the fitness
of things In general, some one asked,
"If a young man takes his best girl to
the grand opera, spends eight dollar*
on a supper after the performance*
and then takes her home In a.taxicab,
should he kiss her goodnight?" An'
pld bachelor who'was1
px Llppincott'i.
present growl
id: "I don't think Bhe ought to ex*
^ect Seems ,4n mo- he haspidonv
You've never seen such a bargain..
Sheep, lined with flannel lined
sleeves and high storm collar*
Special, Fricav and Sat- &A 7
urday OH'ilM
Fine Madras, plain or pleated, all
sizes ,$1.50 values, clear- 04 tC
ing at w'liJU
Gheviots and Cassimere, double
breasted Suits, sizes 7 to 17 $ 5
values, Friday and Satur- 0 QJfL
The, first shipment of Muslin Underwear fcas^
arrived and we are going to add* it to our great
January Bargains. Friday morningthis Underwear
will goon sale fresh from, the factory at the"SS%?
price you would expect to pay for soiled goods.
Ladies' Corset Covers at^25c.*&
29c, 35c, 48C'and 58c lach!
Ladies'Muslin Gownsf 58cJ* 78c
and 98 each. '%'rf'
Ladies' Combination Corset Cov-
ers aifd drawersT 48c to $1.25.
Ladies' Cortibination Corset Cover
and SldrJL-SJBU^ltd..^$J S 0,
59c litis' Corset 59
One Lot of Ladjies Corsets, values to $3.50. These
Corsets.axe the. Kahomakebut are slightly soiled.
Supply your needs in Ladies' Suits,
Presses and Coats while our January
Clearance Sale Prices are in force.
*r, -V -1
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.Uie
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
and. that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness *is caused by an inflamed con
dition the mucous lining: of the Eus
Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a. rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and where it is en
tirely closed. Deafness is the result,
and unless the'inflammation can be tak
en out and this tube restored to its nor
mal condition, hearing will be destroyed
nine cases out of ten are caused
by Catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by ca
tarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Onio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
Waists 65c
Special offer boys' French Flannel
Waists with high turn down at
tached, .collars, Friday and O CA
Shirt Special 75c
Coat style, all wool Flannel Shirt,
military collar attached $1.25
values, Friday and Satur* lt\p
Boys' Buckskin Mitts 50c
Unlined Boys' Chopper Mitts,
buckskin, 75c valuesL Fri- Rfln
day and Saturday ***w
Her Speaking Silence.
It is the things she leases undone,
words she leaves unsaid, that a
woman says more a thousand times
than ever is asked of her."The An
tagonist," by E. Temple Thurston.
Labor and Idleness.
There is but this difference b( 4%
labor and idleness: That "labor
profitable and -pleasant trouble, idle
aess a trpuble both unprofitable and
comfortless.Joseph Hall.
lets. Druggists refundmon ey if it fails
tp cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on
each box. 26c.
Odd Lots of 1912's High Grade MerchaniHee
'xiijmi X'iS?9 'j-JLSCiS'lii i%-.ii iwii i
Sheep Goats $4.75 '"'ttftr caps $2 is froUSUrs at Bargains
Limited nuantitv nt ahonvAH Onnav
Limitedquantity, of sheared Coney.
Fur Caps, all sizes. Come. in and.
see what a snap it is while 0 O IC
they last wltlU
Dress Shirts $1,15 $2,00 Caps $1,15 Sweater Coats $1.95
Inbands of fur or plush another
"plum", waitingfor
picking. All sizes.
'plum" waitingfo the IC
tit a a* $3.8 5 ^4i flirlais $4.2 5 $ ffiaPtOb
School Overcoats in fancy weaves,
button to the neck styles ages 10
to 16 years, Friday and 6A AC
Saturday ^'Ttlu
$2 Sweater Coats $1.15
Coat and Turtle Neck Sweaters
for Boys' and Juveniles, .values
to $2, Friday and Satur- C4 IC
day V- #lilu
$1.50 Union Suits 95c
All wool union Underwear, sizes
6 to 17 years, $1.50 values, QC*
Friday and Saturday
Youths' $15 Overcocts
Belt Back, convertable collared
Coats, Scotch Mixtures, sizes 32
to 36, $15 values, Fri- CQ 7
day and Saturday vf I
i"'w"yiir""]."''.yyt'^iim'j!tBM i"t IUMH HHH'
Ass*slflBB *f
SUM to tmatsy, or In
W*fc P*to* *p||
wwrtatnlng it In -hot wiUr.
passfcsscof ta* statu ramasn sew-lsol*
lug wassr.jontham^H ttaay sttll e*
Aim^ m^lj^acM^tftja^^ia
s#* ^^ajfj^Cars.
wit nrwr^.little unmonto a
OMt to oonteraot th.':iSHk
of tho
'aoid and rrroBt it from tajbirlng tt
doth. Ji/^l. water, whioh oan. bo
mado *t hvxm, truatworthf, AMBJ
for rompv B*.jdmtt jupf to&Mkj
It.. If,en^^mjjrr good,, for ^M%^ond.
moot obotinotooil^W&JmUk Vk*
and then rtnao in cold', oleoa-woUr
|Aftorwrd4aandor tho artSolo usual.
JJeonoLia uaually, A -potteetuoofaron^
for the- itaU.of irn fTgotJi^.mAtJ
wwhabl^ po^e hou^Y^p. floL^r-
W,^^iWji* ITW
.remedy for such stains upon any sort
of fabric It is rubbed thoroughly
ifoto stain, allowed Jp stand ,ten
(mtoutes,, and the* ^a*hed, ,QM wigi
warm-water and soap. If the article
cannot be washed, the molasses Is left
on, with the stain thickly covered.
for two or three days. Then It is wiped
in,4 Jfiomsd ojUjwith
to a sponging wltji alcohol, or a mix
ture f equal parts of ether and aloo
ihol with a dashvOf.amm.onla.
Where He Would End Up7
-The story goes that- President Taft
once paid a. visit tft.son^e^ends who,
no,r, fprnlshed ,to imee$ puch a^
.rAs(he,walked about
the whole .house shook with "his+ropm,Jh)s tread
and when he climbed into bed that
piece of furniture gave a groan of
despair and collapsed on the floor.
His host, hearing the racket, rushed
ups^lrs-ajid called*fbrough the^door
"What hes happened? Can I do any
thing?" "Oh, I'm all right," came the
cheerful rply..r "9nly if you (jgon't
jHnd me here in the morning, look In
the ceilar."-^TifcBits.
Dress styles from the finest woolens'
all sizes $5 and $6 vames) ^3f'||H
Friday and Saturday #wfU
These Coats sold for $3 and $3.50
Friday and Saturday QR
Overcoat with belted backs and
convertable collars Scotches jmd
cheviots ages to 16 dQ jlC
Friday and. Saturday.... Vwi Od
5flc GapiJjT',
~,Fur: inband Golf Caps,, all sizes,
.worth 50c Friday and Sat- Qfi,#i
Turday OJU
Fleece URion Suits 38c
^Boys' Fleece Union Suits, ,50c and
5e values, Friday and Sat-
'^^urd ay
Boys'Golf Btevis 25t
i --rl'
Black Golf Gloves for Boys,^ -nfCA
Friday and Saturday.. :&?
-i*w Hi,.4 tt* t\U.iia UJiiU mnju****^
WilHant C. Klein
FiilfMor^k^el^a'hr on City^ a-nd Farm
|sa ^n*."*
ftnil^^ Mfnn.
I ntf* *rn sCyi. nATf
^l*-. *y-- r~ r* Mr
1 h'tca- firt3 tt 'aft flitfl ti. af i ^r.^^^- r. I
l'tf&'~6rrftfgp'dan with the Indian's headlook for itbe
sure you' get it wHerfevbr you buy baking powder it^s'
y6tir guarantee of better baking
f In milhdps ofr kitchens the country over, Calumet
in ^Py^P
usedan It has wo tMt
Merf because of its puHiy aiid wholcsomendssv
It mikes baking failures impossible.
More ecdhomicat in cost and usel
RECEIVED HIGHEST AWARDS, World's Pmfe Fc^a Expositioti,
'I!' J..I J..I..l.U._ UJ. ..._M,. '.I .^\,i, fai.
i-iii i'jtu o7i/-ii
UMAHTUD trttHHUtmewmto. meeume rooo A/wemes /KTJMEZBI90.
and will pay^you tor i notch
prices. 1 We are also buying
dtifeie varieties. Don't forget us
on seeds and implements.1
j'.Ta: &?
Writer Ptime SotiCafllOii U^
"P*y VllghBmt frloo Honest Tr*+
to *H."
.jj-.i.um L'.IJ.I 1 nl^.
^fif^S? 1.
Bemidji, Minn

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