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4 I
Provision Allowing Judge to Excuse
Jurors From South of Fourteenth
Parallel Dropped.
Representative Also Made Fight
Against Killing of Normal
School Report.
Wat Amended to Not Be Contrary to
the Elwell ActCodifies Exist
ing Laws.
Changing the provision which
called for a jury taken from north
the fourteenth parallel and pro
viding that the expenses of the court
reporter shall be paid for special
terms in Baudette^ D. P. O'Neill in
troduced a bill amending the old
Baudette law and providing for two
general terms of district court to be
held in Baudette and Spooner each
year. The bill as drafted by attorn
eys from the north end of the coun
ty provided that the judge could ex
cuse jurors drawn from south of the
fourteenth parallel.
The bill was referred to the judic
iary committee of the house and will
be reported out after a public hear
ing has been held. There appears to
some objection to the bill as -ft
now stands since it calls for two gen
eral terms of court whereas Clear
water county, which has been
ganized for ten years, has but one
term. It is said that the bill was
drafted for the purpose of affecting
existing legislation in the Canadian
Northern fire cases.
D. P. O'Neill rescued the general
normal school bill from extinction
Wednesday afternoon when he ask
ed the house to reconsider a motion
passed not to receive the bill from
the normal school committee. The
house reconsidered and the bill was
placed on general orders. It will
come up tor debate sometime within
(.he next two weeks.
Over the phone this morning, Mr.
O'Neill stated that he believed the
bill could be pushed through if Cass
Lake, Bemidji and Thief River Falls
will unite on it. The text is as fol
"Section 1. The commission here
inafter provided for is hereby au
tlwrfeed and required, before Octob-jfo
r 1, 1913, to select a location in the.
or before the official announcement
of its determination by the. coramis-
His Health Recently'Such That Rest
is Advised.
At noon today, the vote on the
postofflce site was as follows:
oorthern part of the state for an ad-! i
ditional normal school, and when i
such location shall be decided upon
by said commission as herein pro
vided, such additional normal school
is hereby established at such loca
tion. The community in which such F. A. Wilson, editor of the Sentinel
normal school shall be located shall w-ill return to his duties at the capi-
provide and donate to the state a tol tonight. He spent the past two
suitable site therefor, conveyance of' days in he city on business.
which shall be made to the state at
per cent
Fenton corner 48
Hakkerup corner 28
Oda Fellows'* 18
Cpurt house 02
^Second street 015
Third an America .015
lochran's 01
Total* 100
.if A,
The feature of thV count today.
was the jump made by the Hakkerup
Corner from third place with four
per cent to second place with twenty,
eight. The Odd Fellows' corner.
i dropped to third from twenty-six, to
eighteen per cent. The Hakkerup
vote also cut the Fenton corner
from fifty-nine to forty-eight.
Saturday will be the last day to _, ,t. _, _.,
vote. Business men are becoming
By United WCM.
Mexico City, geb. 28.-
sent to the congress by
Huerta amnestyWis provided for all
rebels who shall present themselves
By a bill
Mrs. Myrtle Collins ^has returned
from Baudette where she has been
spending the past three months,
J^^^ wn
relatives in Bismarck,a North
for the past few weeks re
turned home Thursday evening.
"Section 2. The commission to
determine the location of said nor
mal school shall consist of five mem
bers to be selected within thirty days
after the passage of this act by the
governor, the lieutenant governor,
and the speaker of the house of rep- Miss Mabel Brooks was pleasantly
resentatives acting jointly. Said surprised by her Sunday school class
normal school shall be located at at her home on Irvine avenue last
some point north of the line of the evening. A gold bar pin was -pre-
Northern Pacific railroad running sented to Miss Brooks by -the" class.
from,Duluth to Moorhead, and west Those present were Edith Lind,
of the line constituting the west, Margaret Troppman, Ellie Robinson,
boundary of St. Louis and Carlton' Beatrice Kirk, Muriel McGee, Julia
counties. When the ,commission Simons, Flossie Baumgardner, Katb
above provided shall ha\e decided arine Troppman, Ethel Collard, Essie
upon the most suitable location for
said normal school, it shall prepare
and file with the secretary of state
the designation of such location, de
scribing the site furnished by the
community, and thereupon such des
ignation shall be final and shall not
be subject to change' by said com
The house Wedne^sdky" afternoon,
(Continued on last pave).
John Johnson, assistant cashier of
the Citizens bank of Mcintosh, ac
companied the Mcintosh team here
and will officiate at the game to
night. s-r.
Hazen, Grace Riley, Arvilla Kenfield,
Mabel and Lou Brooksrrii
J- if
George Denly, who has been on
the Bemidji police force for some
time, has accepted a position as de
puty sheriff under Sheriff Johnson
and assumed his new duties Thurs-
loss being $18,000.
Ml *V
Alexandria and Lengby Suffer Severe
Losses by Blazes Started on
v, Wednesday Night. &&?d
.-j. ys- -Vt- -Hjy,"
Alexandria," Feb. 28.Alexandria"-
was visited Wednesday night by the
most disastrous fire in its history, the
loss to property and merchandise
being fully $110,000 with insurance
of from $45,000 to $50,000.
The Raiter and Gunderson block
and Raiter Bros.' shoe store were
ruined and the contents of the larger
stores of E. O. Unumb and Raiter
brothers are total losses. State Sen
ator C. J. Gunderson-lost his law ,fee
library, valued at $15,000, his fctarp
The loss on the Raiter and Gunder
son building was $18,000 insurance
10,000. E.,0. ^Unumb, loss on gen
eral merchandise, $45,000 insurance-
$22,000. Raiter brothers, shoe s%Cc
loss, $16,000 insurance,, J7.000.
Loss on building, 15,000. insurance,
12,000. "'Jf_
Most of ,the property^adjacent
was damaged. \*j"
The cause of the fire is tuftilcnown
It originated in- the basement of tha
Unumb store in the Raiter and Guntor,
derson building and was diaeoveredk^ &
Lengby, Feb. 28.Fire'broke out
in the city hall Wednesday evening,
from a s|ove in which five was start
ed preparing for an evening .meeting.
and that building, faamdb&Tg'afhtocfc--
smith shop fed Sederbw^s Titftcber
sh.op were burned to the .ground.
Most'of the 'contents of the two lat
ter were saved.
The loss was but partially,covered
by insurance.
interested and are fighting for a maher-^Choose ilew President.
down town location. This ballot is
the only opportunity to' common
people will have of expressing their
opinion. Extra ballots may be had
at the Pioneer office or on the back
of the bulletin board. Vote tonight!
*&" Obtained as Butter-
From present indications the Be
midji creamery will '.-open about
March 15 with -Everett C. Stiles of
Fraaiee as the new butter maker.
A meeting of the directors will be
called for Tuesday of next week at
which time a president will be chos
en to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of President-elect A. E.
R. L. Given, last year's secretary,
stated today that the creamery would
probably double its output the com
ing season and dairy owners are al
ready making inquiries regarding
the shipment of cream to the local
market. Plans of establishing sta
tions throughout the surrounding
country are.under way, and in addi
to last year's customer^, many
new ones will- be added
The Capitol Ready For Inauguration
remooies -t S
Defective Page
Np*% Miiinia^ Musician.
Arrange to Play in Bemdji on
Annual Spring TOUT../
company of fifty flrst-class mus
icians, the University of ittnneeota
cadet band will play in BemUHi .^n
Wednesday night, March 456. Pinal,
arrangements were~made wlth^ the
band by' wire this morning and a
concert wjl! be played in the armory
to be followed by a dance. This is
the first time the band haV ver in
vaded Northern Minnesota^ai^ough
it played in
about or six
The band is a part oj tbe military
organisation at the University. AU
first and.secottd.year.students are e
quired to talie a^itary drill but the
men proficient #ough, to make the
iban^ are allaw^to play i instead
o? c|rryinK a gun in the Infantry. To
beccjtn* a member of the baud, the
cordate mp*%|*i a te,st in which
tik demonstrate* his a^lHtjr..^
-Sfer since the first years of its
ban 4
about 11:30 p.^m. ^r^j*-**. =?.&- i- .v.
fag gpyi^ vacation and visit
four/laor five Minnesota cities. After
witting to several |gwns in North
ern-Jfihnesota the band decided yes
t^rdiiJto jnak^ilhis
xotHm trip dur-
But one -University musical conn*
pany has ever before visited'.- Be
midji. Last summer the Gtee^ club
was here as one. of the entertain
ments provided for University-week
and was well received by the people
who heard the concert The band
plays a prominent part in the student
life of the University and i always
on .band for football gamesi and otb
er athletic contests, rousers, etc.
A definite announcement of the
program will be made late? but it is
probable that it will include both,
popular and classical numbers. "1
5T-- ?j*r* "~*^*X.
Mf Ufctea
Washington, Feb. 28^^Th' gen
eral deficiency bill carrying $24,-
227,749.45 passed the senate, last
^yesterday afternoon. The general
deflcieney was the last appropriation
bill before the house.
Indicted for Manslaughter of Sam
w*' ssrt* S, ~.~jk:
,-"-Tonight ttfe "'Big 'Bemiag^blwikat
ball team will clash with the Mcin
tosh team in the local armory. Both
ication, 4t hife be*n the ona- teams'are competing lor the champ
ionship of the, northwest aud -the
game promises to be the faetestMly
ed- in -Bemidji-this year.w^MC
has defeated allot the string teams
in Nortbjrfir Minnesota eicept pu
midg" 'boys- have Jthe material in
thefr candidates and have developed
some team work that they believe
will be hard to break up.'
'During the "past week new signals
have been practiced and the boys be
lieve that they can defeat the Mcln
tosh boys although they expect a
hard game. In trial games Ripple
has proved exceptionally fast and
has been pushing the regular mem
bers of the team hard for their posi
tions. He will probably be given a
chance to play in tonight's game. The
line up will be as follows:- Bell and
Brandon, forwards, Peck and Jacob
son, guards Al. Neuman,
Ripple, sub.
Rev. & Honeywell, a former as
sistaftt of "Billy?' Sunday, .will, come
:to Bemidji early in the spring to
nead an evangelistic compaign^ Sev
Sral of the Protestant churches have
Combined' to' finance the campaign
ahd'a^large wooden tabernacle will
be erected on some suitable ground
Osrj, -i v*^'-
mi V*IUA IMM' mf -31--
St. Paul, Feb. 28.A verdict for
$6,300 awarded to William Ellenbeck
in the Hennepin couhty^ district
court against the CrookstoS Lumber
company^ was upheld in the supreme
court today.
Ellenbeck was a swamper*'em
played- by the company in their
camps near Kelliher, Beltrami coun
ty/jabout three years ago.f^He sued
to recover 125,000 for the loss of
^his" right leg which was amputated
when, a tree near the,camp fell on
rThe lumber company appealed to
t|e supreme court with the defense
that it was not liable for the failure
ofr'the foreman to notify Ellenbeck
&>-$ out of the way of falling trees.
W The supreme court rules that it
becomes the absolute obligation on
the part of the employer to sea that
takes every precaution to protect his
fellow, servants.
pas.fdrtt[n enough toaej^e &tt^2*-*ieto& +&fa~*0rt^^ i thWaee-
The Mcintosh hoys arrived in Be
midji this noon. E. Rue of Foss
ton accompanied the team an will
act ai umpire'tonight.' The *vBig
the foreman in the lumber camp are allowed the twenty men of Inter
national Falls who are applying lox^gl
membership. p~*
i loiictcd Thund^ fox. Mam
^l^i^teri SecondlBegreft for
^Death of SankIbiJih
Admitted Forg^y and Wat fiiteA *%&
an IHdeterm^ate T^sim in Still
~-witer \m Judge Stanton.
Wo* Oimte^ NaturalaitieAPjipeJca
Firsi Say of Court^tww
& X."-
August Johnson, held in the coun
ty ja,U foT several weeas for the
murde^ Sam Marin* waa indicted
for mauiughter iu the first degre*
yesterday afternoon and arraigned in
court this morning. Johnson ask4
for time In which to plead and haa fe,.
uut^ Saturday noon to plead to tha
indictment. Conviction for man
sl^ughtetiin the first degree carriea
S- V*
O from five to twenty ^f y/
Other^ indictments which ,.h*^ %^'^v
been retwrnei are tot Alex Sayerv $g
forgery |he second degree Ynfc i
ond degree and Barney Lynchv
grand larceny in- the seconds degree.
William McCuaig, mayor-elect of Ba
midji, is foreman of the grand jury.
Two indictments were returned thia
morning but were still secret at
press time, ^y* ^^/^'J^x^ ^lt
David Dixon, Indicted for forgery
in one of the first indictments return
ed by the grand jury, -yesterday
pleaded guilty and was sentenced by
Judge Stanton to Stillwater, the aH*
tence being indeterminate.! Dixo*
passed, fogged checks on John, Bye*
and A. F. Warner, of Punosky, aaA
was arrested in Puposky in Decem
ber, j.^'c '\s* '*i**'? .-v
In district court today, the caaa
of Ole Ylken against the Crookstoa
Lumber company Was occupying tha
attention of the petit jury. Viken
claims he was injured in the Croak*
ston mill and wants $3,000 as dam
ages. Court Reporter Lee La Bli
is confined to his home with the
mumps and his place is being takea
by Cameron Hewitt of Duluth*"^
County Auditor George has re--
ceived a list of state lands which wilt Cy.
be ^placed on sale at the first statar 0\,
sale in April. Today being the last
day for the paying of taxes due h*
fore March 1, County Treasurer Qaffc
will keep his office open until ft p. aa
instead 4 mi
Ten men were granted naturalisa- -*^??^-i-
tion papers1
c^-i S*T"f -^f,-
of closing at the usual tin**-' ^%y-A~--*~-"'
the first day of court*
They are Adolph. Knutson of Ny"
more Aron Carlsson of Tenstrlka
Halvor Anvid of Blackduck Peter
Nordln of Thorhault Wilhelm HJa
den of Island Lake Peter JWillisu*
Erickson Qf Quiring Syven^Pedef
son of Island Lake^'^Nels Anderson
Flesvig of Aure Halvor MartineoA
Stai of Aure and Pete Odegard of
$ 0
At l^a."mvthi8 morning, on tha.
invitation of Manager Woodmanseet.\
the 'Elks who were attending th%-^
social session in the city hall^weraV.^
invited t6 the Majestic theater^
where Mr: Wooctmausee repeated hia{ i&,
regular show. |p
The'Elks met in their lodge afcjg^
7:30 last night and proceeded to inl
tiate eight new members. At eleven
o*clock, the entire party to the num
ber of about 150, adjourned to Jh
city hall where they
^adft a
session and supper. Yr&y^JJi 'v
The Elks expect to nave another
initiation 'within a month if .they

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