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s. fcfei mmmmHat
150,000 to loan on rarms. Dean
F. Johnson of Lincoln, Minn.,
passed yesterday here on business.
Mr and Mrs. Henry Johnson of
Brainerd passed Wednesday in the
Mrs. Sidney Miller of Pinewood
passed yesterday in Bemidji on busi
Bcrnie Shaak of town of Frohn
transacted business in Bemidji yes
Mrs E. Brown of Long Prairie,
Minn., was a visitor in Bemidji Wed
If you want a car cai: Enterprise
Auto Co Office phone 1, residence
phono 1*.
Olson of Crosby spent yesterday
in Bemidji, being registered %t the
One of these nice days you cught
toj to Hakkerup's and have your
Bture taken.
George Barnard of Nortliome was
among the business visitors in Be
midji yesterday.
S. B. Shirk of Guthrie passed sev
eral hours in Bemidji yesterday on
business matters.
Mrs. Clara Neseth of town of
Frohn spent several hours In the city
yesterday shopping.
J. D. Plummer of Moose Jaw, Can
ada, is among the business visitors
in Bemidji this week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Noble of town
of Frohn were the guests of relatives
in the city Wednesday.
W. Lance of Minneapolis was
a guest at the Markham yesterday
while*in the city on business.
J. M. Campion and John NcGaen
na of Angus, Minn., were among
guests at the Hotel Markham
J. S. Wheeler of Turtle River
transacted business in Bemidji yes
terday and being clerk of Turtle
River township brought in the
"Pictures can help win the war:"
Uncle Sam says so. Portraits, kodak
prints: Rich Studio, 29 10th street.
J. S. Batty, who lives on the Res
ervation, while returning from elec
tion was thrown from the rig by a
vicious horse and his a*rm was broken
in two places.
Your friends can buy anything you
give them except your photograph.
Call 239 and make arrangement with
Hak's Studio for your Christmas
sitting today. llltf
R. Marshall of Superior, Wis. J.
O. Fardner of Crookston H. B.
Moore, E. J. Ralph and M. Coleman
of St. Paul were business visitors
here yesterday.
P. J. Millbach of Solway was
among the out-of-town visitors yes
terday and while here paid his sub-
*&fisk>tlo to the Bemidji Pioneer for
another year
Mrs. C. W Bacon and Mrs J. H.
Fallon, who are the guests of friends
and relatives in Moorhead, are ex
pected to return to Bemidji the latter
part of this week.
John Cochran is critically ill at
his home near Bemidji. He is suf
fering from Brighfs disease. His
son, Roy Cochran, who is in a camp
in New Jersey, has been sent for
and is expected to arrive in Bemidji
John Dengler of La Crosse, Wis.
G. H. Anderson of Jackson, Minn.
Ray Howard of Minneapolis, B.
Nathelson of Deer River, E. Russell
and A. A. Campbell of Duluth were
in Bemidji yesterday on business
HsNiry Anderson, township clerk of
town of Eckles, brought in the elec
tion returns from his township yes
terday. Mr. Anderson has been
clerk of Eckles for a good many years
and is among the first to bring in
the returns.
Among business visitors yesterday
were, A. L. Jayes of Deer River, John
F. Ball of Northome, J. A. Quigg of
Deer River John Hamerlick of
Crookston, A. J. Linden of St. Paul,
W. L. Thompson of Minneapolis and
N. Brier of Duluth.
E. S Shaw of Minot, N. W S.
Jamison of Milwaukee, Wis George
H. Brekken of Crookston, George
Louis of St. Paul and J. A. Kirkwood
of Duluth passed yesterday in Be
midji, being here on business. While
here they were guests at the Mark
J. P. Brandt, federal Indian agent,
arrived in Bemidji this morning
from Minneapolis where he accom
panied his family and where they
will make their home Mr Brandt
will spend a good share of his time
in this vicinity, attending to his
duties for the government
Wear furs and save wool for the
soldiers over there and help win the
by having your fur garments re
led, repaired and relined by
]S.' Kriebs, Custom Furrier. Hack
ensack, Minn Send direct or leave
orders at the Henrionnet Millinery,
313 Minnee avenue, local repre
sentative. SdllS
**k\\JA Drlrll
Mr? and Mrs. tt. M/Lillo of Trail,
spent yesterday in Bemidji.
One dozen photographs makes
twelve Christmas presents. Hak
Studio. lll tf
Roy Crowell returned last evening
from International Falls and Ranier,
where he has been for the past
Mrs. Hugo Boldt of Becida re
ceived a telegram yesterday telling
of the death of her husband in a
camp in Georgia, the cause of his
death being the Spanish "flu."
Miss Julia Moran of the North
western Telephone Exchange has re
signed her position and left this
morning for Minneapolis where she
will make her home with her sister.
Miss Velma Dean returned yester
day from Cloquet where she has been
assisting in relief work in the fire
district. Misess Arvilla Ken field,
Miss Hall and Miss Barnwell re
turned to the city Tuesday from
Miss Bertha Trask, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Trask, has gone
to Minneapolis where she will spend
the winter. Miss Trask has been
offered her choice of two positions
in the registrar's office at the uni
versity of Minnesota and will, no
doubt, accept one of them.
The Red Wing Republican says:
"Miss Minnie Erickson, teacher in
the Bemidji schools, who haS been
taking care of the influenza patients
in fire-swept Cloquet, was jjalled
home by the illness of her sister,
Mrs. N. Lien. Marith Virginia,
the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lien, who has bten ill, for the past
six weeks, was reported in a rather
serious condition today She is suf
fering from pneumonia, following an
attack of the Spanish influenza."
Baudette, Minn., Nov 7 Alma
Boquist, head waitress at the Bau
dette hotel, died Saturday of pneu
monia following only two hours with
penumonia Her mother^ who was
called to Bemidji to see her son, who
was very sick, was reached at Thief
River Falls, but arrived too late.
Her son died in Bemidji on Saturday.
This is the first death recorded here
because of the epidemic.
Rev Philippe officiated
yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
at a private funeral service at the
Huffman-O'Leary undertaking par
lors, the deceased being John Kru
kowsky, 25 years old, single, who
died from the Spanish "flu" In
terment was made in Holy Cross
Heroic Frenchman.
Lieut. S. Coulier, French ace, twen
ty years old, and who has brought
down IT'Boche' planes in France, has
given onlookers thrills by his nervy
performances at all fields in The Unit
ed States. He came over from France
a few weeks ago as Instructor. His fa
vorite pastime is to execute all the
great stunts, such as spihnig nose
dives, loops and Immelman turns with
200 feet of the ground. The average
flyer, even If expert, prefers to try this
game several thousand feet higher,
where he Is safe.
Golfing Prospects.
An artillery ofticer, who had been
a fairly well known golfer and a keen
enthusiast, was looking out across a
rolling plain in France that only re
cently had been heavily pounded by
shell fire.
"I've seen some well trapped
courses," he said, "but I must say this
ig tb,e, best bunkered course I've ever
ran across. There's a pit every 20
feet Par here must be about 200."
No Doubt.
When married folk disagree they
have only themselves to blameand
they do.
Eczema Wash
A tonch oft). D.FJ. to any eczema aore or
itching eruption andyonll be able to rest and
deep once more. Thinkjurt a touch! Is
it "worth trvinrf Get a trial bottle today.
~*1 Yovr back it
firrtbotUe'does not relieve yon.
D^.J Dn^*V Dthe
Backer's Drug Store A
Knitted goods shipments^ -made
this week of the following articles^
230 sweaters, 397 pairs sox, 55 parrs'
wristlets, 2 afghans.
Out of town, branches sending In
garments as fdllows: Kelliher, 22
pairs sox, 8 sweaters Pinewood, 14
pairs sox, 1 sweater Blackduck, 31
pairs sox, 11 sweaters Tenstrike, 10
sweaters, 8 pairs wristlets Puposky,
5 sweaters Grygla, 9 pairs sox
Solway, 28 pairs sox, 10 sweaters, 1
helmet Northern, 3 pairs sox Quir
ing, 6 pairs sox Turtle River, 2
pairs sox Junior Red Cross, 1 pjair
Some of these sweaters and wrist
lets have been in storage here since
July as no sweater shipment 'has
been made till now. Sweater knit
ters please read extra'ct from Nor
thern Division Bulletin. We have the
new sweater directions.
Many sweaters are being received
at headquarters which are so wide
that they are too large for most of
the men in the army, navy and ma
rines. On some occasions it has been
necessary to discard twenty sweaters
before finding one which will fit.
May we ask that none of our
workers make a sweater wider than"
eighteen inches. The new directions,
followed properly, with the correct
weight of yarn and the correct sized
needles, will give this width, and
those'chapters that have not already
received these directions are request
ed to send for them at once.
As soon as the stitches are cast on
the needle, the width can be ascer
tained. When this Is too wide, the
number of stitches can be decreased.
If by chance it is tOQ narrow, the
number of stitches can be increased.
We shall be grateful if this fact can
be impressed upon our workers at
this time.
The navy department has ad
vised that parcels intended for of
ficers and men on the United States
vessels in home waters, and abroad,
or stationed at naval bases, or
Stations in foreign waters should
conform to the following condi
Parcels may not exceed twenty
pounds in weight, packed in strong
cartons, and one which can be ppen
ed for inspection.
These are not inspected here.
Mail them here with the proper ad
dress, and in care of "Supply Officer,
Fleet Supply Base, 29th St. & 3rd
Ave Bush Terminal Station, Brook
lyn, New York."
These parcels are charged fourth
class postage or parcel post zone
Mail as soon as possible, so as to
reach Bush terminal Station not
later than Nov 15.
Ages of Various Trees.
The ivy lives, 200 yearjs, the elm
300 to 350 years, the linden 500 to
1,000. years, the locust tree and the
oak* 400 years, and the 8r 700 to 1,200
How Epidemics Start!
It might seem that epidemics of
various diseases were' born Mil
fledged over night. Disease epidemics,
however, usually have their source
in one or a few isolated cases. Sim
ply because the danger of contagion
is not recognized or guarded against,
it spreads rapidly.
Many diseases of this character are
contracted from germs which enter
the nose or mouth. Danger of in
fection and tne further transmitting
of the diseases can largely be pre
vented by the use of an antiseptic
gargle or nose spray made by dis
solving two tablespoonfuls of 20 Mule
Team Powdered Boric in a pint of
hot water. An excellent gargle for
sore throat, often the first symptom
of approaching illness, is made by
dissolving one teaspoonful each of
salt and Boric in a pint of hot water.
YfJur druggist sells 20 Mule Team
Powdered Boric.
Red blooded men are born leader*
^n every walk of life and flgrht In
telligently with both brain and
muscles They are always live
wires, smiling and full of ginger
keen, alert on their toes and ready
for anything that comes their way.
Work is a pleasure and they land on
top every time
Vou will not find a strong success
ful man or woman trying to plug
along with poor health or weak
nerves They know better, they are
wise and see to it that their blood
has plenty of good fresh Iron and
their nerves at all times loaded with
Phosphatesthe nerve food.
A leading doctor says, "Show me
a strong, healthy micceasful man or
woman and you can bank on it every
time, their bodies are just loaded
with Iron and Phosphates". An
other prominent physician say*.
"There Is no need of anyone going
through life sickly, miserable, played
out, fagged and nervous when Phos
phated Iron will always put energy
and vigor in the body, mind and
nerves" This same doctor also said.
"With the system loaded with Phos
phated Iron you can fight life's battle
at any stage of the game and be a
winner at every turn
Mr Run Down man or woman In
anj stage of life, if you feel all in,
your nerves are all shot, and Iff*,
seems like one continual drag and
drudgery from day to day. get next
to yourself, wake up. take a brace
I*ay in a supply of Phosphated Iron
and take a new lease on life Tou
will once again feel like a live one
and face the world with the smile
that win Are vou game?
To insure physician* and their
patients receiving the genuine Phos
phated Iron, it has been put up in
capoul^s only, o do not allow dealers
to piv* von tablets: or pills. Insist
rm apules
City Drug Store, antf leading drug
gists everywhere.
4ff 'T^W^
Ridding Ranges of Ravaging Rogues
Results in Saving More Than
(5,000,000 Worth of Stock.
It Is estimated that the bureau of
biological survey of the United States
department of agriculture is saving
annually over $5,000,000 worth of live
stock for the ranchers of the Rocky
nountaln section as a result of its in
tensive campaign against predatory an
imals, which has been In progress dur
ing the past three years. During this
period 60,468 coyotes, 8,085 bobcats,
1,829 wolves,' 201 mountain lions, and
187 bears h'ave been trapped or shot,
and many other animals have been
poisoned. The income from the sale of
pelts of animals killed by government
Hunters to protect live stock during the
last year will aggregate approximately
$100,000. This work is of special im
portance, because the catt'3 and sheep
which are already on the range produc
ing meat, wool, and leather are afford
ed protection, and thus the actual
sources of these essential commodities
are being conserved for market. Fur
thermore, clearing the range of preda
tory animals is making conditions more
favorable for stocking the grazing
areas to full capacity and lor improv
ing the quality of the breeding stock.
United States Department of Agri
Japanese Beetle in New Jersey.
A public hearing on the proposed
quarantine of a portion of New Jer
sey on account of the Japanese beetle,
a serious pest of certain, vegetables
and fruit, was held by the United
States department of agriculture in
Washington recently. As a result of
infestation of the Japanese beetle
lit parts of Burlington county, N.
J* 'the proposed quarantine is In
tended to prohibit the shipment from
this territory of green sugar corn, lipe
tomatoes and ripe peaches which
might cause this pest to spread. A
campaign of eradication authorized
by congress is now in progress, and
the proposed quarantine is deemed
necessary to support the measures
that are being taken for the suppres
sion (ft this dangerous pest.
By Dr. Lee Smith
An old enemy is with us again,
and whether we fight a Geimun or
a germ, we must put up a good fight,
and not be afraid The influenza
runs a very brief course when the
patient is careful, and if we keep the
system in good condition and throw
off the poisons which tend to ac
cumulate within our bodies, we tan
escape the disease Remember these
three C'sa clean mouth, a. clean
skin, and clean bowels To curry
off poisons from the system and keep
the bowels loose, dailv doses of a
pleasant laxative should be taken
Such a one is made of May-apple,
leaves of aloe, root of jalap, and
called Dr. Pierced Pleasant Pellets
Hot lemonade should be used freely
if attacked by a cold, and the pa
tient should be put to bed after
hot mustard foot-bath
To prevent the attack of bion
chltis or pneumonia and to control
ithe pain, Anuric tablets should be
obtained at the drug store, and one
given every two hours, with lemon
ade. The Anuric tablets were first
discovered by Dr Pierre, and, as
they flush the bladder and eleaiiHe the
kidneys, they carr away much of
the poisons and the uric acid
It is Important that broths, milk,
buttermilk, ice crenm and simple
diet be given regularly to strengthen
the system and increase the vital
resistance The fever is diminish*
by the use of the Anuric tablets, but
in addition, the forehead, arms and
hands may be bathed with water
(tepid) in which a tablespoontul of
salaratus has been dissolved in a
quart. After an attack of grip 01
pneumonia to build up and strength
en the system, obtain at the drug
store a good iron tonic, called
"Irontic" Tablets, or that well known
herbal tonic, Dr Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
"Your 32 Teeth
are 32 Reasons'1
Why You Should Have
Absolutely Dependable
OapeMable Prices
The Original Cut-Rate Dentists
10 Year Guarantee
Goft Crown $5.00
Bridge Work, per tooth $5.00
Cols! FiiKags, up from $200
Silver Filling* $100
SEJf OF TEETH $10.00
Open Evening* Till 8:00
Opp. City Hall, Schroeder Bldg.
The Dental Corner
Union Dentists
Dr. Norcross Dr Clarke
^wr^iip'^K"^ .i^ ra$$
Hit Expedient I
The army examiner was getting
somewhat out of patience the
dull candidate before him. But he
controlled his temper, and gave him
a last chance to distinguish himself*
"Let it be supposed, sir," he saw,
ironically, "that you were a captain in
command of infantry that in your
rear was an impassable abyss that on
both sides of you there rose perpen
dicular rocks of tremendous height
that in front of you lay the enemy,
outnumbering you ten to due. What,
sir, in such an emergency would you
"What would I do?" responded the
applicant, "I should resign!"
Studying Deep-Sea Life.
A peculiar advantage for the study
of marine life is credited the biological
station established at Messina about,
two years ago. The sudden rise of the
ocean bed at the strait of Messina
causes very unusual upward currents
from great depths, and the&e are so
strong as to bring many of the deep
sea animals forcibly to the surface,
where they are caught from smell
boats. The animals are taken under
conditions less abnormal than usual.'
Many of them are able to produce light
and some even vary the color of the
light at will.
Don't trifle with a cold
it's dangerous.
You can't afford to risk
Keep always at hand a
box of
Standard cold remedy for JO yearsW tallet
formiafe, sure, no opiatesbreaks up a cold
In 24 hoursrelieves grip in 3 days. Money
back if it fails. The genuine box has a Red top
with Mr. Hill's picture At All Drug Stores.
Why Potter WHh
Corns? Use aet.ir
You can tear out your corns end of
fer, or you can peel off your oorni and
mile. Tha
'Oots-It way I 1B th onl
painless way la the world. Two drops
"Cat tha Drop" oa That Cara-Usa "Gala-It"
and the Cera "Ceaer"!
of "Gets-It" on any corn or callus dries
at once. The corn flnallr loosens off
from the too, BO that you can peel It
off with your nngers Inone pieoe. pain
lessly, like peeling a banana. "Great
stuff, wish I'd done that before." There's
only one corn-peeler Gotf-It." Toes
wrapped up bis with tope end bend
eses, toes squirming from trrttetiof
salves. It'sell a barbarity. Toea woundsd
by razors and knives, that's butchery.
ridiculous, unnecessary, dangerous. Use
"Gets-It," the liberty waysimple,
painless, always sure. Tease no chances.
Get "GetsIt." Don't be InsultedJw
imitations. See that you get "Geti-TI."
"Gets-It," the guaranteed, money
back corn-remover, the only sure
way, costsbuta trifle at anydrag store.
U'f'd by E. Lawrence A Co* Chicago, 111.
Hold in Bemidji and recommended &a the
world's best corn remedy by Barker'!,
Drug Store
For Quick Returns and (lighcft Ctsh Market Prices
Hides, Furs, Wool,
Sheep Pelts and Bee
Wax and Tallow
118 Belt. Ave.
How it Can Be Avoided and Treated. Simple Rules to Be
Followed. No Occasion for Panic
No need of anyone being aljid of
the after effects and slow recoverr
from Spanish Influenza, hard colde
or Grippe. If they will use common
sense and start in building up their
health and strength the right way.
The main thing is to get the blood
rich, red, and pure, so it can carry
life-giving oxygen and strength to
every part of the body Impure
blood is the cause of so many slow
recoveries and set-backs.
T)octor say "Get the blood right
and tho rest is easy, that nine-tenth*
of all sickness is due to lack of iron
end phosphates the healthy strong,
vigorous man or woman's blood Is al
ways loaded with these two life-giv
ing elements"
Physicians also claim with fresh
air and nourishing food nothing
equals Phosphated Iron as a blood
Ionic and health builder, Phosphat-
i i
Tells Bow To Get Quick Relief
from Head-Colds. Itfs Splendid!
In one minute your clogged* nos
trils will open, the air passages of
your head will qlear and you can
breath freely. No more hawking,
snuffling, blowing, headache* dry
ness. No stfruffgfiing for breath at
night, your cold or catarrh will be
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist now.
Apply a little of this fragrant, anti
septic, healing cream in your nos
trils. It penetrates through every
air passage tof the head, soothes the
inflamed or swollen mucous mem
brane and rel^e/ comes instantly.
It's just fine. Don't stay stuffed
up with a cojd, or nasty catarrisaRe
lief comes so quickJy.
O'Leary-Bowser Co,
Knitting Yarn
Lig^ot, fiark grey all
wool knitting yarn a
skein $1.10
Special price to Red Cross
chapters, a bundle .$20.00
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies bleached, fleeced
union suits, all sizes a
suit 98
Boys and girls fleeced
union suits, all sizes, a
suit $1.00
Silks Will Advance
The' government haif cut
the production of silks
one-half after December
1st. After our present
stock of silk has been sold
we expect to pay an ad
vanced price. Our silk
stock is now very com
plete, we advise our cus
tomers to buy now.
Goats and Dresses
Ladies before you buv
your coat or dress, just
step in and ask to see what
we have to offer, this
store is a good place to get
posted on styles and
Rubber Footwear
This year we show the
same dependable line of
rubbers as other seasons,"
stock now complete but no
hope for reorders, buy
now. fff
Bemidji. Minnesota
ed Iron takes hold from the first
dose. Results are seen and felt,
strength returns, food digests, appe
tite picks up, sleep is restful, there
is a color it) the cheeks and a spar
kle to the eye that only blood
charged with iron and phosphates
can give.
It is the duty of everyone who has
had Spanish Influenza Grippe or a
hard cold to build up their system
with nature's tonic. Phosphated Iron.
It sure li health protection Safety
first The results will repay you
many times Give yourself a show
Special notice: To insure doctors
and their patients getting the genu
ine Phosphated Iron we have put in
capsules Do not take pills or tab
lets. Insist oa capsules.
The City Drug Store and leading
druggists everywhere

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