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Owner Ford* "Henry"
Over Snow Banks
Spring Near
(Special to Pioneer)
Clearbrook, March 22 Wet under
foot, well I guess!
L, Jensen's proposed candidacy for
the legislature is sweeping the vest
em prairies of the 65th legislative
district with many long and strong
demands that he enter the June pri
maries The newspapers in his dist
rict have almost as a'umt hailed his
possible entrance with delight and
faave favored him with compliments
which would make even a candidate
for governor proud of his fellow-men
The sentiment in our district seems to
be about as follows: "Mr. Jensen is
good eonugh to run in any district
We're tot him, in the sixty-fifth," BO
aptly expresed toy one of our editors.
3a the rest of us, all that is now
wanted is for Mr. Jensen to throw
his bat into the arena and the game
is on to nominate and elect one of
the most popular and enterprising
legislators our district has ever been
favored with-
The.*management of the baseball
team ihere gave a dance and basket
octal at the Peterson hall on St.
Patrick's Day night which netted the
toys more than $90 after deducting
expenses. Well done boys. A couple
wore of them and the hoys will soon
lie OB easy street. We understand
that tito boys are getting a strong
i fine top on tie field, and that active
practice work will soon be commenc
a leaguer
Co Clue bo wit the wingbif a giant
with a awing eonpled with twisters
vkkh will produce fade-aways by
tie wholesale when they meet
wwrOiy opponents from our neighbor
tag sections. Keep your eye on the
CUaxtaook baseball squad this seas
en. Bring your wad along, and make
a- clean sweep In scores as well as
An Item published In the Winger
Vtaterprise dated July 31st, 1925, will
fee off general interest, especially our
good road* knockers: "An autopsy
was performed today on the brain of
Mr. Antl Progress, who died yest
eriay. It was found that a condition
of general mistiness prevailed in cav
Hies of the upper extremities. The
eoly part of the cerebrum showing
development was that of the treasury
department. Even the Christian
fem&n cells had been so dominated
ever by selfishness cells as to be bare
ly recognizable by the aid of a power
ful microscope. The medulla was
aennal but the cerebellum was found
to have one flabby mass. Mr* Anti
IPMJgness was prominent
communita and was alway a
tlvo in opposing every improvement
wMe* might tend to raise his taxes.
He took a leading part in the fight
against 'good roads and school con
of Me" death was mental paralysis
eofitertnduced an exceedingly
preasly vision."Exchange.
nttdation five years ago. The cause* institute. Sessions commencing
iStfhunrior the Murohvs
A. freckled faced girl stopped at the
yoBtotflce and yelled out:
"Anytiling for the Murphys?"
"No, there Is not."
"Anything for Jane Murphy?"
"Nothing." "'Anything for Ann Murphy?"
"No"* -No." "Anything fpr Tom Murphy?"
"No." "Anything for Bob Murphy?"
"No, not a hit
"Any thing for Terry .Murphy
"No, nor Pat Murphy, nor Dennis
Murphy, nor Pete Murphy, nor Paul
Murphy, nor any Murphydead, liv
ing, unborn, native or foreign, civil
ized or uncivilized, savage or barbar
ous, male or female, black or white,
franchised or disfranchised, natural
er otherwise No, there is positively
nothing for any of the Murphys,
either individually, jointly, severally,
now and forever, one and insepar
The girl looked at the postmaster
in astonishment and said "Please to
look if there is anything for Clarence
Edward Bierbaum spent the first
part ot last week at Crookston at
tending a convention of the Standard
Oil agents in this section of Minneso
ta. Edward reports a fine time, a
Targe attendance, with fhe best line
of boosters out, in one of the best
cities In the north He returned home
Tuesday morning.
Miss Marcella Holm of this place
fe engaged as one of the salesladies
at the Gonvick Trading company.
There is no argument against the
road amendment No. 1 to be voted on
November 2nd, hence men who un
^geretand the true condition and work
for the best interests of their county
and state cannot argue against it and
present their readers with the truth.
That spring te near at hand is best
proved by the fact that Peter Walle
tat* of late been Fording his "Henry"
over the snow bands here during the
last few days. Give us more "juice"
Pete and help clear the atmosphere
ML check of |285, representing 19
nonths service in our late war with
CSarmany was received by A. R\ La
Saddle of Gonvick last week This is
Mnrnnesota's present to her service
oys, and came direct from the Min
nesota Bonus Bureau. His payment
No 5,200.
*\J Mrs. Alex Sundrud of Quinto, Lake
township, passed away at the Thief
Sfver hospital, after an operation
performed upon her. Hor husband
wasatheThedside. She leaves a hus
band, six children, her aged parents,
hftei *'&
Iflltuili'llllOTtnrtV i' frr*-*-"-
a sister and four brothers. "She was
43 years old. Interment took place
Monday, March 22nd at the Qambold
cemetery at Gonvick. Rev. Bergford
A series of Farmers' Institutes will
be held in Clearbrook county this
week, arranged as follows:
Shevlin, Monday, March 22nd.
.Leonard, Tuesday,) March 23.
Clearbrook, Wewnesday, March 24.
Gonvick, Thursday March 25th.
Bagley, Friday, March 26th.
Each an,d every one of these places
extends to you a cordial and welcome
invitation to attend the sessions of
the institute most convenient to you
As speakers at the Institutes we
are sending Mr. J. E. Eastgate, of
Larimore, N. D., one of.the leading
beef, sheep and alfalfa growers of
the state, who is also thoroughly
posted on such subjects as crop rota
tions, soil fertility, production of
feeds, etc. Also E. W. Smith of Park
ers Prairie, a practical farmer, who
has for years specialized in pork, clo
ver, and potatoes.
It is hoped that every farmer- who
can -possibly do so will attend some
of the sessions and plan for the other
members of his family to attend with
him. There are no charges of any
kind for admissionlocal people fur
nishing the hall and the state paying
the expenses, or the lecturers.
Copies of the new Farmer's' Insti
tute Annual No. 32, the best book
ever issued on potato growing, handl
ing and" marketing, and using, will
be on hand for this institute. This
256 page book ought -to sell for three
or four dollars, but you can get a
copy free by going to the institute.
Remember the dates for holding
at 10 a. m. and 1.30 p. m. sharp,
Make a holiday for all the members
of the family. Come with the Idea
of getting all the information xou
can. Ask questions on subjects of
special interest to you and don't be
'backward in giving your own experi
ence. It's the mutual interchange of
experience and ideas that makes the
institutes worth while.
Herb Johnson is busy on his job
again, tbuying potatoes for top prices
as usual. See him if you have any to
The Clearbrook box and crate com
pany have commenced sawing mater
ial for potato and egg crates with
full force. They expect to make a
record run this year, as they have
their yard filled to its capacity with
bolts, while orders for material is
crowding them more than ever.
Under the auspices pf the Public
school and the Melvin Johnson Post
of the American Legion a bevy of/u
young people invaded Gully Friday
evening and presented the home tal
ent play "Back to the Farm" *d a"
packed house. It was well presented
and received the applause of a wel^
pleased house. They will shortly pre
sent it here in Clearbrook for the sec?
ond time, as the demand is verjr
strong for them to give us another
chance at it. We are not in position
to say if they will stage it at Bagley
or not It may depend largely upon
encouragement given.
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Hanson of Zunt
brota, this state, arrived here last
week, and haves taken possession of
the Soren Hanson residence, whicji
they purchased. Rev. Heisted and'
family have moved in the Gullick
I Holtz residence.
Gullick Holt* and family departed
for Bagley, Friday morning, where
they will make their 'future home.
Erlck Lindom of Leon township I
has just closed a deal with tnel
Clearbrook Mercantile Co., whereby
he became the owner of one of those
famous Birdsell clover trailers. Mr.
Lindom has one of those big titan
tractors which he will hitch np to
the Birdsell in the fall and shell clo
ver seed as fast as any of them.
Christ Borud presented his mall
carrier, "Bennet A. Bagaason, yrlkh a
sack of oats on Route 4 last week
while S. O. Lundy of Leon on Route
No 2 remembered his carrier, August
J. Jacobson likewise. Such warm
hearted appreciation of good services
make the boys feel happy and means
better service
Our good and genial county treas
urer, Torkel L. Tweite of Bagley, vis
ited with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Walle
of this place the first part of last
te WaitlMi
If the tleclson of the supreme council stands, the sultan of Turkey will be permitted to retain Constantinople,
anl prohnbly will continue to reside in this palace.
Dundee and Tendler Howl for
Chance to Defeat
Belt Wearer
New York, ^March 22.Benny
Leonard is still about and doing but
from the activities In the lightweight^
circles it would seem that the cham
pion either is entertaining rheuma
tism or has had a stroke of paraly-
They're picking successors for him
all over the east.
Dave Driscoll, who puts on lights
in Jersey City already has started an
elimination series to clean out the
lightweight ranks and decide the
next man to wear the Bronx boy's
Johnny Dundee and Willie Jackson
met in the first bout of the series the
other night and the fight was very
much Jackson's. Lew Tendler, the
Philadelphia aspirant, probably will
meet Jackson in the next round. Then
comes Charley Wnlte, from Denver,
who is being sought line with the
drive for new faces Richie IW^chell,
and Lew Edwards, the Australian,
whom he whipped in Milwaukee re
cently also are being sought for in
the series
Leonard is not considered through'
by any means. But the hunch has
prevailed for'a year thatythe cham
pion will have to retire or enter the
welterweight class as he is growing
too heavy to make the 133 pound
Tender and Dundee both have been'
howling about giving away weight to
Leonard and Dundee went so far as
Rural teachers should attend
summer training schools and pre
pare for attractive rural and con
solidated school positions. Free
registration to you in our Bureau.
A rural and consolidated expert
will be in charge. Write today
for application blank.
C. E. White, Manager
Educational Service Bureau
8 So. lOfa St., near Nicollet Ave.
^Minneapolis Minn.
Of course, it's all right to
shop around a bit if you like,
but why not let the other fel
low make it easier for you by
doing a little shopping after
your dollarby snowing you
what youwant and where you
c$n get most of it for your
It's a great idea, once you
get the hang of it, and here's
Right in this paper you'll
find dozens of advertisements
offering you merchandise.
Some things you'll need to
day some tomorrow^ some
next week or next yearbut
Wha Goo is a Dollar
to state he would claim the cham
pionship if he disposed of Jackson.
Leonard and his followers main
tain that he will make the weight
easily when the time comes and that
he has been considering a whirl with
the welters not because he was too
heavy for his class but because of
the scarcity of good opponents in the
lightweight division.
Leonard will do nothing more than
exhibition work for a month or more'
during whicn he will be engaged in
motion picture work in California.
Jim Coffroth is trying to get an op
ponent to face him in a twenty round
decision fight to be staged in Ti
Juana before he returned to the east
1 IF.
Ilfsjairgelyuptoyou. It depends on how you spend iton
$ie vabie\toypu of what you get for iton your ability to find
where that value is to be had.
Read the Advertisements and Increase
the Value of your Dollar
EVENT of the
the point is that these mer
chants are coming to. you,
looking fdr your dollar and
offering the best they have to
get it
You'll find that by reading
the advertisements consist
ently today and everjj day,
you can increase the value
^to yourselfof every dollar
you have to spend. The
things you see adyertised are
almost invariably as repre
sented. the advertisers'
statements are usually safer
to trust than your own judg
ment Advertised misrepre
sentation is business suicide.
fT^^^Mi**^:^ i"x
fate* Over Baaraawa's Drat
Store. Pkoe.447
For relief for the after af
fects of the flu and other
Have proved to be a great
benefit to many people.
Shower arid tub baths as
well. Barber shop in con
212 Minnesota Avenue
TTHAT new Spring Suit
of yoursyou will wanti
Photographs of yourself in'
it for your relatives and,
friends. And of course the
Pictures should'be finished,
in the very latest mode
the way we finish them in
our studio.
Hakkerup Studio
is I
ltf: 101 3(1
S *0

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