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$,$**- CAMPN, Pros.
Why Mary likes character parts.
"I'm thinking of playing a picture
practically all in character,"- ex-
plained Mary Pickford, "without
curls, without straight make-up and
in shabby clothes. It will be a char
acter on the order of Unity Blake in
Stella Maris,' but totally different.'
The sWeetheart ofrthe world curled
up in the] chair in her dressing room,
was discussing the United Artists'
production of "Suds," which wul be
seen at {he Rex on Sunday, and in
which she appears as the woebegone
little slavey in a laundry in the slums
of London who reconciles "herself to
the life she is living by her vivid
imagination and the mental pictures
of herself as the high and mighty
"liddy." i
"Do yotrknoW,"" she continued,
"lots of people still don't b'elieve that
H. DBNU. I M. and Mr.,
=Negkone Spa TT/
?1 aaUNdkt ttoe poatottlM at BMQMJI. Minn., sew**-
*MmZtfr underAct of Ctongcess Mnroft t. lsf*.
ft* Mo attention neM to anonymous contributions.
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SsmMoSas t.M
One Kent*
OB* Woe*?
The railroad employees have done well to accept
the raise given them by the labor board. It may
not be as much as some claafis of them deserve,
view of present conditions in* t^eir industry and
I other industries but on the whole it looks fair to
them, an4 is also about as mugh as the public
i. which has to pay the billcan stand at this time.
uU brings up their means of living to about the
^average level, without unduly raising other people
eost of living.
4' Having accepted it, the men will continue to do
t^well if they wait to see what happens to wages.
and prices in general, before they set about getting
'another raise. ff
I The public hopes, without any animus against
the railroad employees or any other group o*work
ers, that this will be the last big wag* rawer
Granted that it virtually completes the general lift
4ng of wages to meet the present cost of/-living,
there isa natural feeling that it is time fcTstop.
.For if any considerable group of workers Js te
1'We another raise, all groups will havejto have an
other, to keep the thing uniform and maintain
equality with prices. And what good wonld that do?
For years now it has been a nip-and-tuck race
between wages and prices. When wages in general
go up, prices go up when prices go up, wages have
to go up to meet them. It is a quest for
mischievous "balance of power" which is not yet
so widely understood as it ought to be.
The railroad men particularly, because they are
so many and so powerful, and stand in such a
strategic and conspicuous position, should realize
how futile it would be to seek a duplication of
their present w*ge increase, because it would in
evitably increase the cost of living again for every
^body, including themselves, just when prices show
some signs of subsiding. _& A-*-
It'is time to.stop piling new weights on one
.^side and the other of the wages-and-prices scales.
And when workmen acquiesce, and standr-pt on
-wha justice they have gained, without trying to
i 'profiteer, tb*y can better combat whatever parlr
of high prices is due to capitalistic profiteering.
A fleet of five German warships is en route to
the United States. It consists of one dreadnought,
'one armored cruiser and three destroyers,
dreadnought is coming under its own steam,
others are being towed. The cruiser was irrepar
'ably damaged by the Germans before it was sur
rendered, and the destroyers were sunk at Scapa
Flow afterwards. Jb
There is, needless to say, no menace in this fleet.
There is, however, a peculiar interest attending its
arrival. It represents the share of German surface
warships "allotted to the United
t.ee t.M
Ms Month*
?HB wkmiT PIONMR-Twelvo SfW PUbMrteO
Jy ThuresaT aad.fon peW to-any a*dree
Ctr, in advaa**, |M*
The The
States" in the
some-ftciress to play Unity for me. 'rM TirL^lhu
Now if -I do afwholev, story all in Everyone wh^:has',-
ffcey cannot help but say I played
the part I am sure that in 'Suds'
they will have to admit that I am:
playing both characters.
""I love to be a little girl and have
great fun playing those roles, but it
is" the pretty girls who have it easy.
-in the worldeveryone is always nice
!"!fto a beautiful child or to a pretty
'"woman. It is the homely, drab,- color-.
less girl that has the dramas and
*$ragedies in her life. A pretty girl
-can generally feel sure that she will
-.he able to find a man'and get mar-
|J^ed, but what about the poor, little
^aeataresj'hoth in unhappy environ
'ments, arid doomed to drudgery all
^-""their lres They see the favors beF
1 ^stowed upon their good-looking com
3 piHiiey, they aea them marry and
:^Tmove to better things, while they are
character and put my name on it various Harry :Garey rphotodtamas
passed by without ^a glance -and^hawe
no happy future ahead pf Qiem."!'*
"But how -about 'The, Hoodlum?^'
she v,as asked. -"You ,were, sorexr
ceed ngly hoodlumish in^tha|."^\c^
"Several people criticized] me Tor
beinj such a rowdy in that toryHtt
remember I was a girl from Fifth
Aver.ue trying to act a tQUgli* I^Jonld
not p'ay it as if I was brough!tjfup
a" hoyden, for persons wheft they) go
from their own'walk of lifinta.,a
totally different* walk and 1*y to-be
like- their surroundings always over
do itthat is why I played "The Hood
lum' that way.' *^J
The little star slid out of-her chair
to turn to her director and,scenario
writer who were hovering impatient
ly in the background, and as a part
ing, she remarked:
"Wait till you see 'Sudsf-if jrou
want to see me in character. I have
something new -up my sjeeve for
division of tho cenojiered Gorman navy wnoot tho
allies. Moot Americans nay* never realised that^
any parttof that nay** wwinratthid-to thia~euntry.^
J* There-is ruMsccsstfoii for any front amoant of
rejoicing. T|tctstfa1s are of no una as fighting
craft, and 'everV' if t|ey were, (he peaee Iteaty re
quires that they shall *H &- destroyed within,a year.*
Still, a good many thousand Americana, will lj|ke^
pleasureI having? a tank anthem when they ar^ve^'
in New'Vak :*nd when they proceed to- Norfolk*.
and other ports as they are expected^ do. They
will be visible, evidence,, however,, ajnalL and un
important, of the big part, that the United, States^
'played in defeating ^xe nationI that fkimtd at '~V*i,%
preme sea power, and theV will be proof positive
"of the utter powerlessnees to whieh lienacing
navy has been^Jeduced-1
1,"' There is a state lawjto effect jliat
owners mustlceep the4
which includes vacant lots. This law if JI-health
measure anil should be enforced to tbsr letter, s.
Failure on ti^part of the jndiyidual^to^Vf,. up.to
the law thrqaif'the responsibility, on thacity coun-,i
cil, andVfor |hem these, is no excuse So if you
are not',attending "ttr your own weed cu^ng/don't,
blame the council if they have it done and the
expense charged against your property Jand^cbllecK"
ed the same as,taxes together with the prescribed
penalty. To avoid all difficulty, cut the weedsi
0 v... J
There were' 11,762 fe*d cats pickedt1.
streets of W^hington, D. C., last year. Were those
fighting statesmen throwing 'em at each other?
We recently resurrected a file ojMe Pioii|er of'
twenty yeanuago, and there are saTMny Intt^^esting"---t
things in it we are going to start aLcolnmn!'devoted
to news about Bemidji and its people at-that^time.
The Pioneer was'hot a d^ilyihen, bnt'w^ifsuing
a newsy weekly with Messrs. Kaiser and: Greeley as
publishers. -tj
The/first thing our ?eyes"
The Merchants Bank of Bemidji Closes Its Doors
for Want of Funds.,
Uneasy," headKne on front page article.^
which have been shown nere of" re
cent years fs almost as familiar with
Charles LeMoyrie as hejis with,Chey
enne Harry. LeMoynf is'the-tall,
muscular western chapjjwhojhas been
declared by aril motion^picture direc
tors to be the greatest type for a
borders-sheriff ito be found on the
When Harry Carey is-about to cast
a picture, the first thing he inquires
is if Charles LeMoyne is available.
The matter of a leading woman is Of
secondary consideration: other roles
can be filled.easily his horse "Dyna-
mite." is always to~.be depended upon
but if Charles LeMoyne is engaged on
another production Carey would
rather postpone his work and wait
till' he can set' his dependable
A.s usual, "LeMoyne will be seen in
property, weedthe cut on tteir premises
up in the*
Life for Germany is just-one explanatipnuafter
v" .$ ,i^ i
hit on waS1
interesting bit of news in the light "of what we
know about the person 'referred to. At "ttUt time
it no doubt was a'quite serious affair." Here, it is:
"Our estimable friend, Ed. H. Jerrard, spent the/
Fourth at Brainerd. He was to have come home
the following day, but he didn't. He^legraphed'
here that the train left him, but his friends pre-.
sume that it" was because he couldn't Jeavev-some-i
body else in due time. He has a "*g|ndw
Freeman Doud, King of Diamond Point, has re-*
ceived numerous communications from the Twin*,.
Cities,' several parties stating "4hat they jWtt beC^
here in a few/'jdays to spend ha jiummer.64J^au-|p
tiful Lake Bemidji. With Vinnetonki^4^|^lws^
Twin 6ities, no greate* compUme^^^j^t^h^pl^.^
to'Bemidji than the coming of 1*ei#3WWei,^#*Pfii
A bold bad burglar entered Wheeloek^s **^i
by a back door Tuesday night and-'carried &way$*^
a few dollars that were in the till, and some goods,
Atty.' D7 H. Fisk hhs just returned, frqm SheVJinf:
where he delivered an oration and the people therejS^M
are all'agog over his eloquence. Bemidji hasJnot
only orators, but she was logicians, as "well.
:?we SOUr'
a' really
Depositors'-Feel Varya
Work on themainlphrt of the M. E. ehnrch build-,.^
Wor on themaintphr
ing has begun and will "be rusheia^
the role of the crooked sheriff in
"Overland Red," Harry ,Carey.'s new-
productiori^ to shown 'a?* the
Rex theatre'on*Saturday. LeMpine
is an actor of experience and ability,
having'played on the dramatic -stage
for a number, of years., supporting"*
many dt "the leading stars. He be
F^n pif^i s^i 5,flve years ago. "'star
ring 'inMwdareel wjfcstern melodramas
ilarry CareK InegalShaeBTAOINUNlJ
wrftten by*ttimself. HetwhasV?***?'^ placed
with Harry-Carey i|n
^K'Qverlan4\,*Red^'is- basedj-on-Hhe
n|fel of th^e same name by H. Her^
*rt Knibb3v-1 It TVS3 directed byJLjyan
Reyriords^-^ ||3t|' &gf#
I fa Apache dance,Beverly done by:*
VJSla Dana, the- cTTarming' -^ang^
Metro ter, will .be .one of the niany
unlusfual features of the "Parisian
Tigeress," a romance-of the Parisian
uniderworld .which. will be- featured
atjthe Rex theatre ott.today jfndryri
day. f^ f
'The scene^shotfs ,^a Montmartre
cafe in whidh the Tstar act fs an
Apache dance. The settings are amas
ingly realistic, having been resign
ed, by HenM-Menessier, an artist fa
miliar with the Latin quarter of, Pa
risV ^':y
from Johnson McCnlley'a magasine
story of v^ same name, published
by the Frank A. Munsey company.
Lillian Walker, whose fambns dint
pies and smjles have reentry shown
in a star series of her own, appears
as the star's leading: woipan. The
story is one of those, sort so PfPfed
with suspense, romahoe, *eto*nture
and deep, hearty chuckles that ft irtll
Uke special attention on $h* part, of
the, audience tofnott*e how peffect
the4eanfea| det|^s are realis
tic the .players' coetumefJ anyhow
beautiful the photography and light:
ing. From the, technical and the
dramatic standpoint, this initial
Kerrigan-Brunton production is aj
model of todayfs best cinema art.
Andy and Min, "the Gumps," in
"Andy Goat Flat Hunting," is an
other of, the new Gumps comedies
that are being jhown.vweek.ly on
Thursday at\the Grand,^
BATTin poxYwoLvarS
From aiittle girl on'a farm in the
far .Canadian northwest to a^ yming
woman battling one of the mesjt foxy.,
wolves dLWall Street is the.|ran-^*
sition BestfBSarrlseale makes In the
newest picture, "Beckoning Roads,"
which will be seen at the Btko. Fri
day and Saturday. The Rohertjjon
Cole picture is one of the very best in[
which thejflonde depietor of .society
roles ever has played?^
She is "given excellent7
IOVEJ^Ytos &
^J^JSS^r^VJ^I flour and sugar.
Th^-dramatift, dance ^is fdorifr-.hy""
Misa Datia wlth^ ftreland nirv and
sh%#s that she^has completely caught
tlte ispifitrof ito t.irt.ehe is
u^pti nactf: Miss Dana, h'0^*,callliP
ph,e .adopted the dramatic career,,
a dancer of note and brings her4
usual art in this line into good use
In. her latest production
i At the .Grand theatre tonight and
Friday, J. Warren Kerrigan is\ pre
sented in. "A White Man's 3hancei
his first production with -hir^^own
company made by Robert Bruntbn
and distributed by W. W. Hodkin
son through Pathe Exchange-, Inc.. A.
series of ten pictures will be made
under the present arrangements giv
ing the popular star" hot only the ad
vantage of fine screen vehicles with
color, adventure and love interest,
Nile* Welch who has the part of the
young mah she weds .by ^Joseph
Dowling, late of "The Miracle Man,"
as the -Wall Street manipulator and
by Oloria Hplt, who is seen in the
same part Miss Barriscale plays, at
an earlier age: Incident tp the action
the interior f a gamblng hoiise', and
the inside, of a big New York cab
aret are shown as scenic noreltlesv
The musical accompaniment ^an-
other feature attraction at the .Elko
each evening. g^^g^fe^
There- is a romantic color an& dash'
about "The^Fourteenth Mani'.'^the
picture at the Elko theatre, that met
with hearty favor ijroni last ,nighf4
audience. Robert Warwick, is" the
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315 Belt, Ave.*
was adepted 6 the English "Stags
Captain Gordon, the aentratflgm*.
in She picture, is. a ihodirn Sir OalaV
hsk %ho doet hot heslute to dop
(boxing gloves and battle in
.pine. ringSwIfen oecaatoa demand
it. Forced tp.leaveflnsiwd because
of an encounWr with aj superior of
fleer, G^k wme to Wew York anjd
in [a bohemlan. agists' eolpny meefi
hefreas inctfgnitoteHf eiampions Mr
inther efTorts to Isep hernnseupl
one guardlani ^from wrlndllag har
ont of her inheritadch. After excit
ing eveniJLtthi^r.rpjnanee ends hap
pily. -tu sis' Ar
.Delighttul^musle accdmpaples the
pietun tojslMU^ *-&' I.
Pretty Beb^itrts.hM Q& rtf?
of Jthe girj. anU KWr McCoy, the e-
prisjB flghter. tffelea Dunbar. Walter
Hiers a S Syhria Ashton are in
^'ITHE lirftest, fjnest and most niadOT Trarisient
corafijrfafile, i rwronlilce |Axcornmoaatior^^3r^Befpt'
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Oipn. ^t^ac|rv'rto-flpOTRe^irrBj|fe^^
fftlrtOL table d'hote and la essftHjgg? ft
75rRoomij, P^vmte-^eths.
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for-youtC-f^ 5*fi
should have one*
3 i}^lrSil**JV-iblUir~W~r lltX
br&t&''& in.
woll-kji beant|,
which ie the program at the
Moored sweetheartVthe __
girl in seven couhUes." Others in the
east-are iAhn-Forrest, Who made'sjinli^v*-
if fine ||istaeionfy "paagejwua
liahnV Willard Lonlsr Vr^am p"
ve-no *4unlucty
tjiM. No tiring
and stirring your
hii wolnderfjol invention ^rx %ha i^g*.
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