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Winnipeg, Man., July 30.In the
idst'of his kinsmen in the Artie
-wastes, Ouangwak? alleged murderer,
win be tried for his life as a demon
stration to the Eskimos of the power
of this thing they have feared only
vaguely In the past(British justice.
(For the first time in Canadian his
tory^ court will be held at Chester
field Inlet and to accomplish the ob
ject lesson, a Royal Canadian 'Mount
ed policeman who brought the. alleg
ed murderer to Winnipeg today after
a journey of hundreds of miles' across
the ,northland, will Te&tore the cap
tive to the region from :which he1
Another Eskimo charged with' mur
der, the story of which has- noV'rea'ch*'
ed civilization yet, will be tried/in
the'same court.
Setgt W. O. Douglas of the Mount
ed Police and his prisoner sailed
July ,2 6 on the steamer ftjascopic, for
Chesterfield Inlet, where' Inspector
Thomas of Montreal will act as cor
oner and magistrate.
Worn out with the heat at Winni
peg., Ouangwak was an unhappy figr
ure/ It was the old time story of il
licit Iqve for a woman that brbught
about ttlie arrest of Ouangwak by
Sergt. Douglas who was in charge of
the Mounted Police at Fullerton, the
fartJS)st Hudson Bay station. Quang
bot and killed the woman's hus
Angalookyouak, and later kill
the witness to the slaying, Ale
cumi'ek. The slayings are said to'
have occurred last August at Lake
Yathkyed, 1,0C miles from Winni
peg as the crow flies.
Sergt. Douglas heard of the crime
in December last year. At once he
set out afoot "mushing it.** The Es
kimo admitted the,/ killing and re
enacted the tragedy. Together they
tramped through the.wastes
Rapids, the end of the steetoofKet- the
Hudson Bay Railway, where they
left their dogs and sleds, boarded a
handcar end travelled to Mile 2,2i4:
thence to the Pas and Dauphin in
northern Manitoba, where, the Es
kimo was put in jail lie was to have
ibeen .tried here, at' the summer as
sizes, but the new plan of holding
the court in the far north was de
cided upon.
Motor Busses to Holy Land.
"Tfce Ramallah company of Jeru
salem and New York," says Shipping
"recently shipped several fnotor
trucks fitted with, special omnibus
bodies -to accqmjpilbd'ate ,25 passenger*,
theflwt*of "their-kind ever sent to Pal
estine." So the holy city will soon
begin to look like Fifth avenue! The
day of the .camel is passing,' remarks
the Outlook.
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as indigestion, dyspepsia, chronic ap
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mentioned regardlea*
yoao duratlc -of trouble
vv rite for free-literature. Departments
Digestive Chemical Co., St Paul, Minn!
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Drug Store and Barker's Drug. COM
t-iKe, Gardners DrUg Blackduck.
Moon's Drug Bagley.
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it not only a dftfaousforA
cooling nd r^shin?
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It makes you fWl Ifce
fifaxffla' is "absoiutely"
harmless. ^mRA9iu|MnlJ&
'It is stimulating because
ingredient from Brazil.
Y^b.* Mate (pronounced^
eeyerbah mahtay) is a real
stimulant. The U. S. Gov
ernment in a bulletin says
of it: "It cheers but does
not inebriate."
Try it,at snyliod. &u&'\
tanx. Also bottled aerated
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gist. It is the only drink
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jfood with plain water.
Five Minute Chats
on Our Presidents
(Copyright. Ill*, by Jm*a Xonru.)
1800Jan. 7,-Millard Fillmore,
r*\ born In Cayuga county,
New York.
1829-31Member of New York
183845, 1837-43 Member of
1848Eleeted vice president.
1880 Julyt9, sworn In a* thir
teenth president, aged
.j.^, fifty, \8ent Commodore
Perry to Japan.
11882Defeated far nomination,
1868Nomlnsted for president
kf. by* Knownothlngs and
Whigs and, defeated.
1874March 8, died at Bufralo,
aged seventy-four. 5^
FILLMORE, the second
vice president to be promoted by
death, was the? most commonplace
president even in a twenty-year period
when the presidency remained at low
water mark. Tall and with magisterial
front,-but cold and hollow, he looked
the part which he playedthe dummy
of northern trimmers In politics and
of southern traffickers in slaves.'
A fable of the day hit off the truth.
The new president must have a car
riage, and "Old Edward" Moran, a
White House attendant in many ad
ministrations, took him to see a hand
some outfit, whose owner was leaving
Washington and would sell it atj a
bargain. !\v^
This is all very well, Edwar^
Fillmore mused, according to the pop
ular yarn "but how would it do for
the president of the United States
to ride around in a second-hand car
argued "Old Edward,"
"Your Irellency is only a second-hand
In Fillmore we have another fron-
Millard Fillmore.
tier president. For western New York
was an .outpost when her was born
there of New England parents. After
receiving about the same kind of
schooling as our other log-cabin presi
dents, he was bound out to learn the
trade of "wool' carder. I
The one ieiic!u.r.ing.:act of the Fill
more administration was taken when
it sent Commodore Perry to knock at
the'ilong-*losed gate of Japan, and,,!
with the gift of a toy railroad and a i
tpy^ telegraph, to tempt the Japanese
to come out of their hermit seclusion.
The restvis politics.
As American men struggled to rise
from, the bottom in the more primitive
days of the country, their women of
ten failed to keep up with them. By j,
the time half of Fillmore's predeces- i
sors gained the presidency, their i
wiyest were either dead, worn out or
lagging behind..
Mrs. Fillmore, finding herself with
out .strength or ambition to reign with
her husband, her place was taken by
a daughter, This girl of^etghteea^
Miss Mary Abigail, was enough of a
new woman to have inslstednqn fitting,
herself by a course in, a normal school
to earn an independent living. Betaif
obligated to teach a certain length of
graduating, she: Went..on.
teaching, school even after her father
bqcame vice president. She kept at It
until hepj mother summoned her to
preside over the White Houae.rwhere
she cppomptlyy induced congress to in
stall a library, the mansion, having
been-until then a bookless desert.
month, the end of her bus*
Mrs Fillmore was dead.
Next MlsaMarjr.dled of cholera, and.
then, affeWi^BB? of EiiropeV the
pathetic loneliness of a retired presi
dent was relieved by a marriage with
a wealthy widow.-
FUtapre had Wed to afert^^^^^ r*
tirement by an unsuccessful effort to
be nominated i to succeed himself^
.Four years afterward, he. attempted
to' break the retirement ana' return
to the presidency. Although he had
both the Knownothing and Whig nom
inations, he ran third in the election.
He lived on in hist Buffalo home until
the very year when another Buffalo
nian, Grover Cleveland, started for
the White House by way of the
shrievalty of Erie county.
3 i&&J^>^ '*k%$&k&^.i^^eM^^-^i^J^k^^r^l^ i
Motor Truck Company 'Will
Soon Have New Plant at
Fort Wayne, Indiana
The International Harvester com
pany has'announced that a site for
the largest motor truck plant in the
world has been secured by thatv or
ganization and that as s^oon as pos
sible the International motor truck,
which has increased its sales volumes
1,500 per cent since 1914, is to be
put into greatly extended production.
Cyrus McCormick, Jr., works man
ager, who will have charge of the
construction, equipment, and opera
tion of this new development, says:
MThe siteof the new plant, which
will be an addition to Akron Works,
is situated at Fort Wayne, Indiana,
about three and a half hours ride
from Chicago and on the N. Y. C. &
St. L., Waibash, Pennsylvania, New
York Central, and Ohio Electric rail
roads. VThe facilities for Internation-
Carry a Bit Save a Bit
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size cans .....,.23c
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Milk, tails, Libby, Carna
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Pumpkin, No. 3 can....l8c
Salmon, pink'chun,-
talls 23c
Matches, safety tipped, 5c
'Corn Flakes, 3 for. 35c
Yeast, a pkg 6c
& Soap...,. 9c
Swift Borax Soap, 22
bars for ..$1.00
5 pounds Besto Coffee
for $1.60
Bacon, 45c, 40c, 38c, 23c
Salt Pork.lb.....'. -24c
Summer Sausage..32c* 27c.
Fresh Fruits and Berries
in for Saturday.
A shipment of high class
staple and fancy canned
fruits, jells and jam.
HE exceptional
of our
professional con
duct matches the
up-to-dateness of
our equipment. We
Serve with an ex
perienced discre
1 1
F. O. B.
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al motor truck manufacturer and dls-jas practical and scientific ingenuity
trlbutlon were investigated of 28 in-1 can devise. Health and comfort of
dustrial centers in the United States Uhe workers and ease efficiency and
before the Fort Wjayne site was se
lected, in order to find the very best
base for International motor truck
extension, in a word, Fort Wayne
was selected for its strategic situation
with respect to the delivery of raw
materials from the Company's min
ing and lumber and steel producing
properties and from available sources
of purchase and with respect to the
quick" and facile distribution of the
finished product.
"The building of tne new piant
will embody the improvements of
every improvement modern automo
bile and motor truck plant in the
'United States. The company plans
frankly to take advantage of othet*
people's experience in building- for
manufacture on a large scale and to
combine this with its own experience
covering many years. It is the de
termination to combine all note
worthy individual merits of Amer
ica's successful manufacturing estab
lishments into this super-truck-plant
in order to make it as, nearly perfect
Get into the habit of drinking a
glass of hot water before
Millions of folks bathe internally
now instead of loading their system
with drugs. "What's an inside bath"?
you say. Well it is guaranteed to
perform miracles according to hot
water enthusiasts.
There are vast numbers of men
and women who, immediately upon
arising in "the morning, drink a glass
of hot water with a teaspoonful of
limestone phosphate in it.. This is
a very excellent health measure. It
is intended to flush the stomach, liver,
kidneys and intestines of the previous
day's waste, sour bile and indigestible
material left over in the,body which
if not eliminated every day, become
food for millions of bacteria which
infest the bowels, the quick result is
poisons and toxins which are then ab
sorbed into the blood, causing head
ache, bilious attacks, foul breath, bad
taste, colds, stomach trouble, kidney
misery, sleeplessness, impure blood
and all sorts of ailments.
People who feel good one day and
badly the next, but who simply can
not get feeling right are urged to
obtain a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate at the drug store. This
will cost very little but is sufficient
to make anyone a real crank on the
subject of internal sanitation,
perfection of work will be the major
ends involved. The machinery and
equipment will follow the same prin
ciple and no expense oi pain will be
spared to equip the great plant for
the happiest and most satisfied work
men and for making the best and
most economical motor truck which
can be buin.
Subscribe tor tne Pioneer.
NR Toiiiolil- ICi-ta
Tomorrow Feel Ripht|.?j Box
Coffee Is Harmful
j/to Growing Children
To give satisfaction needs a local service organization behind
it. Why is Henry Ford selling one thousand tractors every day?
Why are over one-half of all tractors used FORDSON
TRACTORS? Just because Mr. Ford knows that to insure satis-
factory service to the farmer, there must be located nearby a com-
plete stock of repair parts, and mechanics who know how to repair
it. It don't do you, Mr. Farmer, any good to know there is a factory
a thousand miles away, if you have a break down in your busy
Your TRACTOR'S success and satisfaction lies in knowing
that if trouble arises, there is located within a few miles, within
telephone call, expert mechanics who know your tractor, and a
repair part if one is needed to get you going.
A tractor engine works harder in one week of service, than a
passenger car engine does in ten thousand miles. We are equipped
to give Fxrdso service. We have mechanics who know. We have
a large repair stock. We want to serve you. We know a Fordson
will satisfy you.,
Don't hesitate longer. Place your order. A FORDSON will
make you a better farmer. It will make you money.
and parents who permit its use
sometimeshavecauseforregret With childrenin the family, and
where the coffee flavor is liked,
Instant Postum
is generally accepted as the
idealtabledrinkinsteadof coffee.
All grocers sell Postum, and its
pleasing flavor, combined with
its advantages of quick making
and economy, soon make it a
home favorite.
There's a Reason
Made by Postum Cereal Co., Inc.
Battle Creek, Michigan
Fordson Tractors and Tractor Implements
"43 Tr1
Don't Hid, Them With a Veil} i W
Move Them With Othine---
Double Strength
This preparation for the removal
of freckles is usually so successful in.
removing freckles and giving a clear*
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under guarantee to refund the
money if it-fails.
Don't hide your freckles under a
veil get an ounce of Othine an*
remove them. Even the first few
applications should show a wonderful
improvement, some of the lighter
freckles vanishing entirely.
Be sure to ask the druggist for
the double strength Othine it is Una
that is silaV on the money-back/guar
antee. .%J
F. O. B.
to- h:
i I

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