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V* "y
They Can't Duck
The duck shooting season opened
today. Our experience as a duck
hunter leads us to believe that you
can have just as much fun and raise
just as much fuss shooting at decoys
as you can shooting at the real ducks.
But, at that, shooting at decoys
never makes a hit.
With the Owner
Human Appeal
People persist in crowding around
the scene of an accident for the same
reason that women don't mind get
ting crushed in a crowd if they can
save a cent on a cake of soap.
Every Little Bit Helps
Not Yet, Anyway!
You frequently read of some per-1
son injuring himself while handling!
a knife, but who ever heard of a mer-1
chant stabbing himself in the gizzard
while cutting prices.
They Don't Do It That Way
The Season Is Now Closed
"Hi, there, sir!" shouted a sum
mer resort landlord to a departing
guest who was rushing to catch a^
tram, "you've dropped your pocket-
"Arc you a corn doctor," said the
won an entering the office of a noted
"Yes, madam," was the reply.
"Well, I've got some very pain
ful corns and I wonder if you can
treat them."
"That's my business, madam. I
can guarantee you relief from the
most painful of corns. Let me see
"Oh, mercy! You don't have to
see them, do you?"
"A'suredly I do."
"Well, if you must"and the wom
an began to disrobe.
"Hold on madam! That's unneces-
(Bj United Press)
St Paul, Sept. 16Frank Fisher
was nuirderetf and S. Y. PossifT
weundt.l in a gun light growing out
of a card game at the York hotel this
morning. Several men were playing
cards in Fisher's room, police said.
Abe Sardin and three Syrians ttra
bting examined by police. Chief of
Police Crepeau did not announce who
did the shooting.
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leas? are Frank Elliot. Rut'us How,
lUriow Prattler, Merton Denley,
Gorge Kirk, Winton Batchelder.
LiFlc ir, Palmer Peter3on and llak
The schedule is in the making and
will not be definitely known until
alter the meeting Saturday. So far
two games havet been scheduled for
certain, both Ibeing with Blackduck.
the first game Ibeing played here on
Sept 23. the last day of the fair, and
the second game at Blackduck on
September 28, at the Blackduck
Community fair. The other schools
that will in all probability comprise
the Bemidji schedule are Detroit,
Thier River Falls. Grand Rapids.
Braincrd, 'Walker, Park Rapids
and possibly Wadena and Grand
Forks N. D. high school.
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and put forth todaytomorrow
the day after, and so on until Oct. 29.
There is ample room for more live
wires in this Club. IT IS NOT TOO
LATE TO ENTI3R. The campaign is
still in its infancy. Six weeks remain
before the big prizes will be awarded.
This is plenty of time for any person
with gumption, ambition and pep to
get in the game, hit the iball and win
How about that Membership
blank? Find it on another page and
fchoot it to The Pioneer office pronto.
book." I to $2.75 North Dakota and Minnc-
"All right," shouted back the guest
ryyou don't need to undress. AH.b
you have to do is take off your shoe
and stocking,"
"Oh, Doetor, you don't under
stand," she breathed. "This is not|
that kind of a crcn. You see, I just)
rode down from Colorado in a Ford."!
Boy, Page Another Doctor!
Chicago, Sept. 16. Potato re
ceipts, 59 cars. Market weak. To
i JJ. s. shipments, 998 cars. Idaho,
2 .75 to $2.90 Wisconsin whites,
$2.40 to $2.55 Maine cobblers, $2.70
got a Re cj Rive
without stopping, "I've no further
use for it." Kansas City, Sept. 16Potato
Even Admitted It 'market dull. Supplies liberal, de
jmand and movement light. Sales to
Not That Kind of a Corn jobbers, western
Ohios, $2.50 to $2.65.
round whites
U. S. No 1 mostly per cwt.
lcked Red
U. S. No. 1, ?2.50 to $:f.G5.
Minnesota packed Re River Ohios,
Fez and Baggy Trousers Give Now
York Drink Vendor Potential
Oriental Atmosphere.
Picturesque on hot days among
upper East side peddlers is the Turk:
J.sh lemonade vendor, says New York
Sun. He may be nieivly a native
American in disguise, but lie adds to
the interest of what might otherwise
a commonplace occidental irade by
going about garbed Irke Turk such i
as children are familiar with through
the pages of "their geography hooks.
Across his hack rests a tank as long i
as his body, and held tip by a thick
strap slung over his right shoulder
and under his left arm. A sort of
Sam Krowne belt, encircles his waist.
i except that where on Hie Sam Browue
belt would be a place for bullets he
has receptacles for glasses. You -ask
him for glass of lemonade. He
bows to you, and In so doing oper
ates a mechanism which spills from
the tank, through a bung hole near
the bottom, some Ice-cold lemonade,
which falls Into a glass he holds in
his 1mnd. As the liquid nears the
top, he straightens up, hands you the
glass, and you give him two cents.
A more frequent spectacle is that
of the individual who is continually
crying: "Helser arhus, heiser hub-
has." He is declaiming. In Yiddish:
"Mot peas, hot beans." His heating
contrivance is In a four-wheeled cart
he pushes by hand. For one cent he
gives you a small b:ig, for two cents
a larger bag, and for five cents he
sells yon enough to give you-cramps.
The presence of the "Holser arhus"
man Is a signal for the kids of the I
neighborhood to run to their mothers
for pennies.
Sheep j.s Lawn Mower3.
In Central park, New York, and in
the parks of other cities, sheep arc
used In substitution for lawn mowers.
These sheep are permitted to wander
over the grass, in charge, of course,
of a shepherd, and the nibbling of
these creatures serves to keep the
grass nicely trimmed. The cost of em
ploying men to tenu the sheep is not
more than that of hiring men to run
the mowers, and the pastoral effect
of a tlock of sheep grazing on the
lawns is certainly more pleasing to
city folk.
It has been demonstrated by experi
ence that sheep will maintain a lawn
in first-class condition and that the
grass thus trimmed Is as neat in ap
pearance as any lawn over which the
mechanical mower has passed.
Cardinal Principle of Conversation.
You become a good conversatiwia:
1st the moment you halt your owu tula
of woe and start li.itening closely to
the other fellow's.St. Joseph Ga
Selling the Goods.
Commercial Traveler"My love for
you, my dear Louii-n, exceeds any
thing that can be offered in that par
ticular line!"Strlx, Stockholm.
Kcl Good After Sept. 30, 1921
Collect all these coupons you can
Each coupon is good for 50 credits
Ask Your Friends to Save the Coupons
From Their Pioneer
Writer Points Out How Information
of Great Value to Community
Could Ba Spread.
What are the "points" of cities? How
shall we compare one with another,
and, allowing for geographic, climatic
and economic limitations, describe the
curve of possible useetit for the one
we love hist? Hole is where we must
establish standards.
Vaguely we recognize lbe.se types in
our ciuiu:: reference to a "factory
town," a "miuing town" or a "county
seat." and so on. But, tin" to a factory
town or any other kind that we want
to know about and improve, bow does
it compare with others?
We need a little book on "What Is a
"City?" It should be a cheap little book
that everybody can buy, a simple little
hook that everybody can understand,
a sort of civic primer.
Suppose we live, as so many of us
do, in an ordinary, medium-sized town.
Our "city book" should inform us that
a normal town, with the number of
inhabitants our town has, should have
such and such functions, adding to the
simple requirements of the small vil
lage those other and more varied func
tions which the larger population of
our town requires and can support.
Such a list, for our ordinary medium
sized town, might run somewhat as
Smithy, store, postoffice, school,
-hurch, dressmaker, milliner, barber,
Ji-ug store, moving pictures, court
house, jail, lire company, hotel, hull.
These ate not placed in any dog
matic order of importance, or arranged
with great care.
A 'pnttern town" should be described
suggesting the income that should be
derived from legitimate taxation of its
number of citizens, and showing just
what advantages a town with such an
income deserves and requires.*-Cht.r-
loite Perkins Gilmau in the Century
Massachusstts Town Has Shown What
Can Bs Done When Manage
ment Is Intelligent.
In contrast with the situation at
Block Island, where the town came
near bankruptcy, is that of Middle
Ion, .Mass.
The entire permanent debt of Mid
dleten at the present time is $7,000,
of which $1,000 is due in notes which
will soon be paid, leaving a balance
or #."i,40O. Here is what the town has
to show for the amount aud may be
First, and one of the most Impor
tant, are excellent schools. There is
also a line, free public library, well
equipped with the best of books.
There is public water with good hy
drant service and with which a large
portion of the townspeople cau be sup
plied. Electric lights are In all the
central streets and a large number of
homes are equipped with them. There
are good railroad accommodations.
Two new bridges have been built over
the Ipswich river. The improvements,
Willi the exception of the schools,
have all been made during the last 20
years, and are all paid for with the
exception of $5,400.1
In addition to' the above the state
and county have' expended on the
streets in town, tinder the small town
act, for macadam roads, $150,000.
Boston Globe.
Better Than Using Sand.
They have found that sugar can be
made from sea weed. We are suspi
cious that they have found It can be
made from a lot of things besides
sugar cane. When the family sugar
has to be sweeteued before using, Its
virtue may be suspected.Los Angeles
By Thin Heels.
The eight-year old son of a North
side family wns showing nn animal
book to bis little four-year-old broth
er. Coming to the picture of rein
deer, with its odd shaped hoofs, he
said, "Now Billy, you can always tell
a woman reindeer by the kind of
heels it wears."Indianapolis News.
Baby Accorded Privilege.
Captain Vldali of the jstenn^shlp
Canada, which docked at Providence,
It. I., wired his superiors In Mar
seilles that a baby boy who was born
aboard the vessel during the passage
from France had been named In honor
of the steamer, Auguste Canada Pera
Lazar. The official extended to the
little fellow the lifelong privileges ot
the boat, so whenever Canada wishes
to visit France he may do so as a
guest of the Canada or any other
boat ot the llofi.
By Charles Sughroe
Wtra Newipaptf Union
Auditor of Legion's National Finane*
Division Made Record With
Field Artillery.
A record for fast firing and direct
hits with field artillery, may be far
removed from
keeping records
and accounting
Jbxpenditures. But
the American Le
i on considered
this recommenda-
tion when it chose
William N. Day,
Great Falls, Mont.,
as auditor of na
tional finance divi
sion. He is still
scoring bulls-eyes.
Twenty-five minutes to one minute
was the? reduction Day's battery, "F"
of the 14th Field artillery, made in
the time experts required to train 6-
Inch rifles on a target. A German
train, sighted on the St. Mihiel front,,
was' hit by Day's guns on the third
roupd and completely demolished on
the eleventh. With shells of all cali
bers dropping on his battery every
half-minute for more than two hours,
the battery came through without a
man wounded and with .three guns in
Mr. Day says that he tinds the ad
dition of a column of figures almost as
exciting at times as the bombardment
of an eue'my. lleeting target.
Where the "Little Women" Played.
What American girl or woman has
not laughed or wept with the Meg,
Jo, Beth and Amy of Louisa Alcott's
delightful story? In the home of the
authoress at Concord, Mass., the attic in
particular recalls the jolly good times
of the "Little Women." 'As we mount
the stairs, we can hear In imagination
the sound of daughter as the four
girls discussed plans or plays, for this
was their favorite gathering place,
and It recalls many a delightful In
cident in their lives.
"Bud's" Declaration.
"Bud" who had just started to
school, thought it very smart to use
big words. His sister was told to slap
his hands when he was naughty, so
one day he came In. furious, and said:
"There is absolutely no philosophy In
sister hitting me the way she does.
She must be made to stop it."Chi-
cago Herald and Examiner.
Infallible Sign.
As a general thing, when a man
doesn't ask his wife what she does
with the money he gives her It Is a
sign that he doesn't give her any.
Galveston News.
Clothing Stioking to Leather.
To keep one's clothing from stick
ing to leather upholstery, the leather
should be rubbed lightly with a cloth
dampened with gasoline.
City Library and Farmer.
How pleasant relations are mo:in
talned between the farmers in the re
gion of Stockton, Cal and the at
tendants at the! city library of that
place, and how tlx farmers draw
heavily upon the facilities of the li
brary to their pleasure and profit, is
told in a bulletin of the Department
of Agriculture. The library sends oirf
traveling libraries to communities, and
it also encourages the country resi
dents to make direct use of the main
library. There are 30 communities and
22 school districts that are receiving
county free library service from Stock*
ton, and the main library has a direct
country circulation of 6,281 volumes.
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
Photographing From Airplane.
In view. Qt the. facility, wjth which
otijecls "many" feet under"water can be
photographed from .an airplane it Is
possible that the navigation of such a
river as the Mississippi, with its shift
ing bars, may hereafter be made safe
by monthly or weekly mapping -om
'the air. In earthquake regions, sm-ii
as southern Italy and Japan, the
changing coast lines, shallows and safe
harbors can easily be photographed
from the air after each fresh shock
thus keeping ''navigation open and
safeguarding the lives of mariners.
Calgary Insures Employees.
Group insurance to the amount of
$1,500,000 has been taken out by the
city of Calgagr to cover employees in
case of death, sickness, accident, or
any other cause. Calgary Is at pres
ent the lnrgest city in Canada provid
ing this form of protection for em
ployees. A feature of the group plan
Is that many otherwise uninsurable
persons are thus included.
The Echo Came.
The mother of a five-year-old child
was admonishing him to be a better
boy, when the father who was present
jokingly remarked, "It can't be did,
it can't be did." Later when the
little boy was saying his evening
prayer just before retiring he invoked
the Supreme Being to make him a
better boy. Continuing, he said:
"Make daddy a good man," then hesi
tating In his supplication he remarked,
"It can't be did, -daddy, it can't be did."
Columbus Dispatch.
Anachronism in "Ben-Hur."
One of the star names given to Ara
bian horses in "Ben Hur" is Mira. This
name was introduced Into astronomy
about sixteen centuries after the pe
riod of the story.
Lines to Be Remembered.
The origin of all mankind was the
same it is only a clear and good
conscience that makes a man noble,
for that is derived from heaven Itself.
By sending in one or two yearly snbscriptions (maximum
two subscriptionsyour own subscription, new or renewal on
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year (add $1.50 for the Big: Sunday News), yoi'i can win us
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It your answer to the "B-Worrt" Picture Puzzle is awarded
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When So W.hcn One
Subscriptions Subscription
Are Sent. Is Sent.
1st Prize...$20.00 $500.00
2d Prize... 10.00 250.00
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9th Prize... 2.00
10th to 30th 1.00
iDUBLIN. (By .Mail to United
Press.)The main street of Dublin
O'Connell, if you are a Republican
Sackville, if you are a Unionistis
being rebuilt. This business section,
which was shelled by the British ar
tillery when held by the Republican,
forces in the Easter Rebellion of
1916, is now* being faced with neat
new stores and office buildings.
Two toleak scars mar the city. The
line stone post office, the most im
posing building on that street, was
shelled in the .Rebellion till nothing
but the four gaping walls and a heap
of debrfa within remained. The
other is tlie custom house, burned by
the Repubican: early this summer, a
large stone structure left a ruin, with
the small domed tower still topped by
a sad statue.
The people of Diiibljn look like the
houses, some of them fine, but most of
them shabby. The children in the
streets are frequently without shoes,
and there is more begging than in
The people, however, with their
How Many Objects or Articles in This Picture
Start With the Letter "B"
The solution of the "B-Word" Picture Puzzle depends entirely on
on your ability to find the correct or nearest correct list of vinill ob
je!t and articles shown in the picture that begin with the letter "B."
Thirty^cash-prizes will be given for the ihii'ty best answers to this
Picture Ptfezle. The answer havtdff the nearest correct list of names
-will be awarded first prize, second nearest list, second prize, etc. Sit
down tonight and get the members of your household to help you.
This is not a subscription contest and you do not have to send in a single subscription to The St.
Paul Daily News to win a prize. If your answer to the "B-Word" Picture Puzzle is awarded first
prize by the judges you will win $20, but if you would like to win more than $20, we are making this
special offer.
When Two
Are Heiit.
75o oo
500.00 250.00 190.09
80.09 60.00 40.00
29.00 10.00
50.00 50.00
40.00 39.00
NOTEIn the event the winner of first priice lia's not
qualified with snbscriptions and fails to v?in thn full
$1,500 the balance of this prize money slmli bo divided
proportionately ainoiur the remaining prv winners
who hare qualified with subscriptions.
Rates Minnesota-, North Dakota. South DdL-ttu, Iowa,
Northern Michigan and Wisconsin$4.50, AU other states,
laeladlng Haataaa and Nebraska, $5.50.
emtmn iMUk\. miflt&i
Murphy on tfkjob
sparkling conversations and charm
ing hospitality, leave no question but
that the Dublinite, be he ever so
humble, is still an Irishman.
Cleveland took first place in the
American League.
Dave Robertson hit a home run in
the ninth inning with two on, the
Cubs ibeating the- Phils.
The Athletics scored four runs iix
the eleventh inning and beat the
FOR SALE-Taupe fox set, scarf and
muff. Address X. P. Z., care Pio
neer, ltd 9-16^.
FOUNDA team of bay mares came
to my premises Wednesday night
Owner may have same 'by proving
property and paying for this ad. A
J. Mains, Turtle River Route 1.
Or. if your answer to the
nwarded first prize
6t(* 9-22.'
$4.5 0 subscription, nee ois
judges and have in TWO
yearly subscriptions lo Th Paul Dail Jews 9.00 i aU,
you will reeeiVe' $1,300.00 instead of $20.
renewal, to The St. Paul Bally News and vou win second
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every one of the 30 prizes, when subscriptions are sent.
1. Any man, woman or child lin
ing in Mlnnwota, North Dakota,
Sotth Dakota, icna, Wisconsin,
northern Michigan, Montana and
N8ir=:ka, tit outside of St Paul
aits! IKInnpolis, whs Is not an em
ploy* of The St. Pan) Dally News,
nay submit an answer.
2. All answers mast be Bailed by
po.'3.'fi:3 cluing tine- Oct. 22,1921,
aril all fc'.eri tions most be nailed
not later than HOT. 5, 1921.
3. Alt lists of names should be
on ona Mt of the paper only and
nimtered Rsmerieally. Write yoir
fall name and address on each page
In the upper right-hand corner. If
yo desire to writs anything, me a
separate sheet of paper.
4. Only stch words at appear in
the ErgiUh Dictionary will be CMitt-
(d. Where ,'ti plural is osed the sin
gular cannot be counted, and vice
5. Words ef the same spelling
tan be osed oniy one:, even tboinjh
used to designate different objects or
articles. As Abject or article can be
named only onee.
6. Do not ese obsolete, archaic or
nyphcrated word's, ror any conpoind
word or word formed by two com
plete English words
7. The answer having the nearest
correct list of names of visible ob
jects or articles shown in the pletira
that begin with the letter "B"
Jill be awarded first prije, ete.
Neatness, style or handwriting bav
no bearing on deciding the winners.
8. More than one member of a
ramify may compete, bit only one
prize will be awarded to any OM
household nor will prizes be award*
cd to more than one of aey droop
outside of the family where two or
mm have been wotting testifier.
9. Three St. Paal basinest men,
having no connection with Ttr. St
Paal Dally News, will be selected to
act as jodges and thev, not the
Pezzle Man nor anyone connected
with The St. Paal Daily News, will
decide on th: winners. Participants
agree to accept the decision of the
Jidges as final and eoncloslve.
10.* All answers will receive the
tame consideration, regardless ef
i.'hetber or not a tabieriptioa for
ihe St Panl Daily News is sent in.
11. The annconcemertt of the
frize winnort and the comet list of
KOTO'S will lie poblished In the Nov.
10 issae of The St Panl Daily News.
IS. In case of a tic for any ef
the prizes, the fill amoent of each
Che will awarded to each per
eon. lost as II there were no tie.

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