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ikqjn vry itm
it known, j:
?'^j^f...'-'ij Wiems
-Sir. and Mrs. H. E: Arnold and*
family motored to Itasca State park
Sonday taking "wth theiio a picnic
dinner which wits served at noon.
960,OQO to loan on fan*. Dtaa
tiind company. I"1***
Mrs. Robert Wolf .and Mrs. Jack
Marks motoTed to Bemidji yeseir
dy from Guthrie to attend the
joyal Neighbors school ,of .instruct
ifen. .?:'^..l"-
and: daughter of Chjjf^nv Ioyra,
Who arrived in, Seniidji yesterday
Mr. and Mrs.. Dihl of
apent yesterday \m Bemidji. Mr.
Bahl is banker St Girthrie arid traHs*
acted business ^here and they jaiso^
"attended the ^cKbbl of irislfrxit'cTfeiorf
and hiee^in^s of the Royal -Neighs
fut flowers of ^11 k^inds, Pansies
WMderful 5h coldr iiiid ^n^rinoijs
siase 10c a dozen. Phone 36&J, Bel
tfiimi Nursery. 10^3t
Mtrs. H. Ives, state deputy of t^ie
RJdjJalN*igBbor 0j^err is the guigst
of viMrs. Henry Cairter, lOOdjBenTidji
avenue, she havhi|: ar^bd here yes*
terday to attend the special meeting
of- %he order hli In*^Bfemidji y^stei^a
dky. xt^kut r* i* 9ami*ii i
fji^e^'^'f^ir (^i4i*ti6h when the sour^o
i ^||& E.iJ&Hfei^!^ transacting busi
ncjjH&in TOgle^ ^rfa'jp and will return
ip^lpeniidji tbhgiht.
bi Qlithtie
i* '^f0J^,.i tjieJnunt'b!er- who ale iff Be
mjd|i this .weekto attend fhf E.
A, meetings, 7,,. .'.'J.
vj Mrs. Earl Hazeft and:fey-par^ntS
Bfr..-and Mrs.- C. Tf:' A^hioldi iiototedsp^nlijng
tS/flubbardi Sunday, fretjWiiSng to
Bentidji' Tuesday after visiting rel
atives during- t*at (jSmeVrjifeey: were
accompanied as far .as patkt* Rapids1
by her uricle J. Ky1e, of tJni^
Micb^and atmtMrs L^iStoyer,.^
Elkairtj Indira,, who took the traii\
th^ for ^ir^liOTaes. Tjhey ,hayp
been tile jgu|t(i of relatives Jn .Be-
midji for tbtf^ist four weeks.,
George lleSorikld of Glf^ Fri
Joseph WhSe^n-/oft?innipe and:
Joseph Jom^nJol'St Paul, ,whb
came to Bemidji^..to^attenrf the Mc
Manus-McCormick,. wddin0r Vester
day.i left by afltqqlate in tne after
nbbrtifpr Grand &6t)ss, -the home tffj
the former, .the others expecting tjOi
take the train back ftom there fas
theij homes. They wereVaccompanied
by hisses Chairlotte and" Flora Mc
Donald nad Mrs. Jack .Gainey, the
latter three returning^ today to Be
midji by train.
Mrs. Blaine Lambert:: and M'bth'eV'
Mrst F. Hunt.left this niorning for
Duluth where-they will attend
meeiirig: of the Woman*s
Foreign Missionftry Society to be
held- there for three days, beginning
thisv eveningXandicpntinuing. ,oyer
ent from Np^th JDakpt^a. andr Sbtttl(
Dakota and- .Minnesota. Mrs- -H^rtt
wilHiirepreseht ike society of .Wr
hbme town, Mankatp slic .being dis-/
trici president, aHd.Mrs. Lambert wiff
represent th* Bemidji spciety.
rTrrrnn r.
Wfcy to ah wfMif
tttoJOkswct frill -tefoond-uUBOBg
Miss Annie Larson #?_& Y^'*^
.friends in MiiineapoHs-forja/^hi
Matspn left i last eve-
niiig for Kelliher where she *rill he
thfc guest of M*.' WttH|m Serty
for a few days this week.
^M)*. arid Slr&r John Luchen:and!
tittfe" son
Benwlfi s.hwppsrs *ftrd#k"
"& 0$feVi of Blackduclr
au|^fd to |$emidji Wednesday sjnd
Visited friends while shopping here.
I T':"v
'G'eoige Posz, 1205 Irvine averiuji
whj ^u^aioed injnries last w^iek
fr#m a falling sdaffold wKile work
ing on a cottage at La^Moure is able
to be at work again.
Mr. and Mrs. Hooker, who were
called to bemidji last week because
of the death of her mother, the late
Sirs. Peter Larson, returned to their
^home at Devil's Lake Wednesday.
Mr. and. Mrs. J. J. Conger, 901 ^^property is at present in China
ikke Bwlel^rf, haveas the^j^es^^
hr sister, Mrs. A. P. Fuhrmeister f-jg.
pisses Laui'a ^alverson, Luella
I Hahson and Dorothy Edwards, Mrs.
vfMaki and Rtidolpfii Rice,, wre guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swisher at
Joe Pickles and wife have rented
%ehtfpexty At 613 EJ|venth street
which 'is undergoing repairs this
week. Mrs Rose Cassentine owner of
a ^lock dirtner at Diamond Point
Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Trask apd
daughter left yesterday by auto for
Riverside, Cat, expectinjg to return
to Beimoji in the spring %o lopk,af
ter tnelr pro^ffjir interests "f)wy
were equipped for camping en route
iMrs. Olive' Haytfi^ reutrried'froin
iLiitle Falls and vicinity where she
has visited friends and relatives for
a,short time.,She reports j^ery bad
'fifes in that vicinity, In sotne" cas^s
settlers were packing their house
hold effects' preparatory to moving
^ifrom the threatened zone. -rr.r
ifi'. and Mttri't^felfls^LandgreSI
...'-i'r*& who motored to Liberty. Jfcen da|s
jJiisses V^i^-MacRae fiMfd Ro^ellii ft 0 aiid
Aasmussen^'^^hAW^at-^nd .^ak^ gonj, Bprnard Lapdgren ,ajid &m0.
ajso^sfe4A|^ps ^A^akre, i4#$^:^ab "Si^fee^aXJSl^l
Nebish, came^o .Bemidji y^terday
tS atimd tn^^LtE^A. mfejtini Srid
are guests atr &eJbme of :Mr. and
|ffs. John -Bye, 10(17 Minnesiota
afehue, while here.
have" Seen guests of their
Mrs. William-Berry of. Kellijier
wilt entertain, a few of theBeriiidji
i^5 tomorrow at 1 o'clock at her
iime and the afterjiopn. will: be spjent
in^playing bridge. Tnose who. will go
from here tbriiorrpvp
'dlmSsf Bker7i
Sunday. Representatives will be pfes-r fLwd^^rifand wife of Pip^sforie. r.-
...i-it A.^.^J b^a 'Laadgren recently^returned from
,North J)akpta,..whercrfie Was emplbjf
ed fo^ie^^ai.weeks ^daring *hV
.tnVj^n^..^ja86^t -f'^%,- 'I-
*'J */*"p*7"
Btuart Diedrich Rob
"insbri/ Si^by, Boardmah:, 'Gill
Ereatz and Kobe. Ou:
Mrs. Christie Grof^t^Bcher at
Guthrie, is remaining J^her bgme
4SBemidj the remairidfr of thfrlweefc:.aon
to aijtend.the M. E. ^.meetings and
sB-&-'*^s as'her &este&)^i^Ml0
Miss itfartha Goss, ^t^ry^t40m
at Guthrie and. MiSk^p
se^itb grade teachePPfl
also attending the meetings in Be
|r. and Mrs. Ericlt' LSndgreh of
,Be:cid^.^ere business visitprs,.ul..the
'city Tuesday, while en route to Lib-'
erty where they were dinner guests
df^h^^raer'si.cousin^ B^nard Lan-
a i family and uncle*,.Chafles*
Most Keople Are Gare
|ufcr^Blit Accidents
'vj^ Wba^
Sh^,i to. visit iheir&.nigce^J^jyjDiayid
Long and' famiiyrwhilV'en route* 16'
tne Rome at Pipestone
iv."l^ra. J. Gi- Hal5tn^BS^|d little son
|^tet:|^: lj^e j&ihk. Morningr for
^^^mmS^ W^^,m^a, after
siverat ,\||e|spn Bei^^
viitiiig her father/jand -sisters. Her
G. D. fiaekuls'!'.TH accompany
her '.as, far as Minneapolis ^.where
he wHI transact business for a few
'^T^""' v. '"?TTrT*rT
For alT-rouhd wear there is no better
r nandsonW coat than one made of
a lustrous,/ deepi-plie fabric like We
nibael Illustrated. 3i9fiop sleeved and
a' long"scarf collar art among its dis
Uhgulshirig features,'the scarf ending
'in silkariU ctteifflle'frllige." The lining
fa of soft figured silt, anfl there are
small pockets at the sides that will
|help keep the fingers wiirtn In zero
Block of Granite on Cplorado-NdW
Mexico Border Erected in Honor
of Preardent Garfield.
Just oyer the Colorado border In
Mexico and on the eastern slope
^pf tlie"great continental divide stands
,'aiarge block of erapite--a monument.
An uhkiipWri mbiiument. It- is" called
hysoVue, because it is kubxVn only'Jo
those .who happen to" pass, ft oti ajit
lle' narrow jjauge brancIV of tlie D^n-
yer& Bio,Grande railroad.
!tovef|n more than ..a thousand
f^etjabbye tlie!japK^rl Iflpp/' TottiM
igbrgei oili. theory brink bYJa
tp,tpne7s!tiinfls,Tas.n1 fVm^wle'f of ttie
passing of jyreWfiieVit
''Jails' ."Abram
"ftilii mbtfpt?ims
the mbsf renwte
a pface"where iStje
i^filtf ieagt eipeto 'to hffl artytftlfii^
-'ft -ggp$eTiiber^26, 1 $81, thai
i^J^^i^irii^M^tiiS imjmfoersfpf
ftne^Sfationat 'XsVo^iSton of, Genera!
and Ticket,t^gerit#'6v'er
mountains. P^riTerH? Gst&% w'bo
Id been Jv6f$d&i by"as
illet, 'haa^ die^ a f^w days, before.
^Vhen the.^uVslon trajn^ emerged
from- a timnei'aiid crept omVonto the
shelf that overlooked Tolte^ gorge It
was.stopped. It was the hour, funeral
services were being conducted for the
President.- Each of the partyv gath
ered rockir and piled them high as a
temporary^ monument.
.tVlien party was again in Den
ver a" monument wsis purchased and
sent to replace the little pile of rocks.
Three Sights of Genoa.
"Genoa la Stiperba" possesses three
monuments which always attract visit
ors, the statues of Balilla, Mazzihi and
Columbus. Every Genoese child is
taught to admire the yiung patriot,
Balilla, who at the age oflifteeii threw
a stone which was the. signal for
the revolt against .the bated Aus
trian troops, and Iri one of the city
squares is a graceful fountain to his
memory With a bronze statue of him.
Mazzini, the great orator and reform
er, has a statue of marble arid so has
Columbus. 3
The great discoverer leans
an anchor, an* at his feejt reclines
an Indian maiden, representing Amer-
4i.k* .The .pedestal is^tlprned with
jihipls^prows and surrounded by alle
gorical ligures of Religion, Science,
igl^plliyi'StrerigthftnjdWisdom, with
reliefsi"-between them of scenes from
tlie life of the great sailor.
..w fh al| In tie BfBie.
The Bible contatrts'3,55tt,480 letters,
gi6,697 words, '31,175. verses,' 1,18i
eliapters, and (S6 byoks. The longest
cfiapier is ^he Iphe. Hundred and
jiffn^leentli -Psa j^ the shortest and
mjstldfe #iapter*,1s^tbe One Hundred"
ilnd Seventeenth Psiilra. The middle
verse is the eighth of the On^ Hun
d*ed and Nineteenth I'sahn. The
tbhjrest name is li the eighth chapter
St Isaiah- The word "and" Ipecurs
47Jf527 times. The thirty-seventlv chap
ter, of Isaiah and the nineteenth chap
ter of the second book of Kings are
alike. The longest verse is Ahe, ninth
of the eigfith chhpt*of Estler,.. The
rhbrtest verse is t^e|hirty-fth verse
Jf the eieventlt Wmtor of |olu In
the.twenty-first. v%e ,.of th| Seventh
J&fiap^rIof<Bzr^th whof Engiiab
nrtinow.-si^i^w.: CWM. "SH*:
ten ladie^s at he'r' hismc, 6(^9 Fourth
last-ev|n^gs Music jrtas ena
joye'd throughout i the averiliig ^nd
a dainty lttooliri W*B- served
ho^t'es*.':': "Vf
the homes of the Various members
o*nce a'week. They ehjbj'e'd a social
evening while 1:fiey"sewedT
wits light But: tu:
tars ago &
^hd' pub-
Horsepower of Human
It was discovered: some
Ifshed th* restil^.df Ais t__.
*Tlfte JottrhaPdei"Pli#sique'tlat the
^kerage male, speaking for one hour.
expends sufficient' energy to enable
v. In another sphere, of work, to lift
two-pound weight 40 lnchei from
grotmd every raiaute. But that
only one-fifth of the* energy wasted 5
a typical tub-thumping op'en-alr
who might as easily be lift
coal from the floor to his shoul
The female voice, however. Is
quite a different caliber, for its
mechanism requires so little horse
wer* to operate that a woman can,
la asserted, talk four time* a* long
WiR&'tlioes as 'eaifty 4a a man
the same expenditure of energy.
L?' Bercrbft
i .by
Mrs. Ffetf Gr*fianr, &/l 7
ta avertue, was-'iib^tess'last evening
tb a "seVving:
circle' which meets at
and lunch
\Vas served by Sfrs- Graham-
i^Af'It?O HALL
Members ol jthe I. Qv F. are
requested to note the change in tne
regular meeting1
plage *of :thc order
they changing- from the Moose hall
to the IC C. Hall,where the regu
lar meeting will be held Friday eve
ning and all members are requested
to be*-present'
Al! 'metobers'W the Modem Sti
maritaffs 'are requested to be ^resi
dnt at th'e regdlhr' nVcettng to be
held this 'evelphig at' 8 o'clock at "the
K. C. Iffall. The entertainment com
mittee made arrangement's for a
social ft'o&r to^'follow tHe business
session at which lunc
Will, be""' .-".".C'.
'mm0$t fo RHEA*SE
the Third .^ar primary 'girls 'an
boys qt the ..Metjfio^isi Sunday schbol
are requested io,meet in the Church*
basement, Friday arid Saturday af
ternoons at ,4 o'clock for rehearsal
of the promotion exercises to be Keld
during the Sunday school hour Sun
day. At that time these classes who
Have completed the work will fee
promoted to the.junior department
of the Sunday -school, and as has
ijeen customary^:will receive the
Bibles.given to ith'em by the Sunday
school for doing the required work
pf the Primary* departmentm
iri ^:ir"HiuY:,-iTi'
ri .ilium rifc
Name Meptiflnjk, ^o/jrfiy.^ Sianifled
llothf1&''i>^No ffee frtserfe* df
"Yon can baV6 too much of any
things even rPsesv"'said1
the Visitor t
the Woniun. "The frfeiids was stay
ing with wepo,botany Jleuds. like
flowers?,- but I can't dissect them-ahfl
label them with, foreign names. We
were out riding,, and had'come to a
lienutifnr' garden 'They stopped the
ear dnd talked botany for what
seemed hours.
"I whs' qdtte drowsy, when suddenly
my seaftrimte, homing across me, called
out: 'There's Fran fcarj!r
asked tire one' af the wheel, halting
the car.' 'Tliere! There! In that gar
den along the path to the left,* ex
plained the third, while I craned an
inquisitive neck to see the dignified
and portly dame their enthusiasm
made me expect to fiiidst roiling In pa'ra
sb'r-shade leisure through her groiiiids.
*iiow perfectly "wohtierful" to run
across a frieiid so a'cctdeifithlly,' siiid
I, reirevetT'at'the (m^nge^df conversa
tion. TJo let's^ stop for A monrent to
call oh her!' Whereupon five sets of
eyes surveyed nife ''Ifhv
"Call on bifr fleW the eye's* owners,
all at 'bbf-e. 'On her? Why, It's a
'rv&iflfiifaitt/nYM Karl'Druschfei!'"
-^Ciiicsigo .Tort'rtuil.'
Environment Affected Law.
Blackstone states that in the Isle
of Man, to fake"iivi a'hdrse or ox
whs no felony", but merely a-trespass.
There wa* no way TO Tsenceal them In
this Imiitddterritorjf or carry thembff.
Because" suc"cessfur"stealing of large
'animals: was difficult,!'the
steal a pig or fowl,
which Was easily done, was punishable.
Vv'' mmu:':!*&f'&frttbiori&t
,iis'Jfiiii 1 W
Miss Hazel.Laqua and Miss Lu
cile Young entertained at the sunirr:
le "Hour*
inb? Mrs.
ourt ente
mer h'oft*e ^bf-th 1
Grant "Me* W
pf MrsTCharloite
i Clarence, Nlebon, wh
soon for their new holies, the
er .going to Spokane ,witB"-hor iparents
and the fetter to New tferk^'City
refre so.
antF'ehjoyed a
eater party.
At the business meeting of the
Ladies' .Aid of the Methodist church
Held yesterday in the church base
ment, it was decided to hold their an
nual sale of fancy work, useful ar
ticles ahd aprbhs on December 6,
the date of their annual dinner tc
be decided later. A reception will
also be given Friday, October 13,
for Dr. G. H. ..Zentz, the returned
pastor and His family, winch will be
in charge of the Ladle's' Aid', the
members and friertds' of the church
being extended an invitation to at
Two members of the Library Div
ision df" the "'State Department of
Education who are in Bemidji at
tending the three-day Library school
conducted by Mtss.Helen Farr, at the
State Teachers college, in connec
tion with the M..!E..A. meeting, have
been secured as speakers er the Sat
irieeting of the Wo-
ihen's Civic and' Community club.
Miss Harriet A. Wopd.'s^te director
of school Hbrarieiij will speak on
"The Function pf the School Li
brary", and Miss Clara"S"., Baldwin
iitate director of Libraries, will speak
on "The Library and the Communi-
ty." A complete program for the
meeting Saturday will be published
Marvel* of. ioauty, that Writer Telli
's&"tno, Ev at "Nliht,
In Honolulu.
"Aloha'" one hears everywhere. It
means more than '"welcome." It ex
presisea good will and sympathy for
nil moods, Joy and sorrow, declares a
writer on Honolulu in the Christian
Science Monitor.
It rains as much as a dozen times
a day, sometimes twd dozen times
but the Sim shines at the same time.
The only protection anyone uses Is a
Japanese paper sunshade. They call
the rriin "liquid sunWlne."
And tlie rainbow! At night even,
we have rainbows when there Is a full
moon. Who would ever think rain,
little showers that would hardly,
dampen A butterfly's wing, could pro
duce so much beauty? Yesterday I
watched a rainbow for nearly half an
hour, a wide, low arch, flung, not In
the sky, but across the mountains it
was so near I think I could have
reached the foot of It. The green of
the ihourftaln side glowed 'through the
radiant color" and the valley seemed
to dissolve Into color. I think the
most expert rainbow maker In tlie
world must live in Honolulu. If we
could only live on rainbows! We have
them every day, rainbows and flowers
and palm trees,.mountains and a wide,
blue sea. V-
In stock here in black or brown, calf or kid.
.[Wellt s6ts,^riirbbet'libels with quality in every
Never Mind the Engager* i*.
"You let that young man k.M you,
and yet you're not engaged?"
"Yes." "I should think you'd be ashaihcu.
of yourself."
"Not at all. What's the use of be,
coming engaged to a young man you're
only, going to senior two weeks during
the summer?"Detroit Free Press.
$5.85 I
We specialize in fitting feet correctly
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T#qBP f)NDE 0^) j^gjl"
When Herb Wat New It Had Varlout
Appellatfone, as Aleo Did the
Among Its thousands of illustrations
on wood In a work'on the "General
History Of Plants, (lathered by John
GeraiMle, Master In Chlrurgerle," ,and
first printer in'London toward the end
of the Sixteenth' century, was one of
the then still new herbs, "tabatfo, or
henbane of Petu," according to the
ie*t. "The-^people of America eaU.lt
Petun sbatjei*as |*ehe and Pena, b.ave
given:tt?:\MB*('rf*Lattonames 3 Sapra
*Mav -Sonar Santta ln
fornnvj iand, otlHffs,.if|s:Dododaeas, call
it H^*eamua i^ru^up w. otvHenbane
of l*erii N^ijelaus J^Ioaardus naiiies It
I'abaeuui. I'dl. soroe lt is called Nioo
tlanfcM|c!f /f
y:-i.''-, /T
"'^Dherewasan Illustration of another
ptinif.^aisb then still newthe potato^
"by some cailetPSkyrrets of Peru, gen
erally by us called Potatus. Cluslus
called it Battata. Camotes, Amotes
and Ighames In English, potatoes, po
tatus and potades.
Tlie Indians do
call this plHnt pappus." The potatus,
tiie loo informed the reader, was to
be eaten 'toasted in the embers and
sopped in wWe/' It was also made
into conserves "no lesse toothsome^
wholesome hnd dnlntle than the ftesh
of quinces." Its use, however. In Br
gundy"where they call them Indian
artichokes"was forbidden, according
to BKutiine, because it.induccl iei
rosy. The sweet potato and the .com
mon potato were pictured as belonging
to the same family.
Dines Sumptuously on Snakes.
The only sniniiil In the Bronx zoo
penniited the snvage pleasure of kill
ing his prey before be eats It is the
long-tailed, nervous little creature who
lives In a corner of the reptile house
staring from behind the b:irs, nf a
small cage at his natural fund, the
shakes. The keepers feed hitn live
tmsikes. He eats a fair-sized fr:mfr
shake af meal with great relish, lie
''does not torture It, but bites the Mead
off and eats it In sections*" Looking at
him one',would hardly think lie had
such a cold, murderous nature. When
curled up In the corner the cage he
lobKs like a pleasant Utile- pet. He is
a mongoose.New Tfork Sun.
orfjSaQs often causes
vous feeling.?Siqipte .buckthorn bark
eypells jg^s (and. receives prepsure al
mo^ 'instantjy. Ac
fs 'on_both upper
apd lovy'erj bowe,(., Adjierika. rempyes
matter you .never
your system which poisoned stomach
causing gas and-
nervousness. Ex-
cellent to guard against appendicitis.
Cotton^ pw*,yJ 5c
Silk^ per yd.' 113c
The ^frwie
ntam Mark".
ian "Fisher- I
quality ,and I
is On every
assures you healtlvbuiidingf
vitaimne'hea^g cdfiver
oilin its purest fOrmr
pleasaot to take,
readily assimilated
and tr ajri slo'irmed^
into stre^(h.
Th* "Fisherman
Mwk" shbuld bo oneoery
'battleof emulsion yon bvty.
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