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The Bemidji daily pioneer. (Bemidji, Minn.) 1904-1971, December 30, 1922, Second section, Image 11

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Martyr to Medical Science
Dr. Vaillant, te French pioneer in X-ray work, is shown here
recuperating from the effects of the thirteenth operation he
has undergone in rn attempt to halt the progress of disease
caused by exposure to the rays. He has secrificed his left
arm and shoulder to the cause of humanity.
Where Trouble Is Feared
This shows the village of Mer Rouge, La., in the national spotlight
as the scene of the Murders of F. W. Daniels and T. F. Richards.,
Federal agents now are investigating Ku Klux Klan activities In the
neighborhood. State troops are guarding the streets.
Opera Sets Style
This yeartit ths opera opening the glitter gt metal cloths, silver and
gold, outshone everything else. Gowns were entirely of gold or silver
cloth and worn with slippers, stockings and hair bandeaux to match.
Other gowns were trimmed with metal cloth or lace. Both draped gowns
and full-skirted frocks Were popular and many dresses were only slightljr
draped ao as to be nearly straight.
Storm-Tossed for Nearly Three Months
A thrilling tale of desperate battles with storms and sea was told by the half-starved crew of
this three-masted schooner, the Rose Ferlita, when it was towed into New York harbor. Bound
for Boston out oF Axim, Africa, the schooner ran into storms which drove it far from its course.
For ten days it had been in distress with the rudder broken, fresh water supply exhausted and
the crew on half rations.
(o) UftU
Lady Mary Cafesbridge has been I
mentioned recently as the bride of
H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. This
\s the most recent picture of the'
English beauty.
Wanted: A Man
Unless Miss Lena Mord gets)
married within a year, she will Josei
her naturalization papers, accord*
lng to a ruling of Judge Joseph B.
David of the Superior Court at
cago. "Anyone as1
good lookinChi- as
you," said the judge, "does not de
serve to be given more time to get
a husband."
jfew &%&--*"*?- 7"''
great social phil
osophies are at
struggle in the
world for ascend-
ancy. There Is
the Individualism
of the more dem
ocratic states of
Europe with its
careful reserva-
tions of castes
and classes.
There are Com
munism, Social
Ism, Syndicalism, Capitalism, and
finally there is Autocracywhether
by birth, by possessions, militarism,
or divine right of kings. E\en the
Divine Right still lingers on al
though oup lifetime has seen fully
two-thirds of the earth's population,
Including Cermany, Austria, Russia
and China, arrive at a state of angry
disgust with this tvpe of social
motive power and throw it on the
scrap heap.
For myself, let me say at the very
outset that my faith in the essen
tial truth, strength, and \itality of
the developing creed which we
have hithPrto lned in this country
of ours has been confirmed and deep-
To Wed. Wales?
Basic Struciufe^of United States Founded/
On Individualism, Declares Herbert Hoover
In New Book Treating Internationa^ Ills
Five or six
This is the first of a series
i courtesy of Doubleday, Page & Co.,.
which Herbert Hoover,'now Secretary of Commerce* and well beloved for his many
services to humanity by Americans of all political beliefs, seeks to define the treasure* A
of American citizenship and civilization.
of three excerpts this paper wilt present through the
o. from "American Individualism, the new book
By Herbert Hoover
ened by the searching experiences
of seven years of service in the
backwash and misery of war. Seven
years of contending with economic
degeneration, with social disinte
gration, with incessant political dis
location, with all of its seething and
ferment of individual and class con
flict, could but impress me with the
primary motivation of social forces,
and the necessity for broader
thought upon their great issues to
humanity. And from it all I em
erge an individualistan unasham
ed individualist. But let me say
also that I am an American indiv
idualist. For America has been
steadily developing the ideals that
constitute progressive Individualism.
No doubt, individualism run riot,
with no tempering principle, would
provide a long category of inequal
ities, of tyrannies, dominations and
injustices. America, however, has
tempered the whole conception of
individualism by the injection of a
definite principle, and from this
principle it follows that attempts at
domination, whether in government
or the processes of industry and
commerce, are under an "insistent
curb. If we would have the values
of individualism, their stimulation
Beauty to Wed^
The beautiful Hon*. Joan Alice]
Katherine Dickson-Poynder is soon!
'to marry Lloyd George's former
private secretary. Lieut. Col. Sir
Edward Grigg. Miss Dickson
'Poynder is the only child of Baron
.Islington. Sir Edward was privat0|
'military secretary to the Prince of
AVales when tho latter visited the'
'United States.
The Germans have been supreme
in the composition of music, as much
today as in the past, but they have
failed to achieve any degree of suc
cess in the production of mechanical
music, judging by their phonograph
lecords released this country.
There is one great test of recording
abilitythe symphony orchestra,
with it many voices. American and
English concerns have issued splen
did records by gveat orchestras, re
producing with 'fidelity the instru
mental masterpieces, but while the
German records are ambitious un
dertakings, the results are poor in
On the eve of his departure for
Europe, John McCormack was guest
of honor at a reception given by the
Catholic Club of New York. It was
attended by many church dignitaries
and numerous of Mr. McCormack'o
friends in the operatic and musical
world. He sang several of his well
known songs and was assisted in the
musical program by Reinald Wer
renrath, the popular baritone and
Marion Te'va. of the Metropolita-i
Opera. The Irish tenor will remain
across "the pond" for a year.
Mendelssohn had composed four
operas by the time he was fifteen
years of age and that he founded the
famous Leipsic Conservatory.
Emilio de Gogorza, possibly A
merica's most artistic baritone, was
born in maligned Brooklyn, of Span
ish parents, who were visiting in A
merica for a few months, and that
he came back in later years to be
come a full fledged citizen of th*
country of his birth?
New York, Dec. 30The ruined
jrity of St. Pierre, Martinique, which
with its 28,000 inhabitants was com
pletely wiped out in forty-five sec
onds by the volcano Mt. Pelee, May
8, 1902, Is little more than a fishing
village today, says Frances Levick
in the January Mentor Magazine.
Frail wooden houses, with little re
semblance to the massive stone
structures of the old cityy fringe the
waterfront. Back of the one street
lies a labyrinth of stone ruins. For
mer parlors are filled with growing
tobacco banana plants wave where
once were secluded family resi
dences. Fort de France, further
south, is now the island capital.
to initiative, to the development tof
hand and intellect, to the high de
velopment of thought and spiritual
ity, they mutt be tempered with
that Arm and fixed ideal of Ameri
can individualisman equality of
opportunity. If 'tve would have
these values we most soften its
hardness and stimulate progress
through that sense of servioe that
lies in our people.
Therefore, it is not the individ
ualism of other countries for which
I would speak, but the individual
ism of America. Our Individualism
differs from all others because it
embraces these great ideals: that
while we build our society upon the
attainment of the individual, we
shall safeguard to every indivttOAt
an equality of opportunity to take
that position in the community to
which his Intelligence, character,
ability, and ambition entitle him
that we keep the social solution free
from frozen strata of classes that
we shall stimulate effort of each in
dividual to achievement that
through an enlarging sense of re
sponsibility and understanding we,
shall assist him to this attainment
while he in turn must stand up te
the emery wheel of competition.
The tailor-made woman enters in
her new gown- It has the high
collar that means carefully fitted
shoulders. Impeccably cut sleeves
and perfectly tailored lines. This
is the severely tailored frock that
can't be mode on the inspirational
planand, it .never,. comes, from
Zoo's Latest
Here is Bill Shoebill, one of
the most remarkable bud*, ever
placed in captivity. This shoe
bill wis captuied in Africa and
just been installed in the Lon
don Zoo.
Revealing Egypt's Buried Treasures
Lord Carnarvon, head cf ihe archaeological expedition which dis-
covered in Egypt the tomb of King Titenkhamen with its wealth of buried
treasure, is shown here descending with a party to the inner tomb. Left
to right, are Lady Evelyn Herbert, Lord Carnarvon, Howard Carter and
B. E. Callender.
A Thrill in This Spill
Several horsqs went down for nasty tumbles In tho steeplechase
race at Gatwlck, England. Here is Balllnahown falling heavily but
without injuring himself ot his rider.
Just a Handful
This dwarfed specimen of the
squirrel monkey is three years old,
weighs four ounces and eats his
own weight in grapes and Ago
daily. Ho was captured in Brazil
and Is now the pet of Miss Ruth

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