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litwuf,/tSufttrisOM- County, Colo, f
: i
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t■% 4 1
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THURSDAY, AUG. 26, iS'So. ‘
—sea. slui v . A*, it ..■Mr.jj.i.. ■
Park & Co., Gunnison, have their 1
planing rnitl in full blast. r
Ole Bull has “ positively made his 1
•last appearance.” He is dead. ‘
- _ c
The South Park railroad advertises 11
for t,ooo men to work on the Alpine j
tunnel. 11
Five murders were committed in! ’
St. Louie, on the 17th inst., inside of ■ 1
forty-eight hours. This almost equals
Buena Vista.
The body of Mrs. M. A. Clark was
found one mile south of Littleton, this
state, last week, where it had been
carried by the recent flood, as was
also her house.

•. Solomon Marburger, a prominent
merchant of West Denver, was mur
dered in Madame Smith’s den, No.
87 Holladay street, Denver, on the
night of the 18th inst.
The following postoffices have been
established in Gunnison comity during
the week ending Aug. 14th : Ash
croft, John R. Nelson, postmaster;
Curran, John H. Servis, postmas er;
White Pine, Edward J. Meeker, post
m aster.
The democratic, state convention
held at Leadvilie nominated the fob i
lowing officerson tilt 19th inst: For!
Governor, John S. Hough, Lieut-j
Governor, W. C. Stover; Congress, l
R. S. Morrison; Secretary, Chas. O.
Unfug ; Treasurer, Dr. A. Y. Hull;
Auditor, R. G. Gray; Attorney Gen
eral, J. C. Stallcup. For district j
judge, Love, of Silverton, was nomi- i
nated, and S. F. Spencer was nomi
nated for the senate.
It is reported that the Denver &
Rio Grande R’y "will reach Gunnison
before the winter sets in. It will
come via ArbourvillC, over Little
Cochetopa pass, coming in the Mon
arch Pass toll road at the head of;
Marshall creek. Surveyors are at j
work on the extension. The Denver I
& South Park road is also being!
shed forward lively, and expect to '
be within forty miles of Gunnison by
Hie first of September. Let ’em come,
wo arc waiting patiently their arrival.
‘ - **-
■New strikes arc heard of jn every
direction, proving conclusively the
theory that development is only need
ed) to make this the greatest mineral
country known. A man cannot ex
pect to shovel up coined dollars from 1
the surface here, neither t an he expect
to strike million dollar-bonanzas when
merely digging assessment holes.
Successful mining requires hard and
steady work, as well as time and
patience. This business of flitting
from one locality to another, like a
butterfly, from flower to flower, will j
profit you nothing, and you will leave i
the Gunnison damning her mines and
camps because of your own folly in ;
failing to become a Tabor or Chaffee, j
Gentlemen act like beasts.
Men refuse to pay their bills.
Any one family try to ran a town.
A man who thinks he knows it all.
Tender-feet know so much about!
An office-seeker ask our support
when he don’t support us.
A merchant talk about enterprise
when he is too close-fisted to advertise.
One miner wait for the owner of a
contiguous claim to develop his lead,
ere he risks a dollar himself. ]
A man that d >n’t patronize the |
printer tell us how we should run our
paper. Its unadulterated cheek.
- Men rush and crowd for their mail
at the jpqgpffice, like so many’ltogs,! |
. fMjjaull peftfrusih for their swill. ■
Krai drop fßfe <yul ten.dollars in the J
till of a saloon, while only placing ten I
cents in the contribution lx>x at church. (
Men running' after every -new ex
citement instead of working one <p j
two of the fi(ty claims he holds hcSe a
and win fHow no «ne else to work, i j
The fallowing opinions from the
press and the public, t
rado’s mail fzei'ities’ nnd the j
poop who
of special postal s * a * e »
we have received by^[^Lajtf s;ona '
Gunnison Mans: The special(Mßf
agent got as far as South
other day, but he refused to visit
nison, “ because,” he said, “ the road j
over Marshall Pass is too d—d Tough j
forme.” We will write to Ilavelryi
about such gross negligence and have
tliis agent removed. . .
C. Christopher: Ruby City has
not had a mail for six months, all on
account of our state officials not taking
interest enough in my town. The
papers, however, for a postoffice here,
are in Gunnison and will be up to
morrow. '
Granny Joyce: Oh, my 1 ob, dear!
I never saw such a mail come as it |
does here. I have not closed my \
J f
eyes for six weeks or tasted food for a j
month, for want of timp. I actually {
have a trunk full of letters from my |
dear mother, that I have nut had time j
to read, and she thinks I’m murdered
by the Indians. (He heaves a deep
sigh and turns his eyes to heaven).
Look at my wrists, how they are swol
len ! I’ve been registering letters all
night. Ido wish the special would
come and see us.
Ex-Gov. Root: Had Grant been
nominated I would soon settle this
postal business, but as it is I’ve spent
money enough.
Gunnison Democrat: Colorado’s
postoffice officials are thieves, murder
ers, blacklegs and donkeys. Let’s
hang ’em.
Aloine True Fissure: Our readers
will excuse the scarcity of news. We
have received no exchanges for a
month, but we understand* Grant has
jbecn nominated by the republicans
1 and Tiliden by the democrats.
Gunnison Review, (telephoning to
Olney, at Lake City): Take out
mail for me, en route here, and send,
it over by burro.
Gothic Bonanza .* We knew it
i would be this way when we got up in
i this God-forsaken country. We have
been waiting a remittance from the
republican central committee for two
months and it has not arrived yet.
This postoffice business must be rem
edied or it will hurt the party.
Silver Cliff Prospect: Outycilizens
must get up another potitiorfffor the
i Postmaster General, but we will see .to
I it individually if Hancock is elected,
i Denver Inter-Ocean : pro
] voking. Such
should be removed at once. We have
-been anxiously awaiting our ex
changes to see what they have to say
regarding my reply to that bad man
I!y our Ecgiilar Corresivndont
The rafters are on the new brick
court-house, and now that imposing
! structure will soon be under roof.
F. H. Kellogg, one of the Irwin
lawyers, and also Judge Stiies, of
Ruby, are both here stopping at the
Cuenin House.
A social dance will come off on the
evening of the 27th, at the opening
of Gunnison Hall, on Main street, by
. Fischer & Riley Bro’s.
j Witnesses have been pouring in
| from Gothic the past few days for the
: Jennings murder trial, which will
j probably be called in a day or two.
The Baptist church will -bejlie first
house cf worship ever built, in the
Gunnison valley. It is rapidly ap
proaching completion and probably
will be dedicated soon.
The District Court for Gunnison
county convened Judge
Morris-on the bengflp In view of the
fact that there are so many criminal
cases on the docket, the session will
probably continue three weeks.
AU three hotels are crowded with
guests, the Red Lion, the Gunnison
House and the Cuenin House, Judge
Morris is stopping a!l*he flhjjpuson,
that popular house having ffeemly
been plastered and
erably jmprovfcd. % 1
Lots eff people here nowaap con
gratulating Gen. St^e, wfcjls J ust
returned from Gothic, whjfcje lias
invested a large sum udMfWtiable
mine near there. OfGen
eral is happy and so are c* Mbcrous ,
friends, over his big stri&e. * ‘
Several parties from Guangstgf have 1
been out prospecting WftfSMtncates i
near town, the past we*. Several
assays have been made, soriwrshowing
rX :
quite well for the surface, while others
fail of ajrace. Your correspondent
™ not /efa prospective millionaire. 1
j progressing and the in- 1
; dicVions a& that there will he a large !
t number of hew and handsome struc-1
tures erected before the., snow flies.!
I Man >‘ buildings already ui> are :
cniptv, but an will l>e occupied if the!
E ruSil - :Cre continues as it has the past
Ijvcek or two.
♦ Bertram, j
I We take the part of a
| speech delivered by" D. WV-ftrethittl.
in the late democratic convention
held in Leadvilie, frorrt the Democrat
of that city : ■
Mr. Chairtnan; —I desire to make a
few remarks in reference to this matter
in the interest of our leaders, and of
those who are to be nominated on our
state ticket. I see that there is consid- ;
erable feeling in reference to this mat- j
ter. It is our duty to look at it in a;
dispassionate manner, to take a calm, i
j dispassionate view of this question. I ’
| agree with the gentleman who prcced- j
: ed me, at least sq far as to say that the ’
' action of the governor was erroneous j
1 and wrong ;that the authority probably :
| did not exist in him to declare martial •
j law in this case. I agree that this city |
1 and county have suffered on account i
jof this order. lam satisfied that such \
: is the case, and I am satisfied that the j
I people of this city feel the effects of;
that order, and will feel its effects for!
years to come, and there is no one who!
would more readily denounce the issu-;
i ance of this order than myself, and I
j depricate it very much indeed. The j
: question now is not whether the gov-
i 1 ernor committed an error or not. The;
! question is whether a resolution of*
this kind is proper to he inserted in ;
the platform of the party as one of its j
1 planks. I take issue with my friend ;
on this subject, from the fact that if'
; it creates any discord at all it will do
an injury. If there is any disagree
ment in reference to the passage of
1 this resolution it will do injury. Is
' | there not some disagreement among
. members of our own party on this
; question? Does it not appear among
members of our own party in differ
ent parts of the state? If such is the
case is it a proper matter to be intro
i duced into our platform ?* I agree
. fully with the gentlemen- who insists
[ on its adoption here, that the declara
tion of martial law was an error, and
if I go upon the stump in this state,
: as I expect to, and I presume others
I will do the same, I will denounce the
: act; but it is not necessary that it be
, made a part of 0111 platform at all. As
a plank in the platform it will create
I I disagreement, discord and dissatisfac
tion, and if it does it will detract
■ from oxr power in the state. I know
men*psrfcctly well who are good,
. staunch and true democrats, who have
stood by us through thick and thin,
: | who have always voted the ticket,
»| who will not endorse such a plank in
• our platform, though they may sup
. | part the ticket. Now, shall we create
1 this, discord ? Let us ventilate this
’ j matter from the stump. I will agree
' to denounce from the stump the gov
- ernor’s action, but let us not do it here.
* that will injure the ticket. Gentle
,; men say that policy is not a proper
thing, but I think that policy has been
too much ignored by the democratic
party. That is one of the great
reasons why our opponents have been
triumphant in so many instances. It
. has been a party of policy and expe
‘ diency, to a great extent, and has
> therefore succeeded. What is a party
I withont success? It is nothing.
i' What is the use of doing that which
f will injure and harm us ? Don’t you
sec there is dissension here already on
this account ? Don’t you see that our
Leadvilie f.ietids are incensed at the j
■ action of the governor,, but do you'
; propose to compromise the party on i
that account? Come up like men and !
say we must stand on higher ground
when we come to proclaim to the:
world our platform. Remember our:
gallant leaders Winfield Scott Han-j
i cock; eemember that we are looking
to his success. It is true that if he'
sucHeeijs in carrying the vote of this
static.that the other officers on the j
sauajflfckft will also succeed , but do
us -imperil his success by the
introduction of any discordant ele-;
mentinour platform. Let us have*
peace and accord among our- i
selves. We need to work to carry this j
state, but with peace and accord we :
may carry it.’’ I ask our Leadvilie!
friends who are so sensitive on this!
subject to waive their claim to-have;
it inserted *in the platform, and for
that purpose I move the following:
substitute for the resolution reported
by the committee, and ask that it be
,At theclose of his remarks the gen-1
Bo Irwifc offered the follow-'
on is*
WUe reiterete the pro-'
e constitution of this state, i
nciple -enunciated by our ;
idard bearer, Gen* Win-,
field Scott Hapcocfc, that the military ,
shall always bk'in strict subordination :
to the ckd power.
; Misted, That- where as it is pro
ojhftpjthe constitution of the state,
uNf supreme executive power
AH bt vested in the governor, but,
Wl to fee that the laws be fiiithfiiljly!
uecbfcd# as that he is commander in' 1
chiqtpf the-miiitary forces ahd ipayi.
to execute the!!
la vl suppress insurrection or repel in-1
vasibn, fherefore, 4»e declare that the
; governor of this state possessed no j
i otller or greater power in the respect
; named than set forth in said constitu- !
tipn. ' < I
The resolution was seconded by
judge G. White.
We believe the above are the senti- i
meats of the people of Gunnison
countv, and that Mr. Douthitt truly |
represented, as a delegate, the views';
of the people. The resolution which
was finally adopted by the conven-!
tioH in regard to martial law in Lead-;.
as declared by Gov. Pitkin, :
have been made a part
of a political plat-ferm, and it is likely
to result in harm to'-RGrjinees for;
state officers by that
At the same time this is not
cal pajjer, and we have but|
! say* 1 J
jTlie New Carbonate Camp Coitioaes to be
| the Attraotioa of Treasure Seekers.
The Genuine Carbonate is Found this !
Time, and Don’t Von Forcet it
1 1 v j
i 1
1 j •
! The excitement at Spring Creek ,
I continues unabated. Men with pack |
! animals heavily loaded, are daily en j
! route to the new find.' Those who j
have returned from the carbonate!
camp the past few days are sending |
; out men to locate and work claim's for
; them. Some of the men who have
! recently returned from the camp speak
1 very disparagingly of the prospects,
,! while others are elated with the show
! ing and predict another Leadvilie.
J There is)one thing all ’“admit, that is
the discovery of genuine carbonates, '
but as to the quality and quantity, not j
, enough work has yeTbeen done tode-J
termine, but we will know inj a ven - ]
short time as the work of development
is being jnished vigorously.
Spring Creek is but two weeks old,
; | yefr over three hundred miners are at
1 work on her carbonate beds. The lo
cation is thirty miles east "'of Irwin
. | and the same distance west of Lead
! vHle. The first discovery was made
; by parties from Leadvilie and is called
the Doctor lode. This mine is down
twenty feet and shows a very fair vein
of sand carbonates which assays 21
ounces.- Mr. Waterberry has a claim
only about twelve feet deep that gives
assays of 36 and 40 ounces. About
. 500 claims have been staked and the |
! work still goes bravely on.
| ' 'l'hd ■ catenate mincij* from Lead-j
. ville are more sanguine relative to the
success of Spring Creek, than are the
! quartz miners of Ruby, who don’t go
; much on carbonates any way.
! Every indication of carbonates ex
| ist at Spring- Creek, such as porphyry
with forest rock, rose quartzite, lime
• rock, etc.
The miners’ association have made
it a rule that one-Salf day’s work shall
be done upon a claim inside of forty
j eight hours after it is staked, and a:
hole ten feet deep must be dug within j
twenty days after location. Byjpneet- j
ing these requirements the claim
i h6lds good until July next.
.Most of the parties who are inter
! ested in Spring Creek carbonates are
i Leadvilie men, but we notice the fol- j
■ lowing gentlemen from Irwin putting i
their money in the new diggings also: j
; Hon. Richard Irwin, Col. Phil Peters, j
j I. Q. Sanborn, Frankeberger & Eaton, J
jl*. M. Brown, Col. Davidson, J. J.
Smith, Col. Elliott, C. S. Drann, and
: a host of others.
We hope the boys have found a
rich carbonate deposit, but they should
1 keep the fact in view that carbonates
; arc very “onsartin.” *. : *
Palace Theatre!
! >■ — 4 !
IC. ARNOLD 4 CO, Prepr id 4 )\mj.

1 New Sketches, Song and Dance,
; Artistes, » and new faces EVERY
WEEK. On Thursday the I
| Great Parisian sensation, the Great
Seven Beautiful Ladies will appear,
assisted by our regular Stock Co.
"General Admission, - -25 cts. 1
Parquette, - - - 50 cts.
Seat in Private Box, - - *.51.00. :
l : *
oV AS* 1 q
Eh %
x c v 6° </.' a
S' A 7' h
q V #v *► c
cs r r \S y ,#' yvi. q.
3 c /// # x
<■ <SS» jy .b>u*'
. 1 \ /; a 1 <* . • _
fca .NN 0
■K s>• .<? v^^
f\ ../V
v \■ q
S\ ■ /
'ffi x - H
r, 1^
|q 2
Successors to
Wholesale and RetaiPJDealers in
Grain , Provisions, Alining ' Implements^Etc.
Sole agents for Hazard , DuPont and Giant Powder
etilstte: street, above postoffice
Dealer* in
Fresh Family 'Groceries
-Always on Hand.
Dried Fruits, Canned Goods,
Ninth Street, Irwin, Colo.
It of/ers 4* Wells,
Doalora in
Groceries. Hardware Dry
Goods, Notions.
And Miners’
Full Lin e of California $• Chicago Can ned Goods
I -
! gratstd
Of the
Huby Home
-A. 3N" D r
*€T*Ha%ing just completed our'
j new and commodious buildingoppo- :
| site the postoffice, on the site of the !
j old restaurant, we are bettei prepared j
to accommodate the public than ever.
Our dining room is the largest and
most comfortable west of the divide,
and with the assistance of good coots
and attentive waiters, we are better
prepared to suit the most fastedious
than ever.
We are also riiuch better prepared to :
retail to the public, bread, pies and !
cakes, which always will be found on
hand or baked to order on short
I 4 |
A. Specialty
In filling orders for
July a.
* 'j
r -4
Ttie only first-da* lodging house iu town.
! Nice Spring Gets, Soft [Mattresses aDd
Neat Bedding.
I SINGLE BEDS, - . 50 cts
Rear ok Postoffice, Rubv Camp.
! Ninth St., next door to Postoffice
To get Pure and Old
In at tli«
Rose Sample —Rooms.
Wliil writ ami Betai) Dealer in ,
Fine Kentucky and Imported Liquors.
P W.. ROSE, Otf. Poster.

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