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Irwin, Gunnison Co., Colorado.
. |
«-Tbe rat*s for local notice will bo twenty-fr
*m\* a lin« for tlio finrt and flftr#*n cent.* a ,
Hme for each
will not deviate. |
Old Majesays: “Whaticareforyou.”
•*- * ' . I
When are we going to organize!
|liat fire company?
: * . r , . 11
The ‘Pbstoffice at Irwin has 106 lock ,
%oxes and i 63 glass boxes.
Several of our assayers have tested ]
numerous carbonate samples from ,
Spring Creek, but say they can only j
find a “trac^”
Scribner Bros. & Rathbone are
thinking of building a hotel on Ruby] 1
avenue, opposite their old place of j
business in Ruby City. [ -
McQuaid & Berry will commence, ■'
in a few of a large {
grocery house on the site where now
stands their mammoth tent. ,
—♦ ♦ »
Judge Win. G. L. Soule, P. M.,
has tendered his resignation as justice '
of the peace, owing to ill health and 1
increased postoffice business.
Mr. W. H. Underwood, the assayer,
reduced a pound of ore from the Bui- .
lion King mine to bullion, the value !
of which was considerably more than '
a dollar.
We acknowledge the receipt of an ,
invitation to attend a social hop to be
given to-rnorrow evening at the open
ing of the Gunnison Hall, Gunnison, •
by Fischer and Riley Bro’s. 1
The palatial residence of Harold (
and Lee Thompson has been undergo- ,
ing extensive repairs under the super- :
vision of Judge Broad, an architect ot j
renown, better known in Custer coun- (
ty as the “ Widow’s Friend.” ',

Hon. Richard Irwin, whose resi-j ’
dence is on the edge of the lake, says j
if bathers will persist in making Lakej,
llrennand the scene of their ablutions, i
come of them will need cushioned 1
; 1
■eats, for his jdiot gun is loaded. i
Mr. J. M. Anderson, who executed j!
the artistic piece of painting at the j:
Palace theatre, has ornamented the::
E. Bartlett & Co.’s grocery
Ninth street, with a beautiful
lettered sign. Bart always keeps apace ]
with the times.
At the Presbyterian church, north- [
west corner of avenue E and Tenth ■
street, there will be services next Sab- j
bath at 11 o’clock a. m. Sabbath;
' School at 1:30 in the afternoon, in I
the evening there will be services in !
the lower town.
Harding Bro’s have the only legiti
mate hardware house in Ruby Camp,;
but it is an extensive institution, equal
ly as large as any other two houses in
the Gunnison combined. In a few
days they will receive an additional j
stock of stoves and hardware, and!
anyone needing anything in this line
should give them a call.
Mr. J. E. Packard, a voting man re- j
■ cently from Chicago, is erecting a]
large building on upper Ninth street,
in which he will open out, in about
ten days, a large stock of groceries and
general merchandise. Mr. Packard is
a thorough and reliable business man,
and comes here to stay. We hope our
citizens will give him a liberal share of
their patronage.
The Rev. Mr. Jones, Episcopal min
ister for this district, is the leading pe
destrian of the Gunnison' country.
His headquarters are at Crested Butte,
from which point he walks to Gothic, ]
Rock Creek, Irwin and Gunnison,
whenever he holds services at either
of the above places. Some of the be
loved brethren should furnish Brother
Jones with a horse.

The Presbyterians will commence
the erection of their house of worship
in a few days. Although the site has
not been selected, negotiations, are
pending for the purchase of a let on
Tenth street, near avenue E. The
building will be forty feet fgont by
sijtty feet deep, with a seating ca
pacity of 350. As this wiibethr
first church building erected In Ir«[in
some of our men of wealtki coUd do
nothing more proper or beneficial
than to present the new church with a
Co!. Holt will commence shipping
ore from the Ruby King as soon as
the wagon road is completed to the
. ♦ ♦
Mr. Lee Thompson’s dog “ Lucy,” j
gave up the ghost last Monday, and i
has gone to the .happy land of :
ca-nine. - !
Col. Pliil peters, while returning!
from Spring creek last Monday, killed
a bald eagle, that measured from tip
to tip, fifty-five inches.
They are shipping six tons of ore I
per-day from the Forest Queen mine j
to the smelter at Crested Butte, and ‘ 1
will soon double the quantity.
— • _ j
The smelter at Crested Butte is
handling about two hundred tons of;
ore per week, which is being shipped : (
from the Forest Queen, Lead Chief, |
Ruby Chief and Howard Extension.
Messrs. Rose, Williamson & Reed, >
we understand, have decided on a 1
mill site for their reduction works, I
at the east end of Tenth street, right; :
below the Ruby King and Forest j
Queen mines,
Irwin’s “ boom ” is heard all hours | ;
of the day and night. If the Utcs (
were to venture here the continual 1
blasts from our mines would scare j
them to death before they got within .
five miles of us.

Mr. C. Christopher, mayor of Ruby i 1
City, has the finest furnished house
in Gunnison county, and to one who
has been on the outward edge of the ; <
U. S., living in tents and cabins for ,
several years, it makes him think of ,
“days gone by.” <
At the last meeting of the town J
beard John McCormick was appointed
police judge. This was a wise and ‘
judicious action of the board, as we ;
do not know a man better fitted for '
the position. He lias been identified '
in public affairs for several years in
Illinois, having been a representative
from the Fourth District of that state,j ]
as well as having filled ether positions 1
with honor and credit to himself. «
‘ t 1
Mr. Howard F. Smith, of Crested
Butte, has his two saw mills cutting
lumber to their utmost capacity, as he >
wants to have at least two million feet
of dry lumber on hand to supply the ,
trade r.cxt spring. They must expect j 1
a big boom in Crested Butte next ] t
spring. ‘ ‘ Let lie boom ! ” j.
We think it is the duty of our city | :
treasurer to cause to be published once ! 1
a mouth or quarterly, a correct state- j
ment of the city funds, showing the •
receipts, expenditures, etc. This!
would be much more satisfactory to
our citizens and tax-payers, who are
now ignorant of the city’s financial ,
condition, unless they go to the clerk’s
office and examine the books.
Billy Reynolds, who has been pro
prietor of the I-eadville saloon, on
lower Ninth street, all summer, can
now be found at the “Mint,” two
doors above the Palace theatre. Hav
ing purchased an interest in this house,
j he will be glad to meet all of his old
j friends, as he has greater facilities
than ever for dispensing the liquid j
beverage to the thousands. Billy lias ;
quite a reputation on “ mixed drinks,” •
; and is calculated to please the most i
Col. D. Wm. Douthit is back home;
I from the Leadville convention.
Col. C. S. Boucher, of the Gunni- j
son Nejvs, was in camp last Saturday, i
Geo. B. Sphar, Esq., returned last j
Sunday from Gunnison, where he has j
been on business.
Col. Phil Peters came in from the'
carbonate camp on Spring creek last
j Monday, and started back yesterday,
j Misses Anna and Hattie Smith, of
! Clinton, lowa, sisters of Mr. Howard !
j F. Smith, of Crested Butte, are in the 1
city, visiting the family of Mr. B. F.
Thos. C. Snyder, Esq., assistant
, postmaster at Crested Butte, formerly
; week, tatfig sights. Tommy ,
i thirsts Lrwifl is a pretty nice place to
: live, and enjoyed himself hugely while j
• here. j
A. C. Birtl, of St. Louis, and E. N.
i\ Smith, of DuQuoin, 111., paid their I
I I respects to the Pilot, Tuesday. They!
> j are taking a respite from business and j
1 1 at the same time becoming interested
1 1 in some of the “ knife-blade ” silver!
; veins in the vicinity of Irwin. 5
; The Ivmbor Shows up R«!«y Silver that
Runs 15.200 Ouuecs lo the Ton.
; Tire Sußsliific m Eureka Continue to Come;
to the Front as Bonanzas.
A $5,000 Sale—Developments Being Made, Elc. :
- -
The excitement during the past few ]
days has been the big strike in the ',
I van hoe lode, assays from which run
15,290 ounces, as several tests have ,
proved correct beyond a doubt. ;
The Ivanhoe is situated just beyond
Grant’s park, and now has a depth of ■
20 feet. It has a six-foot vein and ;
fourteen inches of quartz carrying ;
ruby Silver of the richest quality. A I
night and day shift are now pushing
forward the work of development !,
as rapidly as possible. .
The Ivanhoe is the property of Tom
Mower, Sam Connelly, W. E. Grover
and Len Rich. They are very joyful .
in the anticipation of large bank ac
counts and stacks of government ,
bonds, and we honestly think that the
fondest hopes of the boys will be re
alized, as they have good property ,
that only needs development to make ,
it second to none in the camp.
Is looking brighter and more cheer- 1
fill than ever. Owing to the heavy '
rains the work on this mine has been ; :
retarded, but notwithstanding this, j
some very rich ore is being taken out. j 1
Mr. Dautriment, the superintendent, ;
has placed some samples of this ore on ;
our table and we find it as good ga
lena as any we have seen in the camp, j'
It has a very-fine grain and comes in ;
crystalized quarts and pyrites of iron. 1
We understand the,ore body grows
larger and more solid as it is uncover- '<
ed, and if this thing continues much ;
longer, the Sunshine will prove itself
to be the richest galena mine in the 1
The Eureka lode, recently bonded
by Messrs. Shackelford & Smith, has
a large force of men at work, and is
showing up wonderfully well. , They j
have a shaft sunk 20 feet. The vein j
consists of a very fine quartz running j
well with ruby silver. The vein is j
seven feet wide with a pav streak of I
. . 1
one foot. This mine is situated in
the vicinity of the Forest Queen, and
is one of the most promising claims
in the camp.
A £5,000 SALE.
J. T. McDonald, last Tuesday, sold
one-half interest in the Tivoli, one
half interest in the Little Annie, and ,
a one-third interest in the Key City,
to E. B. Stevens and J. C. Brown, for
£5,000. The first two mines men- i
tioned are located in Elk Basin, the
latter lies directly north of town.
miners’ delight.
The Miner’s Delight is the name of
a new mining claim located on Ruby
Mountain a few days ago, by Messrs, j
jC. A. Pierson and Richard Herschew. j
] The indications are good, and these j
! gentlemen arc confident that they will!
i strike something rich in this “ find.” 1
I For the Good-Enough Mining and j
: Milling company is arriving daily, j
'and as the work of putting up their
j building is progressing finely, we j
; hope to soon hear of the mill biting
; ready to treat ore. 1
! Is producing some fine looking ore
I and as a large force of men are now
i at work on this mine we hope to able;
; soon to chronicle the fact that it is
making large shipments of ore.
Is showing up better and better as
depth is gained. A full force will be
constantly employed on this mine all,
all winter.
Messrs. Earle and Winters are hav
ing the shaft of the Diabola timbered.
j W. H. M., Gunnison —We know,
you would like us to notice you, but,
then life is to short for us to cast
rocks at every snarling cur that harks
at us. Sorry we can’t assist you to
get a “ rep.,” but keep on, you H g et
j there.
! Messrs. Bowman & Stearns have
I sold to the Denver & Rio Grande rail
road company, 640 acres of valuable
' coal lands in the neighborhood ot
! Crested Butte. , '
How the Affairs of tlie City air Conducfed by
Them. What a Pairotal Carf They

Stem lo Exercise Over Oar Welfare.
t Last 1 uesday evening our city dads
j III Q in solemn conclave, and as we
' always had a curious idea to know the
doings of this august body, we repaired
to their place of worship at an early
hour. At the hour of eight, they all
being assembled, and doors dosed to i
avoid the noise and bustle on the j
street, His Honor, the high mucky!
muck, arose, and as he raised the,
gabble in his right hand to call the j
assembly to order, they all douse their i
tiles with much “ iiigance and grace. - ’ !
There sir, was a picture for an artist, 1
and subject matter for Prof. Fowler to 1
make at least a half dozen lectures, i
Veneration had left its mark on the
faces of this body of six, as could be i
easily seen by the wrinkles on their i
solemn looking countenances.
After being called to order the
member from the Fourth ward made j
a motion'to reduce retail liquor iicense i
to one-half of the present rate for the '
ensuing quarter. This was objected !
to by one of the members who could !
not tell the difference between sherry |
and champagne,and he arose and spoke i
as follows: “ Ver Honar, while we!
plase one-half of the corn-juice dis- j
parsers by reducing the license, the 1
other half will be kickin’ bekase we!
don’t double it,” which was good!
sound logic, but hard to compehend.!
Whereupon the . member from the !
bloody Fourth, *Tj& order to have his
motion sustained, used the following
argument: That the liquor dealers were
losing money at the present rate of
taxation, and unless, it was reduced,
a portion of them would have to shut
down, and our commercial interest
would be materially injured thereby,
as also our city revenue be somewhat
affected. Under these circumstances
the motion that the retail liquor license
should be £75 instead of £l5O for the
ensuing quarter, commencing Septem
ber Ist, was carried, there being only
one dissenting vote.
The liquor question being settled,
one of the gang arose and moved that
an ordinance be made prohibiting our
citizens from using green saw dust for
the purpose of filling in between the
inside and outside “sheeting” of
their houses. His argument was, that
wet saw dust, when confined without
an air vacuum was liable to fermenta
tion, and thereby became combustible
matter, oftimes igniting of its own
accord, causing more or less danger to
life a»d .property. One of the board 1
who Oiad been on the turf since the i
fall of ’49 and spring of ’SO. seriously j
objected to this, as it was necessary to :
the warmth and comfort of our citi
zens, and wound up by asking the
member, who had evidently been
reading the Scientific American, if he
had ever lived in a country where the
m<ycury froze solid, also that bust -head i
woulSf freeze so hard that it had to be i
cut out with an axe and soli by the
i pound ? This put a damper on the
! ordinance, and the matter was com
; promised by appointing a committee
; to investigate the saw dust walls,
j The next question before the board
i was the passage of an ordinance pro
i hibiting the carrying of concealed
After some further transactions
1 that we will not take the pains to;
! chronicle, one of the board arose and !
made a motion to adjourn. It being;
known that the aforesaid member had j
[important business on Tenth street
that evening, His Honor took in the;
situation and dismissed the gang.
The following letter from Senator!
; N. f. Hill, toa gentleman in this city,
! cxpfafns itself: “ I received your
1 leifijr accompanied by a petition for a;
daffr mail service from South Arkan
sas to the Gunnison country, via
, Marshall Pass. An agent of Barlow,
1 Sanderson & Co. called upon me with
another petition for the same object, j
stating that Mr. Sanderson would go!
;at once to Washington. I gave him
: the ,ietition after endorsing it strong- ;
1 tv, :>.nd*hope the request will be speed
ily granted.”
Brann, one of our enter
prising Merchants, is building a large
store ImXding or the corner of avenue
L ardy Ninth street, adjoining the
- ■ . - ♦ » ■ ■ - - ■ -
Dr.- Prentiss come up last night
jom Canon City, where he has been
; on a visit to see his family.
Some Fails Dilative to the Rapid Griwtb of ;
Irwin. Her Leading Mwlimls, Ete.
i • :
j . > * I
; -A little over one year ago all this 1
region of country where the town of
Irwin, or what is better known as the
Ruby mining cam;), was a dense forest, j
inhabited only by stray bands of the;
; Ute Indians who would pass bjek and |
forth, as the \\ hite river trail j)assed
up through where our flourishing town
is now situated. The deer could come
down from the hillside to drink from
the lake, the clumsey bear could prowl
in all his majesty fearless of the hunts-i
; man s trusty rifle, and years had rolled j
! "ound for almost couutless ages with:
, no apparent change to the beautiful
, forest ; not even the placid lake bore.
1 caused by any human agency. !
; Finally the bold, daring prospector j
ventured up here, and as their “ finds” j
proved rich, the news snread until the'
. 1 i
little settlement numbered perhaps a'
| cbuple of hundred. Prospectors J
' worked early and late hunting for the i
j “ extensions” and big “leads” that
; were known to exist in this vicinity.
I Everything went along smoothly until
; the Indian scare, which was closely
! followed by a deep winter’s snow,
j which came earlier than usual,catching
i the miner man put of “ grub,” as all 1
! communication with the outside world j
; had been cut off, after the snowfall j
I Consequently we might say that Irwin,!
ior Ruby mining camp, lay dormant
i until about June of this year, as there
were only about forty men remained
in camp all winter, who kept soul and
body together by “ packing” their
grub on their backs from Gunnison, j
a distance of about thirty miles, most |
of the time. j
Since about the middle of June the !
rash commenced and any one that is
familiar with the growth of our town,
is well aware of the rapidity- with
which a full grown little city hath
sprung up in the night time as it were.
Just think of it, sixty days ago there
could not be enough sawed lumber had
in this camp to make an ordinary
coffin, but to-day, we have at least
three blocks of one and two story
houses on Ninth street, some of them
are business houses that would do
credit to the more pretensions cities.
. Among the largest and most important
i business house that one’notices on
upper Ninth street, is that'of
These gentlemen have just com
pleted their large new store building
two doors above the old business
stand, which is twenty-two feet front
Iby ninety feet deep. The front is all
i glass, there being a large plate glass
I window on each side of the large fold
ing doors. The building is sealed
over head and side walls. Both sides
are fitted up with shelving, cne side
for groceries and canned goods, while
the other side will be for dry goods,
clothing and notions.
This is the oldest business house
in Irwin, and one of the oldest in
i Gunnison county, having l>een started
here by Messrs. Field & Kelsey last
summer. These gentlemen closed out
their mercantile business to the enter
prising firm of Shurtleff & Co., who
have by perseverance, energy and
; square dealing, built up an immense
j business, such as will warrant them to
I keep a complete stock of general
i merchandise.
Mr. N. Shurtleff, the senior partner
of the firm, was formerly in business
! at Peoria, Illinois, where he was very j
! successful, and well and favorbly I
; known for many years. Mr. Richard
: Roelfs, the junior partner* is from
I Pekin, Illinois, where his father has'
j been in the mercantile business for j
forty years. These gentlemen have J
also acquired some valuable mining
interests since they have been in busi
ness here, and it is their intention to •
keep a force of miners at work all;
winter, as well as keep one of the
largest stocks of general merchandise
! in the Gunnison country.
; - |
Henry Orr was killed at Pueblo, on j
’the i6th inst., by stumbling against a;
' guy rope and falling upon a needle- ,
pointed crowbar which he had in his 1 1
i hands. The sharp point entered the j.
center of his breast and passed entire
ly through his body. * j
— . • *
Quite a number of wells are being;
! sunk in the city. Tis well. j |
We are indebted to Mr. Will j
! Mallory for many favors during the j
| past week. *
Thfj' arc Prepiriag to Move fi!o fceir
Mammoth Winter Quarters.

Cullom & Co., the popular Tenth
street grocers and hardware mer
chants, having found their present
quarters too small to meet the require
| ments of their immense trade, have
j purchased the large log house, on
Tenth street, near the northeast cor
ner of Ave. E, recently occupied by
J. K. Black & Co. They are having
the building enlarged, a new floor put
in and a shingle roof is being put on,
! These gentlemen are preparing for the
; winter, as tht'y intend to stay with us.
: Their new quarters, when completed,
will be the most commodious and sub
; stantial of any business house in town,
I In a few days they will receive their
; winter’s stock of groceries and hard
j ware, when they will be able to sell
' goods at a figure lower than the low
! est. Call and see them in their new
| quarters, and you will find them social,
I genial and accommodating gentle
men, whom you will be glad to deal
with. Visit the new house.
* ♦
Ycrba Buena Bitters, the gTeat Ca
thartic andjLiver Regulator. Colorado
Ointment, the King Healer and great
■ corrective 1 ot horses’ feet. Colorado
Liniment, for colic, rheumatism and
; pains. For sale, wholesale and retail,
i by 11. T. Banter, Upper Ninthstreet,
Irwin. jo-25
Renshaw & Smith, Contractors.
Headquarters for Assaying at King’s.
Money to loan on personal col
; laterals, by J. J. Smith. Itf
i Get you building done by Renshaw
j & Smith. They are practical workmen.
! A full assortment of ladies' shoes at
j Shurtleff & Co’s. u-tt
For accurate returns take your assays
to W. H. Underwood’s assay office.
The Union Restaurant, Mr. Toen
niges proprietor, is setting up meals at
50 cents each. He sets the best table
in town.
People building will do well to in
quire the price of nails at Shurtleff &
' (Jo’s., before purchasing. 11—it
Charley Renshaw, the man* 1 , with
specs, will take contracts for building
and all kinds of carpenter work.
For prompt and correct Assaying
go to King’s. 10-tf
S. Cullom & Co., Tenth street, Ir
win, Colo., have a full line of Boots
and Shoes, consisting of miners’ fall
flock, Calf Boots, Ladies’ Shoes,
Tewport Ties and fancy Slippers. 9
The best building and contract
work is done by Renshaw & Smith.
, You will find King's Assay office
on Ninth street, cor. avenue I), one
block below the postoffice.
All kinds of jewelry,watches, clock*,
&c., at Matt. I>. Smith & Bro’s., op
posite Post-office.
All assay work is guaranteed correct
at W. H. Underwood's jassay office,
Ninth street, above postoffice. 5-tf
Are you in need of a carpenter?
Well, see Renshaw, the man with specs.
Co to Shurleff & Co's., for your
paints and oils. 11-it
Watch repairing at Matt. D. Smith
& Bro’s., opposite Post-office. Btf
An elegant sideboard, with marble
top and French walnut panels and
mirror, for sale cheap, at Gunnison
Furniture Go's. store. 4t
Jewelry ! jewelry ! jewelry 1 1 at
Matt. I). Smith tic Bros., opposite
Inquire at Shurtleff & Co’s., for
hardware, as he is selling at bottom
prices. 11-it
Furniture of every
mattresses pillows, blankets and com
! forts at bed-rock prices, at Gunnisoft
I Furniture Co’s, store. 8-4 t
Are you going to build ? If so, see
Renshaw & Smith, the boss contrac
. tors. They do the best and chcajK-st
j We will not be undersold. We
; mean just what we say. Call oft us
at Tenth street, Irwin, and price our
goods. We have a large and well se
: lected stock of groceries, provisions,
California canned goods, hardware,
j tinware, crockery, table and pocket
cutlery, tobaccos, cigars, notions,
boots, and shoes, gents' furnishing
goods, etc., etc., Tenth street, Irwin,
Colo. S. Cullom 6c Co. 9
To persons visiting Gunnison City
will do well by stopping at the Cuenin
House, which has recently been
opened in West Gunnison, all newly
furnished and everything first claa.
Tli« following price* were fare label •* bj Mart tf
MinrtMT k Co:
Flour JJI.nO
Corn meal MO
Her iJW
Potato**, Ute
Beef sleek 31 to *i
Hollins Iwf IV
K*-1 *- If.
• reireoe Jrw
Batter, Stele Site
- Bench am
iKnge Sue p *>e
Mem 2n»
Heron *ie
felt rdf lee
Onions li*^*

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