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■ "Stub
Mrs. Courtney TeQs How Sh*
▲ Wu Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
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work for me and I know it will help
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no »i 0.7» •».« alia s».oe
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I TheabornmfUaturE |
g or-wxxr w» «r. mm Yom. rxi-aoe oßttxxv f
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W. N. U. DENVER, NO. 39 -1918.
One Bure Thing.
“Who Is buck of this show?”
•*I don’t know who In hack of It, hut
I know the sheriff Is in front.”
t ilers have been patented by an Illi
nois Inventor to spilt insulation and re*
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Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Washington. Horrified by the
bloody reign of terror in Russia, the
United States Sept. 21 called upon all
allied and neutral nations to consider
what they may do to impress upon
the Bolshevik! the aversion with
which the civilized world regards !
their wanton crimes.
Text of the State Department’s in- !
structlons to the American diplo
“This government is in receipt of
information from reliable sources re- 1
vealing that the peaceable Russian
citizens of Moscow, Potrograd and
other cities' are suffering from an
openly avowed campaign of marked
terrorism and are subject to whole- i
sale executions. Thousands of per
sons have been shot without even a i
form of trial; ill-administered prisons
are filled beyond capacity and every ,
night scores of Russian citizens are
recklessly put to death, and Irrespon
sible bands are venting their brutal
passions in the daily massacre of un
told innocents.
“In view of the earnest desire of
the people of the United States to be
friend the Russian people and lend all
possible assistance in their struggle
to reconstruct their nation upon prin- 1
ciples of democracy and self-govern
ment and acting therefore solely in
the interest of the Russian people
themselves, this government feels that
it cannot be silent or refrain from ex
pressing its horror at this state of
terrorism. Furthermore it believes
that In order to check the further in
crease of the indiscriminate slaugh
ter of Russian citizens all civilized
nations should register tlielr abhor
rence of such barbarism.
“You will Inquire, therefore, wheth
er the government to which you are
accredited will be disposed to take
some immediate action which is en
tirely devoid from the atmosphere of
belligerency and the conduct of the
war, to impress upon the perpetrators
of these crimes the aversion with
which' civilisation regards their pres
ent wanton acts.”
Allenby’s Forces in Palestine Advance
Sixty Miles in Four Days—Cap
ture 18,000 Turks.
London. Sept. /IS. —Nineteen Ger
man airplanes have been accounted
for by British airmen, while the Brit
ish themselves have lost but eleven
macnines. according to Field Mjarshal
Haig’s report.
Gen. Allenby’s forces in Palestine
in less than four days have swept
forward In the center from
their original positions between the
River Jordan and taken the famous
Nazareth, while their wings closed In
a swift enveloping movement and
nipped within the maw of the great
pincer all the Ottoman forces in the
coastal sector, the plain of Sharon,
the hill region in the center and also
the western Jordan valley. More than
18,000 Turks have been made prisoner
by the British /and guns in excess of
120 have been taken. In addition,
great quantities of war stores hava
been captured.
Allied troops are progressing satis
factorily In breaking down the de
fenses of St Quentin. On the north
the British are fighting in the Hinden
burg positions and pressing toward the
canal between St. Quentin and Cam
bral, while on the south the French
are moving forward steadily. St.
Quentin, as a result of last week’s op
erations, is In a more serious position
from the enemy viewpoint than prob
ably at any time since the beginning
of the war.
Southwest of Metz, where the French
and Americans recently cleared the St.
Mihtel salient, the Germans have
started further fires.
The allied stroke in central Mace
donia, which opened with the expul
sion of the Bulgarians from the im
portant Sokol position, is developing
successfully on a wide front. Addition
al Bulgarian prisoners have been
taken by the Serbs, who also have lib
erated ten more towns.
Grand Junction Bw*pt by Fire.
Grand Junction, Cqjo.—Fire, be
lieved to be of incendiary origin, with
suspicioni) directed toward pro-Ger
man sympathisers, destroyed the Rio
Grande ice house and freight depot
and threatened to wipe out the entire
business section of the city Sunday aft
ernoon. The property loss Is estimated
at between 8260.000 and SBOO,OOO. while
no eetima.te la yet obtainable on the
loea to merchandise. Most of the loss
will be sustained by the railroad com
Paramount Duty to Aid Work of
Selective Boards.
Can Perform Great Service to Coun
try by Helping Work of Classifying
Under the Se
lective Service Act.
I*rovost Marshal •General Crowder
lias made public a communication nd
i dressed to employees of labor and oili
er representatives of industry through
out the country concerning their share
of~ responsibility In the classification
of the new registrant muter the se
lective service act.
General Crowder says:
I have noticed, in the general ex- |
presslons Of the public attitude which
reach this office, two frequent features j
which lend me to the present com
ments. One of these features Is the j
belief that the process of awarding de- .
ferred classification to a registrant re
! quires merely the filling out of the
l questionnaire, and that the selective j
! service boards will perceive the pro- ;
priety of making the deferment, wlth-
J out the assistance furnished by the*
1 registrant’s formal claim Indicating
1 the deferment desired. The other fea
ture Is the employer’s failure to real- j
ize his responsibility to intervene In
, aiding the board’s determination, and
therefore to Inform himself fully on Till ;
i the considerations which should affect
I lho decision ns to deferment,
i 1. As to the first mentioned belief. |
It must be out that if it were ;
j universally acted upon, the process of j
! classification would be seriously bam- i
;>ered and delayed. Someone must In- j
,'liente that the Individual ease is one
which should arrest the special atten- j
1 tion of the boards In respect to the reg- ;
Ist rant’s occupational status. The j
hoards do not possess a superhuman i
Din n I sconce.
Boards Will Make Examination.
i The hoards will do all that they pos
sibly can. on tlielr own Initiative, to
reach a Just decision by a complete ex
amination of the questionnaire, even
where no claim Is expressly made. A
registrant Is therefore at liberty. If he
sees fit. to trust to the scrutiny of the
boards to discover the necessity for ills
Nevertheless, the boards will wel
come and will need nil tin* aid that can
be furnished by the Indication of a
claim made for deferment. With this
aid. Jhe process will become a simple
and speedy one.
2. Why should the employer, or oth
er third person. In such eases, make
the claim? Because the employer In
this situation represents the nation,
because (In the statutory phrase)
“the maintenance of the military es
tablishment or of national Interest
during the emergency” requires that
! some well-advised third person shonld
look after that national Interest, which
the registrant himself may not have
sufficiently considered.
I It Is often forgotten that the selec
tive draft Is only one element In the
depletion of a particular Industry’s
i man-power. A second and large ele
i inent Is found In the voluntary with
drawals for enlistment: how large this
Is may be seen from the circumstance
that the total Inductions lry draft have
reached some 2.000.000, while the total
enlistments In army and navy amount
to some 1,400,000 —nearly three-quar
ters as many. A third elen&ent. very
large, but unknown as to Its precise
extent. Ims been the transfer of labor
power from one Industry to nnotlier.
namely. Into the distinctively war In
dustries offering the Inducement of
higher wages. How relatively small.
In actual effect, has been the effect of
the selective drnft Is seen in the fart
that, for all the occupations represent
ed In the 8.700.000 classified regis
trants of Jnnuary, 1018, the j»ercen
tage of the entire industrial popula
tion represented by the class 1 regis
trants amounted to only 0 per rent. It
ran ns low ns 3 per rent for some oc
cupations. and correspondingly higher
for some other occupations; but the
national average was only 0 i»er rent.
Any notably larger depletion in partic
ular Industries must therefore have
been due, partly to enlistments, and In
probably greater degree, to voluntary
transfers Into- other Industries.
Must Remember Nation's Needs.
These other Influences are therefore
to he kept in mind by employers and t
others, In weighing th£ question wheth- j
er the best solution, In the national ,
Interest. Is to ask for the deferment j
of individuals or groups of men. Such
deferments may assist the Immediate .
situation in the particular establish- I
ment; but they merely force the army
and the navy to seek elsewhere for the
same number of men thus deferred.
The quantitative needs of the
military forces are known and ini?
peratlve; and any given quantity of
"deferments will ultimately have to be
made up by the depletion of some
other occupation. Thus It becomes
the employer’s duty to consider these
aspects of deferment. In seeking that
solution of his own problem which best
comports with the national Interest.
The cessation of enlistment*} will
henceforth protect Industry against
one .Irregular and uncontrollable
source of derangement. It will corre
spondingly throw upon the selective
service system the greater responsi
bility foi an iiiieliijceiit and discrim
inating selection made in llie light of
Industrial groups of workers. To ful
fill this responsibility they must now
prepare themselves even more care
fully than hitherto. They will find
the hoards heartily ready to cooperate
with the utmost, :
Papers Secured by U. S. Show
Treachery of Bolshevik
Documents Given ftfember of Commit
tec on Public Information Also
Reveal How Germany Plotted
Against U. S. ir^l9l4.
Washington.—Proofs removing uuy
doubts that Nicolai Lenlne and Leou
Trotzky, the bolshevik leaders, are
paid German agents —If Indeed any
doubts have remained —are laid before
the world by the United States gov
ernment In an amazing series of Dtli
eiul documents disclosed through the
committee on public Information.
Secured in Russia by 12dgnr G. Sis
son, representing the committee (who
was In that country during last win
ter. 1917-18) these documents not only
show how the German government
through its Imperial hank paid its gold
to Lenlne, Trotzky, and their Imme
diate associates to betray Russia into
deserting her allies, but give added
proofs that Germany had perfected he**
plans for a war of world conquest long
before the assassinations at Sarajevo,
which conveniently furnished her pre
Hun Plots Against America.
These documents further show that
before'!ho world war was four mouths
old, and more than two years before
the United States was drown into it
(in 1914). Germany already was set
ting afoot her plans to “mobilize de
structive agents and observers” to
cause explosions, strikes, and outrages
in this country, and planned the em
ployment of “anarchists and escaped
criminals” for the purpose.
Almost ranking in their sensational
nature with the notorious Zinmier
uuiii note pro|H»sing war by Mexico
and Japan upon the United Stales,
these documents lay bare new strata
of Prussian Intrigue, a new view of
the workings of kuittir to disrupt the
allies standing between tin* world up«l
Hnlsorisui. They disclosed also a new
story of human treachery for gold.
The Intrigue appears to have been
curried down to the last detail of ar
rangement with typical German sys
Revolution Staged by Berlin.
Not only do the disclosures prove
that Lenlne, Trotzky, and their band
are paid German agents. They show
that the bolshevik revolution, which
threw Russia Into such org.v of mur
der and excesses as the world seldom
has seen, actually was arranged l»y
the German general staff.
They show how the paid agents of
Germnny betrayed Russia at the Hrest
l.itovsk "peace” conference; how Ger
man stuff officers have been secretly
received by the bolshevik! as military,
advisers; how they have acted as
upon the embassies of the nations
with which Russia was allied or at
peace; how they have directed the
bolshevik foreign, domestic nmf' eco
nomic policy wholly in the Interest of
Germany, and to the shuttle and deg- j
nidation of Russia. I
Originals of documents, photographs
of originals, and typewritten circulars,
some of them marked “very secret”
or “private,” and many of them bear
ing the annotations of the bolshevik
lenders themselves; some of them con
taining references to ‘‘Comrade Trotz
ky” or “Comrade Lenlne” comprise the
Some of the originals. It Is shown,
qlthoiigh deposited in the archives of (
the bolshevik!, were required to he
returned later to representatives of j
the German general staff in Petrograd
tliut they might he destroyed. j
Lonc*vn Press Asserts Austria's Peace
Conference Is Cynical and
London. —The Dally Mull, under the
heading “The Word Austria, but
the Kaiser’s Voice.” says the Austrian
Invitation to the allies to open “a con
fidential. nonbinding discussion” of
j>ence terms is another form of the old
German trick.
The Dally Telegraph says: “Nego
tiations at the present moment even
though they brought temporary peace
wouhl only postpone the final struggle
between might and right. So long as
the kaiser and his pan-Germans direct
with Irresistible authority the destinies
of Germnny so long con there be no
question of an armistice or purely
academic negotiations. The note is dis
ingenuous, cynical, and Insincere—an
attempt to divert the entente powers
from a resolute prosecution of the
The Austrian note is regarded In
this country as a maneuver to obtain
needed breathing space for the sorely
tried central empires and to impress
their own people with the desires of
their rulers for a cessation of the
struggle which is wearing them to a
Undoubtedly it Is a part of a com
bined peace offensive which has been
expected for some time, and which has
taken definite form within the last
few days. It Is one of three moves
which have been made almost simul
taneously by enemy states.
A. A. Alice, eighty, nns served 82
/ears as an assistant secretary of
itate of the United States.
A New Way to Shavo
Tender skins twice a day without Irri
tation by using Cuticura Boap* the
'‘Cutlcuru Way.” No slimy mag, germs,
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ton.” At druggists and by mall. Soap
25, Ointment 25 nnd 50. —Adv.
Of New York’s regular police force
1,000 are fighting In France.
Be happy. Use Red Crons Bag Bine;
much better than liquid blue. Delights
•he laundress. All grocers. Adv.
It's not tiie backsets that set a man
back so hopelessly as the upsets.
What is Castoria
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Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither
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| The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
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90 years, has borne the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher, and has been made under
,iis personal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “Juat-as-Good” are bat Experiments that
trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and ~
Children—Experience against Experiment. /s* s _
Genuine Castoria always bears the signature of ' /•CwgAW
Should Say Not.
"It’s nil right to pay us you go," ob
served the ill most philosopher, "hut If j
j you have to pay 25 cents street car
I fare to get there and hnek, the chances
: ure you Won’t go.”
1 j
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Sick and Suffer
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people all over the land who are weak,
aB nervous, all tired and dragged out.
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Scenes of Prosperity
Arc Common in Western Canada
" • The thousands of U. S. farmer, who have accaptaS B
, . a
mlJr 'lSsI bountiful crop, of wheat and othar grain,. ■
Where you can buy goad farm laud nt 111 a SSS' ■
par acra— cat SS a huaMlar wham and nfca S»W I
4S buaMa In tho acre you are bound to make aaaoajr B
EHKiSK Ml —that - , what you can do In Weatarn Canada V
Alberta*” 01 M«d«nba. Saskatchewan or B
and oUMr *•“* S -cry low price. gSMSemB
Durlnf many years Canadian ■ li
JHLI wheathamarermed2obuahda E 1 -SK
Mi SM to the acru—nawyfclda aa Mrh aa
■Ollrv *1 a, WamKfni
rJabS* > <Sooa
particular*aa^ojwdeCTd raOwayrataato
Canadian Government Agent
Catarrhal Daafncaa Comm! Be CvW
by local appUcatioa* os titay oannot riack
the diseased portion of th* astr. Ther* m
only one way to cure Catarrhal Dssfnsj*.
and that !a by a constitutional remedy-
through th«» Blood on the Mucous Surfaced
of the System. Catarrhal Doafnao# *•
caused by an Inflamed condition of tha
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube la Inflamed you hava »
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, an*
when ft la entirely closed. Deafness fa tho
result. Unless the inflammation be f#*
duced and thla tube restored to Its nor
mal condition, hearing may bo destroy a®
forever. Many rases of Deafnsss ano
caused by Catarrh, which la an Inflamoff
condition of the Mucous Surfaces.
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by HALL’S CATARRH
All Dnigirists 75c. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
A. H. WuMgatt seventy-two, Ims
ttreff after 44 years as keeper of Proa
pect Harbor (Me.) lighthouse.
The difference between dignity itntl
conceit Is that true dignity never Is
Philadelphia convicts want to !»»• .sent
to France to fight.

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