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Unlike Topsy—
Swift & Company
Ha* Not “Jest Growed”
Swift & Company, in fifty years of well
'ordered growth, has become one of the
great national services because it has
learned to do something for the American
people which they needed to have done
for them, in the way in which they
preferred to have it done.
It has met each successive demand, in
the changing conditions of national life,
by getting good meat to increasing mil
lions effectively, efficiently, economically,
and expeditiously.
The Swift & Company packing plants,
refrigerator cars, car routes, branch
houses, organization, and personnel of
today are the practical solutions, born of
practical experience, to the food problems
of half a century.
Because of all these elements working in
correlation and unison, Swift & Company
is able to supply more and better meat to
more people than would have been pos
sible otherwise, at a net profit per pound of
meat so low (a fraction of a cent) that the
consumer price is practically unaffected.
Strip away any portion of this vast,
smooth-running human machine, and you
make a large part of the meat supply
uncertain, lose the benefit of half a century
of fruitful experience, and scatter the
intelligent energies of men who have
devoted a life work toward meeting the
needs of a nation in one vital field. ,
Ths booklet of precedingchapters in this story of
N the pecking industry will bs mailed on request to
Swift ft Company. *
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
One Dose of the Guaranteed Blackleg Vaccine
Mad* by Dr. O. M. Franklin. the originator, (a GUARANTEED TO PROTECT A CALP POR LIFE
AGAINST BLACKLEG. It hat stood tha tost for over four years on ever a million calves and our uasrs
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goo Uvw Stock Esckuaa Bids. DENVER. COLO.
Inaidioua Peraister.ee.
“You don’t seem to pay any ntten
-tlon to these germs.”
“I don’t talk about ’em any more
than Is necessary,” answered Doc
Brnney. “I take all possible precau
tions and then try to Ignore ’em. The
meanest thing about a germ Is that If
he can’t attack‘you anywhere else, he
tries to get on your mind."
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
carihot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh la a local disease, greatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. HALL’S
CATARRH MEDICINE will cure catarrh.
It Is taken Internally and acts through
the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the
Is composed of some of the best tonics
known, combined with some of the beet
blood purifiers. The perfect-combination
of the Ingredients In HALL’S CATARRH
MEDICINE Is what produces such won
derful results In catarrhal conditions.
Druggists TBc. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney ft Co., Props., Toledo, O.
“The young lady you admire has a
regular flower face.”
“Yes; Isn’t she a daisy?”
Rdy On Cnticnra
A Slovak butcher, working at
some German beudquurters in the St.
Mlhlel salient and blissfully uncon
scious of Impending doom, hail breezed
Into 'fblaucourt, where there was the
equivalent of a depot quartermaster,
to buy him some supplies, when lie
found himself gazing on three Yankee
“I was mighty scared at first.” he
said, “but they had no sooner spoken
than I found they were Slovaks, too.
You must have all nationalities In your
army. Well, they gave me an orange,
they gave me a piece of chocolate, they
gave me a cigarette, and here I am.”
—Purls Stars and Stripes.
Don’t worry about old age. Don’t worry
about being in other people’a way when
you are getting on in years. Keep your
body in good condition and you can be as
hale and hearty in your old daya as you
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The kidneys and bladder are the causes
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poisonous wastes from the system and
avoid uric acid accumulations. Take GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules periodical
ly and you will find that the system will
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spirits will be enlivened, your muscles
mads strong and your face have ones
more the look of youth and health.
New life, fresh strength and health will
come as you continue this treatment. When
your first vigor has bean restored continue
for awhile taking a capsule or two each
day. They will keep you in condition and
prevent a return of your troubles.
Trust and P«ar Nat.
**H« SBltb, ‘A whol« I planned, Toutt
■bows bat half; treat God — aca all.
nar ba afraid.’ Bromine
Women who live nea£ the canton
ments have found several ways of mak
ing themselves very helpful to the boys
stationed In their vicinity. So many of
the boys hove left home for the first
time and so many of them miss the
homemade bread, pies, cookies and
things that mother used to make.
Women who cannot give time away
from home to canteen work ore milk
ing themselves popular with the sol
di* r lads by huklng for them. They
make sandwiches of homemade bread
and boiled ham or other meats, nnJ
oil sorts of pi os. Of course It Is nec
essary to charge enough for them to
cover the expense both of the mate
rials and the fuel and those who have
tried the experiment huve sold the
sandwiches for ten cents each and a
generous piece of pie for the same
price. The boys will spend their
money for things to eat and consider
good, substantial homemade things a
special dispensation of Providence.
Women who have tried this have won
their way Into the hearts of many a
Ultra Smart Cape of Mink Fur
Among the high-priced furs that may
be regarded as a really sufe and good
Investment. Russian sable and mink
have placed themselves firmly In the
minds of women, ns unquestioned.
They are about as secure as a gov
ernment bond and must inevitably In
crease In price, since the Increase In
wealth and in demand for fine furs
outstrips that in available pelts. Even
In these times women do not regard
the finest furs ns a luxury and do not
anticipate that their price will he low
ered nfter the war. Furriers sell
rendll.v all the skins they have bought
and made up and wish there were
more of them.
In selecting garments made of ex
pensive skins It Is host to pick out
the most conservative designs ottered
by dealers—so that the style ,wlll be
good from year to year. Fine furs,
like jewels, do not need to chnnge with
the changing modes, If they do not
belong too palpably to one season. The
long, Tfraceful and very beautiful cape
shown In the illustration Is the sort
of garmenj that may he worn yenr In
nnd year out. It hns n vokp In which
the skins run horizontally, joined to a
body with skins In which the dark
markings run up and down. There are
slashes In each side through which the
arms slip when the cape Is fastened
up the front. This is n magnificent
rape—made of sable or mink—lt Is a
treasure to outlnst a lifetime nnd Is
to he cared for as befits Its character.
Small capes or scarfs, with muffs to
match, In the best furs, lend an nlr of
elegance to the costume that will al
ways be a satisfaction to their wear
ers. A little neckpiece of ermine casts
a luster of splendor about It. It la the
power of suggestion more than their
warmth that makes rich furs desirable
In the eyes of women—to whom Tenny
son assures us splendor Is dear.
There are certain beautiful but
short-lived furs that are for those
whose resources make generous allow
ances for dress, without Interfering
with expenditures for even'more es
sential things. Nearly all furs—if well
eared for—will outlast many seasons
and prove a good Investment. Some
ef them wear for yean; as marten
and mink, saMa, Persian lamb, otter
land others: these are a good invest
hoy who Is a little hungry for bis
mother’s cooking and a little homesick
without acknowledging It.
Some of the Ited Cross chapters are
making hospital sllppen for con
valescent soldiers of scraps of linoleum
and wornout trousers, of heavy wool
cloth. It Is remarkable the way In
which the war Is teaching people how
to utilize things that used to go to
waste. The soles of the slippers are
cut from the hits of linoleum, the fig
ured side to be the outside. The
linoleum may be somewhat the worse
for wear and still he used for these
slipper soles. The uppers are cut
from the good parts of worn trousers.
They ar® made In different sizes and
, shapes. Directions for cutting them
can be obtained through the Red Croaa
chapters. Soft Insoles such ns aro
used for bedroom slippers or Insoles
of warm fabrics make them more com
fortable. Our casualty lists are grow
ing large and English casualties are
much larger. Every woman will be
glad td volunteer to do work of this
kind for the comfort of the wounded
inent for anyone. Others by coihpsrt
son are short lived—or “soft" furs.
Mole skin is most beautiful, but as
compnred to mink or senlsklu for In
stance. It Is fragile. That does not
stand In the way of Its popularity, es
pecially In small garments, with wom
en of fashion, to whom durability Is a
secondary consideration. A very love
ly and luxurious coat of mole skin Is
shown nbovc. ,Whcn one thinks of the
number of tiny skins that must be
sewed together for this capacious gar
ment, the Item of labor in making It
looms large. It Is a royal coat and a
wide collar of ermine Is not too splen
did to finish It nt the nock. The pock
ets are generous In size and banded
nt the top with ermine, the sleeves
roomy and flaring.
Egyptian In Effect.
The Egyptian is said to be the dom
inant Influence In the new materials
foi hangings. Fabrics with this type
of ornamentation have their use In
certain places, but ns In the case of
the drnp de guerre they require a
clever hand when the pnttern Is of de
cided Egyptian origin. Unless guided
by an expert the average woman
would do well to he satisfied with an
odd piece done In these novel
ties. Frequently they are most effec
tive when employed as bunds on a
natural-toned fabric or on a two-toned
stripe. Entire hangings or whole sets
covered with these designs are likely
to prove too heavy, and one soon tires
of them.
Plain Tailor-Mades.
The ultra-smart suit for young wom
en this autumn Is severely plain and
qnlte distinctly mannish; a trim, un
belted coat without pockets and with
narrow notched collar —no extra ma
terial anywhere, certainly not fa the
straight, narrow skirt that falls Just
over the top of the walking boot.
Tliere la a military trigness about
these plain, beautiful tailored suits
that appeals to the busy girl about on
war work business moat of the day.
■ gg—ps—i -
I We will win this war~*
I Nothing else really matters until we dot
I Meanwhile:
I The Flavor Lasts
Bettor no medicine nt nil In all forms of Distemper that
. the wrong kind.
VAX USMI ZD/ Is the RIGHT Kiel. Hcrwera Know This Whea TIN
Have Oaoa Tried It.
All drusslata. horse goods houses and manufacturers sell It.
SPOHIf MEDICAL CO, Gashes, U 4, U. B. A.-
Acid-Stomach Makes
Millions Old Before
Their Time
What (• It that robe so many people of Into avsrr pert of the mrstsm. Tb l *
their vitality, youth and good looka— famous scientist Mctchntkuff. said —lf
makes them all In and dccroplt. years the ayatem could be kept free from tfceer
before their .time? Borne say It's thru- toxic germ*, people might eeatig Bee a
ni«tl*m that la ailing them. Others com- hundred years or more,
plain of chronic atomach or liver trouble. The only aafe thing to do la to lid the
other* aro bilious. I.lfe la a burden to stomach nt Its excess acid at ooca. A
multitudes of dyspeptics. Severe heed- way has bees found lu the WoaSarful
ache, extreme nervouaticw. Insomnia. pn>paratl<>n. called EATONIO—• com
ments! depression, melancholia, anemia. preaaed compound that absorbs the ex
dixxlneps, vertigo, heart end chest pain*. «*«» acid and carries It sway through
constipation, etc., claim other multitude*. the bowels. Thousands upon thousand.)
Sometimes these people are downright now know of EATONIO aad tta amazing
sick. More frequently they are Just power to clean otat the esc sea add and
weak, sickly and unlit, not knowing ex- leave the stomach sweet, cool and
actly what Is the matter with them. strung—giving It a chance to properly
Nearly always they resort to medicines digest food so that you got fun strength
of one kind or another In the hope <>r of W hat you eat ami In this way help
petting back their health anil strength. Nature build up vigorous health, strength
And nearly always they arc dUrppoint- vitality to take the place la a few
ed. because medicines don't build strength days, of sickness, lassitude, weakness,
unless they set the stomach free from iriTdVfn in worth vour trial Its
rat'oAhJ'fradhm° '*’* poMlbUltle* for tralorln, kMltb. »Uor.
I trails!. 117—held mouth—th.t th. .01.1 ■* »ord«—7<m ratt JuM
formed by the fermentation of small “• v
particles of fo«si lodged In the teeth la BATOXIO Is absolutely guaranteed, bj
powerful' enough to eat right through get a big 00c box from your druggist.. If
the hard enamel. An acid-stomach pre- it does hot help you your money will be
aenta a similar condition. Excess r.cld refunded. If your druggist does not k< ep
retards digestion. Fo-xl In the stomxcli EATONIO. Bend your name aad address to
sours and ferments, catwing pain. Ooses the. Eutonic Remedy Company. 1018 8.
affect the heart action. The pmestlne-i Wabash Are., Chicago. IIL. sod they will
become the breeding place tar countless at once mill you a BOe bug and you can
millions of deadly germs or toxic poison*. send them the money for It after you re-
These poisons are carried by tho blood celve it.
Something Wrong Somewhere.
Mr. Clout read in a puper that di
gestion is stl inula ted l»y talk nnd
laughter ut meal times; he cogltuted
over the idea, and tinully addressed
his faintly thus:
“Now. this keeping mum ut meals
hns got to stop. You hear me, you
girls. You begin to tell stories, anti
keep up agreeable sort of talk like;
uml you boys, laugli and be jdlly or
I'll take anti dust your jackets yvlth
the strap till you can’t stand. Now be
gin !”
And yet. somehow the Jollity scented
Dixie, the French poodle, was bark
ing noisily and wagging hls~tßll at the
same time.
“Oh,” % cried little Lucy, “Dixie Is
erom at one end and happy at the
HaftH*t Got Far.
**l hear you are learning to-fly.”
“No. I am merely studying It."—
Pearson's Weekly.
Bed Grass Bag Blna asakaa the laandrsaa
feato S °°* tM
Mistakes will huppen. but to let an
avoidable mistake happen is gross
Look out for Span
ish Influenza.
At .the first sign of
a colct take
•tasted cold resasdy for tOysaru Is toft
fans Baft.—e.aoopiates breaks up a oold
vNth Bfr. ftr» platan. AtAODnslMag
For Cough* and Colds
take a tried sad tasted ramady sea that
*cU promptly &ud uffcrtfrrir c«wtflws
bo opiate*. You *at that remedy by aaktearflir
nm— - iiwin
W, N. U* DENVER, NO. 4

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