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Elk Mountain Pilot
Entered as Second Class Matter at
the Postoffice at Crested Butte, Cola
RAWALT & POTTER, Publishers
Subscription $2 a year
Gunnison News
From The Empire
Ray Slane was in town Saturday
from Doyleville.
Mrs. John Clifford is reported on
the sick list this week.
Frank Hirdman was a visitor in t
town Saturday and Sunday.
Jesse Trickle motored down from
Pitkin Saturday on business.
Casper Pressler motored down from I
Baldwin Monday on business.
K. E. Tillotson took the east bound
train for Denver Friday evening.
—o —
Dr. Mackintosh is spending a few
days in the Capital city this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hatch came
down from Doyle Monday on business.
Mrs. Keelor and family spent Sun
day in Parlin visiting B. F. McDon
Miss Madeline Matthews was a vis
itor in town from Pitkin Sunday and
Frank Dunn and wife motored in
from Powderhorn Monday, returning
the same day.
Misses May and Eliza Hughes re
turned from a very pleasant week
in Denver Tuesday.
Patsy O’Neil returned from Grand
Junction Monday and Forded to
Ciested Butte that evening.
Mrs. Effie Lashbrook went to Cas
tleton Monday to spend a few days
on the ranch with her son Herbert.
Patsy O’Neil went to Grand Junc
tion Saturday to spend a few days
and join the K. C. lodge at that place.
Frank Dice and family and Mrs.
Leonard Nisbeth motored down from
their ranch near Ohio City Tuesday.'
Ralph Stone and Oscar Doyle went
to Mitchell’s ranch via the horseback
route Sunday to bring down some
—o —
The dnncp at Parlin Saturday night
was well nttendcd by Gunnistm young
folks and they all report a jolly K°f<l
Tom Noble, wife and son motored
down from their ranch on Razor !
creek Saturday evening, returning i
Wm. Little and family and sister
Mrs. J. D. Kramer of Salida, motored
down ‘from their ranch near Parlin
l,e© Lehman and wife and Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Pullens and children, mo
tored down from the ranch Monday
on business.
Mr. Wm. Seats was a passenger on
the west-bound train enroute to the
San Juan country, where he expects
to spend the summer.
. Tom Dean and father nnd Mr. Ross
man went to Crested Butte to give
theii little musical nt the theatre
there Saturday night.
Little Louise McDermott celebrated
her eighth birthday Sunday by invit
ing her little friends to her home and
serving delicious refreshments.
Bud White of Pitkin, came home
from the U. S. service and surprised
his many friends here Tuesday. Bud
looks fine and is glad to get home.
—o —
M rs. Ruby Corum is behind the
counter at the Collins Store this week
while Mr. Collins and wife are spend
ing a week in Boulder and Denver.
Max Warner went to Saguache Sun
day to visit relatives after spending
the winter here. He will return in a
few days to accept a position in the
garage here.
The small child of Lewis Neil of
Spencer, got its hand caught in the
cogs on the washing machine a few
days ago nnd two of the fingers on
the right hand were badly mashed.
The ranch home of Mr. Alcorn on
Tomichi creek was sold this week to
Mr. Jones who has recently come
from the San Luis valley. Mr. Jones
is a brother of Mrs. Clinton Spencer.
Clarence Adams returned from
Denver the latter part of the week
and reports Mrs. Adams doing ex
ceptionally well after the serious op
eration she has just recently under
gone at a Denver hospital.
J. H. Avard drove over from Sa
guache Saturday, returning Monday.
Mr. Avard is still with the Baker
Steamer Co. of Pueblo, and is very
much pleased with %#»e outlook of the
company’s success. He expects to go
to Pueblo the last of this week to get
a transfer to some other state.
Mrs. J. V. McClenathan came down
’ from Crested Butte Monday and left
; that night for Denver. Her husband
followed a day or so later with a car
of horses. They go to New Mexico,
where they wil make their future
home. A host of friends will regret
their departure, which is occasioned
partly by Mr. McClenathan’s health,
and* partly by the offer of a very de
sirable situation there.
Oscar Johnson received the sad
news Monday by telegram that his
i father had died at the ripe old ago of
■■ 91 years, at his home in Mercer coun
j ty, Illinois. It was too late for Mr.
; Johnson to catch the east-bound train
so he decided not to go to attend the
| funeral. He had visited his father
two years ago.
—i) —
! On Thursday morning of this week
Mrs. W. A. Keelor nnd daughter
j Louise, Mrs. Kate Rader, and Mr.
Charles made an early depar-
I ture for Idaho Springs where they
will spend a few days visiting with
Mr. Keelor who is supervisor of the
“Little Mattie” mine there.
—o —
Mrs. D. M. Huntington was visit
ing in town Saturday and Sunday.
She departed with her daughter Lola
and son Bryan for Denver Monday
where she will visit a few days and
then go to Nebraska where they will
spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Sampliner have <
been enjoying a short visit from Dr.
W. E. Sampliner and wife of Cleve
land, Ohio. They boarded the east
bound train Thursday enroute to i 1
their home.
—o —
Mrs. Joe Eilebrecht and son How
ard, returned from the Red Cross
hospital last Wednesday. Friends
are very glad to know that Howard '
is feeling much better since his op- 1
Bruce Hartman and wife visited a
few days with relatives here on their
way from Paradox Valley. They left
Monday evening for Ottawa, Canada,
to visit Mrs. Hartman’s relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lehman started
to Denver in their Buick Wednesday
morning. They will spend several
days in the Capital City where Mrs.
licliman will consult an occulist.
Mrs. Emma Archer and daughter,
boarded the east hound train Thurs- 1
1 day evening for Pueblo, where she
will join her husband who has just
returned from U. S. Service.
Mrs. Chas. Whinnery returned to (
her home on the Lake Fork Saturday. 1
Her sister, Mrs. Harry Endner, and,
Billy accompanied her to visit sev- 1
oral days on the ranch.
The attendance nt our Normal
School is increased 40% this term in
: spite of the flu epidemic and other j
j distracting deterrents. This we call
j a pretty fair record.
Mrs. C. Helfrich and son nnd Mrs.
O’Neill motored down with Jim Buzz
Wednesday evening from Crested
Butte to look after some business
and visit friends.
—o —
Mrs. W. A. Keelor motored to Sills
j ville Wednesday evening with Joe
Kreuger who has been detained here
1 for several days on account of a dog
bitten arm.
Mrs. McKinney returned from Sa
lida with her daughter Mabel who
was operated on nt the Red Cross
Thorne Downey has received a po
sition at the Scott ranch near Crooks
ton and will leave for there soon.
Miss Bessie Gibbons nnd brother
Frank Stephenson and John Corbett
motored down from Doyle Monday.
Mrs. Smith and Rota Berryhill came
down from Pitkin Thursday morning
to spend a few days visiting.
Miss Emma McDonough came in on
the evening train Thursday to spend
a few days visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Johnson and
family were business visitors from
Cochetopa last Wednesday.
Mrs. Frank Andrews and daughter
were down from their ranch on Ohio
creek Thursday.
— <t —
Ed Kearney and A. Malmberg mo
tored to Pitkin on business Saturday
W. A. Sheldon and wife motored j
down from Doyle Monday on business.
Mrs. Joe Riley left Sunday for Salt
Ijike City for a visit with her parents.
Ed Huff and family were down
from Ohio City Tuesday on business.
J. J. Shackleford returned Wednes
day from a business trip to Denver.
Verne Brown and family motored
down from Parlin Monday evening.
Miss Gladys Walker came doi\n
from the Scobey ranch Saturday.
Edwin McCully riade a business
trip to our city Thursday.
Mr. McMeekip took the east-bound
, train for Denver Sunday.
John McKinney is reported on the
sick list this week.
D. T. Sapp went to Denver last
Friday on a business trip.
J. H. and H. W. McDonald were
down from Doyleville Saturday.
Ted Stephenson of Doyleville, was
in our city on business this week.
Jesse Trickle motored in from Pit
kin Thursday moning on business.
Mrs. E. C. Middlebrook came down
from Crested Butte Saturday on busi
Mr. Juan Quintana and Mary Scott
motored in from Doyleville last
—o —
Ernest Bowers was a business vis
itor to our city last Wednesday, from
Edgar Willson and lady friends
were down from the Buttes in their
new car Friday.
Carlton Sills entertained eight of
his friends at a six o’clock dinner
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quintana and ,
family were business visitors from
Parlin on Wednesday.
Earl Carpenter has sold his ranch
on the lower Gunnison, and purchased
another on East Elk creek.
Mrs. Kelley entertained at a dinner
party Sunday evening in honor of Mr.
Quigley, who has just returned from
The Ladies’ Guild will give a dance
at the I. O. O. F. Hall. Saturday eve
ning, May 31. Admission SI.OO, war
tax added.
Mr. McCord came up from Tola
Wednesday and after looking after
business matters here, motored on to
Crested Butte, returning Thursday.
Dr. E. M. Russell, of Crested Butte,
has decided to move to Gunnison nnd
locate here permanently. He will
come as soon as ho can secure a res
Dean Quigley left early in the week
for Portland. Oregon, where he will
visit his mother a couple of weeks,
after which ho will be hero with the
Mrs. Josie Roberts cam© in from
Grand Junction Wednesday evening to
visit her sister, Mrs. Dollie Jones.
I loiter she will visit her brother. Rob
! ert Vidal, near Sapinero.
I Mrs. Chas. Hnzelhurst went to i
1 Grand Junction Thursday ns a rep- i
I resentative from the Episcopal Guild '
j of Gunnison, to the State Convocation !
| which is held nt that place May 23.1
| 24, and 25.
Dr. Sullivan has received the word j
'from Geo. Damson that he left Ger- j
j many on the 11th, landed in the U. S. 1
I on the 20th, and will be mustered out
j on the 30th, nt Camp Custer, Mich.
; He will arrive here in time to attend
I the summer school. He came over in
j tho Leviathan.
Report of Woman’s Victory Loan
The record of the Woman’s Victory :
Loan Committee has changed from
activity to history a history of which
every worker may be justly proud.
That $50,050 or nearly 40 r I of the
entire quota for the county should be
subscribed by women in a county
where there is no 'woman’s pay-roll
speaks for itself as to the stick-to
itiveness and the patriotism, as well
as the business snpacity of the women.
The returns show that bonds I
amountinp to $58,200 were subscribed
bv the women throuph the workers, j
while $12,250 were subscribed by j
women throuph the banks.
The followinp are the districts and
the Lieutenant*, topether with the i
amount subscribed:
Gunnison, Mrs. S. P. Spencer. .$20,850
Cunninpham, Mrs.Geo.Anderson 1.150
Fairview, Mrs. Veta Easterly. . 750
Parnpon, Mrs. Ed Wiley 100
Whitepine, Mrs. Anna McMahon 1,050
Doyleville. Miss Bessie Gibbons 750 j
Pitkin. Mrs. John Schuttler ... 2,600 !
Cr. Butte, Mrs. Victor Benson 3,750 |
Jack’s Cabin, Mrs. Carra Spann 850
Parlin, Miss Helen Deerinp. .. . 850
Vader, Mrs. B. 1. Vader 850
Baldwin, Mrs. R. S. Peel 1.100
Ohio City, Mrs. R. A. Little .. . 450
Sapinero. Mrs. Chas. Taft 150
Powderhorn. Mrs. E. A. Mc-
Gregor 750
Somerset, Mrs. Roy Hammond 850
Iola. Mrs. Kate Reiss 800
Hillside. Mrs. Harry DeYarman 550
Subscribed throuph Banks .... 12,250
Total $50,050
Respectfully submitted,
County Chairman Woman’s Victory
Loan Committee.
If in want of anythinp try an adlet
in the Pilot. It will bring results.
WHEREAS, By an order of the
District Court of the Seventh Judi-
j To Build and Foster
A COMMUNITY always welcomes the establishing of an institution j
that fills a recognized community need; unfortunately it doesn’t
« always manifest a lively interest in the health of such an insti- B
a tution after it is established. I
3 It is one thing to establish industries; it is quite another thing to B
t build up, develop and maintain them. H
3 An industry can be established by the investment of capital; ita “
1 development and maintenance depend upon the attitude of the public '
toward the enterprise and toward the product. !
Likewise, the permanency of an institution depends upon the will- I
ingness of its customers to pay a sufficient price for its product to enable !
it to continue strong and healthy financially.
The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company’s system of i
wires, furnishing the means of communication over mountains, plains
« and desert, is a tremendous factor in the development of the West.
gj| Telephone service is a “home product” of every community in the
I mountain states, and is woven into the very warp and woof of commercial
and social life. The permanency and adequacy of telephone service de
pend upon the same factors as are involved in the security and per
manency of every other established industry.
With very, very few exceptions the people of the West recognise
these principles and pursue a “lire and let live” policy toward all
legitimate business institutions.
The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph
cial District of the State of Colorado,
nmoe in open Court on the 14th day
of April, 1919, the undersigned was
dul> appointed referee in the above
matter of which the order following
is a true copy, to-wit:
) ss.
DO. )
Eldon W. and Lauren B. Waterman,
The above entitled matter coining
on for hearing before the Court on ,
this 14th day of April, 1919, and the j
petition of Eldon \V. and Lauren B.
Waterman, of said County, for them- {
selves nnd for all other water users |
in said water district whose water
rights have not been finally adjudi
cated and determined having been
submitted to the Court, and the
Court being fully advised in the
promises and believing that a general
adjudication of water rights in said
water district No, 59, supplemental
to the Decrees heretofore entered by
this Court, is necessary.
I And it appearing to the Court that
' it would be impracticable and inex-
I pedlent to proceed to hear evidence
i in said matter in open Court, and it
being suggested that Carra J. Estes,
Deputy Clerk of the District Court,
be appointed by said Court as referee
and ail of the attorneys practicing at
the bar of said Court being present
I in said Court and no objections be
ing made to the appointment of said
party as referee,
l DECREED That a general adjudica
! tion of water rights and water pri-
I orities be had in said Water District
! No. 69. supplemental to the decrees
i heretofore entered by this Court.
That Carra J. Estes, a discreet per
son and a resident of said County be
and she is hereby appointed referee
of the said Court in this cause to
whom is referred th’e claims of these
| petitioners and all other persons
' whose water rights have not been
j finally adjudicated and determined
who may present before her their ap
plications for the adjudication of
water rights in Water District No.
59, nnd that the said referee give
such notice or notices of hearing and
the pendency of these proceedings as
is by law required to be given and
to do and perform all acts pertaining
j to her said office in the matter of the
j taking of evidence and making an ab
i strnct of the same and findings upoil
the same, and preparing a decree
upon such evidence and findings and
to fully and completely carry out the
requirements of the statute relative
to such matters so as to give to all
parties owning water rights in said
district an opportunitv to present
and determine their water rights and
water priorities, as provided by law,
and in accordance with the further
order of this Court.
Done in open Court this 14th day
of April. 1919.
give notice to all |>ersons, associa
tions and corporations interested as
as owners or consumers of water in
any ditch, canal or reservoir in Water
District Not 59, that I will at the
place and on the day hereinafter des
ignated attend for the purpose of
hearing and taking evidence touching
the priority of rights of the several
ditches, canals and reservoirs in said
water district whose water rights
have not been finally adjudicated and
determined by decrees heretofore en
tered by said Court in said District,
and will continue such hearings from
day to day and from time to time ns
such hearings may be adjourned by
me until all such evidence shall be
That the first of said hearings is
hereby set for the 28th day of June,
A. 1). 1919, at the office of the Clerk
of the District Court, in the Court
House in Gunnison, Colorado.
And I hereby notify all persons, as
sociations and corporations interested
as owners or consumers of water in
any ditch, canal or reservoir in said
Water District No. 59, whose water
rights have not been finally adjudi
cated and determined by prior de
crees of this Court, to attend by
themselves, their agents or attorneys
at the time and places appointed
herein, and then and there file a
statement of claim under oath show
ing the ditch, canal or reservoir, or
two or more of such in which he. she,
they or it may claim an interest, to
-1 gether with the names of all owners
I thereof, which statement may be
made by anyone of the owners of
! such ditch, canal or reservoir for and
lon behalf of all, and that they and
! each of them may then and there
present their proof for or against
any priority of right of water by ap
-1 propriation sought to be shown bv
any party by or through any such
ditch, canal or reservior, either as
owner or consumer of water drawn
therefrom, subsequent to such de
crees ns have been heretofore ren
dered and entered by said Court in
, said Water District.
CARRA J. ESTES. Referee.
| Dated at Gunnison, Colorado, April
! 23, 1919.
First putx May 8, 1919.
Last pub. June 5. 1919.
"forfeiture notice
Almont, Colo., Feb. 15, 1919.
To F. S. McKee:
You are hereby notified that I have
expended during the vears 1916, 1917
and 1918 the sum of One Hundred
Dollars in labor and improvements
each vear upon each the Ada Belle.
Ada Belle No. 2 and Ada Belle No. 3
Lode Mining Claims, situated in the
Spring Crpek Mining District, Countv
of Gunnison. State of Colorado, of
which the location certificates aie
found of record in Book 185, pages
615, 615 nnd 616, respectively, in the
office of the recorder of said county,
in order to hold said claims unde>* the
provisions of section 2324 of the Re
vised Statutes of the United States
and the amendment thereto approved
January 22, 1880, concerning annual
labor upon mining claims, being the
amount required to hold said lode
mining claims for the periods ending
on the 31st days of December 1916,
1917, and 1918. And if within ninety
days from the personal service of
this notice, or within ninety days
after the publication thereof, you
fail or refuse to contribute your
proportion of such expenditure as co
owner, your interest in the claims
will become the property of the sub
scriber, your co-owner, who has made
the required expenditure by the
terms of said section.
First Pub. Feb. 20. 1919.
Second Pub. May 'll, 191 J
Almont, Cblo., February 15, 1919.
To Alex Mnlgreen:
You are hereby notified that we
have expended during the year 1918,
One Hundred Dollars in labor and im
provements, upon each the Fair View
No. 1, Fair View No. 2, Fair View No.
3, Fair View No. 4. Fair View No. 5,
Malmo No. 1 and Malmo No. 2 Lode
Mining Claims, situated near the
mouth of Rosebud Creek, in Spring
Creek Mining District. County of Gun
nison and State of Colorado, of which
the Location Certificates are found of
record in Book 206, nt pages 123. 123.
124, 124 125, 125 and 126, respectively,
in the office of the recorder of said
county, in order to hold said claims un
der the provisions of section 2324 of
the Revised Statutes of the United
States, and the amendments thereto,
approved January 22. 1880, concerning
annual labor qpon mining claims.being
the amount required to hold said lode
mining claims for the period Decem
ber 31, 1918. And if within ninety
days from the personal service of this
notice, or within ninety days after
the publication thereof, you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditures, as a co-owner,
your interest in the claims will be
come the property of the subscribers,
your co-owners, who have made the
required expenditure, by the terms of
said section.
First Pub. Feb. 20, 1919.
Ijist Pub. May 22, 1919.
Department of the Interior. .U. S.
Land Office at Montrose Colorado,
April 14, 1919.
NOTICE is hereby given that John
N. Isham, of Jack’s Cabin. Colorado,
who. on April 12, 1916, made Home
stead Application, No. 010014, for
NW» 4 NE>4. NEIiNWVi. Section 28.
Township 15S, Range 84W, 6th P.
Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make final three-year Proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before Ernest M. Noui’se,.
U. S. Commissioner, at GunnisonJ
Colorado, on the 24th day of May,
Claimant names as witnesses:
James Boyd, Albert P. Roper, both
of Almont, Colorado: Joseph Isham,
George McAfee, both of Gunnison,
Non coal.
First pub. April 17, 1919.
Last pulx May 22, 1919.

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