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Girl Overboard!
(Copyright, ISIS, by the McClure New*-
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In spite of Duval’s devoted attention
throughout the first two days of his
yachting party, Cara was becoming de
cidedly bored. It was agreeable to be
admired by one’s host, but to have an
other desirable man on board, com
pletely oblivious of her presence, was
more than she could stand.
On the third day out Cara turned
her attention to Sam Russell, who
scarcely noticed her since they had
left shore. The reason was a very
pretty girl whose name was Peggy
Snort. She was not beautiful like
Cara, but she was little and dainty,
with fascinating dimples and a ready
Sam was deeply Interested, and al
though Cara did not mean actually to
Interfere, she did not intend to be ig
nored any longer.
It was a wonderful day In September
and the yacht was Just gliding Into
Gloucester harbor. Sam and Peggy
were leaning against the rail, much ab
sorbed In their own conversation. The
Witherspoons, who were chaperoning
the party, were playing bridge with
Duval and George Eaton, who had only
left the card table to eat since they
had left Mount Desert.
Cara passed Sam and Peggy unno
ticed and walked on down the deck. A
few minutes later there was a fright
ened cry, followed by a splash In the
water below them.
"Girl overboard!" shouted some one.
Sam threw off hit coat and shoes
and. before anyone else had seen what
had happened, he had dived over the
rail and swam after the girl who was
floundering about in the water. It was
"Oh. Bam, I’m so glad you’ve come,”
she sputtered, gripping him fiercely by
the neck. "I can never, never thank
you for saving my life. How can I
ever repay you—my whole life would
he little enough for the risk you have
"It would not be ’little’ to me,” be
returned, gallantly, both beautiful anna
being clasped about his neck at the
time. "It will be a lucky man who
gets your “whole life,’ I think."
"Then take it,” she whispered as the
lifeboat from the yacht approached to
pick them up. As soon as they were
eo board Cara leaned helplessly on
Sam’s shoulder in a state of semi-con
sciousness and neither spoke on the
return trip.
When they were once more on the
yacht she still clung to Sam and mur
mured In an audible whisper:
“I shan't forget this, Bam. dear.”
And without another word she ■tum
bled to her stateroom and left the
rather blank-looking hero staring after
her. Peggy shivered slightly and went
In search of a wrap.
There was a wonderful moon that
night and Cara recovered sufficiently
to be a vision by Its light.
"I shan’t go down to dinner,” she an
nounced from her comfortable chair.
"Sam Is bringing me a glass of wine—
I still feel the shock of my accident.”
"Her what?” whispered Peggy to
"Don’t you really think It was?” he
asked her In return.
“Neither do you!” she laughed enig
"I guess Sam Is alone In his delusion
—I only wish she’d tried It on me!”
said Duvol.
When they had all gone down to din
ner but Duval and Cara, he turned to
her sharply.
"What’s got Into you?” he demand
ed, fiercely. "You haven’t spoken to
me If you could help It all day and
you’re flirting like the devil with
Sam I”
"I’m not flirting, Dick —I may marry
him, but I’m not sure yet.”
"Well, you’re a pretty little actress,
and I wish you Joy!” snapped her Irate
host as he turned and stamped off
down the deck.
Cara was furious, hut at that very
moment she was more Interested in
Duval than «he had ever been before.
Later she captured Sam, and togeth
er they watched the reflection of the
moon on the water. When Peggy and
Duval passed them Cara did not ap
pear to notice them, but Sam was* su
premely self-conscious.
“You are adorable, Sam,” cooed his
companion softly. “I never knew any
me could say such beautiful things.”
Peggy giggled audibly, and Sam
neard the giggle. But when they were
out of earshot she stopped laughing
and spoke to Duval abruptly.
“What does Cara think she’s doing?”
"Trying to make you and me Jeal
ous,” he assured her. “She’ll come
home If we leave her alone. I suppose,
but all the same It's darned unpleas
ant for me.”
“You might Include me, too,” ob
served Peggy cheerfully. "I*d like to
do something.”
"Why not?” suggested Duval, more
hopefully than before.
‘Tin not clever enough to beat her
at her own game, and besides Sam
doesn't care anything about me or he
wouldn’t act like this.”
"He couldn’t help himself —I know
C&ra. But why don’t you try her own
lodge? ‘Why not?’ said the caterpil
lar. ‘Why not?’ Come on, Peggy, I’ll
dare you to do It.”
"Well, I’ve half a mind to take Jbur
dare. Cheer up now and pretend to he
deeply interested la me the next tune
we pass them.”
"Oh, Dicky,” she laughed as they ap
proached the silent couple, "don’t be
so utterly foolish 1"
Cara looked around quickly.
“Isn't the mobn lovely, Sam?” called
Peggy over her shoulder.
“Er—yes—no, I don’t think so,” he
"It’s too good to waste,” she went
on. and she and Duval laughed to
How foolish Peggy Is tonight!” ex
claimed Cara as they disappeared.
But Sam did not answer. He wished
that Cara had not fallen overboard
and that she had not looked’so beauti
ful afterward.
About four the next afternoon, when
they had passed Martha’s Vineyard
and were heading for Narragansett
Pier, the boat slowed down consider
ably. The only people on deck were
Duval and Peggy. Cara and Sam.
"Get to it!” whispered Duval to
Peggy. "I’ll have everything ready,
so don’t worry.”
Peggy stood not far from the two
on deck.
"Oh, see the shark!” she screamed,
and leaned far over the rail.
"Be careful!” warned Sam; but he
called too late, for there was a heart
rending cry as Peggy disappeared over
the side of the boat.
“Good God J” groaned Sam, "the
shark!” The other girl was forgotten
instantly, and for the second time In
the last two days Sam rushed to the
rescue of a girl overboard.
What If the shark should get her be
fore he did? She must have gone down
twice by this time. Furiously he
struck out, and this time he almost
touched her. But once more she went
down. Cold terror gripped his heart
and he caught his breath sharply.
What If he should lose her now? Al
most Immediately she was beside him
again, bedraggled, hut flushed with
excitement. She looked anything but
frightened. He seized her frantically
and held her head above the water.
"Hold on to me—tight!” he com
manded, "and well get to the boat.”
To his amazement she shook herself
free and laughed at him.
"Oh, no, we won’t—l mean you won’t
pull me there. I’ll race you.” And
with a firm, strong stroke she struck
out for the lifeboat which was coming
toward them.
"And, Mr. Russell," she called over
her shoulder. "I didn't fall overboard.
I Just Jumped. Lance dared me to.
Thank you so much for coming over
for me—you are always so nice about
those little things.”
"And the shark?” asked Sam.
"Purely Imaginary.”
Sam boiled inwardly ms he saw it
all. Cara never would have done such
a thing—no, at least she would let him
rescue her after he was really In the
water. This was very different from
the rescue the day before. A slight sus
picion touched him—could Cara —but
that was ridiculous —or wasn't It? He
didn’t know what to think. .Savagely,
he redoubled his efforts and reached
the lifeboat before Peggy and helped
her on board. In silence they returned
to the j’acht. He wondered If she was
tired after her long swim—if she
would like —what nonsense! Of course
she wouldn’t like anything to do with
him. Some one else helped her out of
the boat and he followed slowly and
went straight to his own room.
"What a fool I am anyway—all my
own fault, too!” Sam shivered with
cold and changed his wet clothes for
some flannel trousers and a warm
dressing gown.
“Gosh, but I’m cold! I wonder If
I’ve got a chill —hope I won’t be sick
here—nobody core If I was either.
Perfectly good vacation wasted fooling
around with a lot of girls who like to
Jump overboard and who don’t care a
rap whether I live or die!”
“Come In!” he roared, not moving
from the warmth of the electric heater.
"Please come here a minute, Snm;
I can’t come In.”
He Jumped to his feet instantly and
flung the door wide. Peggy, dressed in
u long furry robe, was holding a cup of
some steaming fluid.
“Please drink it, Sam; I've been so
worried about your taking cold.”
Obediently he drained the scalding
mixture with his eyes on her face.
“Wonderful!” he exulted, but he
wasn’t thinking about the contents of
the cup at all. Peggy took the empty
cup nnd started down the hall, hut he
caught her sleeve.
"You can’t go till you tell me some
of the things I want to know.” he told
her. holding tightly to her arm.
’That’s not fair, Sam ltussell! A
mnn who Is crazy about one girl has no
right to tell another one what she can
and cannot do!” Angry tears filled her
“I’m not crazy about another girl! 1
may have been a darned fool once, but
I’m wiser now. and I’ll never let you go
again. If 1 cun help It! Can't you ever
forgive me, Peggy? I love you so.”
The empty cup fell out of Peggy's
hands and broke on the floor behind
them, but they never even picked up
the pieces. After some time Snm asked :
“Will you take a dare from rie.
“Thnt depends.”
“Marry me the day we Innd In New
“That would be too soon. Sain, dear
—I couldn't do It In such n hurry.”
“When, then, darling?’’
The dinner gong sounded loudly.
“The day after we Innd In New
York 1”
And she escaped and ran down th#
hall to her room.
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“Why not?” demanded the magnate.
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nographer. Their acquaintance has ri
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Too Promiscuous.
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ham Age-Herald.
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Very Much So.
“Tlio author of ‘The Haven* w— B*
I riddle.”
“Well, he was a Poe, sir-**
f Every Woman Wendsr?
~lric atirvk^cutikaaaJkSaaK
MW i I fc, LHfeS.l
FUUm MhL C.'f« k.
AkMfa(«nb, far mI «(Mk|

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