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f*«T to this Woman after
Taking Lydia E. Pink ham’s
Vegetable Compound to
Restore Her Health
Bleuburs, W»Th.— 11 After I wu
■nM 1 wu not well for a Ions time
■and • rood deni of
the time wu not
able to so about.
Our greatest desire
wu to have a child
in our borne and oua
day my husband '
cams back from
town with a bottle
of _LydU E.^PinkV
Compound and
wanted metotrjHJt
from my troubles.
1 Improved in health m I could do my
housework; we now hare a little one, all
of which I owe to Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vayetable Compound.”— Mrs. O. S.
JOHXaON, R. No. 8, Ellens burs, Wash.
there are women everywhere who
loos for children in their homes yet are
dinned this happiness on account of
same functional disorder which in most
cases would readily yield to Lydia E.
Pinkham’a Vegetable Compound.
Such women should not give up hope
OUil they bare given this wonderful
rawlietne a trial, and for special advice
writs Lydia E. Pinkham medicine Co.,
Lynn, Hsu. The result of 40 yean ,
experience is at your service.
klfilllllfJlil WIUUIIIIMUiUi
Choice bits of veal, creamery butter and fresh
eggs combine with other tempting ingredients
to give Libby's Veal Loaf its delicate, appetizing
flavor. Order a package from your grocer today.
Libby, M9NeOl & Libby, Chicago
Ceremony Certainly Saved Bride and
Groom Considerable expense In
Wedding Finery.
The funniest wedding I ever saw
was when camping last summer, writes
a correspondent of the Chicago Trib
une. A girl friend and her fnther
were there and she met a young man
whom she grew fond of in a short
time. One night he asked her father
for her hand, but father objected be
cause of the short acquaintance. The
next morning the couple met and
planned to elope, hut somehow father
“got wise,” so this was spoiled. When
swimming that afternoon they met
again and the girl happened to men
tion that her father had gone to the
village and would not return until eve
ning. The boy said: “This Is our
time." A minister was on the shore
and they went to him and asked to he
married at once. The ceremony was
performed on the beach, the couple
attired In their bathing suits.
Baffling Simplicity.
“A writer of detective stories says
the criminal who* commits crimes In
the commonest way Is the hardest to
‘‘Maybe he’s right.”
‘‘A tap on the head with a club offers
few opportunities for expert analysis
and deductions.” —Birmingham Age-
Every time you think you’re In debt
think of what Germany owes.
is a notorious knocker
of ill-health! Try It.
It contains the vital
mineral elements and
all the nutriment of
wheat and barley.
Exit Dishtowels.
No more sticky plates and no more
dishes dried on dlshtowels.
These are two of the things for
which the Y. M. C. A. training schools
for home assistants is stand-ng. The
school was started in answer to the
demand for home assistants on the
new domestic service plan which have
come Into the central branch employ
ment bureuu. Within the Inst six
months 500 calls for home assistants
have come In, and 170 have been suc
fully filled.
! “There should never he a sticky
■ plate after the home assistant has fln
j ished the course.” Miss Grace H.
j White, placement secretary, says. “The
j girls are taught how to make their own
! soda preparation for cleansing the Ice-
I box, the kitchen closets, etc., and how
to clean a sink and a kitchen range
so that It shines.
“Dishes are never dried with a dish
towel, but always scalded and allowed
to dry without a streak.”
Newfoundland’s Memorial Day.
Newfoundland celebrated July 1 this
year, but not as Canada does. It was
observed throughout the Island as Me
morial day, in honor of those who laid
down their lives during the war. Next
year It Is proposed to hold the com
memoration enrller in the season.
Lots Better.
Smiley—l hope you won’t mind If 1
bring a couple of friends home to din
ner tonight, iny dear?
Mrs. Smiley—Oh, no; that Is better
than being brought home by a couple
of friends after dinner.
It Has Happened Before.
As his relatives and friends are
uware, George Wharton Pepper is a
non smoker.
Not long ago Mr. Pepper was about
to entertain some distinguished guests
whom he delighted to honor.
Ills first move in the direction of
their entertainment was to procure
and send to the house some particu
larly choice Havana cignrs, which
“set him back" to the tune of 50
cents each. But It seems the cigars
arrived before it was made known at
home tiiat the guests were expected.
That evening Mrs. Pepper said to
her husband: “Some cignrs came for
you today—evidently a gift from some
one. Knowing you didn’t smoke, I
gave them to men who were working
in the house.** —Philadelphia Ledger.
Samoans Liked Ice Cream Sodas.
A member of the United States med
ical corps, recently returned to Kllln
wood, Kan., reports that ice cream so
das have made a profound impression
upon the Samoans. The officer was de
tailed In charge of the soda fountain
of the solitary drug store at the Pago-
Pago naval station, and reports that
his patients took much more kindly to
the sodas than to the anti-influenza se
rum which he was obliged to dispense.
Retort Courteous.
Nell —“I wouldn’t marry the best
man In the world.” Belle —‘‘Of course
rot. He wouldn’t ask you."
One of the ever present difficulties
of a married man Is to account for
bis absence from home.
Western Newspaper Union Nawa Service.
Marfa, Texas, Aug. 25. —Colonel
laznghorne’s name is respected by the
Mexicans on the border. Hearing that
Chico Cano was in Paloma Springs,
Captain Boudinot took twenty troop
ers and started after him. Near their
destination they found themselves sur
rounded by 100 Carranza soldiers and
were informed that release would have
to await permission from OJlnugu.
“Colonel will be very ungry
if we ure detained,” said Cuptuiu Bou
dinot. After holding u conference, the
Mexicans announced that siuce the
Americans were so few they might
Marfu, Texas. —The first of the ex
pedition to cross the border on the re
turn to the United States, the pack
and supply trains, reached ltuidosa,
according to telephone advices. The
remainder of the expedition followed.
Colonel Langhorne said the expedi
tion was considered* a success from a
military standpoint. He pointed to the
killing of five bundit suspects uiid ar
rest of six otiier suspects by the Amer
icans und capture of nine by Carranza
troops at Coyame.
Tiie immediate reason for with
drawal, he said, was that there no
longer was any prospect of capturing
other bandits und there were no more
hot trails to follow.
In addition to recent experience
with a Carranza patrol, the United
States troops were in contact with
Mexican federal* once previous (lur
ing the week. This was when a de
tachment of Americans under com
mand of Cuptain Thurman Boudinot
was forced to pass a Carranaz column
opposite Indio, Tame.
When the Mexicans were sighted,
the Americans took up udvuntugeous
liosltlons, ready for eventualities.'
Captain Boudinot informed the Car
runzu commander he Intended to go
south. The Carranza officer asked
Boudinot for his orders and the latter
told him his orders were to proceed.
He continued then without hindrance,
the expedition reaching a point fifty
miles south of the border.
A request that American troops
should not he sent Into Mexico was
received by Colonel langhorne. The
rt>queßt was from General Antonio
I’runeda, commander of the OJlnaga,
Mexico, district. He made his request
through Mexicun Consul Cosine Ben
goechla at I’resldlo, where lie learned
the Americans were preparing to cross
the border.
Washington. Withdrawn) of the
American punitive expedition from
Mexico was ordered by Mnjor General
IMckman, commander of the Southern
department. It was indicated by Sec
retary Baker. There has been a belief
in official circles at the War Depart
ment thut the withdrawal wus immi
To Try French Officer.
Paris. —Georges Leygues, minister of
murine, has ordered that Cnpt. Abel
Itevnult, commander of the huttleship
Mirabenu, lie brought to trial for
stranding the vessel in Black sea.
Smuggling by Airplane.
Washington.—Smuggling und rum
running on a large scale by airplane
and submarine is looked for In the
very near future by the commissioner
of internal revenue unless prepara
tions ure made in advance to defeat
the twentieth century smugglers. The
attention of the Treasury Department
was directed to this new danger of em
ploying modern methods in smuggling
by the accidental capture of tin a«ir
plane that came across the Canadian
border with several cases of contra
band liquor.
Fight Confiscation of Fish.
Duluth, Minn.—Officers of cold stor
age companies declared they would
fight the efAirts to confiscate the 189,-
440 pounds of fish seized on monition
proceedings brought by United States
District Attorney Alfred Jacques.
Jumps from Train.
Alliance, Neb. —C. J. Setter of Anna,
111., on his way to Portland, Ore., to
visit relatives, believed to he suffering
from temporary insanity, jumped from
a passenger train near here and was
instantly killed.
Tried to Purchase Rifles.
Berlin. —The arrest of several civil
ians at Minden, Westphalia, on the
charge of attempting to purchase 00.-
000 stolen rifles for the Polish army,
appears to be connected with extensive
attempts to smuggle arms and ammu
nition across the frontier from Grau
denz. It Is semi-officially denied that
the German troops or authorities are
concerned In the disturbance In Upper
Silesia, although it is admitted that
some former German soldiers are la
The Nation’s Keystone
Trade Unionists Have Proved
Worthy of High Position
They Occupy.
When the comparatively few trade
unionists of our various communities
paraded on Labor
day, more than
thirty years ago,
their motives were
questioned in
i many instances
and newspapers
gave them scant
publicity. %
This year, when
the hosts of or
ganised labor, now
numbering 3,000,-
000 members,
march, they will
be acclaimed by
those who former
ly even denied
their purpose.
John Mitchell.
This changed public opinion has been
gradual through constant agitation,
education and organization, but it has
been quickened the past two years be*
cause of organized labor’s prompt ac
ceptance of autocracy's challenge
against democratic Ideals.
Organized labor has not depended
upon words to prove its patriotism. Its
whole-hearted support of the govern
ment in the crisis of war should be
sufficient auswer to uny query on this
subject. This support was of the kind
that befits men and women imbued
with our republic’s Ideals, and who
realize that when a government that Is
founded on these ideals falls the loss
is an individual one for every Ameri
can citizen worthy of the name.
Organized labor distinguishes be
tween a government that rests on the
' whim of one man or a small group of
men and a government of! by and for
the people.
Our 1919 Labor day celebration fea
tures this difference between the two
systems of government which recently
struggled for mastery. The thought
behind these systems Is older than any
nation. In truth, nations are but an in
cident, but a process. In this struggle
of human liberty and advancement
versus the ancient theory of govern
ment so well Illustrated by German
Organized labor is not a peace move
ment. While we long for the day of
industrial concord, when disputes be
tween capitalists and laborers will not
longer feature our Industrial life, we
refuse to paralyze our movement by
surrendering the right to strike against
wrong when other methods fail.
Partners In Life's Work.
At this time several aspects of the
labor question demand consideration.
We need to emphasize the meaning and
necessity of labor —to show that it is
both a law and a means of service. We
need to emphasize the difference be
tween productive labor that performs a
service and makes wealth, and unpro
ductive labor that wins wealth away
from others and lives upon their toll.
We need to emphasize the fact that in
dustry is a partnership, and so it de
mands the participation of all parties
as partners in the enterprises. We
need to realize that the relations in In
dustry are human relations, and so
It is necessary that the relations of
men with one another should be Just
and brotherly relations.-'Exchange.
Out of chaos, out of work,
1 arose and did my work
While the ages changed and sped
1 was toiling for my bread.
Underneath my sturdy blows.
Forests fell and cities rose,
And the hard, reluctant soil
Blossomed richly from my toil.
Palaces and temples grand
Wrought I with my cunning hand.
Rich indeed waa my reward—
Stunted eeul, and body scarred
With the marks ef scourge and red.
I, the tiller of the sod.
From the cradle to the grave
Bhambled through the world a slave 1
Crushed and trampled, beaten, cursed.
Serving best, but served the were!.
Starved and cheated, gouged and
Still I budded, still I tolled.
Undernourished, underpaid
In the world onyeelf had made.
Up from slavery I rise.
Dreams and wonder In my eyes,
After brutal ages past.
Coming to my own at last.
I was slave—but • am free!
I was blind—but I can see!
I, the builder—l, the maker,
I, the calm tradition-breaker.
Slave and serf and clod no longer,
Know my strength—and who Is
I am done with ancient frauds
Ancient lies and ancient gods—
All the sham Is overthrown,
I shall take and keep my own,
Unimpassioned, unafraid.
Master of the World I've made!
Acknowledgment Merely Puts Work
ingman on the Same Plane as
the Capital isL
If there Is not a right on the part
of the workingman to organize, theL
there ought not to be a right on the
part of capital to organize. It is the'
organization that makes capital strong,
and it is not fair, from the legal point
of view or any other point of view, to
prevent the rest of the men dealing
with capital from getting strength
with organization that only organiza
tion brings.
I am for the laboring man. Justice
must be done him or there can be no
justice in this country. We must all
be pnrtners in the game of government
and no one man must be allowed to
play the part of a hog.—Woodrow Wil
Mark of Labor's Progress.
The solid and gratifying progress of
co-operative labor organizations in the
United States was fittingly celebrated
last year by the dedication of the new
central building of the American Fed
eration of Labor in the national capi
tal. The dedication was made by
President Wilson, after reviewing the
labor parade, and his tribute to the un
derlying spirit of organisation in labor
was cheered by men of all types and
stations in life.
Victory by Consecration.
It is the spirit of consecration that
has enabled American labor to achieve
in every field of endeavor results which
a year ago were regarded as impossi
ble. It is this spirit of consecration
that enabled the American people
workers and fighters welded into a sol
id army—to vindicate the freedom of
men throughout the world.
Organized Workers of America
Properly Proud of Labor
Labor day, 1919, brings to the work
ers of America the right to cheer and
confidence in the
trade-union move
ment. There have
been tests and
crises that have
proved its funda
mental principles;
there have been
opportunities that
have tested Its
practical cUt
ciency. Throujh
them all the
trade-union move
ment has mafia
sure progress and
j Samuel Qompera
gained In confident vision for the fu
Every nstlonml and international,
every local union affiliated to the
American Federation of Labor, has
made definite progress in securing for
Its members greater advantages in
those things which are fundamental of
betterment In all relations of life. In
some organizations the success has
been phenomenal.
Taking the labor movement as a
whole there has been greater progress
In securing the shorter workday than
in any other similar period of time.
The meaning of these victories can be
Interpreted only in the light of full
understanding of the meaning of the
shorter dny. The shorter workday is
something more than an economic de
mand. It is a demand for opportunity
for rest, recuperation and develop
ment; things which make life more
than mere mechanical drudgery.
Anarchy In Ruaala Proves That Labor
and Rest of Bociety Must Qo
Forward Togethor.
The future of labor lies in stabilizing
democracy. In that alone Is progress.
<*ne of the great problems of peace is
to erect an Industrial democracy upon
the solid foundations of political de
mocracy. That catF come if labor Is
patient and prudent and self-control
led, but It can never be brought about
through the application of theories of
confiscation or class war.
Autocracy has failed, and failed
criminally, but the failure of bolshev
ism is no less complete, even though
the consequences have been restricted
to a single country. There is no hope
for the world in either. The fate of
Russia proves that labor must g <f for
ward with the rest of society. It Can
not advance alone. It cannot take
everything and give nothing. If It ever
tries. It will wantonly waste most of
the substantial fruits of the war.
Much Cause for Congratulation.
Labor day is always an lnsplratton
to the organized workers of Amerca.
Nationally, upon this Labor day, the
workers of America have much to con
gratulate themselves upon. Theypast
four years have resulted In the r»llza
tion of labor’s hopes, long deferred, in
the enactment of laws guaranteeing
the liberty of the tollers and their
right to organize for their protection
and advancement upon the economic

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