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The Elk Mountain pilot. [volume] (Irwin, (Ruby Camp), Gunnison County, Colo.) 1880-19??, November 06, 1919, Image 7

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For Infante gdOhMrw.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castaria
Bears the XBT &
of /ttijr
rtfi' Use
VJr For Over
Thirty Years.
»KM» Copy of Wmppg. W.OWHOW OOWWWO, WQWgiMtm__
Ample Proof of Its Potency. Though i
There Was No Occasion for Many
Con g rat u I at i one.
A Japanese, Mr. Ainaku Wattedn, di*-
cuiww .Inpnnm' huinnr in the Tourlnt.
and offer* the following selection:
Said an Innkeeper’s wife to her hus
band :
“The guest who came this even Inis
carries n package which seems to con
tain things of great value. I wish he
would leave It behind.’’
**l have a good Idea.” said the hus
band. “I will give him a great deal
of myoga.”
The innkeeper carried out his plan
and gave myoga. a spicy vegetable
supposed to produce forgetfulness. In
abundance to the guest with soup and
with vegetables, and soon after the
guest had departed he hopefully In
spected the room. There was no trace
of the coveted baggage.
The landlady began to scoff at the
Inefllcacy of myoga as an oblivion pro
ducer, hut her husband admonished
her not to lose faith so easily.
“The myoga has had Its effect.” he
“What do you mean?” demanded the
“Why, he forgot to pay Ills bill.” re
plied the husband.
Cash Tied Up.
A short time ago ray girl friend and
myself went Into an Ice-cream parlor.
A number of young men were there.
Wlille I was walling for the Ice cream
cones I ruined my hand to my hair
and my money (a dime, which was nil
I had), dropped down uiy hack, and
you can Imagine my embarrassment
when I was compelled to ask the pro
prietor to charge the cones. —Ex-
Her Class.
“I caught her pussyfooting around
my room the other day.”
“The old cat!”
Say. what a world we could have. If
everybody would stop hunting for the
had In folks and try to find the good.
Let your own j
experience decide— |
IF coffee doea hurt your nerves and gen- I
end health, try a change to
You will find this cereal drink of deli
cious coffee-like flavor, satisfying to die I
2 and a friend to health.
Truly Economical, Too
Boil for fifteen minutes after boiling
Two sizes, usually
sold at 15c and 25c
Made by Postum Cereal Comp?
Battle Creek, Michigan
Common-Stnae Maid Decided It Was
High Tima Bashful Bwain “Popped
the Question.”
A speaker declared that the old-style
bashful swain has ceased to exist since
the war. “Proposals have no terror*
for the boys now. In a young friend
of mine, however, I must note an ex
“He had Iteen going with the girl be
fore war broke out. but even In the
stress of going away had not mustered
up courage enough to put the question.
“When he came hack he went to tier,
and though he had faced the terrors of
the trenches and even the horrors of
the Hun. yet he still hesitated.
” ’nearest.’ said the girl finally,
‘didn’t you once say that you would
do anything for me? Didn’t you once
ask me to put your devotion to the
“ ‘lndeed 1 did.’ he responded warm
ly: ’there Is nothing In the world I
would not do, no sacrifice I would not
make to prove to you how much I
thtnk of you.’
‘“Well, then.’ said the maid, ’ask
me to marry you. We’ve fooled round
long enough.’ ”
Brown County Valuss.
One of those country gentlemen who
owns a farm in Brown county, hut lives
In Indlanupolis and only k|m*i<l* Ills
week-ends on the fnrni. asked one of
his neighbors down in Brown: “Did
you know that T. C. Steele sold the
picture that he painted on your farm?”
I The farmer made no reply to this und
then the country gentleman told him
the price Mr. Steele got for the can
“I Just wish I hud known the feller
liked the plnce well enough to pny that
1 for a picture of It,” the farmer said.
I “I’d a’ sold him the farm for S2OO less
than that.” —Indianapolis News.
Buildings ought to he sa arranged
with reference to each other that the
fire hazard Is os low as (Misslhle.
It takes two to make a bargain, hut
Isith of ’em seldom get stuck.
The production of furs appears to
lag a long way behind the demand for
them If one can Judge by prices they
bring today as compared to those of
three or four years ago. In the past
fear price and real value appear to
have little relation In fur garments;
the most plentiful of pelts, uudyed
and undisguised in any way, are made
u) Into garments that are as expen
sive as good and substantial furs
ought to be. Iteally good furs have
soared up and away until they have
passed beyond the horizon for the
woman of modest Income. It was In
evitable that plushes should forge
ahead at the same time hut In them
real value and price go hand In hand
as they should. Plushes have been
unde to Imitate furs very closely In a
gioup known us fur fabrics und they
atc used for all garments that are
made of fur. A good plush Is much
to he preferred to a poor fur from al
most any point of view. It Is Just as
warm, it looks better and wears better.
Fur* have been very clonely Imitated
In these suhstautiol fuhrics,
A short cape-llke coatee of moleskin
|.*;:sh. also a wide scarf of duvetyn
Soft and sturdy yarns, closely and
firmly knitted Into sweaters and sweat
er coats with little ornainentution and
much warmth—these are the outstand
ing style features In this year’s prod
ucts. There is a reaction away from
strong contrasts in color, hut varia
tions in the weave or kuitttng serves
for decoration. Above all the new
sweaters and sweater coats look
wurm ; their collars take their cue from
those of coats; they are ample und
jo*y. There is nothing frivolous or
Inconsequential about these new mod
els; they are business-like, snug-fit
ting. and neat.
A great many sweaters and sweater
coats are knit with cap* to match.
There are occasional collarless models
provided with a scarf In a lighter col
or and finished with a fringe of yarn.
Very long sleeves that are rolled buck
at the hand, pockets finished with it
hand In the color of the scarf having n
narrow yarn fringe below It. and but
tons set close together add dignity .«•
a handsome sweater of this kind.
There Is a cap to match with n huge
but f>otnpon made of loops of yum
on ine top of It. This Is a sweater de
luxe, especially when It is knit l.y
The two models pictured are meant
for good service and entice their wear
ers into the open air. They are mu
chine knit and made In several cok
ers bine and gray being the favorites.
made up with this fur fabric, and a
hut to match, invite consideration ns
shown in the picture above. The coatee
docs awuy with sleeves and substitutes
for them pointed pieces that give It
the effect of a cai*e. There Is Yi full
shawl collar and a belt that slips
through slashes at the hack and front
where it fastens with a buckle. This
model bus the easy lines of a cape. Is
graceful and may be worn slipping off
the shoulders. When Its warmth is
needed und ir-ls belted In It sets close
to the figure.
This season bus witnessed the return
of long, wide scarfs to favor along
with a great vurlety of other neck
pieces. Fur fabric and duvetyn are
combined to make the nniple scurf pic
tured above long enough to protect the
chest, encircle the throat and fall over
the shoulder. The scarf Is the most
easily adjusted of neckpieces und ad
mits of several Ingenious arrange
ments. The clever hat to match sug
gests the popular Napoleon shape aud
Is trimmed with an ornament made of
ostrich flues that looks like a flat
tassel. It has the approved drooping
pose at the side.
Very heavy yarns are used for them
and most of them are knit with caps
to match to accompany the sweater,
when skating, tobogganing or other
winter sports engage their wearer*.
The sweater coat pictured buttons up
the front with bone buttons and is
provided with patch pockets and a belt
of the knitted material. It has a rolled
collar and depends for ornamentation
and snug fit upon variations in Its
knitting. A border at the bottom,
bauds on the pockets and cuffs are all
put In by running the stitches in a
horizontal direction. Worn with a
heavy woolen skirt and a hat this
sweater will serve for practical wear
on the street In the morning and for
The gray sweater of very heavy
yarn with sailor collar and cap to
match, is meant for sports wear.
Every athletic girl will see Its advan
tages. The new sweaters may he hud
In a variety of colors.
Flattens the Hem.
Before hemming napkin* by band
run the edge* of napklna through the
Bowing machine hemmer. It wffl crvaaa
the hBM straight for the hand andag
pe-ru-na mm
and MAN ALIN Cured Mel|||S
Mrs. E. M. Harris, R. R. Catarrh oltKa
No. 3, Ashland, Wia, sends R,,. Thrnat '
a message of cheer to the & l mFLSI
rick: awiw.
“After following your advice . ...
end using Peruna and Manaltn, I "° work and am In good
waa cared ef catarrh ef the bom. health. I recommend this yete
tlt root and otomech, from which Jhle remedr tm all suffering from
I had suffered for several years, suy disease of the stomach.
When I commenced taking Pe- _ .
runa I could not make my bed Ferena Is Sold Bverywher
without stepping tn root. Now I U«sld nr Tnblet Form
The Cartoonist Outdone.
Jones —Sec that tattered-looking
man over there?
Hunks —Yes.
Jones—Well, .he used to he one of
»he most prosperous cartoonists in
Ranks —What lmp|>encd him?
Lost Ids talent?
Jones —No. hut Ids specialty was
making grotesque drawings of wom
en's fashions, and now the styles have
surpassed Ills pictures!
Stop jolting Liver and Bowels
with violent drugs, but
tike “CascaFets.”
“Dynamiting” bile out of your sys
tem with calomel and other sickening
purgatives Is all wrong. Salts, Oil, and
Cathartic Waters act by flooding the
bowels with the digestive Juices which
are vital to the stomach. Cuscarets
are different. They act as a tonic to
the bowel muscles, which Is the only
sensible way to relieve a bilious at
tack. a sour, acid stomach, or consti
pated bowels. There Is no griping or
inconvenience. You naturally return
to regularity and cheerfulness. Cn»
carets cost very little and they work
while you sleep.—Adv.
Nice Distinction.
“Mrs. GnluiupiiM is always getting
after Mr. flaluinpus for not huvlng
more spirit.”
“She says lie lets everybody run
over him.”
“Doesn't Mrs. ttiiluiiipus run over
him, tpo?’’ m
“Certainly, hut she takes the position
that domestic tyranny doesn’t compro
mise the honor of the family like op
pression from a rank outsider.”
Nam* “Bayer” is on Genuine
Aspirin —say Bayer
Insist on “Bayer Tablets of Aspirin i
in a “Boyer package.” containing prop j
er directions for Headache, Colds |
Pain, Neurulgln. Lumbago, and Kheu j
matism. Name “Bayer” means genuine
\spirin prescribed by physicians for
nineteen years. Handy tin toxes of 12
tablets cost few cents. Aspirin Is trade
tnnrk of Bayer Manufacture of Mono
acetlcacldester of Snllcyllcacld.—Adv.
“We want more honest men in poli
ties.” exclaimed the reformer. “That's
right.” agreed the practical |Htl;:iclnn.
“The mure honest men we have In poli
tics the less politics will cost.”
A gentle hand may lead the eiephnnt
with a hair.—Persian Roeary.
I FarmerJonPsSyrupis Better
I First, last and all the time we maintain the quality I Its
I lt’.whnlH^mii.gcflMomleJmlo,ll fines
1 Nature helps us. The cane is pawn under our supervision from used
% chosen under direction of our own agriculture! experts. By an exileai.a
\ process of manufacture we keep the purity end (oodnaae which come
% from the sweet juices of the sorghum. We
include sugar syrup with aa addin—of os—
syrup to prevent fermentation.
Win' RrmerJows
Sorghum Blend Strut
Sand name far our new FREE Rooipo Book.
I Tw Fowßcott lobimb Cb a
F from $2OO te $4OO a month aa >
I an Auto and Tractor mechanic J
®r bo your mm mechanic for f
motorized machinery on
I BA p your own farm. Wo
i you complete I |
and £
The Wrong Expert.
“My dortor sent me to a dietician
•to build up.” “Why didn’t he i*eml
you to un architect?” >
There It only one medicine that rcaDy
stunda out pre-eminent a* a medicine iv*
curable ailments of the kidney*; liver ana
Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp-Root stands tbe
highest for the reason that it has prove*
to lie just the remedy needed in thousand*
upon thousands of distressing
Swamp-Root makes friends quickly be
cause its mild and immediate effect is o* l ®®
realized in most cases. It is a geatle,
healing vegetable compound.
Start treatment at once. Sold at all
drug stores in bottles of two sizes, moor
um and Urge. *
However, if you wish first to test thi#
great preparsMion send ten cent® to- Dr.
Ki!mer A Co., Binghamton, N. Y.. for o
sample bottle. When writing be sure a®a
mention this paper.—Adv.
Conceit is usually compelled to aje
peal to itself for admiration.
starts wiih a
Kill th. Cold. At tha Ovt^Bk
, —. T,h,
w ottonfOS-
cold reared? far SO ysre*
—*■ tablet foras—sofa, sure, a*
opiates—breaks up a cold hi S«
hours—relieves grip in S day*.
Mmuy beck if It fails. The
«- box h * a • M
Winltf h Ur ’ nar *
V «F At AUOrmm
iwnijMd so Young
/C\ Rub Dandruff ana
J— -1 Itching with
y* / CHtioira Olntmait
MORGAN’S SKnUCTARY.—Tea roars tie
a (armor's boy com* to Mm Borneo Mch -of
la Donvor. Today bo bos a Iso position la
Uta office* of J. P. Moreaa * Co. If row
would Ilka to know how bo oeconopliahed
this In ten yours, nsk for particulars. Just *v
average boy. but bo eat*rod business. Many
Soya from the farm bog Id tn Novtaber.
IOOVtS Champa Mu. Dearer, Cote
Do You Smoke?
i Bend ua fifty cento for one pound carton
of “OLD KENTUCKY” natural leaf
| Tobacco, direct from th* grower.
One pound prepaid, 6# cento. Fie#
pounds prepaid. s2.o*.
St nd check, bank draft or Mo. O.
Old K eat nek y Tobacco Aoooelatlaa.
Water Valley, Keatacky.
’ W. N. U., DENVER. NO. 46-I*l*

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