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Welch S: Titsworth
New School Books
As per List ndoptcil by tlie Tcrrituri.il Hoard of Education. .
Barbed Wire.
Sash Doors, Glass, Paints and Oils.
We Buy Mohair.
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bolide Skinner was in from the from Kansas last wcok. They the publication of a notice asking
gal Mcta Saturday. an: perfect specimens of ttieir a permit to take water for irriga-
J. W. Zllars, an El Paso capi- M'"! a"l luiul color to the plain, ling purposes from the Tortolita.
list, ttpeut cveral days in Car- Geo. II. Clements, circulation Mrs. N. H. Taylor and grand
:ozo this week, looking after manager and livid hustler for the daughter, Miss Puarl, returned
intercuts here. 131 Paso Herald, was in Carrizzo Monday from a mouth's visit to
J. A Norman enmc up thuoth- Tuesday evening between traius, East Tennessee. This was Mrs.
day in an automobile, and the on his return to the Pass City Taylor's old home and this her
ug, chug of the animal is be- from the north. first visit in twenty-seven years,
ming quite familiar. John Y. Hewitt. A. H. Iluds- o. P. Humphrey, who has long
3arber & Gierke, attorneys, lcih and V. C. McDonald loft resided on Little Creek, in this
iPt let a contract for an ollice Monday night for Uoswoll. They county, has purchased an acre
lildiug on the corner of 3dr and wnnt to attend the Territorial tract on the McDonald addition,
umogordo ave., towusite plat. Democratic Convention which met Mr. Humphrey will build a resi
Tlic Epwurth League has pre- l!lal c'ly Wednesday, deuce at once, move over and
red a musical program for the Mr. and Mrs. John W. Owen's start in the dairy business.
The pro- little daughter, hula, is rccover
ptiblishud i"g from a violent attack of scar-
Jacob Aragoti, of ihc firm of
Auigou Hfos., Lincoln, loft last
week for Mineral Wells, Texas.
Mr. A rayon is a sufferer from
rhaumatism, and will try the cur
ative properties of the Wells for
suing of the 17th.
mil, :ouinlule, is
tfwhore In this isiue. let fever at Liucolu. I he au-
11, S Canipbull and family IcH HmrltloB beliuve the disuase is
gfluiitdny morning for a week woll under control.
l?n days' outing on tho raging' Thclma, the twelve-year old
utdoso. Space will l raaorvud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. GraN some six wooks.
ifir for t.tt "tales that he told." ton, Angus, iliod Tuosday night. y del Curto was down last
TMiO ulalaMitl for Utt ortcliou U i reported that cause or death woou from White Oaks, on his
' ft dapot at Tllfoo Rims is u- vm swiriot fever, but we have vvn.. lo hi, sheep camp heyond the
jjUwd lha ground. The boett usable to verify the report. Mftl l(lU Mr. tiui Curto has just
HMlnf , it Is Mid, will aoel p- 'poW McDonald, a rnttchmnu of finished lotubing his llock, mid
utiMittely JfjOOO. llit itoekldg Gap country, was is very much pleased nt the per
twi Plltttf iiO utiir of the lu Cnrrltoto this week, and on cent of increase, which was not
.illtttf oemptkf frillS oh the tho iUstolence of a friend became fnr from the 100-umrk.
onltOt tt to It Jmo oh the a nubaeriber to the Nnws. What T,,e bHck 1)Uii(ulIg. n the Cor
A ft i WaustUiT morn- would ititjono do without friontte? tlQr of 4th and Alamogordo ave.
if, H fftMfuod yesterday. Milos 13. May, nn old resident is neariug complolion, and the
Ufa OftSPfoaKO Caitla Rnuch of Tortolita cntiron, was down contractor cxpusts to have the
j!WtattA A tor of fltio Uulls oat day lust week, arranging for building ready for occupancy by
the 20th. Cieglcr Itros. will con
duct their general mercantile bus
iness at that corner.
C. U. Miiboii, Jr., and wife ar
rived last week from Menardville,
Texas. Mr. Mason is a son-in-law
of J. 13. Heard, and was here
Inst year, but contracted a violent
case of Texas fever, from which
he was several months recovering
in the Lone Star state. Ho i
now immune he'll slay.
H. 11, Dawson, teller at the
Exchange Hank, who has boon
spending a mouth's vacation at
California coast points, will re
turn about Sunday. Harry ha
taken a boat ride on the briny
deep, and, though a laud-lubber,
assorts that, with him, nothing
deviated from its course, yet oth
ers wore constantly "giving up."
W. 11. Sevier, whose doparlurf
for tho Carthage coal mints w
noted in the last Usue of the
Capital! News, has roturucd to
his home at Lincoln, content ti
remain under his own vine and
fig tree. He din't mill as he re
turned (.he probably came througl
nt night), but meeting a frlelit
on the road, ho had suclr a Ion
face and woe-bo-gone look tho
the impression prevailed Uui
liillic had rather die in Lincol
couuty than to live out of it,

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