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Recipes for Emily M,ide and Apietlx
Ing Luncheon Dishes.
i ' Ilonii Croquettes. Csn imo lilnt of
ivlllto Roup lumiiH, imo tnblospnonful ol
Vlnognr, ono tubloNpoonful of nioliiHSCH,
Ono inlili'Hpodiiful of tiultor; unit nnd
iiycntio to tiiHto. Poll tlio bonus nnil
wliiin ilonu press tticun through it
fOlflmlsr, (hen mill tlio other Ingrodl
C'litH, mixed wall, anil Hlnnil nwny to
(.'ool. Whon rolit form Into Hmnll
IiiiIIh, nip Hi Ht In urk nml tliun In
brum! crumbs nml fry In boiling fnt.
Ohooso Croquettes. Uso ono-fourth
(tup liitttur, one-fourth cup flour, two
thtrds cup milk, yolks of two eggs, ouu
Ulip inllil oheeso cut In smnll pieces,
oiloliulf cup of milk checso, gritted.
Hull mill poppor. Mnkt! n thick sauco
Of tlio llrnt thri'o Ingredients nnil nilil
yolkH of eggs nnd stir well, then mid
Ah noon ns grated choose melts ro
tnoVo from tlio lira nml nonsuit with
Wilt nml popper. Hpreud In n hIiiiIIow
pun mid cool.
Turn on u bonrd, cut In Riunll
flqtliiros or HtrlpH, dip In crumbs, egg
find crumbs tiRiiln. try In deep fnt, and
drain on brown pupor.
Lobster Croquettes. Uso two cups
iif chopped loliHtor ment. one-half ten
Spoonful of tniiRtnril, threo KrnliiB of
cttyonno, ono teiiBpoonful of lomou,
ono cup of thick whlto Hauco. Add
BMiBDiiliiK to lobster. Thou add think
white Mtuco. Cool, nhnpo, dip In
crumbs, (, nnd crumbs again, fry In
ilop fnt. nnd drnlu.
Chlukon Cioquottes. Tlio breast of
u roiiHt fowl, two pnrlR, of hollcd
tiinguo ono part, nml of trullles ono
putt. Mlnco nil tliosu lino mid mix
(horn toRotlicr.
Mult a piece of butter In n Hnuropnn,
Rllr a llttlo Hour Into It, thou put In
tho above mixture nnd niolHten with a
Hiuall ipuintlty of stock. Add hoiiio
finely minced parsley, pepper, unit nnd
nutmeg to tnste.
Stir It on tho tiro for n few minutes,
then atlr In It, off tho lire, tho yolks
of ono or two eggs beaten up with tho
julco or n lemon nml Htrnlned. Spread
out tlilfl mince which rIioiiIiI ho pretty
HtlfT on a mnrhlo slnb, nnd when It
Ir Hourly cold fashion It Into Hinntt
portions In tho slmpo of hulls or
Dip each In benten up egg nnd then
roll It In lino linked broad crumbs. Re
peat this oporutlon nftcr tho lnpso of
mi hour, nml nflor n Hltnllnr Interval
fry tho croquettes In hut lard to n
golden color. Servo on n napkin with
jllonly of frlod pnrsloy.
Carefully Prepared Ingredients Nec
essary for 8uccess.
Ilouiomndo Hnusago. Thoro are
tunny variations In making sausage,
iiiil only In tho proportions of tho In
gredients used. Most of them reqiilro
("ho Uho of )oung pork, a Rood eonibl
tuition being live pounds lean, Includ
ing part tenderloin, with two pounds
Of fnt pork. Mlnco thoroughly, pul
ling through n meat grinder two or
ihreo times, then season, using to
Ouch pound of tho chopped meat a
iiunplng toaspoonful of powdered sago,
a tenspoonful of salt and u third of a
taaspiionful of pepper. Puck In jars
Of Hi 1 1 II 1 1 cotton bugs, nnd eovor fully
lilt Inuli thick with limited turd. Keep
lit Mill atorernom.
Oxford HuusugB.--I' to for tliMo a
liniiild nnch or llnoly chopped vuul,
polk nnd bouf suot. Mix through this
n mmrt or broad crumbs, the prated
pMl of n half lemon, n gmted nut
Hisig, u sprig onuh ot savory, thyiuo
Ullil 8UMl marjoram nnd a tnbloapoon
fill pflwtlured sngo lonvos. Make in
MkoB nml fry lu n llttlo hot buttor.
Scrambled Eggs In Biscuit Cases.
Tttke ImkliiR powdsr hlsaults nml
mjl n circle through tho top crust
UO'WII throuih the middle; romnve the
flrlilllti, luiltur tho Insldo mid till when
JUBU with sonusbieil ogns. Scat-
uwtmwi mmr ovw Ut tun.
A Pioneer of Colorado and Nebraska.
Mntthlns Campbell, votornn of tho
Civil War and two Indian wars, and
n pioneer ot Colo
rado, now living nt
218 East Nebraska
street, ninlr, Nob,,
says: "I had such
pains In my back
for a Ions tlmothat
I could not turn In
bed, and at times
(hero waB nn almost
total stnppago of
tho tirlno. My wlfo mid I havo both
used Doan's Kidney Pills for what doc
tors diagnosed as advancod kidney
troubles, nnd both of us havo boon
completely cured."
Hold by all dealors. GO cents a box.
Fostor-Mllburn Co., llurfnlo, N. Y.
Ho Then I am to understand Hint
cm absolutely roject my offer?
Sht Thoro Is really nothing elBe
for It.
Ifc Well, I think It very soinsh of
you. Hero, I've actually gouo and
purchased n guldo for our honeymoon.
No Soup, No Dinner, the Rule Laid
Down by Barney.
Six years ago, when the king visited
Dublin, so mo amusing Incidents were
recorded duo to tho grotcsquoncsB ol
sumo hotel waiters apparently Just
fresh from rural llfo.
Ono hntolkcopcr told such a nowly
Imported "scrvor" that ho must nl
ways servo every ono with soup nt
dinner nnd bo qulto cortaln that he
had it,
Thereupon ensued tho following
scenu between a visitor nnd tho new
"8oup, sir?" snld Unrney.
"No soup for mo," said tho visitor, i
"Hut you must have It," snld Har
ney; "It's tho rules of tho houso." '
"Hang tho house!" exclaimed tho
visitor, highly nxnspcrnled. "When 1
don't want soup I won't cat it. (let
along with you!"
"Well," snld llnrnoy, with solemnity,
"nil 1 can Hity Is JiiBt this It's tho
rules of tho houso and sorrn n drop
elso yo'll get tilt yo finish tho soup!"
London Telegraph.
BSMiKtoz. ' isW
No Night's Rest for a Year and Limit
of His Endurance Seemed Near
Owes Recovery to Cutlcura.
".My son Clydo was almost com
pletely covorcd with oczoma. Physl
clans treated him for nearly a year
without helping him any. Ills head,
fnco, nnd neck wero covered with largo
Rcabs which ho would rub until thoy
fell oft. Then Hood nnd matter would
tun out and that would bo worse
Frlonds coming to sco him snld that It
ho got well ho would bo disfigured for
llfo. When It seemed iih If ho could
possibly stand It no longor, I used
some Cutlcura Soap, Cutlcura Oint
ment, and Cutlcura HosolvenL That
was tho first night for nearly a year
that ho slopt In tho morning thoro
was a great chango for tho bettor, in
about six weeks ho was porfoctly woll.
Our leading physician recommends
Cutlcura for cexoma. Mrs. Algy
Cocltburn, Shlloh, 0 J imo 11, 1007."
Days of Bohemia Ended,
noheniln has conned to exist in tho
Paris Latin quarter, according to Al
fred Capus, tho piny wrlght. who may
bo regarded ns an authority on the
point. In n lecture delivered on bo
half or tho "Mnlsou d'l'tudlnnts,"
which Is tu bo tho hendqunrlors of
tho (lenernl Association of Paris Stu
dents, he remarked: "Wo must not
bo nfrnld to acknowlodgo that our stu
dents uro no longer Hohomlnns."
Deafness Cnmiot Be Cured
by lorn I atipltaikwa, m ty rnnnnt rrnrli tti ill
mntt tMMtloii ol llw rat lift U ny uric way tu
flirr ilralMM. jimI Umii u h) (uiutllutlonal rrinnllii.
InilurM la nuiw.1 ) an Innamnl miidlllon ol I ho
Mimm IMhia ol tint l.utrtiUn Tubr Whrn IhW
tube H miUmnl on lur a runibllns anuml or lm
ltlwl Imikiit, ami whin It I enllrt'l) rliwrt, Ural
Htm M Km1 rmill, anil iiiiIim the Initniiimallon rail Ihi
UImi mil ami Hit tuln- rnttiH'ttl lo lia normal conitl.
Ikm. IwarMw will Ih- ililruiil luntrr: nlriit rnm
out of trn arc muni by Calarch. winch H nolhlnii
Inn in Inftamnl romllllnii ol I lie iniimua iinlam.
Un will aivn line llunilml Ihillnre lor any raw ot
DftifjMW iiwtwil liy i-utarrti) that onnnot 1m- rurrd
or llall'a tuiarrh I nrr. Sriul lor rlinilara, trn-.
. r J. CllltNKV A. CO., IDIitio. O,
tMU U liruwlau. rsc.
TU flaira Immlly Pllla lor ronitliutlon.
When the nvorngo woman has
trouble with her head she consults n
milliner ItiBtond of a doctor.
It Cures Whllo You Walk.
Allen'" Kniit-Ksao is a certain cure for
hot, MveutliiR, cnlliaia, nnd aimllen. hcIiIiir
fwit.Poldby nil DriiRKlnta. Price 2.V. Don't
ncccpt any aulmtltutc. Trinl pnekngu FIllMC.
Addreis Allen S. Olmttcd, l.o Hoy, N. Y(
A tuuti'u onomleH nuxlaualy nwall, an
optiortut. tr to uiuQt blB widow,
Women and the Suffrage.
Tho sovercst criticism of tho stu
pidity nnd Inctnclency of tho parlia
ments of tho world Is, In M. Marcol
Provost's opinion, tho most universal
Indifference of women on tho subject
or voting. "Neither tho ropresentn
tlvo nor tho voter," says this expert In
fcmlnlno psychology, "excites tliolr
envy. Thoy do not even think about
tho vote, and If men offer It as a gift
they pay no attention, burst out laugh
ing or rcfuso point blank."
People Talk About Good Things.
Twelve years nun few people knew of
biicIi n iirepiirntlon na n Powder for the
l-'ect. 'lo-day after the geiiultii- merits of
Allen's Foot-Kami have Wii told venr after
year by grateful peivona, it la Indlapena
able to iiiilllun. It U cleanly, whole
Hinie, lienllnu ulid antUepllo anil oiveii
ret nnd comfort lo tired itching feet.
It cnrcx ivhile you wnlk. Over :.H00
' n lunri. (irnni nl liiil'tt'lkA 1-nn ti-nulil .n.i'n
After Buffcrlni? for seven years,
thlHwomon wrtH restored tolienlth
by Iijdln K.rinUhrtm'H VcRCtnblo
Ctmipottiul. ltciul her letter.
Irs. Salllo French, of rnucaunlrt,
Ind. Tor., writes to Mrs. Pinklmm:
" I had female troubles for aoven
years was all run-down, and so ner
vous I could not do anything. Tho
doc tors treated mo for different troubles
but did mo no good. Whllo in this con
dition I wrote to Mrs. Plnkhnm for ad
vice and took Lydln 13. Pinkhatn's Vege
table Compound, and I am now strong
and well.''
For thirty years Lydia E. rink
ham's Vegetable, Compound, mado
from roots and herbs, has been tho
standard remedy for lemalo illn.
and has positively cured thousands ol
womonwho havo been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, Irregularities,
poriodio pains, backache, that bearing-down
fcollng, flatulency, indices
tlon,di7.ziness,ornorvousprostratlon. Why don't you try it?
Don't licsltato to wrlto to Mrs.
Pliikliiun If tlicro Is anything
itl'iiut your sickness you do not
understand. Sho will treat your
free. No wonmn o'cr regretted
writing her, nnd because- of Iter
vast experlcnco sho has liolpcd
thousuudH. Address, Lynn, Muss.
I lie ottered A anlixtltiitn tin- Allon'a l'nnl-
I KitH'. the oriulrnil foot powder. Auk for OIAI UP 1 111 AUF
I Allen' l''ool-Knc, nnd nee that you net It ?ljR, t AU AullE.
Jersey Legislation.
"Thnt wns a disgusting slap tho gov
ernor took nt our bills," said tho New
Jersoy legislator.
"Seemed to Irrllatn him as much as
mosquito bills," admitted tho disgrun
tled colleague.
"Mrs. Plnkhnm, or tho Lydia 10.
Plnkhnm Medicine Company or Lynn,
Muss., together with her son, Arthur
W. Plnkhnm, nnd tho younger mom
hers or hor family, snllcd for Naplns
on May 20th for a threo months' tour
throughout Kuropo and a much needed
A Redeeming Trait,
"Thoro was ono good thing about
Adnm nnd Kvo."
"What was thntT"
"Whon thoy wero In Kdcn thoy did
not send out any souvenir poslnls."
Important to Mothers.
Examine carofullr overy bottlo of
I CABTOItIA u snfo and stiro remedy for
Infants and children, and sco that it
Itonra ITin
Signature Ql!aFffl&fa 1
In Uso I-'or Over JJO YearB.
Tho Kind You Havo Always Uougbt. I
When you meot with men or worth
think how you may nttnln their lovcl;
whon you seo those or an opposlto
tharactor, look within nnd cxamlno i
joursolr Conruclus. i
UTTi r
Hi vlk
i ii m
Posltlvaly cured liy
these Llttlo rills.
They bIiki relievo Dla-
treaa from Ilrapepata, In-
I llrratlonntit Too Hearty
KntliiR. A perrrcl rem
eiljr for Dlitliiraa, Nnil
aen, Uruiralneaa, llnil
lrl ToiiKue, ruin lit tho
Bi,l. oiiFnir r ti-trit
Tbry reg-tilate Ibo llowela. 1'urnljr Vcgcltthto.
Qenuino Must Bear
Fac-Similo Signature
A.N.KKi.i,n(jnNr.vsrArr.R cn.
71 W Ailama StH ClilcJKO
Try Murine Eye Remedy
l'or lied, Veak Weary, Watery Kyea.
Murine lJocn't Hmarl Soothes Kyo Pain,
All UriiKKltts Bell Murine at 50cta. Tlio 13
Paro Hook in each Pkg. Is worth Dollars
in every home. Aak your DrtiKftlftt.
Miiilno Kyo ltemecly Co., Chicago,
Lotteries Pay Big Dividends.
Nearly $100,000 Is spent In Mexico
Olty ovory week on lottury tlckots and
in the samo porlod only about $7Q,Qf)Q
la paid back In (sromlutUB.
r.luf. IB A HlSi-LKCUIIE.
II at ilrugil.ta or by mall.
SiDii PllKK. Addrcu,
Trlban llld.. Saw Toat
WAM'I'irn VUl N(l SII'.N In learn l.lumli
T lV 1 IjIJ biliklurlnir, Kluctrlrllr. t-tn.,
nrtiialwurk nnlHiiika. Two thlrdaof nil nnt protlla
are divided utnutiK wnrklni'ti, IkHik nf iiiiilanatlon
Mnt fr 1.00 in lii.li) imid. UNION Hl!lllMil, (IK
TIIAIIKH 1-.-U to 1311 lilkl V, lot Aimi'lri, Cull tumla.
1 Wo' ! Thompson's Eye Water
W. Ni U., DENVER, NO, 29, 1903.

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