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cArrizozo news
Menace of the Flying Machine.
What Emperor Wllllnm cnlls "tho
boglnnlng of a now nntlonnl era"
Hconifl to bo dawning for moro than
ono nation ns otio rends tho dally ro
ports of successful experiments with
HyinK machines and dlrlglblo balloons.
Wo donmnd now with our morning'
breakfast at least a column of trows
about tho flights of airships, and we
usually got It. Thoro Is n now kind of
International rnco going on a raco
for tho perfect airship, and tho first
prlxo In that raco Is no beautiful
gawd or empty honor; It Is tho oxton
slon of national power and tho possl
bio supremacy over other nations. At
least It Is ovldont that that vlow Is
held by many In Great llrltaln nnd
Qormany, and a posltlva nervousness
Is becoming ovldont over tho mllltnry
possibilities of tho aeroplanes and
dlrlglblos each Is oxplolllng. (Ion.
lladcn-Powoll calls upon Great Britain
to arouso herself to tho now situation
that Is Impending. "In a vory few
years," ho remarks, ominously, "wo
Hliall see those )owcrful machines In
tho nlr under perfect control nnd In
practical operation. Then every gov
ernment will obtain thorn nnd tho na
vies will bo virtually useless ns a first
lino of UofenBo." Current Literature
Sidney Whitman, Ulsmnrck's old
friend nnd biographer, has established
friendly relations with tho prouont
chancollor, I'rlnco von Iluolow, who
has just rnado him tho mouthpiece for
nn Interview calculated to mollify
England and lessen tho tension arising
from tho Moroccan situation. For tho
chauvinists In either country, who nrn
perpetually fanning tho flames of
hatred, tho chancellor has nothing but
contempt. Ho lutlmntos that Germany
will soon show In sonio unmistakable
way hor determination to bo u factor
for peace, and hor frlcndllnoss for
Great llrltaln, Especially significant
is his declaration that "tho dominant
Influence In tho world Ib nclthor Eng
land nor Gormany, much less any
slnglo Individual In cither country,"
but rnthor "tho world's conscience,"
often called public opinion. This Is a
striking tributo to tho effect which
scrutiny of national policies by nn
audience, International and Inter
racial In makeup, Is having on tho na
tions and thotr controlling ofllclnls.
It Is natural to overestimate tho
woalth of millionaires, l'robato courts
and oxocutors nro constantly proving
how cxnggornted many of tho est!
mates nrc. Lcgrntid Powers of tho
United States census bureau, In tho
current American JourunI of Sockil
ogy, deals statistically nnd logically
with claims that are made against
millionaires ns n class, and shown
that cither the census estimates of
tho wealth of tho ontlro population
Are ridiculously small or tho popular
estimates of tho relatively few mil
llonalrn fortunes nro oxaggorntcvl. Ho
stands by tho census estimates, In the
main, nnd denies that thoro Is any
such concentration of wealth ns has
been assumed by some economists, as
well as by popular domagogues.
Is tho world going backward? Tho
Hosttm magazine that prints In Its
latest numbor tin nrttclo about "Tho
Scarcity of Skunks" was lamenting n
while ago tho scarcity of poetry.
Still tho rolling stone Is no moss
back, and tho bird In tho bush may ho
a dead ono.
W. H. Sinner of Plttabura Places
Riches to Extent of $4,000,000 at
Plate of Each Child on Occa
sion of His Golden Wedding.
Pittsburg, Pa. At tho golden wed
ding dinner of hlmsolf nnd wlfo, W. II.
HlHgor, nn Iron king, distributed $10,
000,000 among his four children, each
getting $4,000,000. Through tho tiling
of cortnln papers In tho Allughony
county courthouse tho other day this
camo out It Inter was ndmlttod by
tho Singer family.
Mr. Singer Invited his children to
tho family homo, 031 Western nvcntio.
Allegheny, to aBslst In celebrating his
golden wedding nnnlvorsnry on May
27. Kono but tho children was In.
vltcd, and each ono found by his or
William Henry Singer.
hor plato n small dinner "favor" of
checks, bonds and deeds amounting to
f 1.000.000 ench.
Tho four children who received
these small gifts are ns follows:
Wllllnm floury Slngor, Jr., land
scapo painter, now In Norway, wloro
ho spends most of his time.
Gcorgo Slngor, Iron manufacturer of
Pittsburg, now In tho white mouti
tnlns on his vacation.
Mrs, Wllllnm ltoss Proctor, wife of
a Philadelphia architect.
Mnrguorlto Slngor, a ydiuigor dnugh
tor, who resides nt homo.
Mrs. Slngor, who tins n fortune of
hor own, received suvornl pieces of
vnlunblo real estnlo ns hor golden
wedding present.
Mr. Singer nmilo his fortune ns n
momhor of tho fnmouB Iron firm of
Slngor, Is'lmlck & Co. Ho nlso wns
connected with ninny banking Instltu
tlous In Pittsburg, and Is consldeiod
ono of tho rich men t tho country
A pocullar fuaturo of tho catio was
mado known recently. Wllllnm llonry
Singer, tho son who cIiobo painting
rather than tho Iron business us his
life's work, will not bo nblo to enjoy
his mllllouu In America, owing tr tho
great fear his wife holds of tho "Pluck
Hand." Bho recently received n
threatening letter, nnd It frlghtoned
her Into hysterics. Her husband wns
finally compelled to tnko hor nbrond.
Tho older Slngor duollnod to dis
cuss his remarkable dinner party fur
ther than to any It wns u prlvnto mat
ter. It Is known, however, thnt tho
Iron king Is but following out thu pol
icy laid down by his lifelong friend,
Chnrles Lockhnrt of tho Stnr.dnrd Oil
Company, who eomo years boforo his
death called all his children Into n
dinner party nnd under each plato was
found a chock for $1,000,000.
Mr. I.ockhart and Mr. Slngor many
yours ago promised each other they
would distribute their wealth among
their children "In tlmo to do tho rhll
droit some good."
Only Two In Two Centuries Is Record
of London Edifice.
London. Two marrlngos only in
two centuries Is n record which pos
sibly but ono church In tho world can
claim. That church Is St. Peter's,
Vero street, London. And yot St.
Peters Is ono of tho most fnshlonnblo
churches of London. Tho reason of Its
record Is curious. Tho church Is not
licensed for marrlngos.
Ith the nld of a special llconso and
n special proclamation nnd dispensa
tion, tho archbishop of Canterbury, as
sisted by u distinguished gathering o(
clorgy, married nt tho llttlo ciiirch
four yenrs ago his chaplain, tho Uov.
Mr. McMillan, to Miss Maurice, grand
di.ightcr of tho Into Itov. Charles Mau
rice, and dnughter of Clou. Matirlco.
In tho mlddlo Victorian porlod Dr.
Matirlco was tho Incumbont of tho
church. Ho soon beenmo eolobrnted ns
tho most eloquent nnd powerful
prenchor In tho Church of England,
nnd brought 8t. Poter's from tho un
known ranks of n chapol of enso to Its
present status of n famous nnd fash
lonnblo church. Tho only other mar
rlago eolobrnted In tho church wns
that of Lord Solborno's dattghtor to
Col, I-onl Dlgby of tho Coldstream
gunrds. This was somo yenrs ago and
King hdwnrd was among tho guests.
Hut for tho fact that tho brldo was
daughter of EtiRlnnd's lord chancollor
It Is doubtful whether tho spoclnl nil
thorlzntlon needed for tho coromony
would hnvo been Issued. In tho Mc
Millan Mnurlco wedding tho fact that
tho bridegroom was chaplnln to tho
nrchblshop of Cnntorbury mado It eas-
lor to grnnt tho brldo's request thnt
Bho might bo marrlod In hor grand
fnthor's old church. Tho fees for tho
special license and special authoriza
tion nmouutod to $2C0.
St. Potor's wns built two conturlcs
ngo by tho earl of Oxford ns n domes
tic chnpol to his big mansion on what
were then tho outskirts of London.
About a century ngo, whon tho earl
dom becamo extinct, tho chapol bo
camo tho property of tho crown nnd
has remnlnod so over since. For yenrs
It was used as n chnpol of oaso rind
has novor had n pnrlsh attached to It.
Tho government finally charged pow
rontB, In Dr. Mnurlco's tlmo, for tho
church wns crowded to tho doors
twlco every Sunday. When Dr. Mnu
rlco died Cnnon Pngo-Hnbcrts of Can
torbury, nnuthor of England's most fa
mous preachers, succeeded him nnd
still Is In chnrgo. Cnnon Pago-Hob-oris
goes to London only during tho
social season, nnd during tho other
months of tho yenr his curnto con
ducts tho services, and distinguished
prenehors from nil pnrts visit thoro.
Tho lato Illshop Potter or Now York
has boon hoard there.
Tho oxterlor of St. Peter's Is vory
plain. It looks morn like a llttlo old
church In tho bnckwnods than a fa
mous London placo of worship. Hut
tho interior is u thing of benuty.
Thousands upon thousands of dollars
hnvo been spent on it during tho Inst
quarter of a century. Its marvelous
windows, nltnr pictures nnd decora
tions nro nil by Htirno-Jonos, nnd hun
dreds of Amorlcnn tourists visit it
ovory year to roo them. Kb congro
gntlon Is said tn ho tho most Intellect
ual In England. Tho church being so
nenr Cavendish uqunro and llnrloy
street, n largo number of scientists,
surgeons nnd physlclntiH nttend it.
Lord Choylosmoro, ex-mnyor of West
minster, nnd his American wlfo nt
tend. Tho duke of Wellington, Lord
ItoberlB nnd it hundred or tuoro great
peerti nro powholders. So iuixIoub nro
people to attend tho scrvlcos thnt tho
vestry ulwnys lias a wnltlng list of
over 1100 who hnvo npplled for pews.
Canadian Woman In Politics.
MIrs Clara Martin of Toronto has
Just nnnounccd herself ns n candidate
for tho provincial legislature nt tho
coming election In east Toronto. Do
sides being Canada's first woman law
yer, Miss Martin Is tho first womnn
member of tho board of education of
Worked Both Ways.
John Kendrick IJangB had been eoa
gratulatcd on tho success of his last
"Thank you," said Mr. Hangs, "and
I am glad your congratulations don't
work both ways."
"Work botli ways?"
"Yes. Llko those that wore onee
offered to a mnn named Ilrownlow.
"A friend said to Ilrownlow:
"'Lot mo congratulate you. I see
by tho paper that your wife has pre
sented you with twins.'
"Ilrownlow smllod.
"'No,' ho said. 'That Is a mistake.
Tho father's nnino Is John C. Drown
low, I am John K, Ilrownlow.'
" 'Ah,' cried tho othor man, heartily,
'then I do, Indeed, congratulate you.' "
With Fearful Eczema Pain, Heat,
and Tingling Were Excruciating
Cutlcura Acted Like Magic.
"An eruption broko out on my
daughter's chest. I took hor to a
doctor, nnd ho pronounced it to bo
eczema of n vory bad form, Ho treatod
hor, but tho dlscaso spread to hor back,
and then tho wliolo of hor head was
affected, and nil her hair had to bo cut
off. Tho pain sho Buffered was excru
ciating, nnd with that and tho boat
and tingling hor Ufa was almost un
bearable Occasionally sho was deliri
ous and sho did not hnvo a proporhour's
sleep for many nights. Tho Rccond
doctor wo tried afforded her just as
llttlo relief ns tho first. Then I pur
chased Cutlcura Soap, Ointment, and
Pills, nnd bctoro tho Ointment was
three-quarters finished ovory traco of
tho dlscaso was gono. It really scorned
llko magic. Mrs. T, W. Hydo, Ilront
wood, Essox, England, Mar. 8, 1007."
Imaginary Holidays.
I know n man who cannot nfford to
travel, nnd yet has a dollghtful way
of deceiving hlmsolf. Ho loams about
tho cost of traveling, tho proper cloth
ing to ho worn, gets n tlmo table, and"
arranges excursions for himself to
various places, and then rends about
them In books of travel. To tho man
with Imagination It Is n captivating
occupation. Hearth and Homo.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Iiollara neward far any
rue ot catarrh Dial cannot be cured by 11111
Catarrh. Cure.
F. J. CIIKNI'.Y A CO., Toledo. O.
We, the underlined, hare known V. J. Cheney
tor tho kut IS yean, and heller him erteellr hot
orablo In all hunlnru traniartloni and financially
abla to carry nut any obllratlona made by hla firm.
WAlbixa, Kixnai A Haiiviv,
Wholrule llrunUU. Toledo. O.
llall'i Catarrh Cure U lakrn Internally, artln
dlreelly upon the blood and inucoua aurfarea of the
yatent. leitlmonlaU aent tree. 1'rlco IS ctnta r
bullle. Huld by all Drunlata.
Take 11 ali a Family l'llla tor conjugation.
At somo porlod in a man's llfo hb
firmly bollovcs that all his friends
havo consprYcd to Injuro him.
I layoejicmtanctul); otevcome by proper
Wftlrli ftttnfi
if one t o I
Kabitft daily
Iui-r mat lip i
tuiWc and hot to pupplahttnchaW.
ol functions, vliicli ittufit depend ulti
moiety upon propel uoutlfJunent,
proper cf Jovtatttl titbit living ent rail.
TojjetUs beneficial effects, always
buy the genuine
Via Syt2Ui Co. only
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