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The readers of the Nkws will
recall .the item last July, wherein
the announcement of the killing
of Robert Craig, in Quay county,
wag made. The slayer, Jack
Kittson, was given a trial in Oc
tober, and a plea of insanity was
set up by the defense. The jury
acquitted Hittson, but the presid
ing judge, acting upon the evi
dence submitted in the trial, com
mitted Hittson to the insane asy
lum. Now comes the news from
Las Vegas that Hittson, after
undergoing an examination, is
sane, and he has been discharged.
.The jury's verdict and the board's
report do not go well together.
Whkrhas, in the Providence of
God, there lias been taken from
our midst Brother H. B. Tomp
kins, the faithful, efficient chair
man of our Board, a consistent
member of the Church, an up
right, good citizen of our commu
nity, and
Wiirrkas, wc feel most keenly
the loss to our Board, the Church
and the community, and
WmmitAS, the bereaved family
have suffered Buch irreparable
Bit It RitsoLvim by the Board
of Stewards that wc extend to
the family our heartfelt sympa
That we hereby express, on
behalf of our Board and the
Church, our high esteem for his
life and labors among us;
That a copy of these resolutions
be given the bereaved family and
printed in the papers of our town.
J. A. Trickky, Pastor,
T. B. Mkkk,
A. V. Adams,
Phank J. Saqmh.
Take your horses to C, C.
Bourne's Feed Stable, where good
treatment is assured.
With a delightful school enter
tainment Wednesday night, en
tcrtainmcnt and Christmas trees
last night and a grand ball to
night, young and old should put
in a merry Chistmas in the town
of Carrizozo. And, wc for trot to
mid the best of all, a good dinner
In the Matter of
Tho Last Will anil Testament of ANAMAMi
PAOAHDA, Deceased.
Take Notico. tliut the lint Wilt and Testament
of Anamorla Fnuunlo, deceased) will bo jiro.
oat pit liororn tlis rrobato Judge tit Lincoln
County. N. M on tho Wh day of January, 1PUU,
at IU o clock a. m, or laid day, or as toon thcro
nftor a a hearing can be had, nt the courthouse,
Lincoln, N. M,
Any and all persons who may desire to content
the ralldlty of tald Will nnd Testament, will be
heard by the court.
Dated Docombor 15th, A. U 1008.
W. 15, KlMlIltKLL,
Probate Clork.
Notice tor. Publication,
Department of the Interior,
U. H. Land On(ceat Itoawell, N.M.,
December ft, 11W.
Notice l hereby glren that OnlseiaTattli of
Capltan. N.M., who, on December 10, 1001, made
Homestead Kntry No. 2190, 8cr. No. OS719, for
SliHWU HKU BW, Beo.lS, and NW NBV,
BooW, township SB, rouge 13 K, N.M.1 Mro
dlan, ha filed notico of Intention to make final
i(T(yoar proof, to establish claim to the land
shore described, beforo ltegliter or ItAeelter, at
their office at Jtotwell, N.M.. on the Mad day of
January, 1900.
Claimant nameeaa witnesses) Kareque Sllra,
Addan I'odllla, Manuel Honora, Julian Soma,
all of Capltan, N. M.
12-11 Gt T. O. Tillotson, Iteglster.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior,
U. 8. Land Oiflaeat Hoawell, N.M.,
December S. 1V09.
Notice la hereby glren that Marrol II. Lane nt
Angue, N.M., who, on March 11, ISO!, mad
Homestead Kntry No, 3871, Ber. No. 08723, tor
northeait qnarter,ectlon 4, township 10 8, range
II K, N.M.P Merediao, bai filed notice of Inten
tion to make final fire-ymr proof to establish
claim to the land alxire described, before W, K.
Klmbrelli probate clerk, at hit olilcent Lincoln,
N.M., on theSSnd day of January, 1909.
Claimant name a aa witnesses)
J. E. Weat, Holland Ilox, Monroo Howard, W.
It. Marr, all of Angna, N M.
IJ-lMt T.O.TiLLOraoN.Itegltter.
Notice tor Publication.
Department of the Interior,
U.B. Land Oftlce at Itoawell, N.M.,
December 8, 1908.
Notico la hereby glren that Adan Padllla, of
Capltan, N. M., who, on Jnly 39, 190H, made
Homestead Kntry No. Z737, Bor. No. 0E7I, for
BF.U BWM, tiXVH HVM, soft 11, NEK NWK.
NWM NEK, ieo.ll, township S B, range UK,
N.M.l. Meredlan, haa filed noUce of Intention to
mako final fire-year proof, to establish claim to
the land nbore described, boforo lleglatcr or
Hecelver, at bin office at Hoiwell, N.M., on tho
2Snd day of Janoury, 19U9.
Claimant namci na wltnraaeat
Joe Tattl, Julian Berna, Margarita Hllra, Vlo
torlano Artlago, nil of Cnidtan, N. M.
12-lMt T. 0. TlLUrraow, Iteglster.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior,
U. 8, Land Olllco at Itoawell, N.M ,
Decembers, IDUS.
Notico la hereby given that Rafael Banchet, of
(lloncoe, N. M., who, on Augmt 16, 1903, made
Homestead Kntry No. UBi, Ber. OHM, for NWU
NWM aec. 4, and NBU N15K sco. S, township
11 B, rango 15 K, N.M.P. Meredlan, hna filed
notice of Intention to make final fire-ycor proof
to establish claim to tho land abore described,
before W. E. Klmbrell, probate clerk of Lincoln
county, at Lincoln, N, M., on the 18th day of
Jannary, 1009.
Claimant name aa witnesses)
Joso Manuel Banobci, Abel Mirabel, I'roepera
Oonta1est Joae Henevldoa, all of Olencoe, N.M,
12-lUt T. C. TaumtoN, Iteglster.
Notice for Publication.
Department of tho Interior,
U. B. Land Uillco at Itoawell, N.M.
Deeembor 5, 190!!.
Nolloo U hereby glren that DeuecloTroJIIlo,
of Capltan, N.M., who, oil May W, IKS, made
Homostead Kntry No. 2541, Bar. Nn. 0110, for
NHNKM, BWk NltM and NWU BEX, aoo.ST,
township 8 B, range 15 K, N.M.P. Meredlan, haa
filed notico of Intention to make final fire-year
proof, to establish claim to the land nbore de
scribed, before W. It, Klmbrell, probate clerk, at
Lincoln, N.M., on the 18tb day of Jauuary, 11UU.
Claimant name aa wltaeeaott
Mannel Torre, II. II, Moollor, Bttaulslado
TruJIllo, all ofLlnooln, N.M. land Itobert A.
Hurt, of Capltan, N. M.
lMI-Ot T, C. Tiixotsoh , Iteglster.
Notice for Publication.
Departuieut of the Interior,
U. B, Land Office at Itoawell, N.M.,
DeoemberS, 1KN.
Notico la hereby glren that Isano N. Kemp, of
Capltan, N. M., who, on Jnly 18, lm, mado
Homestead Kulry No.ilOt, Ber. No, om, for
southwest quarter, sec 15, township 9 8, range
MM, N.M.P, Murrdlan, haa filed nntlco of In
tention to mako final flre-ynnr proof, to estab
lish claim to the land nborb described, boforo
Clement Hlghtower, U. B. Court Commissioner,
at bis otltoe at Capltan, N.M., on the 19th day of
January, ltKW.
Claimant natneeas wltnewical
Itobt. A. Hurt, Thomns H. Moore, D. J. M. A.
Jowott, BeabornT. (Irny, nil of Cupltan, N.M.
12-11-flt T.O.Tillotson, IlcgUtor.
The Exchange Bank, Carrizozo, New Mexico.
Transacts a General Banking Business
Issues Drafts on all Principal Cities of
the World. Accords to Borrowers
every accommodation consistent with
safety. Accounts solicitid.
Billiard and Pool Parlor
in connection.
The Southwestern Bar
II. H. McWILLIAMS, Proprietor.
Liquors, Brandies and Wines
For Family and Medical Use.
E. 5. LONG
Manufacturer of
Galvanized Tanks, Guttering,
Repairing of all kinds.
Special Facilities for Roofing and Guttering.
Mcdonald addition
Lots as and 50 x 130 Feet.
When you buy a lot here it is 130 feet long, facing-on a street
80 feet wide, whether for a home or for a business location.
Investigate before you buy.
A Square Deal Guaranteed.
W. C. MCDONALD. 0lce In Dank Building.
An Mxt of
Is as necessary as a Deed
to show that you have a
good title to your land.
Have you got one? If
not order now.
(iNcouro rated)
Toilet Articles, Etc.
Eastman's Kodaks.
Indian Curios
New Mexico.
Estimates Furnished.
Carrizozo, New Mexico.
Plans nod Kstlmates on oil olassea of llulldlnKS
furnlsbod on abort notlcy,
Carrizozo, New Mexico.

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