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demand Makes Opportunity for
Returning Soldiers.
Thousands Wilt See dlorloue Poash
btlltlti In Settlement of Avail,
able Farm Land In Tble Coun.
try nd In Canada,
Tt war Is .iter, rlll onu bo
ifiM). Ilit lighting nntlons hnvo
hmlhrtl their xunnN, mul the ilny of
recniialriiallou lint come.
Wlfflt of 117
Hundreds of thousands (if men.
lottfln fpom the held nf husbandry.
WtHit tho ranks nf Inline from the fmir
vflaito of llii' intuiting house, mul lliu
ronlftieM nf Hit- work-whop, taken from
them Hi iio their purl, their Inrgo piirt,
In III prevention nf Ihe spoliation nf
ilm world, mul in tint meantime re
moved from the geur of common every
lay llto, win ln returning, only to (hid
III miiliy (line nlil positions tilled, the
iiMfejfhicrp wild which lliey were for
imwly attached dlslncuicd.
Arc Duty tn become nlmloxx wander
f, Willi, I In- iilllimito possibility nf
nlrgliwiitlng mi nrmy nf menacing
lotifcrx? K they ill) It Ik because Ihelr
nlltllly tn iiawlsl In laying new fniindu
tlniltf, In building ii i mneh-reiiulroil
Mriicturcx, Is IlllllcrcSlltmitfll. Mill
who fmiKtit hi they fnught, wlin rlKki-il
n till faced dnmrers ns lliey illil, nre nut
nf tin' en 1 1 her likely tn Hindi when It
mines to I In- reatnrnllnu nf uluit Ihe
enemy (inrtlnlly ilimlrnyeil, when It
mtntM tn tln rocouatriictlnn nf lliu
world, thn Ideiilx nf which lliey liml In
vtiw when tliey tnnk purl In the grcnl
strUngle whoo illvlne ptirpnso was tn
lirtrm nhout this rccnitatriictlnu.
Jlltlred In lull, lt mithlleHS nf rnllguc,
ImlhMl III Inlllntlve nllit linnleiieil liy
thnlr milliner existence, tlioy will re
turn heller unci Hirmmer inch, hnyx will
Imve nmhiriil n ml young men will have
They will decide fur Ihetiiaclvcx
linen of nrlliin mul tlinitiilit, mul lint
lliolr flitiirn should mul will lie. On
the field nf Imltle tliey developed
nleitiiuaw mul wisdom, mul tliey will
return Willi liniti shedding frnin every
Artlnti wn thnlr wulrhwoid, n ml It
mil xlnnil them in kihuI stem) now Hint
lliu illn nf t In- Imttle nn lunger ring
In Iholr iiir, nr the aero hniir signals
lliein In Hie frny, mul It will cnntlniiu
during Ihelr entire existence.
Hilt If they return In llml their nhl
mroefltlnns gone, their places lllleil,
Hie liirtltutliuix ivllh wiileli they were
naiMteil nn liincer existing, new
walks nf life nnil employment must he
opened In them. It limy he Hint the
counting bullae. Hie fnetnry, the
workshop will Imve liwl their nttrne
Him. The returned soldier will loot;
elwwherp for employment; wllhln III"
renrli there Ik always the "Forward
U flie-l.nnd" hcftwally. tn thla Ilex
Hie reineily Hint will not only Hike cure
of ii imilllliiiln nf these whn mny tint
he nlile in return In Ihelr fnriner occti
txitlnnw, whniie deslrex nre not tn itn no,
whom henltli prtititliltw tliein from In
door life nr whoso niililnor huhllx from
ill print nne, two, three nr four yenrx
have given them such u taste nnil do
Mre fur It thnUrnnllneuic-nt wniiol he
iitilmnrnlile. Kiirm lire will Hmi up
I ion I In lliein. nml the luilleiitlnu nrn
Hilt It will he luken iiilvnuliiKe nf liy
HinliMimN, It iiienux iniieh tn tliein iih
well n In the enntlnent nf Auierleu
tint prnvhliw the niHirlunlly tn Hie
wurhl nt lurce, nml In the Ktrlelien nnil
fnmlslieil mil limn nf Cnrope, wlin, not
nnly tmhiy, Inn fnr yenrs In enine, will
riilre Hie Huxleniiuee tleit enn nnly
Urcely he xupplleil I iy the ttnlleil
Mtnlax nnil Oiumtii. Ilv fnllnwlui: thn
Pllrsitll i'f ncrli'tlllliiv l.lie returned xnt
iller will enntlnile Die eiiune he xn
vraitly uilvnneeil when llcliilu nn the
field nf lint He. Itnlli coinilrlei Imve
ilttdevelnped nrenx yet npen tn Hell le
nient. There l lllthi need here In illrect
titlenllon to the weullli Hint linx eniiin
tn llin fiiriiicrx nf t'unnitii within the
limit few jeiim. It Ix not nnly In urnln
vrmvliiit Hint iiiiiiiinlllleil mul nlumxt
llllPqliilted KUCPMx Iiiim followed honext
offnrt, hilt tliw rntxIiiR of Imrnw, nillle,
xhvep nml Uoi; llna hren n lurxe unurre
of prnllt. Tlieae nre fnclH Hint nro
well known tn the tunny friend nml
.nillmlutiitiee of Hip thniMHtida nf
fariuerx from the Hulled Rintm wlin
hflvu lleipllreil wenllli on the pnitrlea
of Wetdorn (Jnntnla. Irm nf from
on hundred mul sixty to U huiiilriil
tind flirty ueriM nt the rictit aoll may
Iih tvrtlrml on mmanahlv terma. nml
with nn mcetlrnt rllmatr. with a
ailioot ayaleni kiUhI to nny In the
world, mul iplmhl andal eoiMlltloui,
little el- enuld lie ukl.
('nadlati atalrameii nre tmlny liolly
nml plaimltijr tor Hie future or the
raturtwtl aoldler with n view tn maxims
lilfll llitfpHjidot of tale help u'ter tint
IMIattUatv neeewmry aulxlnnre hit
mo KMiilad. the main Id re lirlnt to
how til I he fiillaMit ftcrei the eoiiti
iry'a attrolatlmi of the Mrv(et he
hnm rrmlpred
Mat tatw that tlio war l i-ndeil. rind
i ha tart apimrent that of nil nvnrii-
tona lite taoat proHlnhle mid Independ
ent I Hint or the former, there will he
h trnui; deal re to nwiire furm Ir.ndx
fat (iiillvntlon. I'anniln offera tho ty
JrtUiilly tn tliote M-ekluit. not iih xpee
HtnttOli tint nn liriHlnelloii. The deet
el Ihlerexl l token ly redrrnl mid
Itiiylnilnl mithorlllea to furllier tlui
wcUnro nf the former mul xerurt n
iimtlmtim return for hln effort. Uiree
Mm of money nro xpent In islum
tlonal and rxperlmenliil work, I'n
jiiKiii un nxpeilliH'titnl uml dpiiion
xlmflhn fnrni", uml In the nsrlciiliurnl
('oltrjei, are men nf tlui hlctiett U'ch-
Tlioao nt nil wlin ars pint middle, nca
am prono to rat too much meat and In
conM-qtitncn drpoalt Mrne-'aUa In tlia
arterlm, Trim and Joint. Wo often
Buffer from twlnnea o( rhnumatlim or
lumbago, nometimc from gout, iwollen
liandi or (ect, Tliera la no longer tho
allghtcit need of thla, however, M tho
now preicrlptlnn, "Anurlo," la bound
lo gro immediatn rraulta m It la many
times mors (wtcnt than llthla,ln riddlns
tho Impovcriahed blood ol Ita polaoni
by way o( tho kldnoya. It can be ob
tained at atmoat any drug atore, by
almnly aablng (or "Anurlo" for kldneya
or backache It will overcome audi
condition m rhctimatlam, dropsical
ani-lllngi, cold extremltlca, scalding and
burning urine and elceplcsancaa duo to
constant arising from bed at night.
8cnd to Dr. IMcrco'a Intalldn Hotel,
Dufialo, K Y., for a lOo. trial package.
MlDMi, CaU-I rKnnwml Potior nrr'i
Anarle vry tilahtr. 1 hav sufTcml fr th Uit
thrf years with taUrrh of tha bladdar, havlna
trlnl tvtrr tmtdr I heanl of but without rallaf.
I aaw Anuria ixlTtrilacil In tho papar. and llko a
ilrownlna- man arabblna at a atraw 1 thought I
wtMill Irrltalao, which I dkl with crrat succaai.
aa It rullarwl mo atmoat Immrdlatatr. tcfora 1 had
lakrn all of tho trial paekaga, and having great
ronflitaneo In tho rmualr I Immediately lent to
tl.o drug store and bought a full-ttlo package,
I can tar Xn all suffering from any dlacaae of
the kklney or urio acid trmiblea, try this remedy
and eutTer no longer, f haee great faith la Dr,
ttoca'a nuncdlea.'-S. I'. llKMaucT.
W. N. U DENVER, NO. 1--1SI0.
ideni knowledge uml prurllcnl cjpe
ilenee, xnnio heitiH profexxorM nf In
I'MUiillonnl repiiliiHon. The result"
nf espeilineiilx nnd trxlx nre free nml
uvulliihle tn nil. I'Muciilliinnl nppor
Itiultlex for fnrmerx ore Hie eniieeru
nf Hie eovermueut mid iippreelnllnn
Ix xlmwn hy the numher nf fnrmerx
who intend the free enurxex.
Aliiliullui'c In Cnniulu linn renrlied
u IiIkIi Klmiilnrd. iintwlthxtnndluu
which luudx nro low In price.
Thux upon Hie United Htnlex nnd
t'unndn for miiliy yenrx will rext the
(.'lint huideii of feedlne thn wnrhl.
tVllh free Inleretnuuie nf travel, f 11(11
eultlex of i-rn'xltiR uml rerroxxluu re
ninved, Ciinuiln nitty look fnr u upeedy
rexiiinpllnu nf lite In run Inllux of xel
'h'lx from the United Slnlex which
pievnlleil prevloux In the wnr. Dur
ing llio wnr period there wnx n ilrend
nf xninellilnt:. no one xermed to know
wlnt. If the Amerlcnn went to fun
uilii he tuliiht ho conscripted, put In
prlxmi, or In Ida nllempt tn crnxa
Die lioriler he would meet with limit
no rnldo dllllrtiltlex, moxt of which,
of cnlirxe, wus unltlie. These nil
trtlthx were clreultileil for n imrpoxe
hy nn element, which, It wnx illxcov
ered, hinl nn Interest In fomenting
mul creitlliK,' trnuhlo mul dlslrtist he
I wren two peoples whose ImiKUtiRe
mul iilms In life xlintild ho nnyllilnc
hut of nn unfriendly chnmrlcr. The
dii'ft lnw of Hie Unlled Slnlex. ndopt
ed for the nirrylnit nut nf the IiIrIi
puriioxes hmt In view hy Hie United
Slnlex, kept miiny from gnlni; to Cute
ndn ilurhiR the period of thn wnr. The
clllr.cn nrmy of Hie Untied fllntes
wnx quickly mnhlll7.ed, nnd ronlnlned
it Inrce perceutime of thn yntmix men
fl'oin Hie fiirma, In thlx wny miiny
wein prevenled from koIiik to Con
mill. Tlmt Ix nil over now. There nro
tin real nr InuiKlnnry rexlrlctlnnx:
thrre Ix no drnft lnw to Interfere,
tin Hie cniitrury. Ihero Ix nn un
rnlliomnhlii depth of Rood feeling, mul
the lonR-exIxtliiR friendship la xlroni!
er Ihuii ever. Thlx Iiiim been hroushi
nliont hy tho 1'iiowledRe of uhut luia
been done In tho recent Krent xlriiK
Rle, encli vyltii; with tlui other Ir
KlvliiR credit for wlmt wnx nreom
pllshed. In HintiRlit nnd feelliiR, In
Inuiiuuie, In nlmis hi life. In work, In
denlre to hu::d up a new world, then
hna been hrt-d ti kluahlp which Ix its
imllMHiluhie a time llaelf. Adtoi
nought a Larger One.
Mnry Kllen's father wnx It cardei
euthiixlaxt laxt atimmer. Mix iniloui
enuld not he used until they werf
Inrgei than tilx nelnhlHir;, Ida cub
Imae had in hixume iniimniotli Heuil"
before they enuld he Imrvexled. In
ery way Idx hloRttti wnx, "Ut HiIiiri
Kimv until tliey roiich their limit."
The other da) .Mnry Ktlen'M nunl
tiHk her tn town to huy it toy plnno.
She looked nt xevcrul, uml nuutlii hail
tilitmal dis-ldiHl tn buy uno of mrdllmi
uIep, when aliu tintleed thnt her xmnll
niece wlahed to I el I her xotnethlhi:
nbllulnnly he lew mil over to hnro thlx
woniltiR wiiispired Into her our:
"lioii't you thin!; we'd belter let Hint
one iiluy betn mid crnw n while)"
Then nuutle hoiiKht the InrRcr one.
Marines, Oldest Branch of Our Military Service
WA illlNOTON Tho rourlh Amerlcmi hrltfiide wat cited the other tiny.
Thin hrlRnde imprlsex the I'lfth nnd .Sixth rrnlnientx nf mnrlnex nnd
tho Sixth mnchlne-RUn hnttnlloti. Thexe are Ihe mnrlnex who Immortalize
themselves ut llourexchex vIIIiiro nml
Unix do llelleitii, 'now ofllclnlly tho
Wood of the Amerlcnn Mnrlnex thn
mnrlnex themselves call It Ilellwoml.
All the world knnwa uhoiit those
12 iluya nt riinlenii Thierry how they
blocked the (lerinun ndvnnce tlmt wnx
rollltiR on townril I'nrlx xlt or seven
mllex n ilnyj how they throw Intel: the
crnik Riiiird divisions of the Hun; hn.v
lliey drove them httckwnrd Into the re
trent Hint ended only with surrender.
"Solillerx nml aitllorx, too;'
"lenlherneckx," nlwnya rendyj picked men, phyxlrnlly perfect! xhnrp
xhooterx uml expert rllletncn; the llrst to land nntl tho first to tight tho
mnrlnex I "Whut we Imve. we hob!," their motto. Their atcreolypetl report:
"Tho mnrlnex hnvo landed nnd hold tho Mltuntton well In Imnd." Their buttle
cry: "K-iw-o-o y-n-n-h-h-hylp!"
Tho mnrlnex oonsllltile the nldext hmnch of thn military Hcrvlco of the
United Htntex. They urn even older thnn the nation llxclf, hnvlnu been estab
lished by the Cuntlncntnl cniiRrewi In November, 177(1. 1'rctty much nil thn
world hux xeen them since; In their 14!) yeitrx they huro tnntlo history from
TrlHil In Chlnii, from tho Philippines to Mexico.
In nn nttempt wnx mudo tn tthollsli tho murines its no IniiRcr n
Kcrvlcenhlo branch of tho iiuvy. Hut tho people woul' not hnvo It. Con
Kress took ineuxiireg to slrenxllien the corps Instend of dlrhundlne It. When
wo entered the wnr tho mnrliicK were recruited up tu IlO.txxi nml xent to tho
front ox land troops. ,
Volt know tha rest,
Watch Cutlcura Improve Your Skin,
On rising uml retlrinc gently nmeur
tho fuco with Cullcurn Ointment.
Wnalt liff ninimrnt In llvo minutes
with Cullcurn Konp nml hot water. II
l wonderful sometimes whnt Ctttlcuro
will do for poor complexions, daudruS
Itcldnif tiud red rough bunds. Adv.
"Cause Unknown."
lleix.rter- "What Mnrted tho hlnte.
rlilefV' Hro Chief (In n whisper)
Spontunt'oiix lusimince."
What Is a Bolshevik? And What Is Bolshevism?
WIIAT la a bolslievlk't" "What la holshovlsm?" These nre questions
IP whleh tunny Aini'rlcnnx nre nskhiR thexe diiya. I'rolinbly the word
holshevlk wnx first used In Itusxlu In 11X1,1 nfter tho xpllttttiR of the xoclnllsl
party. It wnx npplled to the inujorlty
fnctlnh, "bolxlin" tnenntnt; "inujorlty."
The xoelnlixtH split over tho "fundie
meiitnl law" decree. Tho minority, the
meuxlinvlkl, win composed of tho com
xcrvntlvos who did not fuvor violence
iih n method of nbtnlnlni; reform. Tin
bolxhevlkl wero tho mdUnlx who fitvot
bombing, xtiboliiRo uml terrorism m
tho mentis, to their end. Whatever hoi
xlicvlsm orlRlmdly mennt, toduy It
melius xoinetldm; nbnut llko this:
llfilshevlsni proclaltiii thee noclnl
latn nx intiRht hy Mnrx la thn pnnuceu for nil noclnl nnd economic Ilia. There
forn extnbllxh nt onco it xoclnllxt republic. Abolish nntlonitllxm for Intcrjm
tlonnllxm. ImiMiiuch nx Mnrxlnn aoclnlixm prescribes Kclxuru nnd nntlnnnllzittlon
of prlvulo rnpllnl. public titllltlex nnd nil menus of production, everything In
xlRht Ix to ho token over hy thu Koclnllxt atnte. Theoretically, compenxittlon
may bo mudo to escape disorder nml violence. Hut Juat now' compensation
Kcntlmentul uml unnecessary, owing to condition".
Ilolxlievlxta hold thnt the upper uml tulddlo clnssea must mibmlt iincon
dlllunully nr perish; they nre excluded from participation In tho Rovcrtiincnt,
which must he entirely in the hands of tho proletariat. If tliey resist, lern
Ism la nx Justifiable ninilnxt them nx ugnluxt it tyrunnlcnt vmr. Opposition la
treason lo tho socialist stale.
Ilolshevlsm nhborx genuinely democratic nnd freo government. Ita dlrtiv
lorsldp xupcrxedex the dictatorship of the ntttocrnt or tho military despot.
Hh leaders advocate nml practice to tho extent of their power tho merciless
suppression of nil civil and political rlghty.
Wliwi Your Em NtetJ Cwt
u Try Murliit Ey RtmttlV
No knarUng v a Uuearon. cenle at
llruuleu of Bull. Write for Vreo Mro Hook.
Europe Discovers the American Superphyslquc
EUllOI'i: hna discovered from our nnnles In Krance Hint tho Amerlcnu
pbyxhiio Ix Htiperlor to nny of her own. American mouths show Amerlcnn
dentistry and good teeth menu much to a soldier. Americans, except the
llrltlsh, urn tho only tioldlera accus
tomed to hutho and medical science
npprcclutex tho Imth. American sol
diers lire bigger, huskier nnd show
nioro "pep."
Denllstry uml hnlhtliR nre well In
their wn. Hut thu real reason for the
Amerlcnn physical superiority Ix liny,
pleutlfuluess of food lii the United
Hlales. Kurope In our time never has
had enough to out. In America we
wnxte enough to feed the l''remh and
Italians. In the relRit of Henry VIII.
I'roitde ileeinriMl, every IhiRllxli fmnlly hud lieer every tiny. Certainly never
since then bus every KiirIIxIi fmnlly had beef onco u week. And Knglund
hna long been better fed thnn Kurope ever wnx,
.lust now we Americans me en ting lexs mid complaining of high prices.
We do pot know when we nro well off. This country hux had more food nnd
belter dlktrlliullon of supplies than Knropo ever row, uolhwIthatundltiK our
railroad rongeatlnn nml faulty methods of transportation.
Moreover, hero nro belter rare for tho body, morn conveniences, more
romfortK and more mechunlcal appliances lo maku lire easier. Wo nro
further ulong the ronil to material felicity than over wiih nny country In nny
period of chlllratlon. The United Hlntex Ix tho nearest approach to ICIyslum.
Aa the result, tho average American Ix a better nnlinal, tt better Intelli
gence and probably n better moral person thnn tho average.
Prom nn entirely xclentlllc viewpoint, tho overage Ame trim hnx dmibtlcxd
u better endowment, it better chance, u better llvllig uml u longer Hit than tho
HVvrngo Kunipenn,
Kurope ulxo discovered In tho Amerlcnn n llrst-ehtra tlglitlui; man.
e ti . a.
When Johnny Gomes Marching Home Again, Hurrahl
Kliriir.N Johnny Coiihm Mnrrhlug Homo Agnln, Hurrah I" there will be
TT grout dolngx, Already the ailvnnro gunrd la arriving and It Ix easy
tn get nn Idea of whut will happen when the soldier nml sailor boys return
in force. Tho welcome will bo wnrm.
Nothing will bo too good for them.
Hut there la more to tho home-coming
oC these hoys thnn u warm wel
come. Thero nro many xerinux prob
lems: to be met nnd xoItciI, To Hike
euro of (hew men, to seo that lliey are
returned to useful positions in civil
life, la primarily the duty of tho fed
rrnl government. Undo Sum ix n
capable person wlnMi he lvim xlnrted.
'V Ncverthelexa, he has n big Job on Ida
bauds nml there will he plenty of
chnnco fn!- the home folks tn help not only their nwn. hut tho boy who hnvo
no home folks.
Those who lind no Job waiting fnr them must bo given work, Thu dis
abled must bo rehabilitated, trained and tnndo self-supporting. Then thcru'a
tho hoy who took u wur brldo unit hna no home
In the old ilayx, when it pioneer's mm married, Ida father gnvo him it
pleco nf hind uml it horse or a pair of oxen. Thu bride's father gave her a cow
and chickens. The motheri contributed pots, puna and kettles. Tho neigh
bors got together nnd had n house-mixing, first they knew the young couplo
had it neat lltllo cubln with all Hie necessary llxlu's.
Of courau thla port of thing can't bo done In tho Iwenlk-Hi century In
Just that way. Hut It xeeinx na If Ibemiiuo kind nt spirit might pivnll now
n then. Love nnd co-opcrutloii nru not lost vlrluck. And it Itn lava nod co
opofBUon almost uny'blug may bo done '
A Bird in the Hand I
(Bpoclal Information ftorvlce, United Btnlea Department nf Agriculture.)
. ttvavr
cuter? ano gross rwr oc usco
How a Silo for Chickens la Operated.
Can Be Arranged to Furnish
Green Feed Which Will
Abet Egg Production.
Haa Always Deen Moro or Leaa of a
Problem With Poultry Raisers
Deet Tops, Cabbago Leavea
and Watte Qreens Used.
A chicken alio to provide succulent
feed fur tho iluck III winter, liver try
Bupplylng green feed for laying
fowls lu winter has uhvuyx been more
or less of n problem with poultry min
ers. That green feed ut all times Is
most desirable In making up it bill,
unced ration gora without Huylug, but
how to supply It 111 NUincleut quuutl
Ilea nnd 111 succulent form when thu
ground Is frozen or covered with snow
is not a very easy mutter, from un
economic viewpoint.
Qreena for Winter Use.
The practice of gathering greens
during thu open seuson mid drying
them for winter use tho method of
preparation nt feeding tlmu being to
steam or boll tho greens is well
known. It has been successful, nnd
.It has met tho purpose Intended to
audi ti degree thnt It la recommended
us it good poultry procedure.
To those, however, who seek a green
rutlon approximating n natural state,
n poultry silo la suggested for trial,
llomo-inndo silos for this purpoxo have
been used by demonstrators and other
practical poultry raisers In thn South
lind have given perfect satisfaction.
Thoy can very easily bo constructed
In tho same mnnner uml out of tho
sninu material Unit nro used In making
home-mado silos for cattle und large
expense can he overcome nnd the same
purpoxo accomplished hy utilizing tin
ordinary whlsl-y, molasses, or vinegar
barrel, or u hogshead. Tho smeller
containers nro recommended us more
convenient whero fowls uro kept In
pens ono barrel for each pen.
Simplicity of Construction.
Tho Illustration nbovo shows the
simplicity or thu construction or rather
reconstruction of tho barrel type,
Thu cross section pictured gives nn
Idea nf thn contents of tho barrel nr
hogshead, showing tho layers of differ
ent greens. In this connection It mny
ho mentioned that between these lay
ers litter from tho burn Hour usually
containing grain may ho used. It bus
u tendency to absorb superfluous
Without the use of milk, green feed
helps to keep them In good condition.
Cabbages, mangel wurzels, clover,
alfalfa, uml sprouted onts nre Hie
green feeds commonly used during tho
winter. Cuhbitgex do not keep us well
In ordinary cellars us mangel wurzels,
ho whero both of these feetlx ure avail
able tho cnbbngex nre fed llrst. They
urn often suspended, while thn mangel
wi.rzcls nro spilt und stuck ou it null
or, tho wnll of the pen, (.'lover nnd
nlfiilfn mny bo fed ns buy, cut Into
one-half to one-Inch lengths, or may he
bought In Ihe form or meal. Alfalfa
meal has a feeding nnnlyals ivpfnl tn
-bran, but Is not nx digestible on ac
count of Its Inrgcr perceiilimo nf fiber.
Clover uml alfalfa should bo cut while
slightly immaluro If they nro to ho
cured und fed to poultry. The lenvex
nnd chuff from such huy nrn especial
ly adapted fur poultry feeding.
Reducing Losses of Egge.
Tho bureau of chemistry, through
tho food research laboratory, has been
assisting lu reducing tho damage to
eggs lu transit hy giving practical
dcmonstmtloni, nt shipping points In
loading curs of eggs -or mixed eggs nnd
dressiil imultry. Much of thu damage
Is directly dun to faulty methods of
packing eggs In cases und stowing tho
ruses In tho cur. Tour meetings held
recently In Iowa were attended by
over 100 practical shippers who send
irs weekly, nt least, to eastern mar
..tits und who expressed great Interest
In tha methods which tho department
has worked out for the conservation
of this valuable foodstuff. They and
many others huvo found tha depart
ment's folder, "How to Ind Cars of
Hggx," of assistance. Copies of this
folder can bo had by writing to tho
bureau of chemistry, United Hlntes
department of agriculture, Washing
ton, D. tt
Qreen Feed In Winter.
flrcen feeds for poultry contain only
n small percentage of actual food nu
trients, hut aro Important because of
their succulence und bulk, which light-
in tho grain ration! nnd assist In keen
n g the birds In rood condition. The
poultryman should secure u sulllclcnt
lupply ot CbCh feeds to last through
ihe winter months In sections wheco
growing green feeds cannot bo ob-
tsloecj wfiaa chickens aro fattened
a rsnnn nici mectpta mt e
(lood disinfectants destroy tho ff
germs of cnulugloux discuses, rf
the external tiarusltex. kiii-Ii nx IV
Ike mid mites, und In some W
mhos 'tho eggs of parasitic
worms. Tho eggs of somn kinds
or wormx tire so resistant Hint
disinfectants other than heal fr1
hnvo little effect upon them. Thn M
disinfectants should Iio Ihor- &
ouglily applied tu the Interior ft
nf the houses, worked lulu nil (
the cracks und crevices, spread I)
over tho celling nml Ihe Hour, b
the roosts, dropping hoards, uml
nest boxes. At Ihe same lime
thn feeding and drinking troughs
should ho disinfected hy pour
ing boiling water Into them nml
afterward drying them In the
sun. Disinfectants nro most
easily npplled tu Hie walls nnd
tellings with it spray pump nr
by lislni: ii brush. Ax It Ix dim.
41 cult to keep them from coming
into contact witn the face und
bunds, Mtu more harmless nf tho
ft mixture- xhmilil generally he
used, Ordinary llmcwuxh inndn
1 from freshly slnked lime Is ox-
cellent. und Its properties nro
$ well known tn nil. In tho case
ii nf an nrtuiil outbreak of viru
lent disease it is well to ndd to
.1... II n -
,4 me iiimiwiixii u ounce or crude
$ carbolic ncld tn ench gallon, tn
increase, us activity ns n dlslit-
; tcriiinr.
Incubator Axioms.
Tollow tho manufacturer' dlrnrtlnnx
In setting un und operatlm? an Itirli.
Ken that tho Incubator ix runnlnu
stendlly nt Hut duslred temperature
before filling with eggs. Do not mid
fresh eggs to a tray containing eggs
which uro undei going 'ncuhntlon.
Turn tho eggs twice dully after the
second and until tho .ilni.iei.nti,
Cool tho egg onco dally, ucconllng
iu mo weninor, ironi tho seventh to
tho nineteenth day.
Turn tho egg before curing for tlt
Attend to tho machine cnrefully at
regular hours.
Keep tho lamp nntl wick clean.
Test tho cues tin the xevenih nml
fourteenth days.
IM not open tho ninrhlno nfter the
eighteenth day until thu chickens ure
Selecting an Incubator.
A largo number ot reliable, mnkei
of Incubators arc manufactured In thli
country. Homo machines liavo be
come popttl.tr tn certain scetlunn be
cause they wero advertised extensively
rattier than on account of special
adaptability tn the climatic conditions.
Cheap machines uro toss reliable, n
ipilro moro nttrntlon, nnd wear out
much quicker thnn higher-priced Incu
bators, ns tho tuIuo of machine!
la small compared with tho value ol
tho eggx used during tho normal life
of nn Incubator. It la pixir econnmy tn
purchase it machlno which Is not re
liable. Whenever poxslhlo It la well
to select nn Incubator which Is glvlmj
good satisfaction In your vicinity, i
thnt you may get tho benefit of tho
experience of other operators.
Ilegln marketing (ho coeke.rc.ll m
aoor. na they M-Igh on? pound or
iniu a marketable weight.

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