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Clue! ol Dehydration Bureau Predicts It Will Revolutionize
Food Situation in the United States.
M11J. L 0. I'rcsoott, chief of tlio dehydration bureau, chemistry division,
department of -'Krlculliire, sounded h mile nf national Interest nt llio recent
Wisconsin -wdnln xpnslllon In mi address before tho I'nlnlo Association of
America .vhen ho discussed tlio possibilities of tin innniifnclliru of 1'tituto
Hour .km! Iim dehydnillMi of llin voRctnhlo In tin- United Slates.
Tim niiiiiiifiirttirn of polnto flour Id ii brand now Industry In till cniin
try.' wilil Major l'roscott. "Thorn urn only two mills In operation now. Thoso
II to ;t Iilillm rails, IiIiiIhi. unit Canton, I'll. Hilt 1 mil sum Hint the Industry
will grow to viiKt prnHirloiiH In llio next fi'W yenrs mill will cnuso n llnl
ihuinio, If 'lot ii revolution, In tho fond supply situation In llio Unlli'il Kluli".
"Tho polnlo crop of llio United Slntes Is now IHMI.immmxk) bushel. Willi
llio now market nfTonlcil llin farmer liy mtnto flour mills, I expect to nro It
reiieh ii Mllloii bushel.
"ftorinuiiy linil thrvo dehydration ptaiits In 1IK0. Tndny It hns 1,000.
Potato Hour nnil tlohdriitod vegetables enabled (Jermwiy o liolil out In llio
vur iim lone us It illil.
"floncrnl Pershing Inst Hoplemher ordered .10,000 tons nf dehydrated vege
table sent to tlio soldiers In I'raiice. 'I'lili tonnage will occupy nncsxth too
shipping spare Hint woiilil lmvo boon ni-eossnry for vegetables not dchydrali-d.
Dehydration mentis u great saving In shipping oxpciisn ns well iih shipping
Kimcc. CniilU'il tninntnos shipped rrom California enn lo Inlil down In
l'ranco for 157 .. enso. Tlio same umoiint of fooit vnluo In tliu smno vegetable
run Im shipped llio sumo tlltiliinco for 70 cent.
"Tlio liiipiiiliini'o of tliln saving tan ho ktter appreciated when It Ii
Imown Hint llio vn si proiHirtlnn nf tlio populntlnn of tlio United Htaloa In foil
on fpfxl shipped from W) to 2,m) miles.
"All tlio pioti'ln. tnlnt'nil salts ii tut vltamlnc In llio potnlo nre preserved
In potnto Hour boenuse il,o Hour In iiimlo from tlio unpooloil polnto. Tlio Hour
linn 1! per cent lilRlior foml viilno tlmu wheal Hour."
r44wM-H-r-t--t-w-t-j:iTcll Character of Child
fiHIfiKFN HOUSE ? By Number of Days It Was
flood ventilation In llio chicken
11111110 In essential to success In tlio
poultry business, nccnrdlng to Ilos At.
Hhcrwood, poultry liiisliiinilry special
lat In tho extension division of tlio
Knnsn Htnto Agricultural college.
"Jim two methods iiiokI roimnonly
used aro tlio open-front house nnil llio
ctirtnln-front house." Knlil .Mr. Hber
wood. "Tlio open front provldoH tlio
tiiitnt froci ttlr nnil In giving excellent
result In sotno section, Imt tniiuy
persons flnil It doslrnblo lo lmvo cur
inlns thnt limy lio placed ovor mint of
tlio openings during linil wonther. It
Iimh boon found Hint ti house cloned on
Hirco sides mill tightly curtiilned on
tlio south does not provldu enough
fresh nlr. To remedy t li Ik. ii narrow
opening In often mndo Juxt tinder tlio
rnflem. This cannon n freer clrculu
llmi of nlr Hum In possible with nil
tlio opening curtiilned, nnil yet doen not
nllnw ttin wind to Mow on tlio fowls."
Tlio Inrgu curtntned openings nlioilld
lie from .'III to HO Inclien from tlio Hour
In order Hint tlio wind nmy not Hwecp
In directly upon tlio flock.
During tlio summer uumtlin opening
on Hie oilier Hides of tto MilMInc nrc
neccnMiry to mnko It cool mipurIi Hint
tlm fowln will roost Hicre. Tlieno open
ings fiiould lio to Hiriiled Hint tlio birds
will not bo In n direct draft during tho
lilglit. TIichu cxtrii npenlnpi tlinuld lie
clohi'd tlglitly In winter.
"Old King Colo" of Nursery
Fame an Ancient Sovereign
Tlio llrtt reference lo "Old King
Colo," llio "merry old Hold" of tlio fniu
oun nursery rliyme. wnn mndo In n
book written by Dr. Wllllnin King.
who won born In 10:13. It In prolinlilo
Hint tlio irniig wnn composed In tlio
seventeenth century, uttlmusti notuo
.nvonllgnlorH Hilnk it much older.
Hntllwell Identlflca tho merry moimrch
with Colo or Cool, u ncmPmytlilciil
I;lng of Hrltiiln, who In nupposed to
lmvo reigned In tlio third century
Tho Scotch nlnn lmvo nn "Old King
Coul," mild to lmvo lived In the llfth
century, l'rectnnn mid other hlnto
rlunn Miy n King Colo ruled llrltnlu In
tho wxtli century. Thero nro ninny
who niwort Hint tho reference to tlio
plpo Indicates thnt Old King Colo
lived tit n period lifter Itnli ldi linil In
troduced tohnrco Into Kurope, but thin
duos not neceHsurlly follow, nn n
"plpo" might menu u mimical Instrument.
Born After ti New Moon
Thorp Ii n very ancient superstition
which Kiiyn Hint It In ponslhlo to tell
tlio iipproxlmnto rhurnclcr of n child
by tlio number or ilnyn It wan born
lifter tho iippcnrmico of tlio new moon.
flic following aru tho mo.it Important
If born within twenty-four hnnrn
after n new moon tlio child will live
to n good old nge, mid practically ev
erything ho undertakes In lira will ho
If born within two ilnyn after tho
new moon the child will ho fortunate,
particularly In uccldvnlul thlugn.
If upon tho third day, thl- pernnn
will nclilovo Micconn, largely through
tlio help nud itKKlMuncu of others.
If upon tho fourth dny, tho child
will not bo ho Hucccxsful In life, and
may lmvo (several serious lllucsseH.
Horn upon tho fifth dny, nueh n per-
sou will provu succeKHfitl If euro be
till: en to start ccrtalu enterprises ut
certain times.
Tlio nlxth In not u good day, lis u
rule. Uieuins nro untrustworthy.
Tho ncvcntli ilny'n child will lmvo
many troubles hut will comiuer them
On tho eighth, micccks; dreiuun will
provo helpful and Ion articles found.
Itlchen unit honor uwnlt tho child
born upon tho ninth dny.
Tho tenth day In unfavoruhlo on tho
whole, especially to boyR.
A long, happy llfo to thoso burn on
tho eleventh day.
All dreams of tho twelfth-day child
will provu truo quickly.
When British Took Gurna
In 1914, Arabia Was Put
on Map by the Operation
At Hie Junction of tho TlgrU nnd
Ittiphrtitcn rivers 100 mllen from tho
I'erslnn gulf In tho town of (lurnn,
Tlio few toiirlstn who, In unto-bellum
ilnyn. nnyn n writer In Asln Mn fu
ll ne. culled lit Ourim wero told to
look with reverenco nt tlio Vml, for
liero was the iirlglnnl flnrdeii of llih u.
Ill December, 11)11. tho llrllUh took
(lurnn mid Anibbi was iiutontho map.
Tho mlvnnrp which llrltlh arms mado
III tho laud of tho Arab was Important
In proportion, nn tho (Ioniums regard
ed Arabia an Important. Atabln
looni"i largo i.n the Teutonic hoilznil
becaumi It wnn tho dour lo "Mllti'l Ku
topa" nnd lieniiiw It in the cradle of
Islam. Hhice Mum In profeiiil by
llio majority of the population In Tur
liev, mid (VI.inhi.ikk) of Indians, mid
.0,000,000 of lliinnlnnn, and '.N.000,000
In llio Knot Indies, mid IZ.OOO.OOO In
l!gyit. mid fl.ooo.ooo In Persia, nnd
n.om.iKS) in Afghanistan, and 8,mki,0ki
In Clilnn Islam wan conslilered worthy
of an attempt ut wedlock, holy or un
If yon look nt tlm tnnp of Hip Med
llormnenn you will neo Hint Cjprun
seenu to have a great linger which
points Just to where Asia Minor bends
down sharply tn form the Hyrlnn const.
N'apoloon noticed thin more t linn 100
years ago mid suggested that there lay
llio key to any situation which would
Involve Hint pnrt of Hie world. Fol
low the linger nud It Is Mgnlllciiut that
tho objective of tho Ilrlllsh cam
paigns In Palestine mid Mcsopotahilft
wnn Alleppo, Thenco drnw the line
straight neniKn, mid you draw wllh al
most uncanny nccurncy tho northern
linguistic boundary of Arabia,
Why the Barber Polols
Painted Red and White
Tho timber polo Is n Mitivcnlr of tho
dnys when all kinds nf business were
represented by pictorial signs, Inrtely
becausi ability to read was not im
ernl, An explanation of the Imrlwr
polo Is that It coiiios from Hip time
when hnrberlug was done by surgeons
or physicians nud when the practice
Of liiQMlIng for' Oil kinds of Illness pre
vailed. Th barber stripes, according
to jlif explBlintlon. iilelur tho Uooil
sinn oil white cloth so frfsiupntly to
do (iiisorvKl after tnkluc Uio bleeding
irentinnit. The bnrbr wlo lus noth
ing io do with national colors.
. Now for Motor Sleighs.
TJio wiwonsmt'i first motor slelgli,
deflMmt for mall delivery work In
AUtim. has Immi shlpiw) from Cleve
MIKl. U i 18 feat long. S fnl wide
AM la exBactnl to cover nt least
IS) nil lbs of Ice mid snow track
n tlHjr. with u burden of BOO pounds
t iiinll. rrctent delivery Is wado
by dog tcmnn.
Cotton In Egypt.
Area p.tnnt1 to cottor. tn Kgypt In
about lrir8,(XlO ncres, com in red with
JiQl.OOQ last year, Wuthcr Is favor
able. But .on account of decrcused
.arrciign tuo production must bo
Shoe Manufacture in China
is Conducted by tho Women
All Clilnn btnys homo on wet days.
WhyT Uocauso Chlncso shoes nro
mado wholly of cloth, through which
tho water readily runs; hence, to
keep dry feet, tho Chlniso slay In
doors when It rains. Chlncso shoos
ii ro mado by women. Early In child
hood they learn tho work, and hus
band and father and sons aro all shod
by (ho work of tho women of the
household. It tho women can make
moro Mine than their own men re
quire, then they stilt mnko shoes to
bo Mild In tho shops. The tiny shoos
of tho housowlfo uro mado In tho pri
vacy of her own bedroom, not oven
tlio husband watching her work. Tho
shies of tho shoes nro mndo of new
cloth, unj thing from eheiipest cotton
to richest Velvet. Soles nro mndo of
several thicknesses of cloth or paper
put together with isisto, with new
cloth on tho outside. The Miles uro
from n half Inch tn two lucliij thick.
Tho thlcknesi of the snlu Is un evi
dence of tlio tliuindnl standing of tho
Canadn Appropriates Large
Sum to Lend Municipalities
A fund of $23.IHI,000 has been cre
ated by Hid dominion government from
which amounts In proportion to popu
lation may bo borrowed by tlio govern
ments of tho various provinces for ap
plication toward bettering tho housing
conditions of wiiro earners. The pro
vincial governments probably will ad
vanco tho money to municipalities de
siring to attempt ii betterment ut
huusllig conditions of Industrial work'
urs, .'.llhough tho order In council set
ting aside tho fund provides that It
may bo administered through tuuiilct
pulltlcs or otherwise.
Wood and Coal.
Investigations by the agricultural
department show thnt one standard
cord of well cammed hickory, oak,
beech, birch, hurt! maple, ush, elm, lo
rust or cherry wood Is approximately
equal to ono ton (2,000 pounds) of un
Ihriicltu. A cord nnd u hnlr of soft
ninplo or two cords nt cedar, poplar
or basswood aro required tn glvo tho
snmo amount of heat. Ono cord nf
well seasoned mixed wood equals tit
least ono ton ut average grade bitu
minous coat.
Ilncrgy of will depends upon
depth of emotion. Mnrtcnsou,
A nnrrow mind will not mi
ni Ire, neither will a conceited
A mnn living nmtd tho advan
tages ami activities of H.o nine
teenth century Is n condensed
Mothusnloh. timplu.
Tho beginnings of selt-dccci-Hon
aro so slight that they aro
likely to ho unnoticed until tho
habit Is llxed upon us. Wo can
scarcely bo too strict and hnnett
with ourselves In llttlo matters
nud largo ones.
Food Price Increase Shows
Sixteen Per Cent Average
An nvcrngo Increusn of 1(1 per cent
In tlio cost of UJ basic food cominodl
ties throughout tho United States dur
lug tho year ended with September
was shown In figure mii" pulsic by
tho labor department h bureau of sta
tistlcs, 'the ngures aro IiiikciI on
prlco quotations received monthly from
moro than '.',000 retail Mores. Haiti
moro led tho cities of tho country with
an Increase of ll.i per cent, while Salt
I-aku City showed the lowest, 10 per
cent. Other points showing u high In
creusn were Seattle, Wash., lil per
cent.i Hcranlou, I'i, l'1.:i per cent.?
San Francisco, 20.(1 per cent.! HIeh.
inonil, Vn., ".0.0 per cent. : Charleston,
K. C, aw per cent; Portland, Ore., 2C
per cent.: Atlanta, (la., 30.0 per cent)
I.ns Angeles, 111.0 per rent! Wathlng.
ton. 1. C, 10.1 per cent ; nnd Mem
phis, 1(1.1 per cent.
Hsre jou em toprt to rson why
It Is that M tnnny products thai nro s
trnslvfly advertised, nil si once drop nut
of tlshl snil ri soon fnrpntton' Tlw
rtnsnn I plita Hie artirle did not tulu1
the proinirti bf the msiiufscturri This
applies mors pattlculnrly to s inr.lldnc
A mrdicinal prrpsriition that Itn leal
rurative value almost sella itsrH, aa like
an endless chain srslrm the remedy la
loeotnmendrd by thoso who hari xrti
UarfiteJ, to those wh'. ale In need ol It
A prominent drussist sovs, "Tnke for
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Itont, a
prrtxratlon I have sold for many ytnrt
and never liciil.ito to recommend for In
almost every case It shows enrllrtit r
suits, aa msnv nf inv rustomera testify
No other kidnry remedy that 1 know of
has so Urge a sale." '
According to twnra atatementa and
vsrlfifd testimony of thousanda who hae
wed Hie rrcp.iMtlon. Hie success of l)r
humeri K amp-lion la uue to the tart
that so many people r).t!m, It fall Till a) al
most every wish in ovucomlng kidney,
liver and bladder allmcnta, corrects ur-
narv tmublet and neutral ica the utlo
aclil which rausra rheumatism,
ion may receive s sample lvollle of
Swamp-Iloot by Parcel Post. Addtess
l)r. Kilmer tt Co., Itlnsliamtnn. N V.. and
rnrloso ten rentsi Also mention this paiier.
Ijiren and medium sire bottles for sale
at all drug stores. Adv.
Llchti Deautlfy Qarden.
Tho terrace In front of u huge laun
dry plant has been hemitllled with u
peculiarly bountiful pigu which Is thu
combined product of mi oleeiibian's
and ii gardener's skill. Dich letter
In outlined In electric bulbs t-ct In u
sheet metal frame which Is palntei!
whltu on tho lii-ldo tu icllect the
In Hh) nreu Inclosed by each lininl
letter geiiinlums liavo been plsii'.ed.
Tho sign Is very beautiful by usy jnl
doubly so at night whi-n tho lights
lllumlnnto the Howe,-, .ii-eonllug to
Popular Mechanics MiigAxlue. Tho
electric hullis aru invereil villi ordb
nnry Jelly glasses, tu proloe; die How
ers from thu beat nnd the bulbs from
tho woollier.
western. madsm
is as profitable as Grain Growing
. in western canaaauraiaurowins is spr nt maaer. names kaine,
GtierDanJ lloea hrlnrarrnstntucerss. k'a riiv tn nrosDcr utters you
'f can iiusgU to -JO tu. ol wlieat to the acre soil buy on easy terms.
Land at $15 lo S30 Per Aero
IT. setke
Ttaltmy and Land Co'a. are onrlns nnuaual Initecrmtnts tn tionte
t seckerstoarttlelnWeatrrnCanalUamtcnJoylitrprosperity. Loantmado
for the purchase ol stock or Mlxr f .trmlns requlmutnte can be had at low Intern!.
Tho tiso ot soft coal will make Innn
dry work' heavier lids winter, led
Cross Hug lllivj 'will help In remove
Hint grimy look. At nil grocers, tie.
You Det She Did!
Mrs. Illinium "Do you lilts movies
Willi initio lends?" Mrs. Heupeek
"No. I llko them whore tho male is
ThfitWi'fTirnn(ifi(lhefVimlfI'in mrnS Pmvlnr?! of MAnltnlia. Sukalchfw
wnn and Albtru extend crcrr encouratf eroe Jt tu the f jrrocr mnd raochmam
You ctn obtiln c xcellrnt land at low prices on rur tcrmi, and crt blub prices
r your Rralntcattlo abecpanu lioaslaw Ut (dou on --ti,.
iprovtctnentnK goad markeu find uSipplns facilltlet, ire eLfJiHBMBki
imnrovctnenfMr. rood markni and Lhtonlnff
Khoola, cliurcbctt ppJendid dimata and iur crop.
BuktUhan tw AlU ru. rriiMsd itllmil M, tl. appv to Ospawlauwirti (
1st laamlrriMa OtUw. CtUMdi. 1 I
W. V. DENNETT, Room i, Be Balldlnf , OMAHA, NEB.
Canadian Qovernmcnt Agent
Mors to Answer For.
Meeker (roprot Ingly) You unco
promised to low., honor and obey me,
Mrs. Meeker (now u militant sulT)
Well, In paraphrase Mr. ItooKcvolt,
show me u woman that doesn't iiinke
nils t'kes mid I'll show jou u woman
thnt doesn't do things, lturfalo V.x-press.
Important to Mothers
Kxnmluu carefully every hottlo ot
CASTOltIA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta and children, and seu that It
Hears tho
In Uso for Over i!0 lears.
Children Crv or Flutclier's Caalorla
"Hut what was his cousin for want
lug to niarryl"
"None whatever. A man loses that
before ho does II."
Knleker Why uro your wife's folks
coming lo lstt ou7
Ibifker They think I wnnt lo lmvo
their personal counsel.
How's This? '
We offer 1100.(0 far any cuse of catarrh
that cannot be cured by HALL't)
II ALU'S (.'ATAllllll iti:DICtNi: Is tek.
en Internally nnd acta through the Illood
on the Mucous nurtures of llio Hyslem.
nom ry arugsinis ior over tony yesre
Lawyer "IMiS I he defendant go
bouie In the Interim ?" Witness--"No,
sir. Ho went homo In n luxl."
Valuable Opsee.
"So .toil think people aro too fat ns
n rulol"
"I do." reptleil tho roiidurlor. "It
everjlmdy was thinner there'll bo
room for moro peopiu In stand up lo
llio cur."
A Wlie Suggestion.
Ilenluiiii I've got his gnat.
Mrs. lli'iiliniu I'd keep It, with
present cost of cows' milk.
Don't t lil nl: for a moment Hint any
man Is Interested In our troubles
unless he Is u hiw.or.
Influenza and kindred
diseases start withacold.
Don't trifle with it.
At the first shiver or
sneeze, take
Ettsnriard rold remedy for 10 year 4n tablet
for m Mfs. sure, no opisir brsdks up a tt4d
in 34 hours fellcvet crip In S days. Money
bark If It f Ails. The s'nulne bos lias a tied top
Un Mr. iun'atsetura. At All Uruj bloits.
I'rlce 7(c, Testimonials free.
r, J, Cheney a Co., Toledo,
It Is in nceord Willi llio etoctml Ill
ness ot things that ghosts should wall;
In tho dead of llio night.
When ii husband and wife uro ol1
tho hiiiiio mind It Is u pretty sufo bet
thill tho mind belongs In the wifo.
Ilr. tierce's Pleasant Pellets isit ait end t
tkk ao.1 Missis lirs.laehee, n,wtlcll, ,llsst
lirss sod iDtllttstlAti. "Olesn Imsisv." AUr
Pcopto would moot with fewer dis
appointments. If they didn't expect
moro Hum they deserve.
The man who bows to tho Inevitable
seldom does It as it matter of court cay.
A Permanent Sufferer.
"I don't like the wny this road ll
run," said tho Irritable passenger!"
"Whnt right lmvo you to klckl" said
Hip conductor, "you only lmvo to
iimko this trip onco In it while."
8tumpet for 8ure.
T h o actor
should forget Hint
ho has mi audi
Mice," said Hit
"That's easy."
foplled tho nctor.
Tho hard part Ii
tn forget that he
hasn't one."
"I liwr your iluughtui- rnlaed every
thing before her."
"So sho did, hut I rnlsed tho dual."
Ilmersnnlnn Dii jou bellevo In Hit
luw of compensation?
Poor Man I do; but I nm also con
vlnccd of the law's delays.
For Revenue Only.
"Willi nil your
debts you have tho
assurance lo usk
for the band of
ill) da il gli tort
W Ii ii t nro you
thinking oft"
".My debts." rVeWarr'
Illicit What's become nf Hie mnn
wiui used to lay up something for m,
rulny day?
Wing I saw him this morning, and
ha was buying it spare tiro I
Dack to the Old Ways.
"It seems tiutsr."
"Vhut docsi"
"To admit ouco mora that I ttf
man ot peace."
I'iiIIIi will move mountains tr bucked
up with sulllclent work.
For centuries COM) MI'DAL Haarlem
Oil his been n standard household rcrne ly
for kidney, liver, bladder and ttomncli
trouble, and all diseases connected with
th.- urinary organs. The kidueys and blad
der are the must important orgins of the
lsdy. They em the inters, tho purlllers of
your Mood. If tho poisons which enter
your system through tho blood nnd stom
ach nro not rntitely thrown out by the
kidneys and bladder, you aro doomed.
Wenrmrse, sleeplessness, nervousness,
dcsiHindcncv, backailie, stomach trouble,
headache, jsiln in loins and lower abdo
men, gsll stones, gravel, difficulty when
urinating, cloudy nnd bloody urine, rheu
matism, sclntlta and hunhngo, all warn you
tn look after your kidneys nnd bladder.
Alt these indleato some weakness of the
kldnevs or other organs or tint the enemy
mlcrolica which re always present In J our
ststein hnvp attacked your weak spots.
(1(11.1) MKD.Mj Haarlem Oil Capsules are
what j on need.
TVv ar- not a "patent medicine," nor
a "new discover)' " Tor fK) years they
have Is-en a standar.i household remedy,
They nro the-pure, original iniirleil ll.iar
lent Oil your Kiwit-ariindinotlicr used, and
tiro perfectly harmless. Tho healing, sooth
ing on soaks into thn cells mm lining of
the kidncya and through the bladder, driv
ing out tho poisonous germs. New life,
fresh strength and health will come ns jou
rontlnuo tho treatment. When complete
ly restored to your usual igor, lontiuue
taking a capsule or two each day; they will
keep you III condition and prevent a re
turn of the disease.
Do not deliy n minute. IM.ijs nre ea
pceially dangerous In kidney anil bladder
trouble. All druH-'s sell tlOI.I) MKIIAI.
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They will lefiind
the money If not represented. (101,11
MI'DAI, Haarlem Oil Capsules are Im
ported direct from Hie Islmratorlcs In Hol
land. They nre prepared In correct pin
titv and convenient form, are easy to take
nnd nro iKi-lthely guaranteed tn give
prompt relief. In three sires, sealed pack
sees. A-? for ths nriuinal Imported
'IOI.D MKDAI. Acirpt no lubstltutes.
Sick. Women
To do your duty during these hying
times your health should be your ri
consideration. These two women
tell how they found health.
Hollam, Ta. "I took Lytlla E. rinkhfttn'H Vej.
ctalle Compound for femalo troubles and a dis
placement. I felt alt run down nnd was very wealc.
1 had been treated by a physician without reiulti.
so decided to gtvo Lydla K. I'lnklinm's Vegctablo Compound
n trial, and felt better right nwnjr. I am keeping houso
since last April nnd doing nil my homework, whero beforo
I wasunnblo to do any work. Lydla K. I'lnklinm's Vege
table Compound la certainly tlio best medicine a woman can
take when In tblscondltlon. I etru you permission to publish
this letter." Mrs. H. It. Cituiiu.Na, 11. No. i, Hellara, l'a.
Lowell, Mich. "I sufforcd from cramps and dragging:
down palm, was Irregular nnd had femalo weakness and
displacement. I began to tako Lydla ll l'lnkham'a Vege
table Compound rhlch garo mo relief at once nnd restored
my health. I should llko to recomtnoud Lydla K. l'lnkham'a
remedies to all suffering women who aro troubled Inn simi
lar way." Mri.KLisullEiM.H.No.e, Hox83,Lowell,Mlch.
Why Not Try
Itching Rashes
1 Sootketl
With Cuticura
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Aceurate Knowledge,
"Hay, Jim, what uro tluni selsmn
gniphst" "Why, they're tho signal for earth
quakes to start going, bo."
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