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PhMa iw
A scene outside tlin city prison ut Hkiitcrlnburg, Ultssln, where political prlKonura, holsliuvlkl, nro Imprlroncd.
Hccm-a like t tilH run ho accn dally tliu women bringing food mill notea to tliu prisoners. TIiq feeding of tho prisoners
linn become u serious problem uu nccuuiit of tho shorliigo of food In Husslii.
17-Year Locust
Is Slowly Going
Causes Leading to Disappear
ance Outlined by Department
of Agriculture.
Clrwular Olvcii Succinct History of In
sect and the Protective Meant
Tint Can Oe Taken
Acjalmt tt.
Washington. Have jimi mi Ideal In
til nlllMllUtll l ,llKlf4P!i-HN?
Well. ImI It lin wild Unit the Iioiiho In
wlllch ynn Hut k comparatively new
llljllt within the Inst IT years. Tim
Jt round on which Jt stands was orlg
tuslly woodland. In the summer of
IPOS nil the trees Ihoronhoiiis were full
of 17-yenr Iimii(h. Hgga were depos
ited In llio hninchea, the Iiiiwio came
out, dropped lightly In tin- ground, mill
tlllg In Tim long period of subter
imiinn existence l almost ended. In
3tny tho Insects will Htnrt tuwiird the
light awl nlr nnil will come In con
tni't with the concrete floor of your
callnr! There mny bo iiriother sll'in
tlon h hopclest, hut certainly mine
tiioi in.
Timl clearing up of woodland for
tho building of house nnil for cultiva
tion I" tlu principal agency Unit It mak
ing tin- 17-yenr locust, whoso real
tonne It the periodical cicada, n vnn
tilling species. Dr. fllilcon II. Hmltli,
one of tho earlier sclentlllc observers,
nllmvcd rather 11 iiieliiiichnly note to
crpop Into his Invnlunhlo maiiuncrlpt
when ho wrote Unit futiiri' generations,
If they rend his writings ut nil, woulil
shako their heads mid think of him im
it romancer.
Being Slowly Exterminated.
In thff sumo nolo, iilmi. f, I,. Mnrlntt,
oihi of tho liilest systematic nbserv
. wrltus In his liulli'tln, "To tho
lover nf nntiiro there .Is something re
grettable In thin slow extermination of
an Insect which presents, uu due tho
periodical dentin, so much tliut In In
teresting nnil niiiiniiiloim."
Thus the present-day experts of tlu
United States tlppiirtlucht of agricul
ture iitri' with tho ourly observer Unit
III t lino will i'oiiip whi'ii Iheru will lie
mi periodical clriiihiH lofl.
Tlmt tlum, liowuvor, In u lime wuy
iilf. Tin-re will lie iniilllpllril iiillllun4
of ilicni tlila ji-ur mid In otlu-r ycnrK
to come. I'or iniiiiy pi-rMoni the rlcnila
Will III' Nil HOW II Hlllht II K It WflH to tho
11 wt oliacrvfrd whi-n Ihoy I'liino from
lturoH' to the AiiiitIi'iiii roroHta. Mini
ern writing on tint Hiilijcct In iloiio. of
rnurac. In the Unlit of nil tho titwrvn
lliina Unit linvo Iiim-u iiinilo UiroiiKli
more than am yenn Tlmy luck the
frelini'N of the wHUiikm of men who
(iiw the rlrniln licroro n llti-nituro of
(lie limcrt hull Ihtii hullt up. Thoac
curly wrltlnKt, tlu-rt-fore, pomhcb nn
ilmtsunl Inti'roit.
In lflfllt Niitlmnli'l Mori'ton, who
llwl ut fnnihrlilsi'. Man-, wroto "N'ew
KiiKhind'a Mcinnrhil." In It lip tohl of
"a klml of n ii,tlpnt fpvi'r" that hail
pri'vnlli'il In HOT nnil "carried off
many of the whiten nut Indiana in and
near Plymouth."
"Jt Is to ho oliKPrvpil," he aiiya, "that
tho xpritiK huforo there was u iimiKy
oii company of lllea, which were tlkii
for IiIbiiihh ii ill i wiiKpn or humhlo-lipea,
they cnniit out nf little IioIch In the
croiinil, nnil did eat up the I'recn
lliluuM, uml maile Mich a cntmtant yell
luc iioIko ii uiiiile all the wnoila rliiK
of theiii nud ready to deaf thu hear
era." The old Kenlleinan la to he excilHed
for hellevliiK Unit the plcndiia "did eat
up tho crccti thliiKs." Tho npppiunnci
of tho ileml mid withered tirnncticl
ilouhtleaa xvaa audi aa to Juntlfy audi f
conclimlnn. One "T, M" auppoapil tc
ho Tliouuia .MntthewH, koii of Hituiuc1
MiitthewB, Kovprnnr of Vlrclnln, nht
oliservpil the clenihm In 1075, fell Intc
tho aiimu error.
I'or nearly .'liHl yearn, limn, tho writ
ten record of thu tlcniln luia lieen
plllnir up, iinih'i'KiiIni; rnrrecUoiiK now
nnil then, rceelvliii! new dlacovorlei
from time to time. An nearly iin rno
he Jnilci'd It la complelo now. Tin
lateat iiihllllou la u circular, "The Hur
enteen-Veiir I.oeuat III WW," hy Dlxot
Merrill of tho ollleo of liifonuatlon,
United Hlalea ilopartmcnt of imrlcnl
tlirc. It doea lint iretend to preaent
new facta, hut It ulvoa a aucclnct Ilia
lory of Ihe clcnihi uml the protective
mean that cull lie taken iipilnat It
The circular will he nviilhihlo to Inter
eated pcmiua In I lit- 'Jl atntea whem
the periodical cicada will appeur thli
Saved By S. Food
Destitute People of Roumania Are
Grateful to America.
Timely Arrival of Supplies Prevent!
Growth of Bolaheviim and
Iludinrest. American flour and
dothliiK are mvlni; the Uvea of tliou
aaiiilH of deatltulo people throilRlioiit
Iloumaulii. The Uulleil Ktatea food
administration linu nlrcady hroiiKht In
to tho country nearly illMXX) toua of
flour, whllo the American lted Croat,
which has n laridi inlaaloii eatiihllaheil
here, la dlatrlliutluK clothlni; nud ecu
cral relief auppllea of all kind iiiiiiiiik
the needy population,
Tim Hour from America nrrlvcd at n
time, when condition were at their
worat anil when local auppllea for thu
ltniiniaiilan peoplo were almiMt ex
hausted. It waa feared that tho want
Form Squad to Sell
Blood for Transfusion
Santa llarhara, Cat. A "nlond
triiiiHruahm upmd," couipoaeil of
phyalcally perfort men and
woliieu, to huh! Ihcmaclvc nvull
ahle at any time their aorvlcea
are needed, Is IipIiib formed here.
The Kaiitii Itarhani County
Medical aoelety linn Mailed a
cull for a doiuii voliinlenrn.
The merit of the plan, It la
piilnled out, la Hint ihyalclima
will have uiiiupa nf leraona who
cull ho call oil on imintxllately In
einerueney ciiaea, whetwia hj
the old plan Viilunlilc tllue una
hiht In esaiiiliiinr volunteers.
Wheu one of the iiieiuliera of
Ihe "perfect aiiuad' la called
tlMin to (rive hlood for aome pa.
tleut he or alie, n the caae may
Il, will tie pnttt $Stl for Hie red
corpuaclea Klven up to auve
aomeoiie elae
of fowl would rcxiilt In n sliilc of txil
sliiulriii and revolution.
This Ametlcaii lloiir haa lieen n tro
meiiilotiH factor In pi'eveutlui: tho un
rest. I'loiil It k relief Ktiitloua eatllli
llfheil at HuchiircMt, .lasay, Consliinzn,
(laliilK, I'oraanl filial I'lteatl, lint Ainerk
can lied ("rosa la illstrlhutliiK lla atl
pllea, and In every Important vllhiKt
mi Atiieilcan lted Croati aoup kllcheO
la hcliltiK to feed tho population.
Uueeii Marie, who luia taken the
KrentoHt Intereat In UiIh relief work
haa iiasicneil Prince Carol to co-oper-alo
with tho American lted f'roaa. Col
Henry W. Anileraon, lied Croaa com
iiilaaloner to the HalkmiH, aald thnl
three larKo coiialsnnienlH of rullef aiiv
pllea had ulreaily arrived In llomna
ilia, and that the foiirth waa alread)
on lit way from Toulon, an that tin
American lted Cross would soon lit
nhle to cure for every destitute perauE
In Itoiimaiila,
Includet, Trap Door Through Which
Famoui French Author Es
caped Creditors.
Parla, The homo of the fnnioui
I'lencli niltliur. Ilnoore do Unliae In
the Hue Itayiioiiiird at Pnaay ha boon
reopened ua mi artlata' center. Tilt
holme lllul lieen aatll lieglecttKl. lull
hus lieen ii si.uml to preaeut tliu up
pcnrniicc II hud In ltiilxuc'l time, with
Its allliuli palnt.'il hltic null the urle
(mil imk en r inns mul dark red In pea
tries decoraunii the apartment when
lilt lane wrote lila inaslerpliH'ea.
(In the tnlili' ainnda the Ida; dilnn
coffee tail from which tho nutuor wni
wont to rcfrst.li tilmaelf, for llnluic
wua a mighty drinker nf coffee. Olo
woml ruta nml orliilunl prlnllue pronfi
Hdnru the walls. In the minion the
vine that Iwilxnc lenileil still grmva uml
Ilia huloved lllnca have lieen replanted
In one room there la atlll tint trap
door tliroiiitli which Itnlunc uaed to ills
npiiear when Iniiairtuniite rnilltori
Developments In Southwest Net
Them Big Returns.
oil and Caal Add to the Fortune of
the Aborigine! In Okla
homa. WtwMlliiton.- There are HOO.POO In
illana eetlt tared thmiiKhnut the 48
ftbllcai of the Uttiou: many ut tlietu,
ttt Ouaoa. Ureeka and Qunptiwa, i.re
Heb In natural raeoureea: rtth In oil,
ajM. coal, ntphallum. line and other
Bttaaml that not alnuo mnko wealth
fist themeelvi-a, hut for the country of
which they were thu orliilunl occu-
OWalioliiii runka llrat nf nil the
It of the Union In Indlun populn-
111. Til Interior department, through
nbi Sell!), commissioner of Indian
n't tlurlng the luat tlkrnl
IT !8,0'.t ncrea .if land for oil.
vtut estate la being auiutnUteratl
throilRh the Indian nillco In Wnatilun
ton, UiroiiKli the cotmiilaaloner of the
live clvlllted trlhea nt MuakoKce. mid
IhrmiKli the aeveral lnillnn neeucles
win tared throuxhout Oklahoiiiii.
The total mimlier of linrrela nf oil
pwductil from these rich llelda ilurlnit
the Inst Hacnl yenr la 2t,W.'l,2()7. The
Tiilue or (Ida oil In dollars would hm
Kreunle .V),(H1,0I)0.
The roynltlea alone during Ihe Inat
fiscal year urtuuly paid to tlipso In
dian tribes approximated $R,n.V),UJS,
anil for the alx yenra preceding them
wna derived In roynltlea alone nml ac
tually paid to the Indiana for their
benefit In oil roynltlea $20,000.(100.
The total amount of oil tnken from
tliese Indian lamia In Oklahoma, nil
told, since oil wna originally dlscov.
ereii, wtgregntea B8.1,000,000 barrels.
The totnl nmount of roynltlea nnil
bnnuaea paid the Indians by oil oper
ators during this development Is tao.-OO0.U1O.
With the comlni: of the whllo people
to the statu unit with the marvelous
Improvement koIiir on In the construc
tion of rnllroada. wagon roads, school,
houses nml churches it will bu avcu
that the Indians are fust becoming as
similated Into society, taking theli
fvliice and assuming the rolo of cltlu-u-sUp.
Sppport Health Work.
WilBlilnglon. "Puhllc health Is pur.
chasuble." mis the United States puh
llc hen I III service, and adds Unit !i
llrst-clnsa lienltli protection service can
bo provided for one dollar per lieiul
tier yenr. In fuel some cllv I in.
departments render excellent ficrvlce
nr n cost or t.i cciils per heniL Let's
nil gut together nml give better sup
port to heullh work In this column.
Tot Dreaki 17 Dones.
Plttslleld, Miiaa.-Chinlea Furrier,
four years old, sat down too hard and
fractured his left thigh. Previous to
thut he bud broken 17 bones In vnrloua
porta of his body.
Average Penvani Behind Dara Would
Compare Favorably With Thoio
Who Have Liberty.
"Knmo people, llud," said I.eonarfi
V. Wbi'iine, nccordliiR to (llenn M.
Parley In thu Hcattln Poat-lntelllgen-rer.
"seem to thlOE the Jails nro filled
with very dangerous nud very wild
people. I suppoao i!io nvcrnge iflnn
or woman would no moro think of
mingling with these persona behind
the bars than going Into tho hear pit
nt Woodland park. Aa n mutter of
fact, there nro about the same gnidei
of society In Jail ns out of It. Mall
atul woman prisoners go about their
dally taaks quietly; they are na soft
spoken nml trivial In conversation na
nro the people outside. I bnvu seen
soino mighty pleasant people In Jail;
men that could sit down nml talk
courteously nud Intelligently with you
on nny topic. And In gciiernl appear
ance they will lino up with tho aver
ago utreet exhibit. They don't look
dangerous, they don't look wild. Not
ntio In forty Is n conllrmed criminal.
Moat of them were caught oft guard;
they Hindi) u little slip when thu Judg
ment wna nsleep, nml there they nre.
We ought hot to be sentimental with
these, prisoners, nor should we hold
lliem In horror. They nro Just n
piece of tho community, spilt off tem
porarily, mostly through their own
"Wo nro nil living over powder
mngar.lnea ; n mnn nr womnii mny live
for fifty years before nil explosion
comes, nml It might never come. Many
n man hna been a model citizen, sober,
decent, upright, fair nud s, pi nro with
Ida nelghlmra, nud In nn unguarded
moment hna destroyed It all. One lit
tle word will soiiiPllmps mnvo u good
cltlzt-ii to shoot nml kill. Tho human
equation la a mighty complicated In
strument, set on n hair trigger, anil
some fool is nlwnya lingering It, or
examining It to aeo If It la loaded;
we II vo In n auccesslon of trngeillea,
though never expecting them, liven
now the loom of tlmu la weaving trng
eillea to come, with Ihe sun shining
and the birds singing nud spring In
the ulrj tomorrow, perhaps, a blow,
a lapse from mornl consciousness for
n moment, nnd mother respectahlo
person will go wrong.
"llud, novcr bo thankful you nro not
ns other men; bo thankful that no
body ever bnppeneil to set oh nn ex
plosion under yon, nnd If you prny,
llud, prny for strength to go puckered
for nmliiishes until your time Is up,
nml you He down to sleep wllh your
fathers. And, Unit, that's about the
only time you will ho wholly safe."
Squirrel! nnd Their NeiU.
Tho gray squirrel mnkcH n nest of
leaves. He Is moro or less busily pn
gnged In leaf construction during tlin
entire year, writes Dr. IMwnnl F,
lllgclmr In Ilnyi,' 1,1 fe. liven in the
summer he cuts off tho green leaves
nml skillfully packs I hem among the
branches or In tho fork of n tree, so
that they shed tho rain nnd roof n
cnvlty big enough to shelter two or
three squirrels. Until within n few
years I supposed that these leafy
homes wpro for rearing Ibo young only,
hut In n tunall grovo near my own
home 1 llud n number of leaf nests
occupied by the squirrels at vnrlnut
times. ... I recall vividly the
betiding down of a white birch tree
that contnlneil a leaf nest, nnd having
four young gray squirrels drop out
of It ns tho nest fell to pieces. I still
feel n keen regret for having destroyed
a squirrel home, but I nm glad to mid
that, when 1 placed the young In the
nest, reconstructed on the 'ground to
the boat of my ability, Ihe mother
Mjiilriel came nml curried lliem to n
hollow tree, na n cut will curry n kit
ten, or ii mouse, will curry the young,
tluiufh by u wimewhat dirfcrcnt
Uot Art
A. 11. Powell tolls n good story In
that Interesting little volume culled
"Itiindlcrufta uml llpconatrurtlim,"' re
cently published, nnon t the disappear
mice of tho lino wheclwrlghtlng of a
generation ago. "The difference be
tween tho old nml new iitinosplierca
of work entile out vividly Imtwoen two
wheelwrights, one old good, the other
bad modern. Tho Inst was lining In
ii mistake wild putty, nml must fnll
to praising It 'A line thing is thli
putty' to hide Ida sliiime. Snya old
good. 'Why (leant ye meal; the bull)
tiling o' putty tlienV nnd walked
mvny!" It Is only the genuine crafts
man who ran And the real content
ment In bis work, nud It Is equally
only tho monotony nnd sameness nl
mechanical work that makes a mnn
weary of It.
New Harbor on ihe Baltic.
It la reported from Copciibagpii Hint
n new linrbnr la lo he constructed at
Korsor, wblrb la n Danish seaport 00
miles west-southwest of Copenhagen.
The cost nf this work la estimated nt
no.000.0txi kronen nnd tt la stated that
American capital has been Interested.
The harbor will bnvo n depth nf ten
niPtpra na against nine metera In Co-J
ppiihagen nml large quays will he built
with ample, facilities for handling merchandise.
Big Demand for Watches.
Watches nru tint being turned nit
fnst enough by American mamifticttiii
ers to supply ii ileum lid which, accord
Ing In the representative of one Inrgo
producing concern, Is greater tmlny
thnn over tipfore. tending fnctnrlps
fell behind In their regular output
lust yenr, when their plants were buty
filling war orders. -
Cuentlal Feature of an Improved
Highway Another Requisite la
Firm Foundation,
l'rpiircl by Hi t'nltsd RUi-i
tiinit of Asrlculiiir.i
An essential feature of an Improved
road Is adequate drainage. Thorough
drainage la so necessary that It la
practically Impossible to maintain n sat
isfactory road unless It be given prop
er uttenlliiii. Another prime require
ment wherever n hard aurfiice mud la
to be constructed la n llrui nml unyield
ing foundation. As tho quality of the
loll baa mi Important Influence on tho
Pliipcr method of drainage nml the typo
of foundation to he employed, much
care and study must ho devoted to tho
nature, type, nnd character of U.u
soils in the section through which It la
plnpnsed to build u road.
Tho most Important prlinury solli
are classified ns gravel, amid, nnil clay,
hut oflen many of the secondary or
mixed soils, because of tln-lr moro gen
eral occurrence In connection with
roiiil-hullillng operations, nre equally
Important. Much types as loam, marl,
gumbo, nnd luirdpnn nro representa
tive of this outer.
In the design of a road tho drainage
structures nro planned to tnke care
Df water under thieu general conditions
rnln that falls on n Mud surface or
grade; rain that falls on contiguous
land and flows In acciimulateil volume
Inward (ho mini; ami ground water
from any Immediate source. To meet
Iheso conditions nsn Is found for spe
cial structures, Including longitudinal
tide ditches, usually parallel, or up
proximately parallel to tho center line;
Intercepting ditches to ncciiiiinuiilato
filler whoso nppruiich so close to the
midway as the side illlcbes Is likely
In cause Injury; lateral ditches or - 1 1
terts to conduct nccuiiiulated water
at, ay from or under the mini;
'ml siibdralns, In order to plan Intel
ligently it system of drainage for any
particular road, it is necessary to con-
Woter Dralm Readily From Thl! Type
of Highway,
l-lder not only the local character of
the soil composing Ihe roadbed, but
also the topography of the adjacent
Intnl. thu amount and rule of rainfall
ml the availability of iiinlerlal aulf
able for use In constructing drains.
Surface drainage system for roads
consist of side ditches along thu road,
pined gutters (which are a develop
uieiit of side ditches nnd replace them)
open Intercepting ditches constructed
to prevent water fliiin reaching the
road, nml lateral nr relief illlehes to
carry on" the water which collects In
the side dltchea or In Urn Intercepting
ditches. Culverts nml luplosisl drains,
which are cnnatriieleil for tint purpii
of removing storm water from the side
illtclips nr gutters, lire essentially a
pint of the surface drainage system,
nnd nro nut to bu confused with side
drains which serve till entirely differ
ent purpose.
Where the gmilo of u road Is so
sleep that the ordinary earth shin
dltchea cannot be nuiliitnlned satisfac
torily nt n reiisoimble coat, or where
earth sldo illtchoit would bo Insanitary
or appear unsightly. It is customary to
provide pnvotl gutters for removing the
surplus valor.
Drop InlelH nml catch basins nre
used to conduct wnter front side ditch
es or gutters Into underground drnlin
or culverts. On country roads they art
Used most frequently on side hill loca
tions where the water collecting In Ui
upper sldo ditch or gutter run he re
moved from the road nt Intervnls by
nifiins of a culvert ncross to the low
er ship. Drop Inlets usually are stuff
elent, nnd cntch basins seldom are used
In country road work, except where II
Is especially desirable to prevent the
allt and other foreign mntprhil carried
by the water from getting Into the
underground drainage structure.
National Forests Must Be Equipped
With Highway!, Trails and Look,
out Statlom.
Nutlounl forests cuuuot be econom
ically nnd plliclently protected iignlnit
II r en until they are well equipped
with rends, tralis, telephone lines and
IsiUout statlom, rays thu uiiuual re
port of Ihe chief forester of the United
States Service,
By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
WInonn, Minn. "IsulTered for mora
than & year from norvouane is, and was
eo unu x cuuiu not
rest nt night
would Ho nwako and
get ao nervous I
would havo to get
up and walk around
nnd in tho mornlnej
would be all tired
out. I rend nbout
Vogntablo Com
riuncl nnd thought
would try It My
ncrvousncii toon
loft rae. I aleen
well and feet Una In tho morning and
able to do my work. I gladly recom
mend Lydia E. Pinkham'a vegetabla
Compound to mako weak nerves
trong." Mrs. Aluctt 8ultzb, COS
Olmittad St. Winona, Minn.
How often do we hear the expression
among women, "I am so nervous, I can
not eleep," v "It aacma as though X
ahouldfly." Such women ihould profit
tty Mrs. tJultie'a axporltncc and givo
this famous root and herb remedy,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetabla Com
pound, a trial.
For forty years It haa been overcom
ing auch eerloua conditions aa displace
ments, Inflammation, ulceration, irreg
ularltlca, periodic pnlno, backache, du
llness, and nervous prostration of
women, and la now considered tho t tan
dard remedy foraucb ailments.
Kill All Flies! ".KK5
rUr! Rfirhr. DAISY ?LY KUI.m ttrwti tt
Ulti svU fit. Nt.rln, ommtotsi. onfnltl mnd
nirw.iMBVsV.Ti fsn-i id ill tf iin ttiri
"mil roi all nrlulttt
tnrttlnrt (luartatMj.
mutiix, IW U KAlti At.. Jlrubklrn, NZi
A totut rpwtllon Qf inHl
II-1M Ut rdlcu duidrlir.
rorlUitorins CetArsnd
DMUIrterlrar or Faded IUt.
too. Mwlliam liruyf Uli.
Immediate Action Necessary,
Kind Old (lonUeinuii What nro you
ciylng for, my llttlo man?
Tommy Tun"- -I can't thlnlt of o
name for tint guy.
K. O. (I. And why should It be
lieceasiiry for you to think; nf n name,
my little chap?
T. T. Ver wouldn't nsk that If yer
heard the one he culled me.
Catarrh Cannot Uu Cured
by Lul'AL. AI'l'UC'ATIUNH, us they
annnt roach tlie st-ul of tliu Ulieuts.
'aturrli Is u loi-ul disease, Krvutty lallu
tncail l)y ciinnlltutlonul i-undltluns, HALL'S
'ATAHIlll MKDICINK will cure ciunrrh.
It Is Inkt'ii Internally nnd mis tliruusti
Ihe Ulooil un tlin Mucous Hurfiu-cs nt Ins
jyitl-m. IIAM.'H (,'ATAIlllll MKDICINM
la composed nf soino nt the best Ionics
snowii, combined wllh some ot II..- brsl
olooit purlllers, Thu jierfi-t-l eiimhiMtlon
Jf..h?.!P.Sr,dlen ,n IIAI.I.'B CATA1IIIII
MKlilL'INK Is what produces such won
lerful results In mtarrluil conditions.
J)ruslls 75c. Tfstlmoiilnls frea.
V. J. Cheney A Co., Props., Toledo, O.
Mistress Ko you are the brother of
ny cook? Her only brother
rollceman I hope so.
t.w Ii lb Tusi Is Ct Rlil of Tim Uly Sssli
Thtrf'l Bt loDgrr lb llllbUal opI nr rtl!ll
hiDJ of jour fn-ckl.. ti Ollilns lout,l
urvnitb la tutrintttd to rtmov Him bumal
aimplr st is rir' of Olhloi dubl
Itrrnith- rrom ronr itrugglit, mil ipplr llllt
if II nliht ittit mernlns mi you ihooM I'sm
bt ffn lb roft frMklrs biti Itrfnn lo alt-ipp-ir.
nbtli lb llittlrr i,ni Iilf Tinlibi-,1 n
llnlr II M,im Ibil mon tbin on oudci
'i nrit-n lo pumplrutr rlrir lb shin sail Ills
tiiiilfiil clmi rs,miliilon
ni inn to itk for llii iloubll ilnnllti OlhlBi,
ii Ibli Ii ioI.I tiixlir soiriBlisi ol moi.T ti
If It (illi to t-miu fwtklii. Ail
"Tlieru nru two plilea tu every que.
linn." "Yes," replied Senator Sorghum,
'And loo ninny nf tut rJiapa who iinso
la powerful IhlnkerH don't lake tliu
.rouble to get to tho Inald.'."
will quiet your rough, aontho tho In
llnmmiitlon of n sore tliriuit nud lungs,
stop Irritntlon In llio brourhliil lubes,
Insuring u good nlght'H rest, free from
coughing uml wllh easy cxpcclnrntloti
In tho morning. Matin nud sold In
America for llfly-two yenrs, A won
derful prescription, assisting Nature In
building up your general henllli nnd
throwing off tho disease. Especially
useful In lung trouble, nsthmii, croup,
bronchitis, etc. I'or aulo In nil civil
ized countries. Adv.
None Satisfied,
Olllrer Hut surely ynn, n million.
nlre, have little lo complain about.
Munition Magnate-Oh, I don't
know. Tlie miilllmlllliimilroa treat us
like an much dirt. London Opinion.
Shave Whh Cutlcura Soap
And double your rnzor efficiency as
well na promote akin purity, akin com
fort nnd akin health. Nn mug, na
slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no
Irritation even when shaved twlca
dally. One snap for nil uses shaving,
bathing and ahamponlng, Adv.
Always took on Ibo bright sldo nt
things- nud If you i.re buying them
look up both sides.
VirvaiM Granulaled Eyelids,
i our?'!' jBflamJi1 bj ms
lute to Sbo.DciI anil 1
luickly relitred by Harlot
!tBtti. NoSmitUnr.
luit Eve ComlorL At
Vour Drugzliti or by mall COc per Bottle,
For Bo al Iba Cyi free write tva
Murine Eye Reaaody Co., Chlcsgo.

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