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Tut light
wnw ur vith unit, tie, rrc
CHAPTER XI Continued.
I count this ona of tlio great events
f in jr youth. But thcro wns a gronter
one, nltliouih It seemed not so at the
tlmo of It. A traveler on tho road to
Unllybecn had dropped his pockctbook
tontnlnlng a largo amount of money
(2,700 wns the sum, If I remember
rightly. Ho was a man who, being
Juitly suspicious of tlio bank, bad
withdrawn bin money, Posters mi'
nounccd tho loss nnd tho offer ot a
largo reward. Tho vlllago was pro
foundly stirred by them. Scorching
parties went up tho road stirring Its
dust and groping In Its gross find tri
ers for tho great prize whlc'j wns sup
posed to ho lying there. '.t wns said,
bowovcr, that tbo quest had been un
successful. Ho tho lost pockctbook
becsmo a treasured mystery of tho
vlllago and ot all tbo bills and val
leys toward Ilallybcen a topic of old
wives ami gabbling husbands at tho
Cresldo for unnumborcd yenrs.
lly and by tho fall term of school
Hided. Undo I'enlody enmo down to
get mo the day beforo Christmas. I
had enjoyed my work nnd my llfo nt
tho llackcta', on tlio wbolo, but I was
glnd to bo going homo again. My
onclo was In high spirits and thcro
wcro many packnges In tho sleigh.
"A merry Christmas to yo both an'
may tho Lord lovo yo!" said Mr,
Ilnckot ns ho bado us goodby. "Kvcry
dny our thoughts will bo going np tbo
Jills to your house."
The bells rang merrily as wo hur
ried through the swamp In tho bard
mow paths.
"Wo'ro goln' to move," said my
auclo presently. "Wo'vo ngrcod to get
out by tlio mtddlo o' May."
"Unw dues that happen" I nskrd.
"I settled with Qrlmslmw nnd agreed
to go. It It hadn't 'a' -been for Wright
nnd Baldwin wo wouldn't 'a' got n
cent. They threatened to bid against
hi m at tho snlc. Bo ho settled. We're
goln' to hnvo a now homo. Wo'vo
bought a hundred an' fifty ncrcs from
Abo Leonard. (Join' to build n now
houso In tbo spring. It wilt be nearer
the village."
lie playfully nudged my ribs with
bis elbow.
"Wo'vo had a little good luck, Hart,'
lit- went on. "I'll tell yo what It Is It
on won't say anything about ltM
I promised.
"I dunno as It would matter much,"
ho continued, "but I don't want to do
any hraggln'. It ain't anybody's bust'
ness, anyway. An old undo over In
Vermont died throo weeks ago and
left us thirty-right hundred dollars.
It was old Undo Kirn Buynes o'
nincsburg. Died without n chick or
child. Your aunt and mo slipped down
to Potsdam an' took tho stago an'
went over an got tho money. It was
more monoy than I over sua beforo
In my llfo. Wo put It In tho hank In
Potsdam to keep It out o' Grlmshnw's
bands. I wouldn't trust that man as
fur ns you could throw n bull by tlio
It was n cold, clear night, nnd when
xrti renrhed homo tho new stnvo wns
nnpplng with tho heat In Its firebox
find tbn pudding pulling In tho pot
nnd old Shop dreaming In tho chimney
corner. Aunt Heel gnvo mo n ling nt
the door. Shrp barked and leaped to
tiiv shoulders.
"Why. Hart I Ton'ro grnwln' like n
weed nln't yo ayes yo be." my
mint said ns sho stood nnd looked nt
ire. "Set right down hero nn' warm
yi ayes I I'vo done nil the chores
How warm nnd cnmfnrtnlilo wns the
dear old room with thnso beloved fnrcs
In It. I wonder If pnrndlso Itself can
seem tnoro plensn.it to inc. I hnvo had
the best food this world enn provide.
In my time, but never anything Hint
I nto with a keener relish thnn tbo
pudding nnd milk nnd bread nnd hut'
ter nnd cheeso nnd pumpkin pie which
Aunt Deel gnvo us that night.
Supper over, I wiped the dishes for
my aunt while uncle Prnlindy went
out to feed and water tho horses. Then
wp sat down In the genial warmth
while I told tbo story of my llfo In
"the busy town," ns they culled It
What prldo nnd attention the) gave
we then I
My lino clothes nnd tho story of bow
I hnd coma by them taxed my Inge
nuity somewhat, although not Improp
erly. I had to bo careful not to let
them know that I had been ashamed
ot tho homemade suit. They somehow
till tho truth about It nnd a little
tllence followed the story. Then Aunt
Deel drew her chslr near me and
touched my hair very gently and
looked Into my faco without speaking.
"Ayes I I know," sho said presently,
n a kind of carcstlng tone, with
touch ot sadness In It "They ain't
flscd to coarse homespun stuff down
there In tho Tillage They mnfts fuu
0 ye didn't thoy, Bartl"
"I don't core about that," I assured
them, "flie mind's the measure of
thai num.' " I quoted, remembering the
(ta'w the Heritor had repeated to me.
"That's sound!" Uncle Peabody ex
claimed with enthusiasm.
Aunt Dcel took my band In hers and
surveyed It thoughtfully tor a moment
without speaking.
"You ain't coin to have to suffer
that way no moro," she said In a low
tone. Wo'ro goln' to bo moro comfta
bio ayes. Ycr undo thought wo better
go West but I couldn't bear to go off
so fur nn' Icavo mother an' father an'
sifter Susan an' nil tho folks wo loved
lnyln' hero In tho ground nlono I
want to lay down with 'em by on' by
an' wnlt for tho sound o' tho trum
pet ayes tmebbo It'll bo for thou
sands o' years ayes I"
To our astonishment the clock
struck twelve.
"Hurrah t It's merry Christmas!"
snld Undo Peabody as ho Jumped to
his feet nnd began to slog of the llttlo
Lord Jesus.
We Joined hint whllo he stood beat
ing tlmo with his right bund after tbo
fashion ot a singing master.
"Oft with yer boots, friend I" no ex-
claimed when the stanza was finished.
"Wo don't bavo to sot up and watch
Ilka tho shepherds."
We drow our boots on the cbatr
round with hands clasped over the
kucc how familiar Is tho process, and
yet I haven't seen It In moro than half
century I I lighted a candle and
scampered upstairs la my stocking
feet Uncle Pcnbody following closo
nnd slnpplng my thigh ns It my paco
wcro not fast enough for him. In the
midst of our skylarking the cnndlo
tumbled to the floor and I had to go
back to tho stovo and relight It
How good It seemed to bo back In
tbo old room under tho shingles! Tbo
heat of tho stovepipe had warmed Its
It's been kind o' loncsomo here,"
said Undo Peabody as ho opened tho
window. "I always let tho wind come
In to keep mo company It gits so
"Yo can't look at ycr stockln' ylt"
said Aunt Dcel when I came down
stairs about eight o'clock, having slept
through chore tlmo. I remember It
wns tho delicious aroma ot frying ham
and buckwheat cakes which awoke mo;
and who wouldn't rtso and shako oft
tho clonk ot slumber on a bright
cold winter morning with such provocation)
"This nln't no common Chrls'mas
I tell ye," Aunt Decl went on. "Santa
Clous won't git hero short o' noon I
wouldn't wonder ayes I"
About cloven o'clock Uncle 111 mm
and Aunt Eliza and their flvo children
arrived with loud and merry greetings.
Then came other aunts and uncles nnd
cousins. With what noisy good cheer
tbo men entered tho houso after they
had put up their horses I I remember
how they laid their hard, heavy hands
on my head and shook It a little as
ticy spoko of my "strctchln' up" or
gavo mo n plnyful slnp on tbo shoulder
on ancient token of good will the
first form nt tho accolade, I fancy.
Whnt Joyful good humor thcro wns In
thoso simple men nnd women enough
to temper tho woes of a city If It could
hnvo been nppllcd to their relief. They
stood thick nround the stovo wanning
themselves and tnklng off Its griddles
nnd opening Its doors and surveying It
Inslclo nun out with mucli curiosity.
"Now for tho Christmas tree," said
Undo Peabody as he led tbo way Into
our best room, where n firo was burn
ing In tho old I'rnnklln grato. "Cotno
on. boys an' girls,"
Whnt a wonderful sight wns the
Christmas tree tho first wu hud hnd
In our house n fine sprendlng bnlsnm
loaded with presents I Undo Illrnin
Jumped l"lo tho ulr snd rlnppcd his
feet together nnd shouted "Hold me.
somebody, or I'll grab tho hull tree
n n run nwny with It."
Undo Jnhes held ono foot In both
hands beforo him nnd Joyfully hopped
nround tho tree
These relatives had brought their
family gifts, somo days hefore, to be
hung on Its branches. Tho thing Hint
caught my cyo was a big stiver watch
hanging by a long golden chain to one
of the boughs. Undo Penbody took It
down and held It aloft by tho chain,
so that nono should miss tho sight lay
ing t
"From Snntn Clous for Bart I"
A murmur of admiration rnn through
tbo company which gathered around
mo as I held the treasure In my trem
bling nanus.
"This Is for Bnrt, too," Undo Pen-
body shouted as ho took down a bolt
of soft bluo cloth and laid It In my
arms, "Now there's somethln' that's
Jest about ns slick as a kitten's ear,
feel of It, It's for a suit o' clothes.
Come all the way from Burlington.
Now get-np there. You've got your
I moved out of the way In a hurri
es no of merriment It was his one
great day ot prldo aad vanity. lie did
not try to conceal them.
Tho other presents floated for a mo
ment In this Irresistible tide ot lauga-
tag goou will awl fouod their owners.
I have never forgotten how Uncle Ja
kes chased Aunt Minerva around the
houso with a wooden sniko cunningly
carved and colored. I observed there
were many things on tho tree which
had not been taken down when wo
younger ones gathered up our wealth
and repaired to Aunt Deal's room to
feast our eyes upon It and compare
our good fortune,
The women and l-o big girls rolled
up their sleeves and went to work with
Aunt Deal preparing tho dinner. Tbo
Stent turkey and tho chicken plo wcro
utnde rendy nnd put In the oven and
tho potatoes and the onions and tho
winter squash wcro soon boiling In
their pots on tho stovctop. Mean
whllo tbo children were playing In my
aunt's bedroom and Uncle lilram and
Undo Jabcx wcro pulling sticks in a
corner whllo tbo other men sat tipped
against tho wall watching and making
playful comments all savo air Undo
Peabody, who was trying to touch his
head, to tho floor and then straighten
up w'lth tho old of tho broomstick.
In tho midst ot It Aunt Decl opened
the front door and old Koto, tho Silent
Woman, entered. To my surprise, sho
wore a decent-looking dress ot gray
homespun cloth and a whlto cloud
looped over her bead and cars and tied
around her nock nnd a good pair ot
"Merry Chrls'mas I" wo all shouted.
Sho smiled and nodded her head and
sat down In tho chair which Undo Pea
body had placed for her at tlio stovo
stdo. Aunt Dcel took tho cloud off
her bend while Knto drow her mittens
newly knitted of tho best yarn. Then
my aunt brought somo stockings and a
shuwl from the tree and laid them on
tho lap ot old Kate. What a silence
tell upon us as wo saw tenrs coursing
down tho cheeks of this lonely old
woMhn of tho countryside tears of
Joy, doubtless, for Clod knows how long
It had been since tho poor, nbandoned
soul had seen a merry Christmas and
shared Its kindness. I did not fall to
obscrvo how clean her faco and hands
looked) Sho wns greatly changed.
Sho took ray band as I went to her
side and tenderly caressed It A gcu
tier smtlo came to hor faco thnn ever
I had seen upon It. Tho old stern look
returned for u moment as sho held ono
linger aloft In a gesturo which only I
nnd my Aunt Dcel understood. Wo
know it signalized n peril and a mys
tcry. That I should hnvo to meet It
semewhero up tho hidden pathway, I
had no doubt whatever.
"Dlnnor's rendy I" exclaimed tho
cheerful voice of Aunt Decl.
Then what a stirring of ehnlrs and
feet as we sat down nt tho tnble. Old
"From 8snta Clsus for Osrtl"
Kate sat by tho eldo of my mint and
w wero all surprised at her good mutt
rers. Wo Jested and laughed and drank
cider nnd rovlewcd tho year's history
nnd uto as only thoy may cnt who havo
big bones and muscles nnd tho vitality
ot oxen. I never tnste tho flavor of
sngo nnd currant Jelly or hear a hearty
laugh without thinking ot thoso holi
day dinners In tho old log houso on
That Christmas brought mo nothing
better than thoso words, tho memory
of which Is ono of tho tnlloit towers In
tlmt long nvenuo of my pust down
which I hnvo been looking theso many
days. About all you can do for a boy.
north whllo. Is to give him aoiuethlug
good to rcmomber.
Tho dny hnd turned dark. Tho tem
piraturo nnd risen nnd tho air was
dnnk nnd chilly. The men began to
Hitch up their horses.
So, ono by one, the slelghloads left
us with cheery good-bys nnd a grind
ing of runners and a Jingling of bells.
When the last had gone Undo Pea
body nnd I went Into tho house. Amt
Deel snt by tbo stove, old Knto by tho
window looking out at the fulling dusk.
now still tbo houso seemed I
"There's ono thing I forgot" I said
as I proudly took out of my wallet the
six one-dollar bills which I hnd earned
by working Saturdays and banded
three of them to my aunt and three to
my uncle, saying
"That Is my Christmas present to
you. i earned It myself."
I remember so well their astonish
ment and the trembling of their hands
ana the look of their faces.
"it's grand ayes " Aunt Deel said
In a low tone.
Sho roso In a moment and beckoned
to me and my uncle. Wo followed her
through the open door to the other
"I'll tell ye what rd do," she whis
pered. "Vi give 'ma to V Kate-
ayes I She's goln' to stay with us tMI
"Good Idee I" sftld Uncle Peabody.
So I took the money out of their
hand and went la and gave It to the
Silent Woman.
"That's your present from me," I
How can I forget how sho held my
arm against her with that loving, fa
miliar, rocking motion ot a woman
who la soothing a baby at ber breast
and kissed my coat slcevo Sho re
leased my arm and, turning to the win
dow, leaned hor head upon Its sill nnd
shook with sobs. Tho dusk hnd thick
ened. As I returned to my sent by the
stovo I could dimly sco her form
against the light of the window. We
sat In silence for n llttl whllo.
Then Undo Peabody roo and got a
candle and lighted It at the hearth.
I held tho lantern whllo Undo Pea
body fed the sheep and the two cows
and milked a slight cbato these win-
let days.
"You and I aro to go off to bed purty
early," ho said ns we wero going back
to tho houso. "Yer Aunt Deel wants
to see Koto alono and git ber to talk
It she can.
"I dunno but shell swing bock Into
this world og'ln," said Undo Peabody
when wo had gono up to our llttlo
room. "I guess all sho needs Is to bo
treated llko a human beln'. Ycr Aunt
Dcel an' I couldn't git over thlnkln' o'
what sho done for you that night In
tho ol' barn. So I took somo o' ycr
aunt's good clothes to her an' a pair
o' boots an' asked her to como to
Chrls'mas. Sho lives In a llttlo room
over tho blacksmith shop down to But
Urflcld's mill. I told her I'd cotue
nftcr her with tho cutter but she shook
ber head, I knew sho'd rathor walk."
Ho wns yawning as be spoko and
soon wo wero both asleep under Uit
The Thing and Other Things.
I returned to Mr. Huckct's houst
Into In tho afternoon ot Now Year's
day. Tho schoolmaster was lying on s
big loungo In a corner ot their front
room with the children nbout him. Thi
dusk was falling.
"Welcome, my laddie buckl" he ex
claimed as I entered. "Wo'ro telllnj
stories o' tho old year an' you're Just
In tlmo for tho last o' them. Sit down.
lud, and Cod give yo patlcncol It'U
soon be over,"
After supper be got out his boxlr.j
gloves and gnvo me n lesson In the art
of self-defense, In which, I was soon
to team, ho was highly accomplished
for we bad a tow rounds togctbci
every day nftcr tbnt Ho keenly cn
Joyed this form ot exercise and I soot
begun to. My cnpaclty for tuklng pun
Ishment without flinching grow npaci
nnd beforo long I got the knack ol
countering nnd that pleased him mori
even thnn my work in school, I bnvi
sometimes thought
"God bless ye, boy!" he exdolmec
ono day after I had landed heavily or
his check, "yo'vo a nlco way o' sncakln
In with ycr right I'vo a notion yt
mar and It useful some day."
X wondered a llttlo wby be shoult
say that and whllo I was wondcrlm
he felled me with a stinging blow oi
my nose.
"An, my lad there's the best thiol
I have seen ye do got up an' comi
back with no mad In yc," he said as hi
gavo mo his hand.
Ono day tho schoolmaster called tht
older boys to tho front scats in hli
room and I among them.
"Now, boys, I'm going to nsk yi
what yo want to do In the world," he
sold. "Don't bo afraid to toll mo what
ye may novcr havo told before und I'll
do whnt I enn to help ye."
For somo months I hnd been study
Ing a book just published, entitled
"Stenographic Sound-Hnnd," nnd had
learned Its nlphnhct nnd practiced tht
use ot It. Tbut evening I took down
tho remnrks of Mr. Uackot In sound-
Tho nendemy chapel was crowded
with tho older boys und girls and tht
tcwnfolk. Tho muster never clipped
his words In school ns ho wns wont to
do when talking familiarly with the
"Slnco the leaves fell our llttlo vl!
logo hns occupied tho center ot thi
stage before nn audlenco of mlltloni
In tho gront theater of congress. Out
leading citizen II chief actor hai
been crowned with Immortal fame. Wf
who wntched tho play wore thrilled by
tho query: Will Undo Sam yield to
temptation or cling to honor) lie lias
chosen tho latter course and we may
sun near tno applause in distant gat
lories beyond the sea. Ho has decided
that tbo public rovenues must be paid
in notion money.
"My friend and classmate, George
Bancroft, the historian, has written
this letter to me out ot a full heart.
Poor Widow Qlves Mite.
They were only four sacks, washed
and pieced together by patient fingers
and then fashioned Into undergar
ments. Arouad tho neck ot each was
a crocheted edgo mado from the
string with which tho sacks had been
sewed. A poorly dressed woman
brought them Into the department of
refugo clothing ot the Bed Cross as
her "widow's mite."
"It Isn't much," she said, as she un
did the bundle, "but it la all I had, and
I hope It will be of use to oom- Oil
glan woman who may havo less than
I have."
Dunnsr und Blltitn.
Editor Charles Hanson Towns ot
New York looked up from a newspaper
account ot tho magnificent American
victories on the Marne.
"Wonderful!" sold Mr. Townc, and
his eyes shone. "Our troops are light
nlng trained, and they do thunderlns
eature That Is Now Insisted On
by Leading Parisian
Startllnc Novelties, It Is Sure, Will
Figure In the downs for Autumn,
but Long-Wlted Bodice
Will Be mtslned.
Tho most striking feature of tho
autumn suits and gowns Is tho In
crenslng fullness nt tho top ot tho
skirts. Thu wnys In which tho great
French dressmakers ncbleve this full
ness nro Interesting. Ono point
on which '.nost of them ngrea Is tlmt
thn fullness must bo mnsscjl across
the hips, leaving both front and tmck
perfectly flat
Bulloz, however, hns ilepnrted from
this by Introducing fullness ncrnss tlio
front of his new skirls, thereby differ
ing from tlio other designers. Ho
makes ono skirt with u full front
pnnel gathered ncross tho tup. A llt
tlo nbovo tho kneo this pnnel hns Its
fullncRS Joined to n sbnped (lomieo
cut so that tho greatest fullness of
tho flnunco Is nt tho edge wbcro It
Joins tho panel.
An Instance In which Bulloz, like
tho other designers, placed the full
ness at tho tides appears In n skirt
which hns wlngllko pockets to glva
the effect of panniers. This Is decid
edly new nnd unusunl on n suit skirt.
Thn Jacket which nccompunles It
flares from the wnlst, giving such full
ness about tho hips tlmt It nppronches
the point of clumsiness. Hut al
though both skirt nnd ront are so very
full nt the hips tho skirt still remnlns
narrow nt tbo hem.
Mine. Jenny does something novel
In tho way ot achieving hip fullness
by mnkmg n skirt of very slim out
line nnd applying to It rolled plaits
which stund out over tho hips. To
mnko them even moro pronounced sho
peds theso rolls, which swing looso
from tho belt and disappear grndunlly
Into tho narrowing fullness of tho
skirt lower down.
Tho chcmlso dress, which hns held
the center of tlio fashion singe for
rn long, wns originally launched by
Jenny. Hhi still mnkrx chcmlso
dresses, which hnvo been her favor
ites for tho Inst thren yours, but sho
does something which fits them to
hold their own nmong thn wider hip
modclB. Now Jenny's chemlsa dresses
have wtdo panels hung nt the sides
nnd turned up In n wny that gives the
effect of a bunching hip linsque. Sho
'ho hreadth ncross tho hips by pine
Ing double frills of silver lace down
he sides of the skirl, bordering a
tnliller panel ; thus creating an entire
ly new silhouette. Tint sntlu hodlco If
fcnugly molded ( tho figure und n sash
of thn sntlu placed about tho wnlsl
disappears beneath tho pnnel nt the
Latest Hip Flsre.
Tho fluted or plaited tunic Is an
other method nt producing tho fnsl
lonnhlo hip llnro now no characteris
tic of tho newest frocks. Taffeta Is
frequently used for tnodls of this
The long-wnlsled hodlco nppenrs In
nlmost nil of these models. A black
tnffeln day gown featuring such a
lodlce nnd tho fluted tunic Is sketch
ed today, Tho hnlf low neck Is round
A brown velvet hit flecked with
smsll loops of henna chenille.
In outtlno nnd embroidered with claret
colored bugle heads. Tho sash, which
Is really a continuation ot tho long
hodkv, hns Its ends fringed with deep
red bugles.
Hveiilng dresses stilt hnvo very lit
tle In the way of bodices. Black ,'intln
skirts topped only by bright col
ored sashes produce somo of tho new
ilnnco frocks, From thn houso of
Brundt In Purls comes such u ilnnco
frock. It Is simply n black satin skirt
nttaclied to n sash. Tho long, slen
der train Is mniln of ribbon. A vivid
lilt ot color Is Introduced by hnvlng
the snsh corsngn nnd train of orchldea
pink satin rllihoii. Thn ribbon used for
tho trnln Is very much nnrrower thnn
that which forms the snsh hodlco. Thu
shoulder straps are of Jet bends. Slip
pers of orchldeo satin with stockings
to match nro worn with this frock.
Autumn huts aro neither lnrge nor
small but at medium size. Tho Chi
nese note Is conspicuous In thorn,
bright Chlnesn silk embroideries being
used to form round crowns which nro
completed by smalt uprotllng brims ot
Hint From Russia,
It Is somo tlmo slnco Ilussln lira
been looked to ns n source ot fash
Ion, hut tlmt designers nro turning
their thought tnwnrd Hint country Is
evinced by n high draped Hussluil tur
bnn formed of gruy felt nnd trimmed at
the front with full sprays of fancy
gray feathers.
Still another hat showing ltlisslnn
Inltuenco hns n small crown with nn
upturned brim curved high In front
Softly druped sntln forms both tho
crown nnd hrlm which nro embroi
dered In heavy threads ot blue silk.
To correspond with tho flaring hip
trills of frocks, many ot which havo
wider edges, nro hell shaped bats hav
ing us their trimming wired rul'.les of
taffeta which cross tho top ot tho
Dress of cresm georgette over flesh
crepe dc chins. Lsee and delicately
tinted ribbons mske this chsrmlng.
also puts bulging pockets on the skirts
ot hor tailored suits and lines these
pockets with satin, arranging them
to look as It they wero turned Insldo
Olds Oors Trimmings.
Bernard's method of adding width
nnd attaining tho full effect In tho
skirts ot tailored suits Is by side gore
trimmings which tnke the form of ruf
fled pocket flnps standing nwny from
tho figure. This Is not nn entirely
new Iden, for these outstnndlng pock
ets have been used on the front of
skirts, but this creator gives them
further elaboration by the ruffled flap.
The coats which accorapnny skirts of
this sort nro three-quarter length and
cut flaring with the fullness falling
over the hips. On these coats aro
placed fringed pocket flaps nnd somo
times dangling button trimming. Alt
ot these things aro applied to further
accentuate tho width nt tho hips.
Paris dressmakers aro jlvr. with
ono another in Introducing startling
novelties that are Just now having
their first showing. A crnzo of the
moment Is the frock from Prcmet
shown at tho extreme right. Jsde
green sntln Is the mntcrinl used for
It and the embroidery Is ot Jade aud
sliver, Prcmet, In this mods), obtains
Coming 8esson's Styles Sufficiently
Advanced to Allow of a Judicious
Selection Now.
Preparation ot tho wardrobo of tho
girl who goes away to school should
bo begun early. Fortunately fail
styles have already bocn sulUclently
settled so that malting up slmpla
dresses, blouses, etc., for school wear
may bo dono along next season style
Smocks now being brought out for
fall emplmslzo tbo strong hold this
garment bus acquired. The Cossack
smock Is nu Interesting model. This
Is cut on straight lines nnd Is some
what longer thnn tho convcntlonnl
smock. Tho Jersey wenves cither In
silk or wool (liber silk Is more fre
quently employed thnn pure silk) nro
popular fabrics, and brilliantly con
trasting silk floss, heavy wool or
chenlllo Is used to embroider the gar
ment Ono ot theso smocks will bo found
excellent for sport wenr during tho
Into summer or early fall days. Tho
young college or high-school girl will
find such a garment matched with a
plain wool fabric skirt very useful.
Fancy Handkerchiefs.
Your handkerchief, to bo up-to-date,
may be in a dellcato shado of color,
or If It Is white, tho bonier may be
In checked blue, red, pink or khaki.
Fancy motifs of embroidery continue
to be used In tho comers of nlpiy
handkerchiefs, Instead ot monograms,
' 'J "I
4 . .
, i
n I'

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