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iiZozoNbwspfe mmw -am LEflGUE FULFLS
Oldest nd Leidlnit NwipPr I" Clf
tuhlion in Lincoln Counlr. Ntw Mtlro
Subscription, In Jne. $2.00 pr Vm
All.M'.iUl ! '.III. I. ' f.lUM HII W
W IW..111I I Ihm Mellw Ikr I'mli.ttl.
lUJunl". Nw Mmlm. Ju i. tt.
Editor Mi PiMulit
iKIDAY. OCT. Id. 1010
The League Of Nations
Wo ilOTiro lo pruseml just one
parfl(rrflili from tlif speech nf
Senator Jonot of Ntw Mexico,
tlallvorctl in tlioSounlu Inst tomitli
on the l.ouyue nf N'ttllmis. In
lining o, however, It Im'chiiii".
nceeaaary to rprtiliice some tnrn
(rrnplis he tpiotstl that were pro
iluctive of the thought expressed
in the paragraph we quote from
Sunntor Jones io which ho ?
p rouse in a very neat innniirr
the controlling spirit of much ol
tile opposition to the League
Wo quote:
"'fhu Sautitor from MiiBsaeliu-
sttts, the lender of the Koptihlntii
Party, ti few tlnys ago in Ii it-
phitlipieiletinunciug thecorcuaitt
of the loitgitc of uatioua wns hold
to say
(Irnvlr l'llUn.l waaa llMiwcut jtwl 'llmi
diiln lltitHMittH n ItMmlillnti, Imt tint pii
t.ib Aim rlMiii, itml It 1. lb AiuiricHii ipirlt
wlileti liiirit Hit. emiiilry nluittiitiMletiiti.
himI ttlitrtitliaulU irornin u Iii-iIh), muI nut llu'
IlilMMtlniint ipllll wlilrli untild In tlm nalnsnf
iifitriirHl tin I'ullwt Htntiw ur ImhiuiI litibil
rfMt Ui nlMr tlm nut hi ullier Hiwrri.
Again, he sniil:
I liHtf nirf IiimI but iiiii itllitliiiiri I 0411 mil
It now, I Intra IntMil hutuiii Dili. himI
Mil 1 Kit ibiwth.il iliitntlnu Kin I giti 1llncll1.11 ti
llMMMWitrel liminer liiwiilml fur On Uiiti
lu a recent address at Santa Ke
Hon. I.uointrtl Wood declared:
'ltia armlM nf Am I 1 an tivver irohm In hid
war wltlilt Omi M,irmnl nf tint Ann rlwm imi
ami liMrr mult, lli lunutlatiwf miy fi.liii
batloufir urU, uf iiatluna.
Many other qiiotatiouit of like
import might, he presented. 1
shall not characterixe such tit
tartincos, and am content that the
American pncplt: shtill itrUumiiic
whether or not there is in this
covenant any foundation which
juat i ties ttuch uiirr inres. I have
Ih'cii tniwlliiuij In Ii. hi'vi. that
any Senator wmihl iU iibvratrlv
mislead public thoiighl, I hac
emloavored by such mental effort
to tliicover the processes which
could lend to ttuch ileclamatintis.
One query to which i make 110
answer continually arises, N
there Mas or pnijudice iiticniKintis
or otherwise? To sumo natures
the failure to seem, for a con
stituent a desired Federal ap
pointment would aroiiHi' surh
pemutial hostility toward the Pre
sident that would he itupiisHitile
to look with favor upon any pro
posal eturtuatiug Ironi the t'hul
Kxeculivu, and any pence tint. 11-
insiil proposed by him wo' hi
provoke instant and withering
scorn. It may he that others
convinced of their itucqiinlcd
fitness to negotiate a peace treaty
were tumnie to iieiieve that any
treaty of merit was possible unless
they had hail some participation
in its construction. In such cases
failure to receive an invitation
to join in the peace negotiations
might in advance have so a If n ted
the intellectual integrity as to
preclude the probability ol sym
pathetic consideration. It mav
be that others keenly sensed (bi
partisan thought that the con. in
siou of a treaty contributing to
the future pence ol the world fol
lowing a victorious w.ir would
give to the President's purl? an
assured nilratttnge in approaching
political contests. Should the
greatest luiilertakinu. ol this or
any other age end in an it no
minims fuiluie it may be there
are other with presidential vi
sions now dark who would be able
to catch some Hashes of meteor if
Henatoi Johnson says he ad
dressed the biggest audiences la
has ever seen since Theodore
Roosevelt hkUc in MadiMiii square
Garden several years ago The
Senator could have seen still big
ger audiences in his own state
several dnys ago hut they were
listening to President Wilson.
The local Post of the American
Legion announces the following
contribution! lo its Mbrnry:
KNK.tfTS nf Cot.VMRt'H, N. Y
The I'atholic Uncycloptdin. I.
John Y. fhiwJT. While Oaks.
Hawthorne I'ive volumes ami
Century Dictionary.
I'hnckery - lileven volumes.
Uickeus Martin Chussiewitl,
Sketches, by Ilos. Oliver Twist,
llaruaty Rudgr, Uiicomitlorcinl
Traveler, David Cdpperfield,
Nlcknlns Nickleby.
Muck Twain - I.ife oil the Missis
sippi, Rotighint! It. Huckleber
ry. I'lim Tramp Abroad.
Charles Lever Knight of (itiliin. uutlun. In u lulk with tlm New York
Daventiorl Dunn. Jack initinn Hiiies correspondent In l'url. lti
n.... i.,.- m... 11. .i,.. I'ood Adiiillilntrulliin Chief HBserts Unit
Harry Lorreipier. I 01.1 llnrke ,mv1( Cliu,e) , Uwv le ,0
of Ours, Charles O'Mally. , y Ainerlen entumt ubitiiilun It. W'u
U'nltnr Sent Wnuprlv Novels- eflliliot Withdraw, lie mils. fl.U Imivn
Herbert Hoover Says Democra
cies Replaced Autocracies
at Our Bidding.
Urges lUllflentlon on around Tint
Htici Tnaty Will ColUpto
Without Lesgua of
Herbert Hoover Is so deeply con
' cerned oter tliu opponltloii to tlia
. I-asuo uf NutloiiH In tho Unltod
. Kittles Hint lie Iihm let himself bo In-
I tervlutvttd ut I c-1 1 u 1 1 1 tin tliu LeitKiiu Hit
tlqu.iry nud Old Mortality.
Oihbous- Tliu Decline nod Kail
of the k'oiumi UlUpile
I'rotliiction PIkui'cs
Por iyi9
It... 1.. Stfl'.. .1 1.!.. 1 1...
ut .....1.. 11... 1 titiiii.. ., liiinn'v v uiuub, iu uuuiiuuu iiiu
Waverly. thty Matmerlng. All- . coeimnt now tnettn. that tl.o
.1 t ai.i ti-.i.iii.. 1 ?
ttcnty itsuir win eoiinpn."
Mr. iluover'n wide aciUiilntiiiieti
Hltli euntlltluns butb here ulid iililuuil,
bis tupiilutlon us un udniliilnti'ittur, a
1 tut ri uf urrut iiffttlrs who ileitis with
facts, nut tlieorleH, iiiuUh Ids slate
iiieut oiiu uf tho must linporliiiit con
tributions tu till) recent Leitguo dlscus
hluns, "Thoru nro unu ur two poluts'lu con
nection with tho present trvuty," suld
Mr, llouvef, "tlttit lived curcful eunsld-
eiulloii liy tbu American public. W11
need tu dliteat tliu fuvt that wo Itttvo
fur 11 t'eiUun- mid u hulf been udvo-
entlus democracy not only im 11
innetly fur Hi" luternul Ills of nil so
ciety, hut ulxo cs tho only real itnfu-
Ktinrit iiKiilnst war. Wn lutvo liollevi.nl
nud pruebiluieil, In sensun und tint,
Unit 11 world In which there was u
free chiiuhnIoii ulid t'lifurcuuieut uf
tho will of tliu majority wun tho tent
lnuls of Kuveruiueiit, u esHeullul fur
tbu uihiincemi.iit of clvllUullou. uinl
that wo Imvu pioveil lis enoniioUH hit
mini lieiiiiflts lu our ciiuutry.
American Ideas Have Prevailed,
"We went Into tliu war to destroy
uutueiitey us it uieiiticu tu our own unit
nil oilier ilemocruclcH. If wu had nut
eoiuu Into tho war every Inch ut l.'uro-
peult dull tuduy would bu under until
crntle uuverninent. Wo have Itnpusiil
ntir will un tho world. Out of this
victory hits coiue tbu destruction uf
tliu fotli creut iiiitueriieleH III Ovr.
miiuy, Itusslu, Turkey und Auitrlit and
thu little itutucruey In Oreeeu. Now
democracies Intve NpniiiK lulu helnx In
I'olund, riuliiuil. I.ettlu, I.lljiiittiilii
Ksthiililu, Ur.echiislutul.hi, (Ii tmler
Hcrblti, llrcece, Sllieilit, ittiil uven tier
mull) und Aiutrlu Imvu oHtahllshvit
detnoirstle emc luuicut. lleyontl
theso u liott uf muiill reptihlies. Htieli
Wnshliiglon, Oct. 8. Crop pro
iluctioii this ve:ir, based on Octo
ber I, indications, wasnuiiQiinccd
by the department of agriculture
today as follows:
Spring wheat, 203.170)001 all
wheat, 018,i71,ui)0; com. 2,0000,
M 1,000! oaks. 1.210,521,000; bar
ley. I'JH,20H,(00; buckwheat. t7.
. out); while pi tatoes. 3.SII.07U,
UOO; sweet potatoes. )') 1.1,UU0;
llux, IO,tiS2,0(MI; rice. 44.261,000;
t ibbacco, 1.27S,Oii2 000; pounds;
peaches, At, 327, OOU; apples, (to
tal crop) 156,721.000 bushels ap
ples, (commercial) 23,177,000
barrels: sugar beets, 7,303,000
tons: knlTIrs, 127,053,000 bushels;
beans, 12,6'J0,U00,
Condition of the crop October I
Com, 81. :t per cent of ,1 normal;
buckwheat, 8S.1; white potatoes.
07.0; swe I potatoes, 83 0; llax,
rice, 01. 3; toharto 76; stuar
btet, 70.1; Kallits, Ko.3.
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Soroon Doors
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Barbed wire
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Rooms For Kent Clean, neat-,
ly furnished rooms in the Lucas
HiiilditiK'. 4-4 tf
Tho Records Show
Thai a 'real majority or (lie TITLES TO LANDS
AN AUSTHACr titft.de by us will poirtl out THE DEFECTS
American Title & Trust Company
1 have lb line head of cattle for
sale anil 2 head of horses, ami my
ranch is lor rent, for Itiloruiit
tioti write ami call on Minnie K.
Hall, White Mountain, N. M.
FOR SALE. Lots 10 and 11 in
block I, opposite courthouse, Car-
rizoio. tvaiii io st'ii iiit'iu mil
will not (jive them awav. Ad
dress F. I. Nipp. Koule l. llox 122 I
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I'ias. I r,.iiM
IHHItN i MllliU.'l
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Cap i tan,
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Charging Station
llesdorstllle, Kr. Mrs. Cjmthls
Hlcglnbothcis, ot this town, saya: "At
mjr ace, which Is CE, tho Itrsr does
uat not so well as when youns. A (ew
yoari Bo, my stomach was all out ot
tlx. I was constipated, my liver
didn't set. My dlguxtlon was bad, and
tt took no llttto to upset me. Mr np
petito was Bono. I was Tory weak...
I decided I would clra EUck
Draught a tuorouch trial as I knew it
was highly recommended tor this
trouble. 1 began tak'.ns It I telt
better attar a few doses. My nppotlto
Improved and I became stronger. My
bowels acted naturally and the least
trouble was soon rlgbtod with a few
doses of BUck-DrauchL"
Boronty years ot sttccMSful u fist
made Thedford's Dlack-Draugbt si
standard, household remedy. Brerx
uciabor, of orory family, at tlmcs
need tbo help that Black-Draught caa
glvo In cleansing tho system and ro
llevlng tho troubles that como from
constipation, Indlgostlon, laiy tlrer,
otc You cannot keep well unless your
stomach, liver and bowels are la good
working order. Keep them that way,
Try Dlack-Draugbt. It nets promptly,,
gently and In a natural way. If yt,at
feel elugglsn, take n doso tonight.
Tou will feel fresh tomorrow, 1'rlcsi
SEo. a package One cent a doie
All druggists. 3. H
Car Galvanized
a nil Painted Steel
ioonng co, capitan
THR D li T A N I)
for buildings of every kind was
novor g-roater than it is today.
Ovpr-erowded houses is the Gon
dii ion in all parts of the state.
Goiulllitms nru as noriunl now as they
will bit for a long time. Let's net busy
with the construction that the war has
LUJILl) NOW the houses the wnr stop
ped and make CARRIZOZO a better
place to live in.
Prosperity comes only from Industry
and prosperous thinking.
Yours for Business,
Fox wort hGalbraith
cAnnizozo Lumber CO. new mex.
The Personal Attention RKNUHRlil) by the
olllcers ot Hut. bank
to the individual requirements of each customer is the
fotnidalion of the ellicient service which we render to
our depositors. Unquestioned safety and judicious con
servatism cliarttcteri.'!: our methods.
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"UiiIikii IIii-ho countries have n grU.
Ing hiiinl unit refeiuu In their iusrreli,
a court of uppvals for tln-lr wroiiss,
ililM ICuropu will go hark to chaos.
it tin-to Is such nit Institution, run-
ri-viitliig the public opinion nf ilia
world, ii i ui "bio to exert Its authority,
tlivy will grow Into stability. V csu.
not turn buck now.
"Tliuru Is unotltur point wlilili situ
npt'ilii t'lutiliuHlH. World truitllcs Utli-
vtto liuvu ulwitjn litcii bttSftt ou tin
theory of a buliilit'O of uowrr. Sti'tMis
or ruri'S Imvu been sut ui to domlitsts
tbo ftpukur, imrtly with u vii-w t
iiiiilmulnliiK Hliiblllty and to it crsstcr
ileureo wllli it view to iiiHlntHlulns cc
cutmtlons ami uosltluits for tliu tit.
iii'tlonnrk'S of tbo world.
Thu outlines of ioor Is born or
urtnlos und navlei), arlntocrsele
uutocrni'lfn, und rvtictlonnrli's ctrDersh
ly, who can find euiilo)ruent and
domination In theso Imtltutlons, slid
UcuIIm founilud on this bails liav
ustulillNlied stublllty after each great
war for it shorter or longer tlmo, but
nover nioru tliutt s genoratlou.
"America cuino foreurd with s new
Itlru, mid we lnalntd upon Its lnjc
tloii Into this ifucH coktirencd. W
cluluii-d thut It wus pomilbls to setf
up such ii (decs ot machinery with
urli ntitliorlty that thu bslanco of
(Hinur could bo HbnitdonuJ as a rellu
or I lu middle uges. Wu compfllnd sit
t'liilm coiiilructloti ot I lit Irmly uud
evtiry uoid slid lino lu It to beud to
tliU Idvu.
"Uutslde ot the Iaguo ot Nstlous
thu treaty Ituelf lias many deficiencies.
It ii')i'cfiiln coiutirouities betwemt
niHiiy men und between many velrUh
lnliiroslN, and tht-so very comiiroinUes
unit d(lclencles tiro multiplied by tiio
tunny now nutloiis thut hsre nteretl
iition Mi elgiisturr, and the Tery safety
ot tho trculy Itself lies In s court of
appeal for the remedy ot wrougi iu
tho ttwty. j,.

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