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Hvnopela-Htnre y Wnllen, flrat
timln of Ilia tmrk Uolo, In the
Javil ilea, li tlig tola aurvlvnr o(
lh crew, nil victim at yellow
(ever. Ting Wall, Chlneee Bailor,
Isat mnn la die, tIln Wnllen In
an.l flva other Chinamen were MM
aboard by "llrlnk-ltouea Rum," no.
torloiiN lharnrter of BlnsiilKire, to
kill til in. Tills recall to Wnllen an
Incident of tila childhood which
seams connected with tho confee
akin. While delirious, Wallen en
ler In Inn ehln'a Ins tha (act of
lila dentil nnd almndona (lie eael
In n entill twitl. Wullen's boat
drift! n the laliitid at Arm and a
Hco".lli Irnder there, MncKiihriit,
carra fur him. lA-urnlng that it ahlp
la In port on the other alda of the
Island, twenty mllea away, Wnllen,
Ihoiiuh until for tha taalc, atnrta
to runrh It, hut fntla exhausted on
thn (rail. There he la found by n
mnn nmt woman who nre from the
ahlp ho wna trying tn rwirh. Mott.
drat male, nnd Helen MncKny, n
haftsenR-fr. They convev him to tha
vassal. The ahlp proves to bu n
mull tramp steamer, tho Mnnlelgh,
pi, Utynton,
linrk'n loss tinlll I nut In hero vesler-
tiny nnd heard I hero wna n survivor
from her tin the other sldo of tho
lalnnil lint I knew nliout yuu fust
He pnuscd, allot n swift, restless
glance nt Wnllen, then begun tn pace,
Hirer, steps one way, threo steps tliu
(illier, up ntnl tlnwn thu nnrrow cnliln.
"I) n It, tnnnl" ho said abruptly.
"I'vo Kt hnd news for you. Ynnr
father's tlcmll"
For n inotncnt Wnllen neither
moved nor spoke. It wns dllllcillt to
grasp the full slglilflcnricu of the
words. Ilia fnttier deoill
What did lid thln-faccd mnn, with
thn Utile black eyes that nlwnys re
fused to meet one's own, who wns
trumping nervously now up nr.il down
it llttlo rnlilli on n maty trnmp
steamer here In tho .Invn sen, nt the
other end of the world, know of IiIh
father, who never left tho four wnlla
of that lonely gray slnnu houso In Oil
Ifornlnt "What do you know nhotit my fit
I titer!" he found himself speaking In
n quiet voice.
Cttptnln I.aynlon Mopped Impul
sively In front of Ids tnhlu, pulled the
And now thn wore wns n very heavy
nno to pay his father's life I Well
hid eyes narrowed ho would pny Itt
"Did ray father brine n nntlvo serv
nnt with hint n mnn nnmcd OungaJ"
he nuked dlspnsslonntcly.
"No," the other replied. "IIo wn
Wnllen nodded. "Wlint clso U titer
to tell met'
"Not much hut whnt you cnu
guess," I.nynlnti snld, "I run down
through tho Makassar strait nnd made
for tho nenreat port on Hint list l'ohl
here. Your fnther hnd in Id mo for
thn three month", nnd If I any It tny
self, when I mnke n bargain I allele
to It. If I could find you Itisldo tho
three month I wna going to do It.
"I don't know whnt your fnther was
no anxious about, thongs I under
stood, of courtn, thnt he chartered mo
because out here, with you touching
nt those trailing stntlons, he eouldn't
. l. .... I... ... 1 1 1.1 . U.. . V
renin jrou u, i r iiu.io, uui ,ntb. l,.. t,,.l .l.ir.. Hie
tnnde sure It was something- mighty ..,,.,. . . ,,
Important and I thought you'd know 1"'-.i IhV .i J
alMHPMMSMaaMlaBTV--: a5aaaHaTBiBaMBESaie
I 1 1 in n Hi i WM
"Big Berthas" Are Missing With Their Secrets
WASHINGTON. There nro nt least two first-class mysteries of the great
wur. One It the fate of the U. H, collier Cyclops nnd the othor It!
Whnt became of tho (lermnn "Illg llerlhns" which shelled l'nrls from a dls
tance of npproxtinntely 70 miles?
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use it to KILL COLDS
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am I am
houti rtlltvit trla la 1 dura.
Moner aaca 11 11 lain, ina
gtnuina poa ni a kiq
lap wiin atr. iiu.
At AUDrmw Jlef.e
CHAPTER III Continued,
It wns n little strnnge. Rhlps lllto ! drnwer onen. took out it sheet of nn
the Munlelgh weren't In tho habit of per nnd bunded It to Wiillen.
ludiilglug In experiHlvu luxuries of "You'll get tho drlrt of this your-
Hint description I UN brows gitthercd self, I giiesM," he ventured,
for n moment; nnd then, with n shrill? . Wnllen stiired nt the pnper. nt first
whnt It wns."
It wns almost an Interrogation, put
mystery to the allies ns alio wns nn
November 11. Kngllsh, Atnrrlrnn,
. ,r. ; rrhTVir n'1'1 elllln mtelUgenco hnvo not tin
naturally, nonchalantly enough-save -nhtenini tnfnrmntton
for n trace or engerness in tne man
tones that was not entirely disguised,
I haven't tho slightest Idcn," sala
Wnllen smoothly,
"You hnvcn'tl" Lnynton's eyes for
onco Ilxed stendfnstly, "Well, that's
luecrl A mnn don't go to the cx-
enrttied any enlightening Infnrmntlon,
It seems that several cannon, weigh
ing hundreds of tons enclt nnd of
great length, hnvo dlsnppcnred.
One answer Is thnt Dlgllcrthn and
all her long-nosed sisters no longer
xlst. If this Is so, the world has
Often Caused by
Tn, tndad, mnr eftta thin you Iklnk.
lUetUM ACID'HTOMACII. itrtinc with In.
t1tirtlon( heartburn, tulehtnf, tonf1rpkt
tnf, bloat and If not rhtchttl, will vn
tuilty arret mvpty vital orfan of th bodr.
ftvr, blind tn, plllllnr hadaehi ar.
thtrtforf, of frtiufnt occurrae at a rmtt
of thlo upit condition.
Tako K ATONIC It quickly bandhta acll
atnmarh with Ita anur bloat, pain and
It alda dlallon holoa lha itemaen
full atrvngth from vry mouthful of food
you oat Million of pcoplo ar mlarablo.
woak, iltk and alllnv barauao of ACID
ftTUlIACIl. l'oliona. eraatad br Barllr dl-
Kaatad food charsrd with acid, ar abaorbad
ft. .snt ..1 ..O H JMU.. iH I.a nall.anjtiA.I l. ItlJk flnvmnltl Itl lllA tlT f
penae of chnrterlng n ship like this , ( . nntwlllll.lnm,nir. Tho destruction of Iheso remarkable
witnout n pretty goon reason, nna ,.. ,, ,,,,, ,.., .,.,, nl,i,i !,,, ,i,nl ii nt tho hr.mla of the into the Moot ina .unribuied ihmu.hout
I llnrn sny my father knew," SUg- T,,"" V" " ... .......... ... 'i. .'....i.... ,.. u . , i, the. nllra aratem Tn.U etl.n e.u... rheu-
, . .tr i, rrl.i.v. I.pl1rlwl llll, l"r Ullili'l inn iii'iii; ii n-uii- nuu in iijii.ivu luui .... khii. niaiiam, ninnuinvfli, cirrnoiie or in. livnr,
gesteu Million quietly, men nriSKiy. ,,i , ,,i.,l rrl, ,l,,ulr..lln nt It.,, , I, nrea..rvn thn Inventlnn heart trouble, ulcere nj even cancer nt
- "" n "- . Ihe alemach, It robe lie vlrtlme or their
lor licrmnn 1V only ot coiirne wouiu no It lireacil or iniiu, mil li nil nuuuu nunn, un,iernuiiea me eireniin or me
does liny worrying nbout thnt fact It prolmbly won't bn Oermnny,
About these uncanny wenpons the allies do know Hint each was nttendeil
by a large clew of picked men from the navy. They know thnt Hlg llerlhn
virtually has a heft of n Hypothetical ;u-incli naval gun, nut Hint the bore Is
only H.4 Instead of SO. They Httpi-ct that behind this (VI projectile the
Hermans pliicxd n powder charge which would throw n liu-lncli projectile a
'tusonnhlu iIIkIiipcp. Hut Just How thn lireecli was constructed to stand tho
terrific pressure of the explosion, and of what stuff the barrel wan mnde, nnd
how they still must learn from the nermann.
"The question now Is; Whnt aro you
going to do, catitnlnV
"Whyl" said Cnptnln I.nynton, "1
thought I'd tnnilo thnt plnln enough.
When I mnke n contract I keep It. It's
of his NhoulderH, he walked forward
tn the cnptnln'H cabin under tho
bridge nnd knocked,
"Come In I" bawled ii voice grullly.
Wallen entered to face the llttlo
man with tho thin face nnd queer
cjes bo promptly modified "queer"
by "evasive" now that hu recognized
ns the cuptnlti,
"flollnl" exclaimed the captain In
suddenly nltercd tones. "If It ain't
Mr. Wnllen I And on your pins al
ready! Well, I'll be 1 Hut fit
llowul Sit down I" lie waved Wnllen
to n seat on the locker and pushed
forward tha bottle and glass that wero
on the table. ".Sit down, Mr. Wnllen,
nnd help yourself 1"
Wallen shook his head us ho seated
"Thanks Just the same," ho said;
"hut I'm still sticking to quinine."
"Quinine, oh!" repeated tho oilier,
"Yes, of course I Yes right you urol
Well" Iio poured a glass for him
iielt "horo'H to you, and Just ns V arty
If I drink nlone. And I'll nd.l, Mr.
Wallen, thnt It's to thu rummest
meeting that over I've known In my
life I"
Wnllen watched the man's nent dis
posal of four lingers, lentied hark on
Hid locker, swept bin eyes iiroiitid tho
"Captain tayntcn Mark Laynton."
rnblii, nnd, suddenly looking up nt the
rapt nl n again. Intercepted a furtlvo
glance that the other wns steullng nt
lilni iiver the rim of his glass.
"T'iist ever I'vo known," said tha cap
join hastily ns his eyes dropped,
'Tltiiro'll be ti lot to say to each other,
Mr.. Wnllen."
"Yes," Wnllen ngrecd. "I'll roufeM
I'm pucsled on several points, Cnt-jalii-rljiyntoii,
Isn't Itt I'm not stiro
I enuglit tho name correctly when
SllSjMitclCal' Introduced us.
TFhnt' right." said tho ether.
"Laynton. Captain Laynton Mark
"Weil, Cnptnln Ijtynlotl," snld Wnl
len, "your reference to our meeting
being n rum no only leaves me a
tittlu more up In the nlr. I ran un
derstand, nt course, thut yuu might
have beard of the Upnlo being miss
ing or reported lokti but I can't un
derstand how you knew I was on
her or, knowing that, what Interest
, yoit could have tn me."
'4lOalititn tayntoa laughed. Utt
' SB' a constrained way.
"I dteta't know injtMs; i4M Ik
with curious bewilderment nnd then,
with the sudden llnsh of comprehen
sion, ho was on his feet. It wns u list
of tlie ports of cull scheduled for tho
lll-fiited Upnlii mi her Inst voynge
ports of call that she had never made.
"What does this meanV ho de
manded In u low voice. "How did ynu
come by thlsj"
"Your fnther guvo It to me," the
cnptnln nnswered. "And now, If you'll
Just listen for u minute, I'll give
you thu whole story, nnd you'll seo
for yourself. Tlrst I might as well
tell you, though, that 1 own this ship.
Well, 1 wus In Honolulu light, you
understand when your fnther enmu
nbonrd nno evening nnd offered to
charter mo for n three months' cruise
down here. lie made tho price right,
paid the money down In advance, nnd
I closed with him.
"He gave me thu list of ports, and
snld his son wns on u trading baric
ended tho Upolo, and Hint ho wanted
tn get trnck of lilni as noun us pos
sible, nnd offered an extru bonus for
nil hands If wh tiiuda it quick Job of
It, That's all I know about the rea
son for thu cruise. Well, to cut u long
story short, wo started nway, and
wero down Just south of tho lino when
tho accident happened,
"Your father was nlone down In Ids
cnhln. Wo heard u shot, rushed be.
low, nnd, thinking It strange Hint li"
didn't show up In tho excitement,
called to hint but got no nnswer.
Welt, wu burst In Ids cabin door anil
found him dend across the bunk.
"Yon menu," said Wallen through
tight Hps, "that ho committed su
"No. Walt!" Ciiplaln l.iiynton
shook Ids head, "it wasn't Hint, nod
ktuiws how It happened! The thing
went off Hint's, nil. He cleaning
one of those patent nuiomntlc plstola.
I "There was a bottlo of oil, n elciin
Ing rag. and a wire swnbblng brtih
on the lloor. And" l.njntnii txiured
himself nnother glass from the bottle,
gulped It down, nnd wiped his lips
with tho back ot his linud ''wtil, I'm
iring to glvo It tu you In ti feu
words we burled him nt sen of
Wnllen turned his buck nnd stnred
! nut of one of the forwnrd pnrtholew
ilnwn onto tho illrtv foredcrk. Wt
the mnn lying? Wits he telling the
irulli? That his father had charteied
the Miiiih-lgh mid sailed with h
Hut Hint hli death wns necldcntal
the background of his father's life
tha recent attempt upon his n'vn life!
Ills brain was working In thithes. This
mnn I.nyntim repelled hint.
An nccldent- -never I There wns mi
room for doubt "never go to the
Knst" It wns not an accident hli fa
ther had been murdered on this ship.
And then suddenly he swallowed
tin nl.
It was to save hint Hint Ids fnther
hnd chartered Ihe Monlalgli nnd tumn
I'nst! for, nrcordlng to thnt list of
porta, his father soniiiliow had been
In touch With Ids inurements, some
how had known tho danger ho wns In,
nnd, trying to avert It, had been mur
dered himself.
A cold, merciless passion swept upon
him. ftomeouu on this ship wns the
murderer. Wns It this man hero!
Whnt was at tho bottom ot It all?
It was a long arm of vengeance, Hint
reached to that gray stone houso In
California, that reached to Hlngapore,
toitfcU Mo. to that swclterluc. nlnraic.
atHulfsjs bark Hhere', ' stliinveTy
j etub, ha ilone Uu'TllTvlt "
Plant Census Would Show Over 300,000 Varieties
NOW that Uncle Sam is to take n census it is interesting to know some
thing about the number of plants. The great Hwedlsh naturullst I.ln-
tineus, the fulher of modern scieniinc nomenclature, iiescrinen about lii.tssj
iiiirereni plants, riince ins time scien-
title explorers have gone out to nil
ports of the earth to eontlti.ie Ihe cen
sus of Hie plant world, but to this day
the census Is still so fur from com
plete Hint every year a hundred or
more field men run each bring large
collections of new species to thu great
herbariums ot Kuropu and America,
uays tin- Amerlcili Forestry Mugiulne
ot Washington.
Bo vast has grown the number of
plants discovered nnd described Hint
If Linnaeus could come buck to his beloved Upsala, he would bu lost In tils
own realm, for his modest census of 10,0(1(1 plains hns grown to the bewilder
ing tntnl of l!.H),O0O nnd will very likely puss !IOO,KH) beforu thn lust returns
"Then Are Your t-atners papers." ure in, ir, in met, there will ever be nny Inst returns.
The delicate Ironded ferns nnd their allien, the highest of the Powerless
plants, would be represented by nbout 11,000 species, mostly from tropical
regions; und tho tluy mosses, tho humble pigmies among leaf-bearing plants,
would add IU.000 species to tho list.
The remarkable plnnts known us nlgne, which flout as threads of green
scum, or live us little green bulls tn water or moist places, or grow In the sen
Ukii the glunt kelp, swell tho census by nt least 13,000.
The list would closo with about 0.1,000 of that wonderfully dlversu class
if vegetable forms known us fungi.
molt vleeroui.
ir you went la l bees your pnyiicti
an4 mental etrensth be full ot vim ant
vicar -tijiy life an.t be hatipr. you mutt
set rl.l of your aeltl.etomaeh.
in nATrj.Nic you win nn,i tne very neip
ou nee.1 anil It's Kurnlet, So set a Ma
te boa from your drucslit today If It
telle to pleaee you, return It and he will
refund your money
'Hut we (.Imply mind have u conk!"
milled .Mrs. Neulyued tearfully. "I'vo
never Ihrd In u houe without one."
"Well. If It's ns hnd ns Hint, ilium,
I'll come." replied the hesliutliig can
illdiile. "I don't itilnd staying no I0113
us I don't have to do any of I ho cook-Ing."
up to you, Mr. Wnllen. There's still
say, a matter nt two months beford
thnt charter expires, nnd tho lion
Iclgh's yours until It docs In your
father's place. That's square, Isn't Itl
Wallen hesitated thoughtfully.
On the fneo of It It was both squnra
and honorable, Ho began tn wonder
If be had mlsjudgrd tho mnn.
And yet, Instinctively, tu spite ot
thai, (hero seemed something specious
even In the honesty thut appeared to
underlie the other's motives. He had
reason enough to distrust every soul
nn hoard 11 ship where he was morally
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lnir. maturity Hour lender of the house. "I desire to cull attention to clogged tip nostrils ami tho nlr pass-
ertnlil Ids father had been murdered I Hie fact that there nro now In tho gallery looking down 011 this tissemlily of ages of the hendi slops nose running;
'Americans All" Win Applause From Congressmen
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Hint soiueoiie else never Mild ally alien'
11 tiling. I'lnilniuitl Ihupilrcr.
The Real Difficulty.
"Ihm't ynu bu 11 l(d of trouble
Two moiillis If he accepted the cap- thn representntlves of the American
lulu's offer. If ho hud only something peoplo some new Americans, tine stai
to work on' wart young gentlemen, who come to
Something! Ye. he hnd something, us from some 14 different countries
I'rlnk-Iloiise Sam of Singapore! beyond the sens Applause. 'lliey
Cniilnln l.iiyninn spoku ngnln: como hero to he of our cltlicnsmp,
Look here I" he wild In almost hurt and they huve gUen evidence nt ineir
tones. "1 can't mnke you any fairer I good Intentions by putting nn Hie unt-
prnposlilon than Hint. Can 1?" fnrm, mid In four mouths these young
.No." said Wnllen Instantly, his men have learned tn read and speak
mind Hindu up. "And I'll neccpt your utigllsh and to drill as finely as thu
offer, captain, and thutik sou henrtlly best soldiers under nny ling. Ap
for It." oliiuse.l ltt'iircnf ntiitlvti TllSOti or
"ttondi" returned t.iiviitnii tiroiiuit. I Connect cut ai ded: "Th detachment of recent army recruits tinner ins
ly. "Well, with that settled, what's direction of Col. Ilernnrd I.entx of the general start of 1110 army mis neen
bnlll.... ....l,..u0 U-,...,. ..,.t aln..... I .....1.l.. rt t.... i.e tlin ...iiintv. in r1,.iiwinetent llmr llin ItrtllV II IS Crentl-ll It
.... .....1 ...... ......i.i,,,. ..! ti. 1 n,.ninlli. i.inlia 'I'lw. ili.tiichmi'tit la noiiiihirlv known hv 111'! I Keeping HOttll 1-Xpl'llseS
..... . .....,i -I,, i nil., no, 1 ,i..Mir,,Mn f Ainerleniia All.' I.'our inont is nun they Noi wi nilicli ns I hint' keeping up
"Then by nil inenns get nwny at could not write or read Hie Kngllsh language. Anyone who witnessed too unu
once!" ho laiiglicd ouslly. "And" on tho l'lnia ut the east front of the cnpltol this morning nnd understood its "''!
I,.. I.....I.... ...I f I I r..tl .It... ..Ill ......vi.fll,.n ll'lint Intd l.lK.lt 1 (till. IU 111.1111. Hutu., ntiti win roil I
liu iiiTiuiitsi ivi n Bvi huvm Jfuu u I lllll iiifiinii.li "I'l" vn...- ..tn.. ...... ... -. .I,,.,,, In II,,, rlifht
titmit tn tin thine lit this itrent American melting tint or tliu utllteii nintes nrmj 1
ut Cninp Upton, N. Y." Apphiuiio.l Mr. Tllsoti obtained permission to insert """ "" " " 1 "" "
the mimes of the "Americans All" in Hui congrfssiomii iicctini as ioiiows,
l'edrti Antet. Silvester Ilalchtinno. Areiln Attreehlo. Osage Chrlstlunsen
Kusll Kruntl. Odllhtn (losscllu, Walter Hiiikn, Argele Intlll, Henry Jurk. David
Iln hurried tn 11 small Iron safe that Kiiic. John Kolk. Normnn Kcrmnti, Utigeno hrlstlnnsen, I' rank Krlstnpouios,
win biit.t in under Ids hunk, ononod Johannes l.enferltlk, l'ldcl Martin. Attlllo Mnrzl. (Itirt Mlstrloty. Mlclinel
It, nnd returned with n bulky mnnila Myntowych, Kranclsco I'utigl, Joseph llosslgnol, Ichno Senilis, Joo Sliestuk,
envelope, which he hntided to Wnllen. 'Jemgo Strong, iienurix Bvcniiigseti, rnii rtum unu juics iiouiin
"These nro your fathers pupers,1
ho explained. I rolleetod them to-1 . . e-e . r ti 1 aa .1 1 rt .!.,
gether and put them away tor safe, satetv rirst tianroau meuioas jsave many Lives
keeping," I '
"Tliiink you," said Wnllen gravely, ntrmua the first six months of 1010 the number of casualties to nassengers.
,0Sd less than
renin rkslile show.
better shape tip for Singapore, Yes, I
cull It Kliignpiire for n starter.'
' "lllghtl" answered I.nynton. "Slug-
npore It Is ! Hut here Walt 11 min
ute. Mr. Wnllen."
'"" J"". KiBiciy. vs. uuisa the first six months or liiiu tne nuiniier or casualties tc
IIo stepiied out onto the dock. "Oh, ) ,.mpnyCos and trespassers on Amerlcun railroads wns -1.0!
by tho way, captain," ho observed ras t,ur,n (tl(J co-fepiinittllmj period of the year before. This remai
lly. "ntlec ynu rnrry wireless." " na , hnphuinrd
Tl... ...... I,.l..'u .. I, I. Il ,,lla.l ,mn .. ... . .. ' .
The captain's whistle, pulled from
his pocket, chirped shrilly.
"You there, for'iird!" ho bawled In
a tea voice Hint was like Hie bellow of
n bull. "Stand by to weigh anchor,
Mr. Molt! Hey, Mr. Mottl'
And ns tho second olllcer emerged
from thn chnrtrnom, just nbnft tho
brldgo nnd directly over Ihe captain a
cabin i "Wo II gut under way ut once,
Let mo know when she' tip nnd
He turned to Wnllen. "Wireless,
you mid? Oh, yos; It'l thnt blasted
now American law can't truuo In
American ports without it now, jou
Helen Mackay tells about
herself to the hero.
Neither Is It merely a reflection of a
temporary decrease In rulltoiid traffic I
during the months of readjustment
following the nrtu'stlce. Ou the con.
trary, It Is thu result nf years of or-
ganliei effort, of perseverance tn the
face of difficulty and Indifference, nnd
It Is only the forerunner of what those
behind the movement confidently ex.
tiect tn urcomtillsh.
The safety-first movement, which
had grown In a few yeura to he an
Imnortant Item In the nrocrnm of practically every rullrund In Hie country,
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railroad mileage uf the country hits been divided for purposes of administra
tion by government niitliorltles, "No Accident" campaigns have been conducted,
usually for u week or n month, nnd tin extranttllnur!' reduction In accidents as
Baby's Clothes
rill be white at the driven mow
when laundered If you uio
Red Cross Bag Blue
It never itreafci or ipoti the
clothes, nor does it Injure the
most delicato fabric.
All eood erocen tell lt S cents
a package.
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Siost iiit-ldenls result either from unsafe machinery and tools or from CDCPrl K-l-,y-
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