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Disinfection Houses on Mexican Border
By iti U. S. DtpartsKsi el Apicohura
All itlnnB Hie Triiin-Mpxlrnn hcinlpr, inutptnpit linn ui'cn cmnplplnl for Hip
disinfection houses creel c il hy I lie Unllcil Htnles (lepartinoiit of iiKrlcultiirit
fur Ihi' piirioM' nf iniikliiK sure Hint nn lurvu or uiolh nf Ihu pink hull worm of
eotton cnlorH llii I'nltcil Slnti'H. U'lint Ih known ns the pot method of iIInIii
feci I ok tin' Interior of ears ntiil cIi'iiiikIiik Him nulslilu wns illsrimtlliufil on
Kcpti'inlicr .Kl. niul Hie only ftimlpntion Unit now Ih neeepli'd nn iiieetliiR Ihu
rtvpilrcmHitN of Hie federnl hortli-ulturiil liourtl In finnlKiitlon pcrfnrincil liy
Hie einpliiyi'i'H of the lieiml In Hie dlxliifectliiii houses.
C'linrKi'8 Imve lioen llxwl In suili n wiiy ns to rover tlic cost of Ihn cliem
Irnls and Inlior required In fuiiilciilloti, The fee Ik $." for u rullronil rnr nml
cents for liny oilier kind of vehicle. I'linwH for f mill mitlon of frelclit not
rnrrlvil In vehicles will 1t? mlJuMril to cover netiml cost.
Clothing the Family
Coniidetation cl Real Puipote ol
dclhei Will Help b
Clollilnc tlie fnmlly I n tmsltir tm
which should lie handled ns syHlruuit
Icnlly nn liny oilier hiudiices, ilccliircs
t.nurn Mnkrpeiicc of Hie Colormlo Ac
rlriilliirnl collect'.
Whnt dn you wnnt your clotlilnc to
(In for you mid wlint lo you wnnt it
to show? L)o you not wnnt these
Protection from cold, lient, moisture
nnd roiicli surfuccs?
, Krcciltim In movement, tircnthliu:
nnd stuiiillnj:?
llrnuty, liy ilinoxlnc mnterlnls, col
on) nml iIcsIkiis suited to you nnd your
Self respect, clothing which Ik np
tiroprlnte, hrcnmlnj: mid within your
tnrnn, iniikeK yourself nnd ni'lt:libora
tlilnk well of you.
Hnvo you thought of Hie different
klmlK of cnrtneiitK you should Imve?
These enn do divided Into tlirro
Kroiipx: outerclnthliiK, iinderctnthlui;
nml nccessorlcs. Yon need to think,
too, of tho cost of cleiinliic, repnliK,
rcnovntlon nnd reinodidlnc.
Allowing in per cent of tho yenrly
Inromn for clothing, n Rood proportion
Ik, nuterclotliliii;, TO per cent; under
elnlliliiK "tl per cent! nccessorle fi per
cent, nnd enre, 5 per cent. Oo over
the Kiirmriit h on linnd. Decide whnt
enn ho freshened or remodeled. Kstl
iniiti' whnt HiIk will coM nnd whnt new
things lire needed, tlien mnke your
hudcet mid stick to It,
(In shopping with n purpose.
U'nrn to recopnlio qunllty.
Choose, slowly mid thoughtfully.
Forty Is Sacred Number
With Respect to Weather
Alter St. Swithln's Day
Tho -10-ilny period of Imnglnnry
Hood or ilroiiKlit following 8t. Hwltli.
Ih'k dny Ik now Ions pnst for this yenr,
nnd wo shnll lienr no more of Hint
slngiilnr superstition, siivh the New
Vork llernld, until next summer, when
It will dountlesK "lioli up serenely.
only to lie discredited ngiiln nn It hns
limirlnhly been every yenr since tho
Worthy hlshoii of Winchester wns bur
led tho second time. Knr, of course,
Hip prophecy Iiiib never so much ns
once heen fullllleil. It requires every
dny from July 15 to August 21 In every
yenr to he either mlny or rainless,
which Ih something that never linn
liuppened In nny yenr.
Why 40 dnyn wnn selected ns the
period of mete rnloKlcnl monotony In nn
Interesting rtuestlon, though It Ik proh
nlile Hint It wns suggested liy the 40
days' downpour In Nonh's time. At
nny rate, It Ik only ono of tho many
noteworthy uses tlint hnvo lieen mndc
of tho numlier 40 In fnrt nml fiction,
After the 40 dnys nml 40 nlRlitn of
rnln lit the deluge. It will lie recalled,
N'ooli waited 40 days before lio opened
tho window of tho nrk nnd sent forth
the rnven.
Short Measure In Canned
Goods to Have Attention
of Federal Authorities
Fedrjnl food Inspectors bnvu been
Instructed to wnUli for Inlrrslnte Mt'.p
tnents of rniined foods which hnvo
been slnck-lllledi that Ik, which con
tain ton iniieh water mid I'm little
solid food. Ofllclnln of the bureau of
chemistry, United Htntes department
of agriculture, who nro charged with
tho enforcement of the federal food
mid drugs net, nay Hint action under
the law wilt ho taken ngnlnst viola
tors, Tho prnclleo of shirk-filling food
cans, In the opinion of the oIIU-IiiIk, Is
dcmoriillzlng to the trade and unfair
to the consumer. To put u full can In
competition with n stark-lllled can
places tho honest runner at a disad
vantage. The consumer nlmost Invn
rlnbly receives nioro for Ids money
when buying it full enn thnn when
buying n slack-filled rnn even though
he pays n higher price for the full ran.
In some Instances, however, when tho
rnnner sells his slack-tilted enns to tho
trnde at prices lower than the market
price for n full enn, the consumer Is
charged ns much for the Hlack-fllloil
can ns for tho full rnn, In such rnses
both tho rnnner nnd tin; denier sharo
In unfair profits at tho expense of tho
Putting excess liquid In cans ndds
unnecessary expense In rnnnlng, stor
ing and shipping, since the excess
liquid requires more cans nnd In
creases freight nnd stornge charges all
along tho line through the hands of
tho rainier, broker, the wholesale nnd
the retail grocer. Hlnce this addition
al mid useless expense Is borne Invn
rlably by tliu consumer, It adds Its
pnrt to tho high cost of living.
Stoppage of Circulation
Causes "Pins and Needles"
After being for n long time In a
constrained attitude n peculiar numb
ness and prickling is often felt In the
arm, tho leg, or the tot. This Is
caused by snino Interruption to tho
circulation of tho blood nnd enn usual
ly bo removed by rubbing or exer
cise. I'liyslrliins sny that tho reason
for this sensation, which Is decidedly
uncnniforliihltt, Is Hint pressure for n
certnln length of time deadens tho
sensibility of n nerve. When this
pressure is suddenly removed (ns In
straightening nut the leg after silting
with It doubled underneath the body)
sensibility gradually returns to the
nerves anil ns ench nerve-fiber cum
posing the trunk regains Its normal
condition of sensibility n prickling
kcusntlnn Is UH, nnd these successive
prickling from the successive awak
enings of tho fibers have not Inaptly
befn called "pins and n,dlcs."
Largest Shade Trco In
Country Is Sycamore; 46
Feet In Circumference
The American Forestry Mngntlne Is
urging the planting of sycamores for
shade trees. It shown that they nro of
rapid growth anil ntlnln largo size. It
also calls nttentlnn to the beauty of
tlo tree n thing which mnny people
dt not really nppreelnte. In tho In
terest of more beautiful cities, It In
desirable Hint syenmoren ho encour
aged, tho magnilno urges.
The largest shade tree In this coun
try Is n sycamore In Worthlngton, Ind.
It Is 40 fret In circumference and lf0
feet In height the most beautiful
specimen of n tree to be found nt least
In the middle West Hut it Isn't the
only "grntid old syrnmorc" to bo
found! there nro thousands and thou
sands of them In this country, says the
Columbus Dispatch,
The syenmoro requires plenty of
moisture, but moisture Is easily sup
plied In n modern city, llesldes, tho
tree has a habit of reaching out after
moisture, Its roots extending for long
distances nnd coins deep Into tbo
Useful Asbestos Is Found
In Most Parts of Country
Asbestos In modern times has come
ip be very extensively manufactured
mil) Incombustible cloth, gloves, felt.
f'" ,ior and other articles of common
nnd Is much used as n covering to
iiui boilers nnd pipes. In the tnanu
ttitliiju of gns stoves, nnd, mixed with
i!'eftlllc pigments. It Is employed as a
paint for wooden structures, roofs,
ilSmi'0" ,,n,, th "l,B 10 render them
Jlrcjmiof or fire-resistant. It In found
in iiiiist parts of the world, chlelly In
MJiinfctlon with serpentine. Sclcn
tlflfnlly It Is described ns n highly
'ifut mineral, a fibrous variety of
ttvijfnl members of tho hornblende
filtnlly, composed of separable Ilia
gjeills. wlfii -n silky luster, tho fibers
logsjlnie hjlng delicate, itexlblo and
flnjllp tud lit other times stiff and
SriTDo ' I
I'nlntlcss conversation bores
tho quickest.
Lots of men who have an aim
In life lack ambition.
Ungratefulness In one of the
inenneai iraus or Humanity.
I'rolmbl; tho easiest way to
mnko trouble Is to look for It
Homely women frequently
hnvo tho most homelike homes.
A ball dress Is cut tow but the
bill for It comes high.
Millions to Bo Spent by
Jnpaneso for Aviation
Tho Japanese government Is pro
paring to appropriate Ihu equivalent
of $l'jfl,UX).IKX) for tliu development of
nvlatlou, tho amount to bo expended
mer four or live yenw. Interest In
aviation ban been stimulated there by
the special Krcucli nvlntlon corps
which Is teaching tho Japanese army.
Jnpnn In seriously backward In avln
Hon and the fact that she Is subscrib
ing such a largo amount of money In
dicates her Intention to try to nttnln
tho pin co In nvlatlou occupied by tbo
other great power.
A Classy Yegg.
Ofllcer How will I know this "gen
tlcnum hurglnrl"
I'nptnln If he shoots you with n
penrl-handlcd revolver It's him, mo
Squaring Himself.
"I clnlm thnt
rann lllnmp is a
born diplomat."
"How's thntr
"Ills wife ob
jected to his spill
ing cigar ashes on
her rug, so ho
bought her n car
pet sweeper."
Had Him There.
"I am nn agnostic," said tho thin
"And nn ngnostlc Is whntl" In
quired n listener.
"An ngnostlc Is well, n fellow who
Is not sure of anything,
"Well, then, bow does It hnppcn
Hint you're sure you nro nn ngnostlc?
Loud Raiment.
"Did you sell Hint mnn tho green
nnd bluo checked suit you were show
ing him?" nslird the proprietor of tho
"Nifty Togs Miop.'
"No, sir," replied Percy, the peerless
"Why not?"
"He snld he couldn't stnnd excite
In Very Close Contact
"Have you ever
come In contact
with tho moneyed
classes T"
"Ob, yes; I was
knocked down
once by n million
aire's nuto."
Perish th Thought
Mrs. Tiiiigsmlth Did 1 hear yon re
fer to me, your wife, no nothing hut a
talking machine?
Her Husband I never said It
Why, If you were a mere talking ma
rhino you'd talk onlr when 1 ' '"''
you to.
Why Notf
The Caller Is Mrs, Van BH,
Tho Doorman I will see. re
Will you kindly step wlthup?
Rabbits Afford Good Meat
to Help Check tho H. C. l,
It seems a pity that more families
who are struggling with tho high cost
of living and who nro appalled at the
prico they are forced to pay for their
meat supply, do not know what a
help a few rabbits In their bn-'k yard
would be. Two or three doek and a
buck will n fiord nn abundance of the
finest meat tho market offers, nnd at
low price, too, especially If n person
lins a llttlo garden br ran get green
stuff to feed them, although the grains
they consume nr of the cheaper kinds
and they nro far from expensive to
feed. Fried, stewed, roasted, pot-pie,
any old way you take lb - they are
simply great eating, meat Is
white like chicken breast and of ex
cellent flavor. Itabblts are ready to
butcher nt nny age from six weeks
up, growing very rapidly.
The Brazil Nut Trco.
In tho vnst districts wnternl by Hit
Amnzon grows tho Ilruilllnn tree, UK)
feet to 1110 feet In height, with alter
nate horizontal brunches, tho ends nt
whlrh hang llko great rope The
smooth cylindrical trunk has a clr
cumfcrcnco of 12 to 17 feet
Noma "Bayer" U on Germtas
Aspirin jy Bayer
Insist nn "Daycr Tablets of Aspirin"
In a "Ilnyer package." containing prop
er directions fur Hendiiche, Colds,
I'aln, Neuralgia, Lumbago, nnd lthcu
mntlsm. Name "Ilnyer" means genuine
Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
nineteen yenrs. Handy tin tnxen of 12
tablets cost few cents. Aspirin Is trnde
mark of Ilnyer Manufacture of Mono
acetlcacldcstcr of Bnllcyllcncld. Adv.
Number, Please.
IIikk Were they married In haste?
June (InoilncNM, 110; why, they were
uiHriied by telephone.
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Imwmk Oftea
Judging from rtports from drutcltts
who srr constantly In direct touch with
the public, there is one nreptratlon that
till been vtry lucreuful In overcoming
HifM conditions. Th mild and healing
influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot Is
soon reallrnl. It ilandt the highest (or
Ita rtmarkabl record of aucceis.
An examining pliytician for one of Hit
prominent Llfo Insurance Companies, In
an Interview on the aubject, made the "
tonlihlng statement that one reason why
i many applicants f-r Iniuranee are re
jected is lu-raiiw kidney trouble la so
common to the American people, and the
large majority nt those wheat applica
tion! are declined do pot even auspret
that they have the dlieaae. It la on sale
at all drug storea in bottles of two altea,
medium and largt.
However, If you with first to teat this
treat preparation send ten centa to Dr.
Kilmer 4 Co,, Wnghamlon, N. Y for a
aample bottle. When writing fcj sure tnd
mention thla naper. Adr.
Vo:i have one great duly In tlie-el t t dlllli-ult tu realize Hint Hie
hlgh-prlred llmex. You enn ndvli' 1 sweet girl graduate was once 11 short
Illllousnws, Headache, Colds,
Constipation, driven out
with "Cascarets"
Why tnkc nasty cuthurtlcs, sickening
salts, or stomach-turning oils to drlv
these rnscnUnut? Let gentle, hiirnilesr
Cascarets remove tho liver and bvi-u!
poison which Is keeping your head
dltzy, your tongue routed, your skin
sallow, your breath offensive, nnd your'
I stomach sour, (let n box of Cnscnrrtif
nt the drug store and rid your liver,
stomach and bowels of tho execs bile,
poisons, and waste which lire keeping
you miserable, Cnsriirets never gripe,
never sicken, never liirnnvenlenri.
They cost so llttlo nml work while you
sleep. Adv.
Chin Verse.
"You used tn Hiili erse to inyj
dainty chin." slghi-d .Mrs, Aihly-Cose.
"Well, now I InilHl writ! uplels,"'
he said.
yotr friends to eeonomlr.e.
'hall oil baby with a red nose,
I Women rend luirgiilll adiertisemeiilsj
1 bei-aiise they bi-lee there Is mime-.
' thing In store for tln-in.
only a Symptom
"It Seems as Though my Back Would Break."
This is a common exoression among women, vet thev toil
on day after day heedless of the significance of this distress
ing symptom.
Backache is often a warning of some inward trouble that
requires attention, and which unless relieved will sooner or
later declare itself in more serious ailments.
If it is caused by female derangement Lydia E. Pinldiam's
Vegetable Compound is what you need. It quickly asserts
its curative powera in all those peculiar ailments of women.
1,1, for more man thirty years mis good old
ll fashioned root and herb medicine has been
restoring American women to health.
The Splendid Recovery of
Mrs. Coventry
Newark, N.J. "The doctor said I
had organic trouble and treated me
for several weeks. At time3 1 could
not walk at all and I suffered with my
back and legs so I often had to stay
in bed. I suffered off and on for eight
years. Finally I heard that Lydia E.
rinkham'sVegetable Compound was
a good medicine, and I tned it with
splendid eilect. 1 can now( do
my housework and my washing.
1 have recommended your
Vegetable Comoound and
blood Medicine and
three of my friends
are taking it to their
advantage. You
may use mv name fox
a testimoniah" Mrs.
75 Burnett Si, Newark, N.J.
Mrs. Hunt tells how it helped her
Detroit, Mich. "I was in a geneial run-down
condition, was very nervous and tired, had
backache and other troubles. 1 lullered for
several years, was not able to work at times
and tried doctor's medicine with no results.
I saw Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pouna aavenueu, ana aim lasung n
myself aad giving it to ;
glad to recommend Ve

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