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ijKr :
First Premium
Will have something
to say to the xeaders of
The Journal in this space
in a day or two. Look
out for it !
We are
- .
mm i
wo Aoiuu rapecifully call attention of dealers In this city and vicinity to our .
ottom Hock Prices
G-reat Inducements to everybody.
Front St.; in building
First National Hank.
CON ERBCK, Proprietor. '
and Fancy Groceries. Cigars, Tobacco, Etc., Etc.,
First National Bank building. Second street, between Gold and Silver Avenues. Goods delivered
Medal at New Albuquerque Territorial
bit practical gm imr h :m.
Gr 3
Wholesale and retail dealers in
getting in new
ts.ozjtzx.t. atd retail '' A
General I8C1KE
goods every day.
formerly occupied by
Exhibition a-
C3 3D 3 !
Atlantic & Pacific R. R.
The land department oí the Atlantic and Pn
oilic railroad company 9 now organized and it
omce estaDiisueu at iew .Dutiuerque, new
All communications concerning lands owned
hy the company should be addressed to J A
Williamson, Land Commissioner ol said cena
rían v
The grant of lands was made to the company
on the 27th dav of July, 1367, and the right
of the company to the land dates from March
12, 1872, since which time no valid claim to
any of the odd numbered sections, as ono.
three, five, etc., can have accrued to any one
within fifty miles on each side of the line for
for the road as definitely located.
Applications will now be received for the
purchase of any lands belonging to the com
pany eel prompt answers returned, lie
member vo address all communications to
Lañé Commissioner A. & P. R. R. Co- New
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Thomas F. líele her
Dealer in
ib Sisspskiss, (fotsliins, Bacskizs, Furs
Highest CASH market price paid for all
goods in-my line. Store on Railroad avenue,
near Fourth street.
New Albuquerque, - N. M.
Frout Street between Gold and Silver avenues.
Boot and News Go.,!
Bullock Sewell,
South side Railroad avenue.
Everything appertaining to the
book trade.
A full line of Music, Musical Merchandise
Pictures. 1'icture Frames. Albums, etc Also
everything in the hue of blank books.
Orders Solicited '
Coffin A Co, Prop's
Railroad ,At.. between 1st. and 2d St.
Pawn-Broking a Specialty
German Bakery.
French, Rye and Graham bread always on
hand. The best bakery in the city.
Jeflérson Ravnolds, Prest,
"W. k. P. Wilson. Cashier.
Vincent Wallace, Ass't Cashier
Has Unsurpassed Facilities
For conducting a general Banking
Depository of tlie Atlantic and Pacific and
Atchison. Topeka & Santa Fe ttauroada.
. mm
ZaGXj61? C llcll?SÍlci.lJL
CRANES, New Mexico.
xrtTTnn i iti nm ma
TV,. Ah1 v.. ,. -t.r Tí. MBTioo
eai Estate
Agent for the Largest, Strongest anc"
Best Companies in the world.
Mutual 1.1 fa Insurance Co.
of New York.
Organ- ' ,..
1843 This company is too well $94,702 sr
ZCtX Vrtaii Aserio
known to say much aoout it. ira
dividends are larger, and its
policies give larger returns tnau
any other company in the
Travelers' Ufe and Accldep
1863 This Is the original Accident e.i l
Company of America ana me
largest in the world.
IJverpool, London and Globe
Insurance Co.. Q. B.
183C This standard company 's pol- 33,396 875
leles a oes not conuuu any sixty
day clause, but pay- in full with
no deduction ol luterest. Its
record at the great Chicago Are
of 1871 , paying over three and
a quarter million dollars in cash,
drawing the funds entirely from
England, gives this company a
prominence in fire insurance
not equalled by any company
In the world.
-Insurance Co. of fiortn
America, Phil.
1794 The surplus of tnis old com
8,862 378
pany, as to poucv noiuers, is
$,759 28, a sum larger than the
"gross assets" of any other
American fire Insurance com
pany, -except two." In eighty
eight years of continuous busi
ness she has paid out over fiity
million dollars for losses, and
still has cash assets. KoAmeil
ean company can show any
bettor record.
Scottish Union and National,
Great Britain.
1834 This Is one of the oldest of
33.041 04)
foreign companies. Thiscom-
Íiany has but recently (1880) en
ered the United States for
business. Its security for policy
holders abrogates (33,041 045.
Commercial Union Insnranc.
1861"; Conservative as an under
9 696 571
writer. Ducn is ine value piau
ed on her policies by leading
merchants and others that there
are but two foreign companies
whose premium receipts in the
United Stales exceed those of
this model company. Asse s
in the United Stares nearly
$2,000.000. securely invested.
Gorman American Insurance
Co , New York.
1872 Over two million dollars of the
3,452 573 1
assets ot tins company is in
-United States bonds." and in
case of any large cennagra'ion
can be turned intocash at once.
Surplus, as to policy holders, is
over $3,000.000.
Pennsylvania Fire Insurance
Co., Philadelphia.
"1825 Fifty-seven years continuous
2,227 616
business has placea tins com
pany among those most relied
upon for one hundred cents on
the dollar for honest losses
Home Insurance Co. of New
1853 Twenty-nve years successful
6.838 71 I
nusiuess placet tins compniiy as
the head and front of New
York rity companies.
American Central, St. Louis.
1853 This Is one of the most pru
dently managed ana conserva
tive companies ill the country,
and is second to none ot com
panies in the west.
Springfield Fire and Marin.
Insurance Co., Springfield,
1849 It is an o!d company thirty-
2,197 62Í
thre years. Ins a strong com
pany with a cash capital of
one million dollars. It is not
exposed to large loss by a
sweeping fire, its bead office
being in a small city. Iijslimit
ed to a point of perfect safety in
all other cities.
Standard Fir. Office Ixm-
1880 This is one of the new foreign
2,260 ooo
companies to coine to tnis coun
try, and is entitled to the con
fluence of the insuring public.
Phoenix Assurance 'o , Lon
don, 782 This old company (100 years)
has paid over Oñ.uuo.oüü to policy
holders: is the largest xclusive
fire company in Great Britain.
6,236 372
lanital represented for Fire
Insurance $108,401 616
Capital represented lor Llie
Insurance 94.702 957
Capital reuresentea tor Acci
dent Insurance 6.441 158
GRAND TOTAL 809,045,131
With thiscrand total of capital represented
In my agency, I offer to those wanti..g indem-
nitv acainst loss bv Fire, or by Death, or by
Accident, protection second to no other list to
be found anywhere. I shall Rive the business of
Insurance my person u aiieniion in an lis ae
tails, thus ensuring promptness. My twenty
years practical experience in the business gives
weight to the assertion that a knowledge ot
rights of ine noHcv holder and companies, ac-
Jiuired during that time, and a disposition to
air dealing, entitles my office to the greater
portion of the Insurance to be done, as has
been the case in the past.
I I have some of the best bargains to be found .
Cheap lots on easy terms of payment. Business
lots, sure to advance in value, in all parts of the
If you want to buy a house
If von want to buv a lot.
you want to Mil a lot 43
If you want to seU a house.
I Tf von have a house to rent.
If you want to Invest your
money to glv. the largest return in the shortest
?e .1 Bra no on.e. y B"u"' "
InsnraucB Apt
i i always nave money to um.
Surmises About Frank James
Regaining Freedom Through
the Court's Action.
The Fords En Route to Missouri to
Stand Trial for the Murder
of Wood Hite.
Indian Agent Tiffany- Accused of a
Gigantic Steal and Oilier
Lawless Acts.
Another Crank Found in Xew York Who
.Wants to Murder the President
of the United States.
An Illinois Mob In Search of a Murderer who
"Will Be Shot or Hung If Caught
OUtcr Criminal News.
An Illinois Mob.
Springfield, Ills- Oct. 7. A terri
ble excitement exists in Christian coun
ty, where 300 armed men are hunting
for John Leigh, who killed James Rig-
by. If found he will be shot or hanged
instantlv. Leigh, father of the mur
derer, 'promised John $10,000 to kill
Rig;by. He has been committed to jail,
and his life is danger from a mob.
An Abortion.
Leadville, Oct. 7. The coroners
inquiry into the cause of the death of
Mrs. Mary Rankin, whose body was
buried on Tuesday and exhumed yes
terday for a post msrtem, closed to-day.
the jury brought in the following ver
dict: We find that Mary Rankin caine to
her death on October 2, 1882, in Lead-
ville, Colorado, from the consequences
following the introduction of an instru
ment into her womb while she was in
a state of pregnancy, thereby causing
the death of the foetus and subsequent
ly septicsenia, of which she died ; and
that the introduction of said instru
ment, which gave rise to the septieae
nia, was performed by Dr. I. N, Met
calf. A warrant for the arrest of Metcalf
has been issued.
After Arthur.
New YokkV October 7. A boy
about 18 years old called at police
headquarters this morning and asked
for a permit to carry a pistol. When
asked what ho wanted to carry a pistol
for he replied, to shoot President Ar
thur. He was taken to the Jefferson
market court, when he seemed much
exciUd. In answer to questions from
the court he said his name was Wm.
Martin, and that he lived at101 East
Eighty-fourth street, fresident Ar-
tnur used to live in me sume uuuso
with his father eighteen years ago.
The bov had just come from the peni-
tentiarv. where he served a term for
larcenv. When ne aid not sieai no
blacked boots. He was committed for
examination as to his mental condition.
Systematic stealing.
San Francisco, ucc. &. xucson
dispatch says: The Star publishes the
repoTt of the grand jury, repeating that
the Cibicu prisoners now in jail lure
are innocent of any crime and that the
I guilty Indians were long ago permitted
to escape through the connivance of
Agent Tiffany. That officer, it appears
i from evidence given the grand jury
not only arranged to have the guilty
Indians get away, Dut purposely ar
rested the innocent Indians and had
them in confinement for months to
rover the flieht of the murderers. That
it was no mistake, but a conspiracy on
I the part of the agent, is shown by the
evidence of the Indians to-day. to whom
Tiffany revealed his plan, and told
them that this waa the only way to
save the others from being hung or
shot. The Indians also testified to a
regular system of stealing Indian goods
by Tinany, witn ine mercnama oi
Globe, Maxy and other points. Inves
tigation reveals a condition or grand
peculation and dishonesty that exceeds
j anything of the kind ever known on
the frontier.
Boh Ford Is scared.
New York. Oct. 7. Charlie and
Bob Ford, the slayers of Jesse James
having finished their engagement at
the Broadway museum, leave to-night
for Kansas City to stand trial for par
ticipating in the murder of Wood Hite
one of James's cañar, who lost his life
mysteriously at the house of the Fords
father early last winter. In con
versation to-night Bob Ford said :
"Well,' I see James has come in and
surrendered. . Now, I am anxious to
see what Gov. Crittenden will do. He
promised as much as that he would
never pardon Frank. If he does then
I think they had belter lock Frank or
me up for this world Is not big enough
foius bath. If we are left at large one
of us must be surely . killed. Frank
will never irive un till he kills me and
I do not propse to die at anv hands
, . ".
I stand any chence to gtit first Shot.
Ilia desire to reform is all stuff,
simulv wants to set in because he is
afraid to stand out, or perhaps he
thinks it the easiest way to get out at
once. He is a nice penitent, and it
would be a nice state of affairs to
turn him loose to go gunning after me
The young man is evidently much ag
itated at the prospect.
for. About James
Kansas City, October 7. At Inde
pendence to-day a number of old
friends were admitted to the jail to
talk with Frank James. He seemed
in excellent spirits, and expressed en
tire confidence in his ability to clear
himself against any charges that may
be brought against him. His wife
isited him during the morning. At
the hotel yesterday he wrote upon the
register, Frank James, wife and child,
remarking it was the first time he had
signed his real name in sixteen years.
There were a number of bidders for
the autograph, but the landlord de
clined to permit the register to be cnt.
James' appearance strongly indicates
the rapid approach of consumption, al
though he asserts he is iu good
health. It is - evident that l.e
is considerably broken physically if not
in spirit. It is the general opinion that
he confidentially expected to be ad
mitted to bail yesterday ,and there is no
doubt that he could give bonds in any
amount demanded. The regular term
of the criminal court occurs in Novem
ber, but it is thought that Judge
White will give a hearing to the ap
plication for bail before that time.
There is a great difference of opinion
as to the probability of sufficient evi
dence being obtained to convict him of
the charges pretened in this county.
Opinions are also greatly at variance
as to the chances for pardon in case of
conviction. Major Edwards states posi
tively that James had encouragement
farther than that offered in the letter
from Governor Crittenden, published
'Will Try to Beat His Own R.eord.
New York, Oct. 7. Judge Staf
ford's three-year old colt, Alvoy, at
the meeting of the National Associa
tion of Trotting Horses, at the grounds
of the Gentlemen's Driving Associa
tion will to-day in the race for the
Everett House stakes attempt to beat
his own and Wild Flower's record of
The Denver Races.
Denvkr, October 7. In the races
to-day Sucker State won the deciding
heat in the pacing contest, Enoch Ar
den second; time 2:37 J.
Brown Dick won the running race,
mile heats, best two in three; time
:52i 1:54.
The free for all trot was won by
Happy in 2 :35, 2:35$ and 2:42. Silky
B was a bad second, and Ada Paul,
the favorite, was distanced.
A mile dash was won by Worry Sue
The running race, mile beats, best
two in three, was won by Clifton Belle
in two straight heats; time l:olJ and
:55J; Mary S second.
' Single Scull Rao.
Washington, OcL7. The single scull
race, one and one-half miles, between
McKenny, of the Potomac Boat club,
and Page, of the Anclastine club, was
won by the former in 10:22 J. The race
was lor a medal and ine amateur
hampionship of the district.
William Coming West.
New York. Oct. 7. William H
Vanderbilt started for the west last
evening for a two weeks trip over the
roads in which he is interested. , He
expects to go as far west as Denver
and possibly to Salt Lake City. He
was accompanied by Augustus Schelt,
Samuel Barton, his cousin and stocK
broker, his sons, William K. and Fred
e ick Vanderbilt, and Cant. Jack Van
derbilt, Foster Dewey and Mr. Ellis, of
the Schenectady Eoco works.
Mexican Exchange.
New York, Oct 7. The Herald
says : The prospect or estaDiisning a
Mexican Exchange in this city, is re
ceiving considerable attention from
the business men. The progreses of
railroad building in Mexico brings
nearer every day mercantile centers of
the United States, to those of that
country, and it is felt that preparations
for a great increase of international
credit that must result from this open-
ins-, should now be decided on. Al
ready business in this dirtection has
received a strong impetus.
The Laadvill. Mlaea.
Leadviixe, Col., Oct, 7. The
Chronicle this morning publishea the
output of the camp for the third quar
ter of the current year as follows:
Pounds of Bullion 19.926598
Lead 19 818.14
Ounces ef Silver 1,074 3U1
Gold z.osovi
Value of Lead 990.896.so
Stl-rer L.wxJ.ii.oo
rotal currency value 4.619,647 40
The Chronicle comments on the above
and savs ; Tae minea of Leadvule
have been more productive during this
auartet lust passed than ever beiore in
the history ot the country, ine smel
ters have peen crowded with ore,
though some of them have materially
enlarged their capacity. The compar
atively small product of the American
smelter ia due to the fact that during
the quarter its furnaces have been re
built, causing or course ini part a i
stoppage of work. There are now
four large furnaces in perfect blast.
the Droduct for which for
the current quarter will be longer than
euer before. In the table the value of
lead is estimated at five cents a pound,
and the silver at $1.14 an ounce. The
estimate of the silver may be a little
high, but that of the lend is corre
spondingly low, so its average ia as
near to exact correctness as can be ob
tained. The product for the first two
quarters of the year was in currency
value $817.918. making the total for
the three quarters 812,437,065.40,
nearly eaual to the full product of
1881. The product of the Robert E
Lee mine, not reduced here, is included
in the items of other shipments in the
Proclamation Revoked.
St. Louis, Oct. 7. -Governor Critten
den has withdrawn and abrogated the
proclamation issued by him on the 22d
of July last, in which he offered a re
ward for the first conviction of certain
train robbers, he stating that the chief
actors in said robberies are now either
dead or in the custody of the law of
the State.
The Interesting Way in "Which
They Carry on the Campaign
in the Southern States.
Two Opposing Candidates for Congress
Get Excited and One Is Arrested
For Threatening the Other.
Annti-Bourbon Candidate Receives
Rough Treatment at the Hands of
a Mob in South Carolina.
The Greenback State Committee of Indi
ana Name Their Candidates for
Supreme Court Judges.
Piatt Carpenter's Lengthy Letter of Ac
ceptance Is Ridiculed by Most of the
Nsw York Newspapers, Etc.
Polities in the South.
Washington, Oct. 7. McLean, the
nominee of the combined opposition to
the bourbon Democrats for governor of
South Carolina, has just arrived. He
says he has had a lively time with the
bourbon red-shirts during the canvass.
He was nominated by the anti-bourbon
combination, and by the Republicans a
week later. For some daya he was
treated well while speaking, but at
Winnesboro, on the 25th of September,
he heard Thompson, the bourbon can
didate for governor, had, on the 18th,
while addressing the people publicly.
"You remember the reception you
gave Taft here in 1880, Well, when
McLean comts on the 25th, give him
the same kind, or a worse one "
This was read with loud shouts of,
"We will." It will be remembered
Taft was a Republican and was mob
bed at Winnesboro, his meeting broken
up and he personally assaulted so viol
ently that he would prooaoiy nave Deen
killed if some of the leading citizens
had not interferred to protect him.
The Democratic county chairman tried
to protect Mr. McLane but drunken
aroused red shirts followed him from
the train to the courthouse, where they
filled the hall and personally assaulted
the candidate, tearing his clothes, kick
ing and violently abuseing him, and
when he was finally pushed into a
private parlor, they brutally attacked
one of his white friends.
The colored people remained quiet
during the meeting. Only two Bour
bon papers have disapproved of . the
Hffair. and the leading ones justify it.
He afterwards spoke in several places,
but had to give up one engagement,
Mayor Chester telegraphing ne would
be unable to preserve peace. McLean
is quite confident of success, and de
clares he will be governor if be is
elected, even if he has to appeal to the
national government.
A Readjus ter Arrested.
Richmond, Va, Oct. 7. Last night
during the progress of the Readjuster
mass meeting jn this city, a recounter
occurred between Gen. Preston Wise
and John Smith, the Readjuster candi
date for Congress from this district, in
which the latter struck Gen. Wise one
blow, when friends interfered. Subse
quently Smith addressed the meeting,
bitterly denouncing Geo. B. Wise, hi3
Democratic opponent for Congress.
The latter was heard to make violent
threats against Smith, whereupon a
warrant was sworn out for his arrest.
He waa taken into custody and bailed
for appearance before the police court.
A Cast-Iran Resolution.
Raleigh, N. C, The Republicans
of Pirn. ico county have adopted the
following :
Whereas, a report is being indust
riously circulated that we, Republicans
of No. 1 township, would not vote for
Jas. S. Lane for the legislature; ana
Whereas, said Jas. S. Lane has puD-
lically solicited our support and pro
claimed himself in opposition to Bour
bon Democracy; and
whereas all little Democrats nave
pronounced him a radical, be it
Kesolved, That we wm vote ior mm
be he a spirit of Hell or a goblin damn
ed who brings with him airs from
Heaven or blasts from Hell. It comes
in questionable shape but we will vote
for him as against uouruon uemocracy
The Oreenbaekers .
Indianapolis. Oct. 7. The Green-
backers' state committee has named
Niblack. of the Democratic ticket, and
Judge Mibbey and Berkshire, of the
Republican ticket, ior ine supreme
Court judges.
Subject for Ridicule.
New York, October 7. Journals
unanimously condemn and ridicule the
long, rambling letter of acceptance of
B. Piatt Carpenter, the Republican
candidate for lieutenant governor,
which is printed to-day.
Union Pacific Stocks.
New York, October 7. A fierce
struggle has been going on over the
Union Pacific since last Thursday, al
most entirely monopolizing the atten
tiou of the street, thrusting Louisville
and Nashville into the background for
the moment. On that day over ninety
thousand snares of Union Pacific were
bought and sold. Gould, Vanderbilt
and others of the largest holders of the
stock sold out some time ago. Mr.
Bellden, owner of. the famous steam
yacht, Yosemite, bought while these
people were selling out. He is said
to have purchased forty-two thousand
shares from 1.15 up to 1.30, the high
est or nearly the highest point of pur
chase. Gould and Bellden are not
friends. A transaction which occurred
some years ago enabled Bellden to get
away with a Gould deal and Gould
money, and it waa said on the occasion
that at least Gould waa the victim of
something very like a confidence game.
If there is any man who ought
to know the real value of Union
icific stock it is Gould, and it appears
to have steadily shot from 130 down,
and his weight pressing upon it, lias
had the effeit of spo'.ting Mr. BeHden's
market, so ho has never Uen al io to
get out at a profit. In tlu nhing of (he
street he has got left; but the time to
deliver the most telling blows did not
occur until a couple of weeks ago.
Stock was then selling at bet tv en 114
and-115, and the company was quietly
negotiating a loan for $3,000,000. The
fact was published to the street, and
the effect of the disclosure was very
bad. It is acknowledged to have caused
negotiations to fallthrougb,and the cry
was started against the Union Pacific
company. In the scare it was con-
itantly borrowing money, which seem
ed to frighten the holders of stock
everywhere. Even bonds of the
company have been very freely
thrown over by investors, and have
shown a quiet decline. Most damaging
allegations have been made against its
credit, and Gould has openly declared
that the road would soon be in the
hands of its bondholders.
Boiler Explosion.
Longford Mill, Ont . , Oct . 7. The
boiler in Smith's saw mill exploded this
morning, killing Ellis, foreman, and
Gray, his assistant. Several others
were badly injured, ine muís were
Star Rout Bribery Cases.
WAsniNGTO v, October 7. Attorney
General Brewster is expected here
Tuesday, when proceedings will be in
augurated and pushed vigorously in
the Star Route bribing cases. Dis'.rict
Attorney Corkhill finished the pielim
inary work and all the papers that he
had have been sent to the deparment
of justice for the use of the attorney
general. The absence of the parties
supposed to be implicated in the ap
proaches made to jurors in the inter
est of the defence is the cause of con
siderable comment. The opinion is
prevalent in Washington that it is at
. m s.
present too warm ior tueir comiori.
Officials at the department of justice
think the government will have no
trouble in convicting several would-be
jury fixers, as evidence tanen uerore
District Attorney Corkhill is said to
almost convincing. Star Route men
exibit great uneasiness ana mucu
anger over the fact that the depart
ment of justice decided to take a full
charge to the jury of bribery. The
Investí o-ator. the chijf Star Routers'
organ, opens its abuse of the attorney
general to-aay ana oiners wuo are con
nected with the enort or exposure oi
the attempt at bribery of J. Hen
The Denver Rio Grand..
New York, Oct. 7. A report by
John McAnirews, Jr., a noted railroad
contractor, to he bondholders of the
Denver and Rio Grande company ia
published. McAndrews has just finish
ed an examination of the road and lie
says in conclusion : To make railroads
running two hundred miles in triangles
and semi circles ia easy enough to
keep at worK. It appears to me you
and other holders of bonds of the Den
ver and Itio Grande have furnished
fifty per cent, more money than was
needed to build up the whole property
now owned Dy tnat corporation, i am
no lawyer but I .think your only re
course is to Dnng action against me
promoters ot the big scheme
for having misrepnesentea uici?,
and ask the courts to compel
these people to reimburse you for hav
ing sold 10 you wortniess property,
knowing it to be worthless.
The Fools T. Have With Ton Always.
Newspapers may educate people, but
they can't give them brains. Until
time shall be no more, there will al
ways be somebody to eat toaastoois,
blow into the muzzles of guns, and
light fires with coal oil.
Dave to Try It A (fain.
There seems to be no doubt that the
Czar was secretly crowned while in
Moscow recently, and the Nihilists
wi.l have to postpone his murder to
some other time.
A Very Equivocal Compliment.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
Luna has not been the ablest of men
at Washington, because of his Mexican
education, but he ia freer from land
grant entanglement than some others
in Mexico.
Immense shipments,
Chicago, Oct. 7. There ia an im
mense amount of goods being shipped
to New Mexico from this city to-day.
The freight depots of the Chicago, Bur
lington and Quincy road are taxed to
their utmost capacity with freight con
signed for the Territory. The princi
pal portion ot the consignments con
sists of clothing, gents' furnishing
goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps,
and Wilson Bros.' celebrated shirts.
Car load after car load of this class of
freight leaves this city aaily, and most
of it is intended for the mammoth
clothing establishment of Lewis & Ul
man.the Star clothiers, at Albuquerque,
New Mexico. People here are just
commencing to have an idea of the
importance of the central city of New
Mexico, and the business men here are
of the opinion that there are more
goods sold by the Star clothiers than
by any other retail house in the west.
There is considerable excitement in
commercial circles since the dis.-overy
of the immense business done by the
Albuquerque Star clothiers.and several
of the leading houses contemplated re
moving to Albuquerque to compete
with them for the trade, until they as
certained that the way they did busi
ness would admit of no competition.
The best posted traveling men report
that Le-vis & U man have the trade
and are bound to keep it.

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