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No Time to Look in the Dictionary
By CWIm 3jh
i . v i 1 1 1 i i r
OVJV5XOE V V vtUM, CWM kiOSU AIM K --rm - ss -rrtx S fcO&S,
-V tf " j
The Modern Cafe
Ik titrated in (he ComnMrrial Building
on Nilvrr avenue, and Ik the only Amer
ican romhirted restaurant In IIm rily.
It iii rlean ami wltolesome. and wishe
lo serve Its patron with only Hie beat.
Try a Sunday dinner tliere.
Tlie Carter Grocery In next door.
Hy Gerlrudo Dunne
Mi-n. M. II. I'rltixli'. who ss'iit the
week t'lid in Iteming, returned on Niin
day. aiininpnnled hy Dr. mid Mrs.
Vlekers. Mr. mid Mih. A. J. and Mr.
anil Mrs. W. YV. Ilarriicks, .Mm. (ionrgc
l.effler mill miii, and .Mr. mid Mrx.
K. T. Muckloroy und win. The folks
lunl a picnic Hiiix-r on the l'ringlc
farm, which wax cnjoytil liy all.
Work at I ho ciinniT.y Ix progressing
In it Very favorable iiiiiiincr. Consider
ing the iiuiiiImt employed. The output
Is unusually large. Visitors were fro
"iiifiit last week. Messrs. Horry. Hunter
mid Sinycr, iloiiiiM-rallo candidates, and
Mr. l.iiulloff. republican candidate for
xhorlff, nviilod (hi folkx with candy
and It'll rx.
KvorylxHly Ix liiiiiiciixoly lntoroxtnl In
cotton crop, and pickers have no-
ionic busy. If the Ixitloiu im-s not
limp out of the prlii our farmers will
Kiilii a new Inct'iitlve to remain on the
liirin. Tliliiirs have lookiil nilchly dls
ciiiiniclim for some years. Tin? expense
of riimiiiiK a puiupliiK plant, the va
rious blights and, worst of all. the ini
IHiShlhility of dls'ioxtnK or inui'li of
I heir produce, has dlsheiirteiied more
than one. Ax one old-timer remarked,
"It's n darned "Mir rule that won't
worli IhiIIi ways." When we want to
sell sumctliiiiK Dciuine mercliaiits tell
us thev can buy cliiiis-r in oilier slates.
Hen I is are sliipisil ill from California,
ckcs front Kansas, and alfalfa from
Arizona or Texas, but if we send to a
mall order house for somethini; there Is
a bk hue and cry. Yet we are ready
to sell Just as cheaply as they can buy.
but I hey chaw ns much more Ihiin
I hint's cost lis if we send away. We've
tried to thrash this out Ix-fore, and
can't we possibly fet together so that
inn buy ami sell riKiir nere: i mi i
r,, ii. ,iv iln "Cnlili'ii ItnleV"
I'l... ri.irlll'iilliili iMIIinl llf l'recillCt '
has been unite busy. The ladies have
Ui'ii reirlsteriiitf and showlmt lively In
terest. The Ixiiird consist of Mrx. Hon
and Mexsrs. Horry and Kimball.
Failure of some of the proinuterx to
attend the corn roast on Hatllesuiike
Mountain Similar evening caused the
large crowd wliich gathered to disperse
much earlier than usual.
On Wednesday Mr. M. H. l'ringle n
ndvisl bis garden tractor, ordered from
I he Merrv Harden Tractor Co.
(hi Monday Mr. W. I. ilobbs, caniti
date for comniissl 'r, was n victor
in llonilale.
Mrx. Jim- Willu Hell sient Monday
lir. 8. D. Hwoe, who wax a major in
the medical corpx of the army during
the war. "put one over" on his friends
while In New York City, by marrying
Miss Margaret. Maule of that place
September IS. The nuptial would prole
ulilv Ik a socYot yet In Iteming had It
not leeii for some of the bride's friends
In HI I'iiso. who whlsM'nsl the ftiets
to the society editor of the Herald. The
Herald gave a very nice little notice
of Mlsx Mnllle'H roinillKV. slie tin vine
lieeii a ti-ncher there n inimlx'r of yor
ami. So the new got to IVmlng. ind
Dr. Swoiie finally confessed tit the
lirnphlc. He alsi Rtatod that his bride
would I at home here als.ut Novein
lier 1. she Ih-Iiik now engagisl In library
work' in Hip nietropolld.
The friendship which ciilinlnated in
the mnrrhige l-gnn ninny years ago.
but wax of the desulatory sort MWs
Maule felt rerr keenly the denth of
iier old friend. Mrs. SxvoH. and wrry
for le bereaved husband. "IMety Is
akin to love." and Mlsx Munle'x soon
rl,!eiied Into n d.s..p nff.s-tlon that prov
ed to ls mutual.
. u fimm Will hull! Uh
rwilar ww-klr iniH-ting Sunday even
lug (tctnls-r 1. ' M. E. TiiIht-
"christian w m
Scripture reference. I.uke xxli. . .
Valley I la miner, leader.
Mr ami Mrx. D. O. Snoilgresx left
the cltv Saturday morning for a mo
tor trip In the tirnn.l Canyon. They
will I Pne about 10 day.
New Mexico
The bluer attack on John Sully rings
brokenly in soulhern .New Mexico
where, indeed, Mr. Sully found a pros
Hii hole and built a business that
ulves employment to many thousands
wilh holm's in a model milling camp.
The mines of 1 1 runt i-ouuty juiy tin per
cent of the taxes of that county; the
gentlemen of the penis valley would
like for that money to puss tlirmiuli
tlie slate treasury, especially If they
had mill ml of the state governmeiil.
The iiiliieral counties of New .Mexico
are largely republiciiii.
A tax that would crimp ll.e large
mine owners will put the sinull ones
out of business, anil the fellows who
are advocating the excessive mine lux
iilinii know it. Tlie mineral in the
ground never has hiM taes into I lie
state treasury; it takes John Sully to
make isissible the taxation of it
and the enrichment of tlie state, .lolin
Sully ix tiNi huge u man In this com
munity for mere professional iMilitlc
ians who have eaten from the public
board to attack successfully. They hud
U'tter direct their attacks against oth
er Hllt ii'imis, w hose are tax eaters and
mil producers. Judge lliiiiiiu Is nil on
the wrong foot.
Judge llunna's attack on the repub
lican gubernatorial nominee, .Indue M.
C. Meohcm, Is .not at all abusive.
(Judge is u fine geul leiiiu u. t The ileui-iH-ratic
nominee admits Hint Judge Me
clielu mid bis record cailliot Is- suci-ess-fully
nssailnl. The ill luck is uu'uinsl
tlie republican orgaiiizalioii and its
leaili-rs. Messrs. Springer. Hursiiin, Sul
ly, Itoiiiero, Otero, Hawkins and Sen
ator Fall, though not all nf them are
cnlleil by mime, mnl by Innuendo
ugniiist judge Mechem ax their crea
ture. Tltoie who know Judge Mn-hein
will liardly Ix-llcve that he will make
a very, pliant tisl of any set of Isisses.
Tint ia-iiuty of 1 xltiiatioii Is :leil
ludge 1 1 it ii mm is the big Isiss of Hie
deiuis-rati ring kept together to ilWi'b'
the federal itro)uige of the state ami
a tight little oj-gaui.alioii at that.
The judge Is a professional tax eater,
and will Join most any party to win.
Tlie funny business about Senator
t'niru eha iloii isn't real liilnior. Sena
tor Full won hiiiids down without Is--1
lug able to make a campaign, ineic
iH-ing a fatal illness in Ids fiimil. Ami
ii,.. ,.-...,i.i..,.t ii, I'nlt.til stiites imt-
soiially iutervenisl In defeat him and
signally failed. Yes, Fall wax elected,
all right.
J. II. Walker bus Iteen iiaimsl pax
tor of the local M. K. Church by the
iinnunl i-oiiferenee closed last Sunday
at Ijis Cruivs.
"I't us have fre' wiatl from abroad
and we will gjve the people low priced
clothing." How often have we heard
that argument from democratic ora
tors, candidates, newxptiicrx and plat
forms. It Ix a fine theory, but It never
workx. Tl dy thing that works
when democrats win Is the club that
hits the sheepman.
Ulcliard is himsi-lf agiiln If yon ran
Is'lieve the democratic oimpaigu press
bureau dope. Nominee llauiia Is con
fining himself to state iimtterx, princi
pally concerning himself and Ids enn
dlilacv. lie Isn't saying a word about
I Hip Wilson licagne of Nations and lit
is ipilte shy as to t Inventor l ex. i ne
asliauied of his party plntforin. or la
he trvlng to make republicans forget
that J!o Isilttsl their party some yearx
ago in exchange for a uh-e, seven-year
J. V. Sihurtx Is buck from a visit
to California. Mrx. Sctiurt remained In
I ,os Angeles.
Judge Mcchcm might got a few ex
tra votes by writing and siieaklug tne
language of the ilemogogne. but ne
doesn't know how. He bus had his
training on the Itench where fairness
to all must govern. That Is not a ban
xort of mind lo lutre in chanje of the
executive office.
The City of ItiH-k, so wondrous, a marvel to Im-IioIiI,
We can sis' Its wondrous grandeur, but Its fume remains untold.
Though we sing the praise of its glory, or write it in jhs'iii or prose,
Twoiild lie a half-told story, like of one who partly knows.
All praise ix due the Huilder, who hax this wonder wruUL'lil.
Who planned and set In o'der, wilh s-i fii-l hand and thought.
"I'is He who made the Heavens, the earth and all the sea.
He built this wondrous city and plm-cd em Ii ns-k and Ins.
How grand Is (iod'x creation! Yes, grand Ix-yond eoiiiimre.
Yet greater is Itiilempt ion, which for us He iliil prepiire,
Kor lost was our conilitinii. Sins' wai;es was our due,
And wiihont the sins' remission, em Hess woe fur me and you.
til-eat is (iod'x work in nature, yet greater far In lore.
When to save the gullly creature from wrath was imt enough.
To have us ls Ills children, our hiving I'lillier be.
He lulil our sins n burden on His Son on Calvary.
And in Ills well lieluvcil. (iod has Iteilemptiou wrought
Krom wrath that we deserved, by His IiIimhI we have Im-i-ii Isiught.
'Tin finshisl. yes. Itisleinptloli was fiuislnsl un the Tree,
When Christ, the King of tilory, died there to set us free.
Tlifl City of Hock in nature Is wonderful to i-cc,
Hut there's a greater treasure in liml's mansions for the free,
For Christ, who died to save us, was rulseil to live arain.
And with Him tiod will give us a place to live ami reign.
Hy the grace of (iod. written in lioiu.r of Him. the Huilder of
the wonderful City of Ibs-k. in (iriint County, New .Mexico.
Written by His humble servant, IMuard Overman, September
Id mid 17. A. !.. I it-jo.
Science Ai-rcniplislu-H New Stunt
At the Standard tinx-cry Store this
wii'k a very Interesting ilemuiistrutloii
is being earriis on with Kliui the
new way of huiiilliiig one of the olilesr
fiMid prui'liiets known to inaiikiml. .Mrs.
F. It. Smith, one of our lis-al women, is
in chai'L'e, and she declares she is go
ing to put a cow in every kitchen in
Iteming before she gets Ihroiigli. n
seems that Willi Kliui in the luune the
Immediate deliveries on Chalmers Touring and Sport Models and
Maxwell open cars and trucks at the new prices.
Lestor Motor Co
1 1 9 North Silver
housewife has her milk suppl? placed
upon tin- same basis ax such staple ar
ticles i:s sugar mid coffee. All he has to
do Is mix up the ri-iiiircd amount of
KM in wilh water and she has pure,
I rich milk iiilnl to the finest grades
j of dairy milk In flavor anil fisid value.
I Mrs. Smith is inviting everyone who
j culls at the store to "have a drink."
Miss I'rancis Allen left, tlie city last
Friday for McKliiney, Tex., where she
will muke her home. I
Maxwell and Chalmers
Are worth just as much today as they were last week,
last month or last year
But We Have Reduced
the Price
(Xew prices, effective today)
Kim Mer
Truck (Solid).
Truck (lnen) UIIO()
F. O. II.
Deming, New Mexico
Tin" Music levers' Club liehl its reg
ular meeting last Thursday evening at
the home of Mr. anil Mrx. A. C. Iley
inaii. where ii delightful time wax en
Joyed by the twenty-five or more who
The parly assembled at 7 o'clock nt
the home of Miss Marie Stevens, where
aiitos were waiting to take them lo
the I ley man home.
The suhji-et wax the comimxcr. Jo
seph Haydn, and nil iiiciiiIhtx told
something of interest regarding him, tn
rcxHiiise to roll call.
j The president, Doris Dislerer, railed
the ims'ting to order, linn the mile
jutes of the re v Ions imstliig were read
by the ss-retiiry. Alliv Stevens.
The-slory of Haydn's life was given
!hy Miss Harris, ami Miss Stevens ex-
plainisl a sonata and symphony, after
which the following musical iiiiiiiImts
wen- given :
The Austrian National Ilvinn.'bv
Margurlla "Young witli the violin, und
MiiIh'I Steed at the piano,
(iypsy itoiiilo, from Trio ill U.hy Ine
Hi-ymaii; air from Sonata in D. by
tiladys I in HUH : two duets from the t'Hi
Syiuihoiiy, iirrangisl for piano, hy A I in
land .Marie Stevens.
A few musical games und delicious
i refn-slinienls were next enjoyed, and
1 1 lie iiulos were soon on their way wilh
: the relurnilig party.
Tlie inenilHTsliip of tlie club is steail
. i ly increasing, ami It ix tlie wish of
the officers that ull of Itemlng'H mu
sic lovers will soon Is- iiffllateil with
the club.
! The next meeting will lie held Octo
ber J'J at 7 :.! o'clock, at tlie brick
' Metliisllst Church.
The subject will be Mnxart. and It
' will Is- mi oiM'ii tms'ting. All interest
ed hiv cordially invltisl to attend.
Mrs. J. It.
week from a
Williams returned last
visit Willi relatives hi
(Xew prlrea rffertlve tiMlay)
Touring 7 paa...,. $1.9.'!
Touring 5 pax. 1.6 ii
Kradstcr 1,645
Coupe, J.I45
SMrt . 1,5 tj
Detroit, Mirh.
The slHIemeiit liy the Courier that It
would not accet money for touting
I lie un-rils or demerits of republican
state or mitioiial jolitlnil advertising
stall nil a niiinU-r of fin- luin-e new-paM-rx
over the stale wlt liuve lillli
ci to iiccepltsl advertising from eillier
parly, regardlesH of wlial their own
isiliu-al (? affiliutioim were supssl
to Is-. Tliere are uewspaN'rti in this
coiuilry who will not tomii certain
kinds of money, and they are resHs-isl
for their views and their scruples. The
editor of tlie Courier will lay aside I lie
the iiiestioii of Mcruplox, ax ho was
never preseiiled with inednlx for hav
ing any, iieverthelexs, it ix gissl pol
icy to print along tlie lines ax luhl
dwu in tlie decalogue. When revision
ist again get hold of the Hisik ot
Hooks I hey w ill recognize ami add an
other subject, mid it will he Known as
'Tarty Fealty."
The (iraphie editor is a young man,
alls'lt he should nut Is- blamed tor
Hun. whileli ia rival in the city "north
of Columbus" iq leaning to the sear
mid yellow. HotJi, however, have yet
to learn the meaning of iarty fealty
which brings its own reward and to
llmse wlio have lived by It and expe
rienced It liken it to the Sunrise Song,
mnl it lias itx monetary commiserations
also, ax for Instmuv, the Columbus
Weekly Courier, hy Is-lievlng and I.I V
l.N(i mrty fealty, is the official news.
pa r of Luna count v. If the Courier
ever has a .'1Mb hirthday the last two
yearx will never find )Hliticx and ii-n-dllloiis
so chmu;is in l.uiui nmnty that
it will liave to confess that it known
not whither It Is at or wliich way it
will Jump.
Miss Tossell Ix buck Troiii an extend
i visit to middle west )iollitt.
Miss Hcynolds was a visitor in the
city last week from Fort Haynrd.
Telephone No. 11 8

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