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Another Self-Propclllng Vehicle for
Highway Travel A Simple but I'scful
Contrivance General Notes of Doings
In Industrial Fields.
apparently most
practical self-propelling
vehicle yet
produced In this
country has Just
been perfected at
Springfield, Mass.,
after three years
of experiment. This
improved motor
carriage Is dally
traversing the road
ways of Western Massachusetts. The
total weight is 600 pounds. The wheels
are rubber-tired and run on ball-bearings.
The front wheels turn on their own
pivot, located In the hub, the axle being
firmly held by the side bars. The lever
In front wholly controls the carriage.
The lateral movement turns the wheels,
the vertical motion starts and stops the
vehicle, changes its rate of speed and
also reverses its movement, driving It
backward when desired. The lever con
nections all have ball joints, which can
never become loose and cause lost mo
tion. A brake drum of peculiar construc
tion Is placed under the seat and con
nected with a thumb button located at
the front corner of the seat. By pressing
41. .
me uiumD upon mis Dutton, tno car
riage If running twelve miles an hour
can be stopped within a distance of four
The variable speed ranges from three
to sixteen miles an hour, the normal
rates being three, six and ten miles. To
obtain these different rates the motor
does not change its speed. The Increase
Is made In the gearing, which is alter
nately rawhide and iron and runs
quite still. To obtain greater speed
than ten miles an hour, the pressing of
the button at the front of the seat will
Increase the speed of the motor. The
mechanism runs upon ball bearings
wherever possible, and otherwise metal
ine bearings are used, rendering oiling
The motor has a driving capacity of
tour-horse power and is what is usually
termed a gasoline motor. It is compact
ly located in the box of the body, weighs
U0 pounds and is of an improved type
double cylinder and self-regulating
as to work required. Peculiar and in
genious devices are employed In the
mixture of gasoline with air to produce
the proper quantity of gas, only a small
irop of gasoline being used at one time.
The gas so produced comes in contact
ivlth an electric spark, thereby produc
ing an expansion of the air In the cylin
der, which is already very much com
pressed by the action of the piston.
The cost of running this carriage is
one-fourth of a cent a mile. A supply
:an be carried sufficient for 100 miles
ind can readily be replenished at any
town ea'route.
7"-e motor has proved entirely re-
'iable, having been run several weeks
an a test, and shows no variation in
tants of Copan, Honduras, Mr. Savllle
says, in his paper read before the
American association, appears to have
been more literary In character than
even those of Palenque. There have
been found there twenty-four stelae, all
of which have inscriptions, besides al
tars, slabs, and hieroglyphic steps In
large numbers. Pottery vessels and
potsherds have been found bearing
glyphs, either painted or engraved.
These potsherds have been found in
such quantities as to show that thou
sands of their vessels had hieroglyphic
Inscriptions. The inscriptions are In
timately connected with the symbolism
almost Invariably found with them, and
an understanding of the symbolic marks
and ornaments will largely aid In de
ciphering the glyphs.
Simple but Useful.
To easily open the small door which
gives egress and Ingress, without being
compelled to go Into the pens, Is to save
labor, especially If it can be done from
the hall or passageway. The Illustration
explains itself. A heavy weight closes
I wni'.HT I hail
the opening, and is lifted up by a cord
running over small pulleys, fastened
from the hall.
i ..-.
The Coat of the Gnat.
The cnat Is a tinv. tlnv insect, but
sometimes just as annoying and hard to
get rid of as our better known mosquito.
In warm weather plenty of these crea
tures are to be found in the woods and
near the water, where when the proper
time comes they deposit their tiny eggs,
leaving them to float about in the pool
until they are hatched.
Now the gnat, small as she Is, has a
wonderful instinct which teaches her
Just what is best to do in order to keep
her eggs safe until they are hatched.
She Joins them all together, sticking
them fast with a sort of glue which she
furnishes herself. And she forms them
Into the shape of a hollow boat, which
would not upset even if it got filled with
water. The upper end of each egg 19
pointed, and they are Joined with the
pointed ends upward.
There are from two hundred and fifty
and. three hundred fggs In these little
egg-boats. They are to be found upon
the surface of almont any pool In sum
mer time. When the young are hatched,
they come from the under side of the
eggs and the empty shells still float
about on the water.
These tiny, tiny grubs are at first
white, changing to a darker color, and
In a few days changing ag;dn Into a
sort of chrysalis. In about a week this
sheath bursts open and the winged mos
quito or gnat comes out. It Is already
hungry, you may be sure, and quite
ready to attack the fat legs and arms of
little children who venture too near Its
When we think how many thousands
of these little pests are hatched out each
summer we begin to be quite grateful
to the birds and larger Insects who
make meals of them and so prevent
them making meals of us.
aower or speed. It is simple, will cost
but little to run, and Is applicable to
justness as well as pleasure purposes.
Gave a I. ion Strychnine.
One of Barnum & liailey's lions re
cently injured his paw in such a man
ner that It became a kindness to kill
him. A piece of meat filled with strych
nine was given him. He greedily swal
lowed the meat with Its heavy dose of
poison. The onlookers expected to see
the strychnine operate at once, but they
were mistaken. The great brute lay
down contentedly and seemed to go to
sleep. For twenty minutes or so he lay
still. Then, with no warning, he leaped
high into the air and fell with a thud
to the floor of his cage. He was dead
by the time he struck, and had prob
ably suffered no pain except at the very
instant before he died.
S lFw 1 other powders m
C PTjj ceaper mace Eg
wfl. and inferior, and H
i kwjfr leave either acid or m
I Puimmmw alkali in the food.
Kemlnded II r.
A eertnln esteemed clergyman, whose
church Is In a most attractive part of the
city, hut who for present purposes must re
main unnamed, was feeling a little "par
donable pride," ns the outgoing political of.
flefhoMeis express it, in having succeeded,
after years of soliciting, in raising enough
money to provide his church with a set of
As every one took the first occasion to con
gratulate him. It was quite natural that, on
meeting Mrs. Hlnnt, one of his most fash
ionable parishioners, he should say, In his
happy enthusiasm: "And how do you like
the new chimes. Mrs. Blunt; You must he
glad to hear those good old hymns at night.
They must remind you '
"Yes," she interrupted, "that's so. "Since
tho chimes began I've taken my medicine
quite regularly?' Boston Budget
Conservative I.lttlo llodles
Are those diminutive organs, the kidneys,
which. In spile of their small size, perform
In health a most Important part in the me
chanism of the system. Out of order they
breed dangerous trouble. Renew their ac
tivity with Hostellers' Stomach Hitters,
which prevents the serious and often fata!
diseases resulting from their inaction. This
sterling medicine, moreover, remedies mala
rial, rheumatic and dyspeptic complaints,
uud Invigorates the Whole system.
"Why was the bee selected as a model of
Indus! y?" asked Ttlllnghast "Because
business with him Is always humming, re
marked tilldersleeve.
It has long been understood that mar
riages are made In heaven. It Is quite a
shock, then, to read occasionally of one
being made In the penitentiary.
"Hanson's Magic Corn Salve."
Warranted to cure or money refunJed. Ask your
druggist fur It. l'rtce 13 tint-.
Next to rolling off a I
bring up their
the easiest thing
Is to tell other people How thev ought to
We will give $1M) reward for any case of
catarrh that can not be cured with Hall's
Catarrh Cure Taken internally.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, 0.
When the conscience goes on a strike the
proprietor will feel better If he accedes to
lis demands.
It the lliihy la Cutting Teeth.
Be sure anil OSS thut old and well-tried remedy. Mrs.
Wisslow's BOOTBDia STPVT for Children Toothing-
She There Is no use in talking, It's the
small things that annoy one most. lb' Yes.
Kven a little mosquito bores me frightfully.
Keopenlng Montezuma Hotel, Las Vegus
Hot Springs, N. M.
The Montezuma hotel at Las Vegas Hot
Springs will be reopened on June 20, 1811'),
under the management of Mr. Jno, (I. l'lnnk.
The hotel has been refitted throughout, and
Various improvements made In the grounds,
bath houses, etc. The hotel rates will be
much lower than heretofore, but the unex
celled character of service and cuisine will
remain at its previous high standard. No
better resort can be found for a vacation
outing for those In search of health or recre
ation; where one can enjoy the finest min
eral baths In the world and best fishing and
hunting In the Rock; Mountain region.
Very low round-trip rates have been made
by the "Santa l'e Route" from Colorado
points, as follows:
Denver 10.g0
Colorado Springs 15.70
For descriptive pamphlet address .1. 1'.
Hall, General Agent, Passenger Department,
1TOU Lawrence street. Denver, Colorado.
It Is a fortunate tiling for corporations
that they have no souls, for they would have
a tough time of It In the next world.
l'iso's Cure cured me of a throat and lung
trouble of three years' standing.- IS, Cady.
Huntington, Ind., Nov. 12, 1804.
The hen-pecked husband who misses a
train he has promised Ids wife to return on.
"catches It," when lie gets home.
Kzpsrlenee leads many inotber to iy
"UsePsrker'sGlngrTonlc," because It Is especial
ly good tor colds, pain and nine st evory weakness,
(ireen Gates Is your son doing well at
college? Halsey I'ul nam Not as well as 1
expected; lie Is only playing center Held.
Those distressing ('ores!
Bad as they are Btndercornswlll remnvs them, and
.hen yon can walk and ran and jump as you like.
Olebatch The girls are not so pretty ns
they were twenty years ago. Miss Pert
We'll, neither are you.
A monkey's Caprice.
The last of the famous group of pets
vhich Frank Buckland collected at his
louse died Jan. 17. It was the monkey,
Tiny the second, of the species Cerco-
:ithecus mona. She was a beautiful and
graceful creature, covered with a coat
if handsomely shaded hair, and had
:een under Mrs. Auckland's care seven
teen years and a half. She had the llfe
ong reputation of being exceedingly
mischievous, and was an accomplished
:hlef. She led a gray parrot, which had
been an inhabitant of the house for
twenty-five years,' a terrible life; and
when she was let out of her cage she
played havoc with her master's papers
ind manuscripts. She would dash about
the room, make a clean sweep of the
:able, and fill her pouches with anything
:hat appeared especially nice. Her two
later companions were a gray parrot
ind a thoroughbred dachshund, Olga.
Every morning Tiny and the dog had a
jame of romp, that Invariably ended in
the discomfiture of Olga. The dog would
run around the monkey's cage, barking
loudly; Tiny, inside the wires, would
un around also, and when opportunity
iccurred, would seize the dog's ears and
ieep pulling at them until Olga released
lerself. Notwithstanding these little
iisagreements, the dachshund appeared
to miss Tiny and went about the house
is If seeking her. The parrot, too,
seemed to regret the loss of the mon
key, and efforts were made to cheer her
irooping spirits, if possible.
Trout Fishing at Night.
Night fishing for trout naa suddenly
become the rage, and hereafter many
anglers may be found beside the brook
enjoying the nocturnal pastime. The
theory advanced by experts Is that the
speckled beauties wander from their
fireside more safely and successfully for
food in the night time. It is very plaus
ible that in securing Its victims the
trout moves about with more freedom
In the darkness. Hence it should pay
the angler to spend a little time with his
fly In the evening.
A Study of Maya Hieroglyphics.
American students have not made
nuch progress in Central American
irchaelogy as those of Europe; and It
s only recently that the Peabody mu
seum of Harvard university has under
aken to carry on extensive and exhaus
tive researches in what Mr. Marshall
H, Savllle styles the most prolific source
f hieroglyphic inscriptions of what we
lave knowledge. The ancient lnhabl-
Chlengo's First Ordinance.
Citizens were forbidden to let pigs
wander in the streets; to "shoot off any
firearms"; to steal timber from any of
the bridges for firewood or other pur
poses; to endanger the public safety by
putting a red hot stove pipe through the
board wall; to run a race horse through
the principal streets; to exhibit a stal
lion without due consideration for pub
lic decency; to leave timber lying loose
on the streets; or to throw dead animals
iu the river.
Ills Body Whirled About.
George Meade, an employe of the
Grand River file works, at Palnesvllle,
Ohio, was attempting to put a belt on
a pulley in motion and was caught and
whirled around the shaft about ten
times, striking a 4x10 piece of woo-i.
breaking it in two. The Injured man was
rescued with his arm broken In three
places and badly bruised about the
body, but it is thought he will live. He
weighs over 200 pounds.
No Passports Needed.
Travelers in the United States do not
need a passport when going from one
state to another, nor Is their baggage
opened and searched for contraband
articles every time they cross a state
line, as In the case when passing
through Europe.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs 01 pnysicai wing, wm micsi
the value to health of tho pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in tho form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
jning them and it is perfectly free from
svery objectionable substance.
Syrup of Fisrs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. onlv, whose name is printed on every
nncWn. nlsn the name. Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
cept uuy substitute if ottered.
weeping willow should be planted in
and those soon to
become mothers,
should know that Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription robs child
birth of its tortures
'and terrors, as well as
of its dangers to both
mother and child, by
aiding nature in pre
paring the system for
parturition. There
by " labor " and the
period of confine
ment are greatly
shortened. It also promotes the secre
tion of an abundance of nourishment fof
the child.
Mrs. Dora A. GuTHRtR, of Oakley, Overton Co.,
Tern., writes: "When I began taking Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, I was not able to
stand on my feet without suffering almost death.
Now I do all my housework, washing, cooking,
sewing and everything for my family of eight. I
am stouter now than I have been in six years.
Your ' Pavorite Prescription ' is the best to take
before confinement, or at least it proved so with
me. 1 never luffered so little with auy of my
children as 1 did with my last."
Denver Directory.
IleadiiuarU-ri For
harness mmm
1 o not Im deooti) 1 b unrjU
able :i .i ;.'ii prion, i c i ,u
US Icaai a irnen tor , U, IJ stoat
bom. double oiajjk, covuiy
suddia for $11, hxi baton pur
chasing, cud (or iuy niw iLu
trutuJ uud UeKTipiue caul ;u
(roa, and soj want y i ur
ordering, and if goods aro not as ropre-Outj 1, yoi
ran return same at my expense. I ue tho bj ,t osl
tunned loather and employ only that claw work
men. J. tl. UII.HOV,
17J9 to 1731 Larimer SL DSN VEIt, COL.O.
SHENT & AWNING wrfton.
AND I'll Kit grout re
duetlo i In price's sad-
diowutd lurne.Tney
001 you not a in or
examination. I'.esl
Hi slule bugL'j bar-
a in Colorado tor
110 sluiflo S.iwiy
ha nesi (or iS,5i: a
nickel or mbmt
trimmed t"J) double
concord harness wl b
breeching :or WDJ MC
steel horn sto, k sa 1
dlo (or ti); i steel
horn ltOC- saddle
double etneht fot in.
Do not bo deceived by
wortiiie-s imUa Ions,
but send your order
direct to us and got
the best genuine oak
tinned harness tor
examination before
payiug (or tame,
catalogue (roo. All
goods stamped,
Kreil U oc her.
1418-1410 Irrimer street. Denver, Colo.
n i '
DATCUTC Ohtainod In nil countries. II. 8.
r A I L 11 1 0 Blley, 663 Equitable Illdg., Denver
Viiivi ;urP9 FemaleWeakness of any kind 30
I la 1 1 Londoner llk.1030 Arapahoe st. Denver
Machinery, etc. Pipe throu Hat aal sjlttaf.
Freight elevators, Noni Oirudo, lllidZ Hi i IC,
I tK A N BOLD. 6, E. ADY, 1020 lUth
And Chemical Laboratory.
iiliMIAeil mi.
send your sweeps uud wuste containing gold
and silver for treatment. Prompt return
nud blgheit cash price paid for gold aud sil
ver bullion. Address 1730 and 1733 Law
rence Street, Denver. Colorado.
On their cumnion-senso nnw teol horse whim. Will
hoist 23 tons o( rock UUUfeet oach shirt Isjustas safe
and reliable its uu engine. It ean be packed anywhere.
u juuK vim uu. xu (uk wueeiB or
clutches to break. ' per cent is
wrought Iron and stel aud will bend
before breaking. Over 350 in use
some running 0 years without one
dollar's expense. We make horse-
nomui ut prices, ou, Tt JUU f ljj
Rend for an llliistrutsd circular to THE
, UB UUrilH ch., uuuvor. uoio.
Cleanits aoa bcaatiflet the hIr.
Promote! A J li x una til growth.
Never Falls to Beitore Oray
ii. ur to its xouimui uoior.
Cutis icalp direasoi A hair falling.
f50c,ttnrtl.iHJat Prugglitt
Itching Piles known by moisture llko ponipiration, cans
intense itching when warm. This form and Blind, Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles yield ut onco to
which acts directly on parts affected, absorbs tumorr, al
lays itohing, effecting a pormanent onra. Price euo.
Druggists or mail. Dr. Uoaunko, l'hllada.i Vu.
Very Latest Styles May Manton
5 Cent rutterns for 10 Cents. When the Conpon Below JU Nxnt.
Cent Additional for Poatagei.
Also One
(1399 6413 6100
I'.VTTKnN Xo. mm rut In nvcslM-, vl.: M, !t, M, !W and 40 !n?h bust measure.
PlTTKM No, til l Cut 1 1 live lies, tin .18, M, 36, 3 and to Inch bust meanure.
I'attkki No. Mil UU ei' Heeror, (our alien, vlti 10, II. It and It yean.
I'attp.kn N. 1)100- Misto' Skirts, thrto size, 13. It and 10 years.
HIS COUPON sent wltli an order for ono or any of the above 35 cent patterns Is credttod
Ono coat extra for pa-tage for each pattorn. Olve nnmberof Inches waist measure for
skirts anJ number of iuchos bust measure for waists. AddreBs,
look Box 747. TOBJt, H. T.
yyy yeyyf V T T T "V" TTTT7VTTTTTTI

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