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FRIDAY, JULY 19, 135.
Special Correspenc.cnc.
Largo, July 16. Model ditchers are
work repairing head of dit jh for a
lew stage of water.
Our Post Master, funeral Collector,
and Real Estate Agent, 'bns hetn very
kind to the merchants of Largo in ad
vertising them so extensively, and we
TheM. E. Church social Tuesday
night was a very pleasant suooess.
Jiai Laughren has the hest grardon
in San Juan County. Wo all say so.
J R, Johnson of n.allaq, Texas, was
through here Saturday selling trees.
Mist Lillian Markley receivort her
appointment as postmistress on Tuesday.
J. A. Laughren is building a flue
bath house at liis residence iu oronard
Attorney L. L. Henry was in ton
Wedensday rustling up bondsmea Per
slitl Mark lay.
" Bess Jackson ef Navajo Spring
wjoyefi the pleasure ef our town Tues
day. W, Stevens Mm Young and Miss
niinh.nt nf PVuifcland were in town
Mi and Mrs Foster, accompanied by
their son and his wife and children,
arrived hi Farmingtan Saturday eve-..-
The new Indian mission housoatthe
Hog baek is almost so ra pleted. It will
be a substantial weil built house, and
most comfortable for its occupants.
Mrs H. 0. Willis, with her children,
and Mamie Markley, loft Farming ton
Friday, fdr Ohama where she will join I for buy
n.A,m ahii)lnr in anvr.relr 111.
ttlKUvipn u .1 . . .
annrove the sentiment' not nn or shut
rol Willams was down from Aztec ;
. u .'.
Our neighbourhood is .-.gain without
a doctor, or soon will be, as Wo Chung
is about to depart for Lumberton. We
have all srs ef Doctors, se called, but
they graduate on a wood uile, at least
they si. ow no pni.f r to the contrary
Is there no law applicable to their case
particularly tbe Chinaman?
Ther is a Tarire force of natajos now
working on th'a Snyder-Pi'an ditch.
Another year Largo will iinniti.
Hay maVing in all the go Ht present
Old Bob, Brumbly s yellow dog, has
cenie buck, but so far Frank has not
shown up. We look for him by the
fir i I'rost.
This seotion of ear country is pro
ducing quite a little fruit tVtis year.
D. L'ibato, J. Videl Luj in and others
have sold eherries so far, and later on
will have ap-des, plums and a fv
peaohes.A few years hence everybody
will have fruit, as Johnston, the DaMa.
Tex is, man has taken quite extensive
orders in this vicinity, and ven sold
trees to people on dry ranches DUt'
that is their business aad the good
Niro .showers every da v p. ..a over
some portion of our ranges, and val
leys insuring a good crop of grass ior
range fctoek, and lo.a labor irrigating.
Not all the oattle in th se parts are
sold as Manuel M-unos, Refugio Cor
ralles,ffuan A.Manzanares,Joe Martin,
VideDLugan nd others are holding
write favonrably
regard to their
he; husband, now witL the Biggs Lura
bsr Company.
Boon Vaughn, Ed Davis and John
Rvnom urn on the t- t&erco trading and
selling horses. They
of that locality with
To Bubtoctlbers advertisers and others
Pay to V. R. X- Greaves all accounts
duo to the Times, and 'authorize him
0 collect the same, and his receipt
shall be Bufflclent, Fred E. Holt.
Clark HutohingS of the Markley
lUnohleft for Durango uuday noon,
taking with him the first load
ef l tr season, sold thoui at
prioe, and arrived homa Tuesday at
uooh. y
" t, Fred E. Holt having r. tired from!
the firm of Greaves & Holt publishers
of The Times. Mr. V. R.-N. Greaves
will have entire control of the editor
ial and business departments of the
paper. Fred E. Holt.
KitCirsonis putting up a large
building for a grist mill, and also in
connection with the mill will be a
cylinder for thrashing out wheat; Mr
11 thrash eraiu for
VH lOIn W.i-.IW "W - - - -
the straw
crs. Some one is going to pso
for cattle one of these days.
The Hubbard ditch washed out
through the heavy rain last Thursday-.
N. L Hayden Mr and Mrs K. Woods
and Miss Woods of Flora Vista were
in town lant night.
The elrcular of M. A. Brachvegel
ant! company the new commwion firm
Dorango, with W 8. Weightroan
nianager, reached us yesterday. This
firm advertises l.irge storage facilities,
ad quick sales.
A meeting was held Tuesday night,
f appl. s ' afi h Times Oftlce. of the oommlttee
a good on location sf the fltcaderay site, a
eheioe of tb ground was made, but
h ditor Han Jn.in Time.
Flora Vista, N. M., July 15. -Will
you allow me to explain the Flora
Vista ehureh lot affair, as I understand
some of your people have been de
ceived. The facts are these: Some
years ago I deeded an acre to the trus
tees of the M E. Church South at Flo
ra Vista far a church site, with a ver
bal understanding that if ihey did not
ue it for a church site it was to bo
deeded back to me. 8o it ran on for a
tew j ears and they decided to move
the church site on MoCoy's land, he
giving n acre of land. So they movtd
the foundation and hauled the br.ck
from Farmington on the lot, yiven by
Mr. McCoy and built, tho foundation,
so then I told Mr. Howard who was
then presiding elder and prvacher in
Charge that according to .'ireement
the lot was to ba deeded back to me.
So in my house in tno presence of
Levi Day, and Mrs. llyde.i and my
self, Howard told Mr. D.iy and myseif,
as we were two of the trus.ecs, to
deed the lot tack to me, and with that 1
authority I made out the dtd and all
ot r.s trustees signed it. but previous
to this the truntc-s gave a rbfunding
bond th the church extension board,
which Mr. Howard said lie would
have transferred to the McCoy lot, but
never oid so, and the next year the
Kev. Wood was put on the work and
when he went away he said lie would
have it transferred to tho McCoy lot,
but he failed to do so. So last spring
without my knowledge or consent
they decided to move back on a.y lot
iu.d I notillod them that 1 would not
give the lot back. So thy ignored my
notice and. hauled the brick back to
my lot and laid them U Now, these
ire faots and I can prove 'nem; now,
if this is the w:v, foi Christian peopla
to do, I Will let the people decide
Now, Mr. Howard denies ever giv
ing the author" bo deed the lot back,
an J now aftr using the Kev. Mr. Day
for years to fill his appointments and:
its class Ifeadt-r and Su. day school su
perintendent, he now Mr Day i
erazy , as Mr. Day -ays bo did give au
thority to deed the lot bacic. 1 oent
Mr. H ward word to come and see me,
but'he tailed to come. Howard will
hdl .yon that Christ said, "reason one
with another." Has he done so? I
am willing for the people to decide
who is light in this matter aid the
court will decide ho ow us the lot.
N, L. Hayden.
For sale in tracts to suit tho buyer on easy terms. There is no more favored
property anywhere In the San Juan country. It lies very level jn a command
ing, elevated mesa overlooking the valleys of the Animas and San Juan rivers
and the junction of these two streams. As this is new and desirable property
on tho market the early ouyer is the one who secures tho choice. For partice
lars call on or address
1 have frequent applications for property of different descriptions and 3!'.
property listed with mo will receive careful attention.
If vou want any information regarding land and water in San Juan
1 ,. 1 r ...ill ... ... i . . ... ,1
COlinty, drop mo a linn aim 1 win pruuipuy lespwim.
Farmington N. M
The Cheapest Groceries Sold
1 Cioser than
Place in Town
Anywhere in
To Buy. O the County.
i 111 ST -I II -j
nt published yet.
Frank Conlidge L. W. Burnham J.
R. Y.mng Percy Oollyer E. Thnrland
,r IT. Waring S f. Webster R H.
Woods were in Karmiagton Saturday.
Uof Sale. J. R. Younj of Fruitland
1 ; rl so'ghum for sale at 60 cents
p 1 gallon including can, delivered
i,. b, orders and ca-ii an b left at
Times Office.
Vlora Vista.
Snpcint rutrtaiHtndesot.
Flora VibTA, July 16.-Professor
(Ellas' Masiaw ol Li Plata has attrae
tiens over this way that draw like a
inu-tard plaster. Charlie, it isn't any
of our funeral but for tho sake of an
other fellow, we wish ou would slay
on your reservation.
F. H. Tully returned home Thurs
day from Bilverton where h:id min to
dispose ot sumo hoi'BCS. Mr. Tully re
ports fair prices tor what horses ho
of All Kinds
Taken Here
J. i. Laita,
N. Mex.
n i -
the ex
r ... t r, ,.o .1-a, ..I a chnrniiic mtt. ,ntn mm rlinenssed. "he com
ohiue, and several miller's buhrs. mittee -f five wero appointed to work
. . , nLn the fair- Mr. Shidler ehairman.
TheGovernerhasappointedtheHon P
William Locke Delegate io the.Irri. WLocke, D B Bos.
gation Congress at Albuquerque I tie n -- -
SeDt nerL The Certificate oi hisUom- t""i' - .
t iir Mr Ton!f is n eeibrn-and neoessary oljict.
m-jaiiMi firtrar' : tn Mr L1OCK6 1H II
most art-'.stic document and will serve 1 Mr Austin of A.tec vif-itod Farmirig
to remind of the honor paid him ou'iu Monday accompauied by his
this important occasion. brother in Kv the Rev Powelson
.1 1 1 foimerlv of lirand Junction, wir .tow
J. Ellen Foster, now staying with her f th . Pre,bTttria.
At public meeting cf Fruit growers
u.u a.ir:iu niflia S:i nr-:luv last
I1U Will I'll. ...... : I1W.U til. tliO ii.kct viiJ..w.
He has also procured a saw j the desirability of holding a San Juan, d fn m Kentueky
father and mother of Slra.Hiokman ar
rived at Flora ViBta Sunday alier
noon. They will spend a month or
two in this neighborhood.
Mr nd M.-a. C..De.ani from Du-
raugo were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. j
Ha) den on Mond.iy last.
Mr. Efanta, the gentleman who sora
time aro purchased a portion of Jo
seph Crouch's ranch uas tstablished
i-.. Ikmnn Mr Kanta
t Plinn Fr.(r now star nir with her " 1 nl" i"'"""""
husband at FaTmington, will deliver a "Pf - the new Pr.sbyUr.an wil build a handsome aoobo house ou
Addition to
West cf Presbyterian Church.
husband UWmiHD, wu. u .1 e, a ; pf QUr
speech on Temperanceat.be Method-g". . R.w r.ntleman ex
ist Church, Flora Vista, 011 Sunday ; , " .
. rraiMd l is creat Dsi ttsoro tit the eviti
next July21atSoolookin the after-1 is great
u , , . tn ent signs of the progress and pros-
noon. Everybody will be pres-mt to ; .. . ,.
i.j nerity of this oistrldt.
hear this talented speaker on this mv j
nortant Bubject The lecture is given A Times Reporter visited the Dea'.i
under the auspices of the Ladies Tern- j ranch in Farmington Monday. 1 ms
poraace Union of Flora Vista. flva acres sno wi ah - ady what tan be
Jr nnmnltahd in e;r eotitrv with a
lJalyWbelngUncle Allen McCoy's "P..?",,, ,ofso.;,,d
vt'ry low .."u 1 .
water. Th-:; plot, only settled u.on
and worked bv the Dean boys since
seventieth birthday. children
grand-children and a goodly number
of his friends gave hima surprise by
holding a picnic at his place. A long
table waB erected in 1 he gove on the
bank of the Animas which was spread
with the choicest delicacies the coun
try affords, which was enjoyed by
spring, is planted out, and shows a
courseof thorough cultivation. In
great quantity, and looking well are
tho following, white, Pop, Jerusalum
and other corn, eorghunt, ransk snd
try affords, wn.cn was enjoyea f t
about fifty of the relatives and friends. ZTZmL ol! tree. Next
Uncle Mien circulated around among , ,,,
. . ... "f year this homo will be a model of com-
t . nv crowd more like a man of.' "
forty than one who was passing th
his ranch this fill
Ou a recent trip of the writer and
famdy to the La Plata mountains, we
found everything h oming We vis
Led La PI ta city and indeed it re
minded roe ot oiden time. It would
require too much timo and i-pace to
enter into a detailed description of nil
tbe prom.stng mining claims at La
Plata city and whl mention only one,
the Columbus. The Colon bus com
pany has the new road o mipletcd and
has 25 men at work on the mine, tuo
ore is a rich tellurium and oloride.
LOTS, 50X200 FEET,
Under Farmington Ditch. Water Right
Sold with Lots! Easy Terms to Good
Purchasers. Consult
T. J. Arriiigton
seventieth mile stone on the gnat
journey ef life. His own well stocked
flsh pond furnished a bountiful supply
of it s finny tribe for the occasion.
When dinner was over Attorney L L.
Henry of Aztec being called for re
sponded with a very appropriate ad
dress which was followed by some
remarks appropriate to the occasion by
Attcnt ion, ti. A. it.
Farmington, July 15.
There will bo a regular meeting of
Lincoln Post No. 13 G. A. R. on Satur
day July 20 1895 at the residence of
Comrade Shidler two miles anove
Farmington, at the request of said
comrade who is likely soon to have to
thP lust roll tail There will
" . . , 1 . 1 fi
. JjUV UB 'i l i inwwti f J ,
ti .,n ,..,; rnr.d ti, the fish Bend where rndes' wives are invited. By order of
ti.e afternoon was spent in fiahtag, 0. H. McIlEt.BY P C.
boit ridlnf, and bocial chat. j Walter Wtttton, AdjU 1
Aztec, N. M.
Capital Stock - - $30,000.00
Does a general banking business,
terest paid on timo deposits.
FitANK M. PlBBOB, President.
Vice President.
Robert 0. Prewitt,
Charles V. Safford, Cashier.
Assistant Cashier.
Bowman & Ca'rsonProp'rs
Shingles, Box Material and Lath
Mills ate looated at Thompson's Park, 18 miles from Dale's fte4i
Postofflce address. DIX. COLO.

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