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Official Paper of San Juan County
Rate of SurMcrlplioit:
1 jtu ,.K)0 I Sa monthi...
Three month. ?& cants.
tntered t the poatofflo at Kiirrainftton for
ransmisaioa through tho nail u Mcond olM
We are In receipt of the prospectus
of the conservatory and college of mu
sic of the university of Denver. This theu.sayt this gold advocate, you pay
In the July number of Sound Cur
rency, the pair phlet of the Gold Advo
cate Reform club, we notice the fol
lowing argument, "If you owe M and
you tould pay it with coins which you
could buy for $50 or less, would you
pay it with coins that would cost you
or that you could sell for 55 or f 10?
Ordinarily not. Do you know any
body else who would do so?"
Let us glance into this argument,
If a man owe $60, that 50 must be
paid in acceptable money, that is, in
legitimate money, having it value
acknowledged on account of its legal
ity. How are we to pay that f 60? If 60
silver one dollar pieces are oflered,
elegant pamphlet defenses a most
perfect system of musical and vocal
Instruction. Instruction in all its va
rious grades, under principals of the
highest attainments. The college
comprises also an art department.
A rumor has been circulating about
town dnring the past few days to the
effect that a good many ' fluent ial cit
izen of Querqueville were going to
work at the next session of the terri
torial legislature for the formation of
a now county with Gallup as the county
eat, and would then move to Gallup
and grow np with the best town in the
great southwest Gnllnp Gleaner.
We give the report of the county
commissioners on the 1st inst. The
boanl raised the court fund levy and
reduced the county fund correspond
ingly. This will Rive Judge Laughlin
means that were found ubsolutely
essential to run the court with, but
'III ....... ,.f - ... 41... ... I 1
..... .j . wu.m, ruu '"y I priee aijd must have his 50
luiiun mum i. i lit uuiiru wuuiu not1
Impose an extra tax on the people, so j
have thought flt to get along with leBB
money tor oounty purposes.
The Times acknowledges the receipt
of the usual complimentary editorial
ticket from the secretary of the terri
torial fair association of New Mexico.
In receiving this ticket to the great
fair at Albuqnerqae next September,
wo aro reminded that neither money
nor pains have been spared in making
every endeavor to exhibit in a proper
manner the wonderful resources of
this district. Elsewhere we mention
the program, and prizes to be com
peted for. that the lairnnrl irrigation
congress together make the most im
portant events in the progressive and
economic history of tnis territory
there seems no doubt. That from all
parts the represent,.! ives of agricul
tural, producing and commercial in
terests will be present is an assured
fact, and that it is the solemn duty of i
every county to exhibit its productions
cannot bo denied.
in coinage yon can hay for $50 or less,
and you would be foolish to pay in
gold pieces that would be worth 5a or
60 dollar. In the one case the creditor
would not take the silver as not repre
senting the amount of the debt; in the
other case yon would not pay the
gold as you would be paying 5 or 10 dol
lars more than your debt. How then is
the $50 to be paid? The dollar then ae
a unit ot value no longer exists. This
is an anomaly, in fact an absurdity.
This $i0 cannot be paid; that is, there
is no such thing as an actual standard
money representing this dollar. It is
either worth too much or too little. To
pay this debt in dollars of the original
unit value, the value itself, seems to
be impossible. Tne creditor would
have to take more than 60 silver dol
lars to pay the debt of t50 or less than
60 gold dollars to pay this debt of $50
which is a cruel absurdity. Of
03urse the creditor can have bis debt
of $50 paid in the coin of advanced
He makeB, using the uold paper's ar
gument, 5 or 19 dollars' profit. The
bolder of tne silver coins would not be
allowed to pay in silver, a depreciated
coin. If he were so permitted, then
he must pay more than 50 dollars to
liquidate a debt of 50 dollars.
The cause of this in the demonetiza
tion of silver. The cure must essen
tially be the legalizing of silver coin
at a fixed ratio with gold to be used
again for all purposes. Then this
strange anomaly of this inability of
the debtor to give 50 tokens for the
exact amount they are supposed to
represent according to usage and the
constitutional law of the land will be
swept away.
Twenty-five dollars will bo paid for
the whereabouts of Frank Loughran,
aged 24, black hair, tall and slim, a
clerk formerly of Washington, D. C,
New York and Galveston and now
somewhere in New Mexico. He has
recently inherited an estate and his
presence in N. Y., or a power of attor
ney is necessary for settlement.
J. Louohran, Principal Examiner,
Bureau of Pensions.
July 31, '96. Washington, D. C.
N artery Stock.
The Gem nurseries of Dallas, Texas,
has been represented and the San
Juan county thoroughly eanvassed by
Mr. Johnson and an able assistant in
the person ot Mr. R. B. Longmire and
their sales have been, so they say, sat
isfactory and we are glad of it as there
never have been men more highly rec
ommended than these gentlemen and
the following speak volumes for Mr.
Executive Department,
Dallas, Texas, Aplil 2, '94.
To whom thli may come:
I take pleasure in saying that Mr. J.
R. Johnson is an enterprising and re
liable citizen of this city and has been
very successful in his line of business.
He is worthy of and entitled to credit
and confidence. Respectfully,
Brtan T. Barry, Mayor.
Dallas, Texas, April 2, '94.
To all who may be interested:
This will recommend the bearer, J.
R. Johnson of this city, as a successful
man in horticultural pursuits. I have
known him for many years and have
had a number of dealings with him in
the purchase of nursery stock. I can
also recommend him as a man of great
energy and reliability. He has a wide
spread reputation, and deservedly so.
We wish him much success in any
fields where he may establish a branch
of his business. Respectlully,
General R. M. Gano, Bauker.
Messrs. Darling and Sneed of the
Denver & Rio Grande railway visited
The Times Saturday last. Their mis
sion to this county was an important
one, that of computing by personal
inspection and inquiry the probable
output of fruit for the purpose of con
sidering the question of a reduction in
rates from Durango to tho large cen
ters such as Denver and Pueblo. The
miiway men have visited the larger
orchards, and gRined all the informa
tion possible. They assert that the
people should commence the reform
movement at this end. First, they
say, that the cost of haaluge to Du-
rancro is too much: next. lhen. thn
price of the a, pie box lumb. r is too ' of -mJ mi"8 on the dollar of the 88
Commissioners Proceedings.
Toe board met in special session this
1st day of August A. D., 1895, present.
P. M. Salmon, chairman, John Real
and J. E, Manzanares and Clerk Wm.
The following letter addressed to
the board was received from the clerk
of the district court:
Santa Fk, N. M., July 19, 1895.
To the Board of County Commission
ers of the County of San Juan:
I have baen directed by the Hon. N
B. Laughlin, judge of the district
court, to say to you that after a care
ful estimate, it will require the sum of
$3000 for the maintenance of the dis
trict court in your county, for the
year 1896 and to request that you
make- the necessary levy for the rais
ing of such sum. Very Respectfully,
Signed, G. L. Wyllys,
Clerk District Court.
The board having at their regular
meeting on July 3, 1895, made a levy
great. We cannot expect, so they
say, the railway to stand to the loss oc
casioned by the price of haulage and
boxes, to cut down their rates so as to
save the ranchmen in th so respects.
Tho railway must be paid a paying
price us well as the freighters, so they
If the United States government
paid debts according to contract then
the bonds that fall due in less than 12
years could be paid in silver according
to the terms of the contract. They
are payable in coin of tho weight and
fineness then in use for money. Fur
ther a resolution adopted by congress,
January 2, 1878, that all tho bonds of
the United States issued or authorized
to be issued under tho acts of congress
sessea valuation ot tne taxable prop
erty in the county; and it appearing
that said tax levy was not bufllcient to
maintain the district court in this
county for the year 1898, it was or
dered by the board that said tax levy
be raised to $.006 (mills on the dollar)
and that the levy of .010 mills on the
dollar for county fund be reduced to
.0085 mills on the dollar, and that the
county assessor be required to make
the necessary changes on the assess
ment rolls for the year 1895 accord
ingly. The board then adjourned.
P. M. Salmon, chairman.
Attest: Wm. McRae, clerk.
A Papor Free,
Send your name and address for a
therein recited aro payable principal sample copy of "Marriage Bells," an
and interest at tho option of the gov- 8-page paper containing the naims
eminent in silver dollars of the coin- i and descriptions of hundreds of young
age of the U. S. containing i-2 grains people who wish to correspond for fun
each of standard silver. The treasurer and results. Girls, send your name,
pays silver purchase notes in g ld and description, age, etc., and receive hun
then opolou'izes to tho public for it. dreds of nice letters from boys. Boys
Tho terms of a contract can be fol-j send your description, etc , and re
Jowod, where there is any option in a ; ceive dainty written letters. All uds
contract as to payment, then the publish d fne. Perhaps you mny
flud a husband or a wife and have
plenty of fun. Send your name and
d. Turiptiun by postal or letter at onee
and behold the result. Do not delay
and address Floyd D. Huffman
U.and Rapids, Ohio.
How to Cure Yourself Wbilc Using It.
The tobacco habit grows on a man
until bis nervous system is seriously
affected, impairing health, comfort
and happiness. To quit suddenly is
too severe a shock to the system, as
tobacco to an inveterate user becomes
a stemulant that his system continu
ally craves. Baco-Curo is a scientific
cure for the tobaceo habit, in all its
forms, carefully compounded after
the formula of an eminent Berlin
physician who has used it in bis pri
vate prae ice since 1872, without a
failure, purelv vegetuble aud guar
anteed perfectly harmless. You can
use all the tobacco you want while
taking liaco-Curo; it will notify yon
when to stop. We give a written
guarantee to permanently cure any
case with three boxes or refund the
money with 10 per cent interest.
Baco-Curo is not a substitute but a
scientific cure that cures without the
aid of will power and with no incon
venience. It leaves the Bysteni as
pure and free from nicotine as the day
you took yonr first chew or smoke.
Sold by all druggist? with our iron
clad guarantee, at $1 per box, three
boxes (30 days treatment) $2 50, or
sentdirect upon receipt of price. Send
six 2 cent stamps for sample box,
booklet and proofs free. Eureka
Chemical & Manufacturing Compa
ny, Manufacturing Chemists, La
Cross", Wis. fl5m6
Aztec, N. M.
Capital Stock - - $30,000.00
Big Discount
For Cash
- On - -
Does a general banking business. In
terest paid on time deposits.
Samuel D. Webster,
Frank M. Pierce, President.
Vice President.
Robert O. Prewitt,
Charles V. Safford, Cashier.
Assistant Cashier.
debtor can choose his money; if the
contraot Bays "Gold," then, necessar
ily, payment must be made in gold.
The theoretic discussions as to silver
and gold are excuses to obscure this
sole question which should be settled.
Prompt answer and an honest opinion, write t j
ill I N N At '., who have had nearly fifty enri'
experience In ti.e patent basinets. Cominunlca
tlntu strictly confidential. A Ilniiilbook of In.
formation concerning I'nteiila and how to ob
tain them acut free. Also a catalogue of mechan
ical and scientific hooka tent free.
Patents tak.m ttironiib Munn A Co. receive
racial notice Inthe Sclentlllr Attierirnn, and
tbuj am broucht widely before '.be public with,
out coot to tho Inventor, 'i'hla itplendld paper.
Iiumcd weekly, elegantly Illustrated, ban by far the
largest circulation of any scientific work In lit
world. $3 a year. Sample cor lea sent free.
Bulldlnc Edition, ninntfr. $5.S0a year. Hindi
ennlas, 'Jft oonts. ttverv number contain! beau
tiful platen. In eolor, and photographs of new
houses, with plan, enabling builder to show the
Vaiosv designs and secure contracts. Address
MUNN CO, NW YOHK. .161 Olio; t.WAT
Dr7 Goods Joels and Stioes, Clotliing, Ete,
For the Next 60 Days to Make Room for Spring Stock.
At Very iLo ries.
Call and Be Convinced.
Williams & Cooper, Farmington, N. M.
Manufacturer of and Dealer in
San Juan Lime
F. M. Pierce, Agent.
B. A. Gambill,
Farmington, N. M.
Horseshoeing a Specialty.
. A!! Kinds of Farm Machinery Repaired
in First-Class Shape.
The Hardware Dealer.
Sells Good Cheaper than Anybody Bice tor Cash.
Took Two-'l liirds World's Kulr Premiums.
Moline Steel Plows
And Cultivators.
Durango, Co! ).
v J
Kv " nrr-aMm y
inchelster catn9
Best in the Uorld.,
1 L.
- - 1I1 I F W
' ' J
irtBSiU,W NwnvtM,Uk

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