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Subscriptions due for the past
year n Mai be paid at once.
We are g lad to hear that Mrs. Brown
U recoverin from her sickness.
E. K. Hill left with Mr. Paxton for
Durango on Tuesday on business.
Everything neat and clean is the
-rale at Mrs. Triplett's boarding house.
Georgo Dean left for Durango Satur
day last, lie will attend school there
for a ye ir's study or so.
J. Q Coburn of Flora Vista was in
town Saturday last. II leaded apples
at Cot's orchard and started for Dur-
We are glad to see Oliver Nichols
around again. Mr. Nichols is mend
ing slowly but surely utter his acci
dent. John McDermottis building a new
brick btsuse on tiifi tanch i La Plata.
General Morgan is doing the carpen
ter work.
T. Sa'lee has Been appointed teacner
of the Hobbs and Msa schools on the
La Plata. These schools will run four
months in turn.
The oldtinvr, Har.k Hull, the In
dlan trader of the Hogback, is up en
joying the pleasures of our lively
town for a few days.
Farraington growereComplain of the
low prcei of-lrnit. The Lord knows
that the price is high enough when the
consumer buys. Democrat.
School Superintendent Allen and
wife returned Sunday to their La
Plata home from their mountain trip.
Mrs. England accompanied them.
There will be a meeting at fruitland
Saturday evening next, at 7 oclock to
consider the proposal to erect and
ijarry on a cheese factory at thatpla;e.
The base ball game on Sunday after
neon, resulted in a victory tor Fruit
land. The sec e being 36 to 42, Fruit
land to play another inning. The
match was viewed by a goodly num
ber of people.
Mr. Willett informs us that the An!-
mns bridge will be raised Monday and
lots of help will be required. Every
body must be present on this occasion
Lumber and everything necessary
will be on the ground.
The Fruitland Baseball club will
give a danc.T and supper at the Hall in
Fruitland on Wednesday evening
next, Sept. 11. Tickets for dance and
supper 75 cents. All are cordially in
vited and a grand time b anticipated.
Hon. Wm. Locke writes us to say
that in making an exhihit we ought to
have all kinds of good products. Fine
samples of all kinds of not less than
flvo specimens of a kind. His idea is
to make a plate of five specimens of
each kind.
Rev. Howard returned with his fam
ily from Pinkerton springs on Mon
day where Mrs Howard and the babies
had been staying. Mr. Howard re
ports that country as looking green
and beautiful. His father-in-law, Mr.
Wirglesworth, is surveying tho Ute
Wm. Firebmgh's son, Stephen, was
hurt, last Wednesday whilst stacking
hay at his father's ranch. The injury
was the result of an accident with a
hay fork. The prongs pricked the
boy's forehead and the wound seems
have become inflamed and developed
dangerous symptoms.
Returning from Cherry Creek saw
mill Cvlvin Mercer's wagon tipped
over, going down the hill near Allen's
on La Plata. Mattie Meroer was
asleep at the time in the wagon box
which Was placed on the lumber. She
and Mr, Mercer however fortunately
escaped without injury.
Lawn social, Saturday, Sept. 7, '95.
There will bo a lawn social at the resi
dence of J. D. Rumburg of Flora Vista
for the purpose of raising money to
complete tho church at Flora Vista,
Come everybody and lend a helping
hand. loo cream, lemonade and mel
ons, during the afternoon and even
ing of Saturday, Sept. 7.
Rio Arriba, San Juan and Taos conr
tlei will all be well represented at the
fair. It has been very difficult to get
here from those counties in past yoars.
but the Denver & Rio Grande road has
remedied all that. It has made it con
venlentfor the people to come, and has
fc'.ven them the privilege of earning at
the exceedingly low rate of on cent a
M le. - Citizon.
Try one of those nice meals at Mrs.
Triplett's and you are sure to come
Last Saturday Alvin Magraw of the
La Plata was made the happy father
of a fine boy. Mother and child are
doing well
A constant Btream of teams with
miit is on the road to Gallup and
points south. This is affording quite a
market for our fruit
Mrs. Graf presented her husband
with a fine boy last SatwflaV. We
congratulate ur friehd on this agree
able addition to his domestic happiness.
It is reported that Chief Ignacio is
among the Navajos stirring them Up
to join the Uteti in hostilities against
the whites on account of the Ute re
moval. An order for a special term of the
district court for San Juan county to
he held at Aztec, beginning at 9 o'clock
a. m., on Monday September 16, has
been received at this office for publi
Goo. 8. Hood has an excellent 160
acre ranch for sale. 4 acres in orchard
IS in alfalfa, house, corrals, stables,
about six miles east of Farmington.
Sale on easy terms.
The committee on other peo-Oesbus-iness
are actively engaged in viewing,
commenting on, and correcting the
style of building and work, etc., going
on in Farmington.
Mr Orser of the La Plata was a vis
:tor at The Times office last Monday.
Mr. Orser described the crops in his
district as showing extremely well
and the yields of alfalfa so far have
been unusually large.
Grnna Ball and Supper at the Hog-back---a
Swell Affair.
The departure of Navajo Bill for the
Hogback, where he joins Hank Hull
in the trading store there was duly
chronicled in our last issio. It was
put on record as a severely felt loss to
u; hut we now refer to it as a decide 1
gain to the Hogback section, a fact the
people of that favored district have
readily acknowledged. Our special
reporter has forwarded us this com
plete description of the most recherche
social event that has graced, so far,
the distingue circle of the Hogback
The arrival of our famous friend at
his uew horfl waa, last Monday, made
the occasion of a brilliant hall given
under the auspice? of the '-399" of the
reservation. This chic affair of the
season was held in a specially erected
hogan at the back of the store.
The guests were ushered in on their
arrival by Wallite and softly propelled
from the rear toward an antique Eliza
bethian dais of carefully secleoted
cow skin, with a uisrupted brand, on
which waR placed tho guest of the
evening, Navajo Bill. Alter the us
ual courreous patting of Bill's dia-
phr.im, the ladies were shown to their
seats. Among the first to grace the
occasion was Mrs. Aleala, looking
charming in an elegant costume of
Raptiste rawhide, trimmed with lace
a la skunk, adorned with bee weed
blossom. A pair of pale tambour
stitched socks of remarkable an iquil.y
the gift of Nitsa Bega completed this
delicate costume. An artistic bodice
of peached faced gunny sack, taste
fully finged with gopher fur, and
bound round her ample waist with
softly woven rope, set ofi to advant
age the Juno pr6portions of Mrs.
Good Eye. Round her fair limbs were
carefully wrapped about 15 yards of
apana, while the sachet she swung
from her hand was tilled with the
oriental perfume of leepee sweepings,
which she gracefully placed under the
Roman nose of Bill, who fell back in a
swoon of delight.
The belle of the ball appeared (to
our reporter's exoited eye) in the per
son of Miss Caha, the latest fashion
of the lowest cut drees wss here ex
emplified, and a general polite yell of
delight greeted her appearance The
brilliant strips of lrer utilitarian top
girment, where it hung together,
fluttered in the Hogback zephyr that
swept through the tent. The whole
was covered with an applique of yel
low goat tail, studded with beads, the
decolletage of the entireity being per
fect. The moment arrived, the gentlemen
whose superfluous garments the heat
ed hand of the summer night had re
moved, chose their partners, the or
chestral tomtom sounded and in an
instant the soft and voluptuous meas
ure of the corn dance was weaving its
gyrations round. The dance was per
feet. Only one accident marred its
rythmic symmetry; that was, the un
fortunate fall, while attempting the
pas de seUl, of the gay grass widow,
Mrs. Nesca ha, whose exquisite lemon
colored skirt of accordian pleated na
gata was torn completely off 'by Topa
'beza (otherwise known as Mutton
head) who strove to raise her by the
bustle end Of the dress. Navajo Bill
gracefully escork-d the blushing mat
ron to the back of the store and rein
stated the torn garment.
Dance succeeded dance the min
uet de negiza, the numescito whilst
the glare of foo greasewood fire lit up
the glancing oyes of tho ladies. The
scene was enchanting. The air was
filled with the exquisite odor of "Ango
ra" and other efforts of the perfumers'
art. The patent pongee evening dress
strings of the bucks were degage
through the unwonted exercise.
The announcement of supper was
received with snorts of well bred de
light, and the repast, spread on the
floor on sheep skins, well repaid the
encomiums passed upon it. It was in
deed the perfection of culinary skill.
A dish of '-canis vulgaris," ho called
in their language, with trimmings of
"riageza" and chischin snuce. wa
placed first before the guest of the
evening, lhe dish was new to Bill
who set to work with all the force of a
sturdy appetite. The guests watched
his efforts with surprise At last old
Bejosha nudged him and Informed
him in a triumphant whisper that it
was his best pup. Bill lost his appet
ite. The banquet was done justice to
by all, and the remains were trans
ferred lo their haversacks.
And so parsed the night, where the
beauty and chiyalry of the Hogback
disported themselves to the harmon
ious strivings of the band. At an early
hour the tired guests were expelled
from the scene by lhe extensively
raised boot of Hank, who carefully
carried Bill, Buffering from the sopor
ific effect of the odorous dissipation, to
his repose on his luxurious couch un
der the store counter.
lo rarmington.
For sale In tracts to suit the buyer on easy terms. There is no more favors
property anywhere in the San Juan country. It lies very level on a command
ing, elevated mesa overlooking the valleys of the AniYnas and 8an Juan rivers
and the junction of these two streams. As this is new and desirable property
on the market the early Duyer is the one who secures lhe choice. For partie
Inwi .will ,mi m .. !. -r
Homer Hays.
I have frequent applications for property of different descriptions and aM
property iisred with me will receive careful attention.
If you want any information regarding land and) water in 3an Jnaa
county, drop me a line and I will promptly respond
Homer Hays,
Farmington, N. M.
The Cheapest
Place in Town
To B
Groceries Sold
Cioser than
Anywhere in
the County.
How to Cure Yourself While Using II
The tobacco habit grows on a man
until bis nervous system is seriously
affected, impairing health, comfort
and happiness. To quit suddenly is
too severe a shock to the system, a?
tobacco to an inYeierate user becomes
a stemulant that bis system continu
ity craves. Baco-Curo is a scientific
cure for tho tobaceo habit, in all lb-
forms, carefully compounded after
tho formula of aa eminent Berlin
physician who has ivsed it in bis pri
vate prae ice since 1872, without i.
failure purely vegetable and guar
anteed perfectly harmless. You cmii
use all the tobacco you want while
taking Baco-Curo; it will notify you
when to stop. We give a writtei
guarantee to permanently cure an)
case with three boxes or refund the
money with 10 per cent interest.
Bhco-Ciuo is uot a substitute but a
scientific cure that cures without the
aid of will power and with no incon
venience. It leaves the system b
pure and free from nicotiue as the day
you took your first chew or smoke.
Sold by all druggist? with our iron
clad guarantee, at $1 per box, three
boxes (30 days, treatment) SfioU. or
sent direct upon receipt of pric. Send
six 2 cent stamps for sample box.
booklet and proofs free knrelii
Chemical & Manufacturing Oompa
ny. Manufacturing Ubemists. Lb
Cro8s, Wis. f!5m6
Addition to
b armington,
You Can Oct
Good Board
With -
Nice Pleasant Rooms
MRS. .
San Juan Ave.
Farmington, N. M
jjt Scientific American
For Information and free Handbook write to
MU.nn CO.. Si Broadway, nbw York.
Oldest bureau for securing patents In A.neno.
Kvery patent taken out bjr us Is brought before
the public by a notion given free of charge in the
f Mttttftf WMfM
largest circulation of any scientific paper In the
world. Splendidly Illustrated. No Intelligent
man should be without It. Weekly, 3.00 a
w; tl.uOslx months. Address MuNN A CO,
fOMUUM. 3il Broadway. Maw I'ork (Ml.
of All Kinds
Taken Here
N. Mex.
West cf Presbyterian Church,
LOTS, 50X200 FEET,
Under Farmington Ditch. Water Right
Sold with
Lots. Easy Terms to Good
T. J. Arrington
I c
Cherry Creek
Bowman & Carson, Prop'rs
Shingles, Box Material and Lath
Mills ais located at Thompson's Psrk It Miles ftrn
Psstotto twi dress. MX. COt.
Dftls'B fcM

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