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Subscriptions dUs for the past
year must be raid at once.
0 Barton, of Duraago, was in town
Joe Smith left Sunday with fralt for
Mrs. Pyeat has been on the sick list
for a few days.
Tom Rafferty left again this week
for fruit box lumber.
Dr. A. Rosenthal has got a fine
iriviig horse for sale.
Pearl Locke arrived front Durango
Weisesday with goods.
Ira, Fnlcher Of La Plata was in
Forn&ngton this week.
Messrs. Lee and Clawson of Fruit
land were in town Monday.
J A. Laughien spent several days,
visiting Durango last week.
Trader Rush was in town last week
for several days on busine'S.
Arthur Ooolidge and family have
returned home from the mountains,
Miss Eva Goolidge of Olio was a vis
itor with Miss Grace Miller last week
Everything neat and clean is the
rale at Mrs. Triplett's boarding house
'Calvin Mercer left for the Mancos
with fruit for W. A. Hunter of that
Try one of those nice meals at Vrs,
Trmlett's and you are sure to eome
The Farmington school will open on
October 7. Miss Waring is engaged
to teaeh.
Mrs. J. Ellen Foster will speak at
the Methodist church next Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Crouch of Flora Vista
were in Farmington Wednesday
Mrs. H. T. Hubbard, jr., and Mrs
Blsworth Wise, of Fairpoint. were in
town Monday.
Sheriff Dunning visited Farmington
last eek securinr the jurymen for
the district court.
Mr. Pilon of Largo visited The
Times eo his way through Farming
ton on Thursday.
Three loads of apple boxes reached
Bowman's store from the Cherry creek
sawmill last Saturday.
Chas. Crame came in from Pagosa
Springs last week and visited with his
family for a few days.
F. Blacklocke lost a valuable Jersey
cow Snndav last. The animal was
pastured in alfalfa and bloated.
An Episcopal church will be built
ehortly in Farmiugton, corner of La
Plata avenue and Orchard street.
W. 8 Sheek is preparing to set up
his plant on the Dunham placer nine
for E. 0. Foster to bore to bedrock.
Harry Pierce has gone to school at
the Las Cruces agricultural eollege.
He accompanied Bert Co who has
Iteen there some years.
Tom Whyte, so well known to all,
was married to Mrs. Fay, an old flame
of his, at San Francisco on August 6,
Mrs. Fay is known in this district
Mr. Leonard, government official
from Ft. Lewis and C. H. MoCaa, In
dian farmer, and others came through
Farmington on their way to the res
The meeting at Fruitland on the
cheese factory question Saturday was
a success. The chance will be taken
hold of, and a desirable addition to
the trade and income of this part se
Blair Burwell visited Goe's orchard
at Farmington last week. An esti
mate was made or tbe crops on very
conservative average grounds; this
amounted to 1,500,000 pounds of fruit.
About two barrels of fruit to a tree
Springer Stockman: The demand
for New Mexico lambs is going to be
greater than the supply this fall, says
an exchange. The sheep industry is
gradually improving. Mutton and
wool demand a better price by 50 per
cent than a year ago.
For an example of diversified farm
ing, the ranch of Walter Stevens at
Fruitland may well be noticed. This
is one of the finest ranches in the
oounty and carries nearly every prod
not grown on this soil. The extensive
corn fields are really exceptional in
healthful color and growth. The
peach orchard holds a full crop and
there is a general neatness and thrift
about the place that could well be im
itated. O. W. Bishop of the Ban Juan is
quite Bick.
W. H. Griffith the experiment sta
tien man was in town en business on
First class household furniture and
a good horse for sale. Apply at The
Times office.
Robert Roberts was down this week
seeing if he could bny cattle for his
La Plata ranch.
J ohn Sever left for Duraneo Wednes
day, taking with him Bessie Locke
and Edith Thomas for a visit.
F. M. Pierce has gone up to Colora
do points on a visit. Probably Mr.
Pierce will go on to his old home in
Jim McCoy of Flora Vista is supply
ing S. E. Koontz of Aztec with carp
for his fish pond. Mr. Koontz has at
least two and a half acres in his pond
An exceedingly enjoyable dance
and supper took place at Mrs. Miller's
residence last Thursday evening a
surprise party to Lou. Miller, who is
spending a few days at home, was the
occasion -
Geo. 8. Hood has an excellent 160
acre ranch for sale. 4 acres in orchard
18 in alfalfa, house, corrals, stables
about six miles east of Farmington.
Sate on easy terms.
Wagon load of piping arrived
Wednesday to case the shaft en the
Dunham plaeer claim. Boss Assayer
Fahriou tests the ground for gold un
til they get to bed rock.
'Montezuma Hank'' 1b now stopping
at Mr. Craig's at Junction . Hank is
not now in the habit of wearing his
hair long nor is he indulging in the
art of painting the town red, as
his name would seem to indicate.
their great invasion and conquering
of the inhospitable desert, formed a
theme on which this leading Mormon
gentleman could speak with experi
ence. "Devotion to their creed
forms," said he, "ths mainspring of
their lives." (And so it shouM be,
and so it has been with our Christian
martyrs, Puritan aneestors.or with the
Huguenot victims. Devotion to creed
raised Peter the Hermit and sent the
Crusader against the Pavnim hosts.
f he ereed of Mahomet set the stand
ard of the Crescent over thousands.)
Mrs. Foster has addressed the multi
tude in the great temple, and ohatted
with enthusiasm of a pleasant exper
ience amongst tbe citizens of Salt
Lake. It happened that Mr. Foster
was sent by President Harrison to in-
terview the president ef the church
during the late t ouble: so his powers
as a "reconteur" were brought into
play. Mr. Young has been visiting
his home in Fruitland and will go
from here to the Mancos where he
has business. This prominent and en-
lightened member of the Mormon
church is the son of the great Brighao
Young and inherits many of the ster
ling qualities of that famous leader
and organizer. Mr. Young is a man
of broad and liberal views, whilst his
traveled experience of his fellow men
and his natural courtesy make him an
agreeable and instructive companion
and a valued friend.
An old miner from La Belle was
camped over on Bowman's model
farm. The miner claims that they
have one good mine at La Belle but
the people are poor as a rule. He
thought be would winter down here
Messrs. Palmer & Mack have open
ed a tin shop in Fsrmington. The
new saloon is rapidly being completed
and Messrs. Palmer & Mack will place
the roof in position, the first tin roof
in Farmington.
Bob Carnahan is doing the carpen
ter work on the new saloon in a mas
terly and perrect manner, hob is a
good workman and knows bis busi
ness. By the way he is the architect
and builder of the Willett Animas
The Navajos are trading off their
ponies for cattle in southern Arizona
and Mexico. This seems to be the
best move the Indians have made yet.
Their immense herds of ponies have
always been a curse to them and the
present course is one that will tend to
remove a useless and destructive
agent from their pastures and give
them an excellent means of profit and
There was a large attendance at the
Fruitland baseball club danee and
supper which took place Wednesday
evening at the school house nt Fruit
land. A delightful dance and a splen
did supper were enjoyed. Farmington
was well represented. Our Fruitland
and Olio friends were joined by Misses
Mauu Waring, Grace Miller, Laura
Ht-ndrickson, Edna Harwood, Aggie
Miller. Mabel Jarvis, Sadie Burnham,
May and Ellen Roberts; Messrs. Pearl
Locke, Loo. Miller, George Griffin,
Bert. Hanna, John Hippenmeyer, Lee
Brown, Tom Arrington, Andy Sheek,
and Sylvester Ross. The supper waa
at Judge Webster's and was the sub
ject of the most favorable criticism
The dancers beheld the first streak of
dawn before this hospitable effort of
our neighbors came to a close.
Brirham Youne. one of the twelve
apostles of the Mormon church, Mrs
Young, Mr. and Mrs. E.C.Fos er, Mm
Allen, Miss Oliphant and Dr. A. Roe
enthal were guests at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. V. R. N. Greaves, laat
Tuesday. A picnio dinner nnder the
trees was rendered unusually pleas
ant by the shielding presence of sev
eral clouds in the usually bright sky
Music succeeded the worship at the
shrine of Epicurus. Mrs. J. Ellen
Foster, Mr. Foster and Mr. Young
were naturally the chief participants
in the conversation that followed on
topics of a most interesting nature
the rest of the company forming
pleased listeners. Reminiscences of
the old days when the struggles of the
devoted and brave Mormon people,
Jury Panel.
Grand Jary:
M. L. Page,
U. Cato,
W. S. Mitchell,
Q. Cato,
John S. Rodgers,
E. M. Gibson,
Harry Hepler,
Wright Leggett,
Ot. W. Jones,
Percy N. Gollyer,
G. W. Allen,
John S. Cox.
George F. Burnham,
J. Felix Gallegos,
H. B. Knickerbocker,
J. E. McCarty,
H. P. Bchulz,
C. H. Bissel,
George A. Tinker,
H R. Skinner,
F. J. Ooolidge,
A. Woodward,
L. W. Coe,
Olayborn Brimhall,
Alex Scharf,
W. H. Griffith,
James Fogle,
Petit Jury:
D. E. Lobato,
Wils Everson,
J. E. Goodwin,
Victor Trujillo,
E. N. Beach,
Jose F. Martinez,
J. C. Impson,
John McDermott,
E. F. Spinner,
E. N. Shellhamer,
Julian Trujillo,
E. H. Elmer,
Fred Bunker,
J. M. Morrison.
Rufus Rambaugh,
G. L. Coon,
Fred H. Tully.
Nicholas Aragon,
Henry Van Bocken,
Reinhold Tuur,
D. A. Atturburv.
T. M. F. Whyte,
E. K. Hill,
"D. F. Daniels,
Pablo Candelario,
James H. Triplett,
L. H. Miller,
F. T. Am lot.,
Benito Ulibarri,
J. Sohlier.
J. S- Hilton,
J. H. Austin,
R. G. Graf,
G. L Cooper.
1 mi i
For sale in tracts to suit the buyer on easy terms. There is no more favored
properly anywnere m the .san Juan country. It lies very level on a command
ing, elevated mesa overlooking the valleys of tbe Animas and San Juan riven
and the unction of these two streams. As this is new and desirable property
on the market the early buyer is the one who secures tbe choice. For parrese
lars call on or address
Homer HaV
I haye frequent applications for property of different descriptions and aJ
property listed with me will receive careful attention.
If you want any information regarding land and water in 9an Jata
county, drop me a line and I will promptly respond.
Homer Hays,
Farmington, N. M.
The Cheapest
Plact in Town
Groceries Sold
Closer than
Anywhere in
the County.
of All Kinds
Taken Here
N. Mex.
. Addition to
West cf Presbyterian Churoh.
LOTS, 50X200 FEET,
Under Farmington Ditch. Water Right
Sold with
An vert ised Mail.
N. J. Frazer, Alberto Gallegos, A. F.
Waldron, Wiu. Faris, George Black,
Dolph Lusk.
Reduced Kates un Horse Shoeing.
Plates, f 1 25 cash; credit or trade
$1.50. Light team, $2.50 cash; credit
or trade $3. No. 4, $1.60 cash; credit
or trade $1.75. Nos. 5, 6, er 7. $1.75;
credit or trade $2. Cow pony $1; cred
it or trade $1.25. Special shoeing,
special prices. Niwton & Graf,
Farmington, N. M. Blacksmiths.
Lots. Easy Terms to Godl
T. J. Arrington
You Can Get
Good Board s
Nice Pleasant Rooms,
San Juau Ave.
Farmington, N Mi
Cherry Creek
Bowman & Carson, Prop'rs
Shingles, Box Material and Lath
MiUa are located at Thompson'! Park,
Peatofloe address. DLX. OOLO.
It xaUea from Date s

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