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ITTLE did ponr
Doctor Walker Im
agine as he sat at
his breakfast-table
next morning that
the two sweet girls
. who sat on either
side of him were
deep in a conspir
acy, and that he,
munching Innocent
ly at his muffins,
was the victim
against whom their wiles were planned
Patiently they waited until at last
their opening came.
"It is a beautiful day," he remarked.
"It will do for Mrs. Westmaeott. She
was thinking of having a spin upon
the tricycle."
"Then we must call early. We both
Intended to see her after breakfast."
"Oh, indeed!" The doctor looked
"You know, pa," said Ida, "it seems
to us that we really have a very great
advantage in having Mrs. Westmaeott
living so near."
"Why so, my dear?"
"Well, because she Is so advanced,
you know. If we only study her ways
we may advance ourselves also."
"I think I have heard you say, papa,"
Clara remarked, "that she Is the type
of the woman of the future."
"I am very pleased to hear you speak
so sensibly, my dears. I certainly think
that she is a woman whom you may
very well take as your model. The more
intimate you are with her the better
pleased I shall be."
"Then that is settled," said Clara de
murely, and the talk drifted to other
All the morning the two girls sat ex
tracting from Mrs. Westmaeott her
most extreme view as to the duty of the
one sex and tyranny of the other. Ab
solute equality, even In details, was
her ideal. Enough of the parrot cry of
unwomanly and unmaidenly. It had
been Invented by man to scare woman
away when she poached too nearly up
on his precious preserves. Every wom
an should be Independent. Every
woman should learn a trade. It was
their duty to push in where they were
least welcome. Then they were mar
tyrs to the cause, and pioneers to their
weaker sisters. Why should the wash
tub) the needle, and the housekeeper's
book be eternally theirs? Might they
not reach higher, to the consujtlng
room, to the bench, and even to the pul
pit? Mrs. Westmaeott sacrificed her
tricycle ride In her eagerness over her
pet subject, and her two fair disciples
drank in every word, and noted every
suggestion for future use. That after
noon they went shopping in London, and
before evening strange packages began
to be handed in at the Doctor's door.
The plot was ripe for execution, and
one of the conspirators was merry and
Jubilant, while the other was very nerv
ous and troubled,
When the Doctor came to the dining
room next morning, he was surprised
to find that his daughters had already
been up some time. Ida was installed
at one end of the table with a spirit
lamp, a curved glass flask, and several
bottles In front of her. The contents
of the flask were boiling furiously,
while a villainous smell filled the room.
Clara lounged in an arm-chair with her
feet upon a second one, a blue-covered
book in her hand, and a huge map of
the British Islands spread across her
lap. "Hullo!" cried the doctor, blink
ing and sniffing, "Where's the break
fast?" "Oh, didn't you order It?", asked Ida.
"I! No; why should I?" He rang the
bell. "Why have you not laid the break
fast, Jane?"
"If you please, sir, Miss Ida was a
workin' at the table."
"Oh, of course, Jane," said the young
lady calmly. "I am so sorry. I shall
be ready to move in a few minutes,"
"But what on earth are you doing,
Ida?" asked the Doctor. "The smell is
most offensive. And, good gracious,
look at the mess which you have
made upon the cloth! Why, you have
burned a hole right through."
"Oh, that is the acid," Ida answered
contentedly. "Mrs. Westmaeott said
that it would burn holes."
"You might have taken her word for
It without trying," said her father
"But look here, pa! See what the
book says: 'The scientific mind takes
nothing upon trust. Prove all things!'
I have proved that."
"You certainly have. Well, until
breakfast Is ready I'll glance over the
Times. Have you seen It?"
"The Times? Oh, dear me, this Is it
vhich I have under my spirit-lamp. I
am afraid there Is some acid upon that
too, and It is rathor damp and torn.
H it is."
The Doctor took the bedraggled pa
per with a rueful face. "Everything
seems to be wrong to-day," he re
marked. "What is this sudden enthu
siasm about chemistry, Ida?"
"Oh, I am trying to live up to Mrs.
Westmacott's teaching."
"Quite right! quite right!" said he.
though perhaps with less heartiness
than he had shown the day before.
"Ah, here is breakfast at last!"
But nothing was comfortable that
morning. There were eggs without
egg-spoons, toast which was leathery
from being kept, dried-up rashers, and
grounds in the coffee. Above all, there
was that dreadful smell which pervaded
everything and gave a horrible twang
to every mouthful.
"I don't wish to put a damper upon
your studies, Ida," said the Doctor, as
he pushed back his chair. "But I do
think it would be better if you did your
chemical experiments a little later in
the day."
"But Mrs. Westmaeott says that
women should rise early, and do their
work before breakfast."
"Then they should choose some other
room besides the breakfast-room." The
Doctor was becoming just a little
ruffled. A turn in the open air would
soothe him, he thought. "Where are
my boots?" he asked.
But they were not in their accustomed
corner by his chair, t'p and down he
searched, while the three servants took
up the quest, stooping and peeping un
der book-cases and drawers. Ida had
returned to her studies, and Clara to
her blue-covered volume, sitting ab
sorbed and disinterested amid the bus
tle and the racket. At last a general
buzz of congratulation announced that
the cook had discovered the boots hung
up among the hats In the hall. The
Doctor, very red and flustered, drew
them on, and stamped off to join the
Admiral in his morning walk.
As the door slammed Ida burst into
a shout of laughter. "You see, Clara,"
she cried, "the charm works already.
He has gone to number one instead of
to number three. Oh, we shall win a
great victory. You've been very good,
dear; I could see that you were on
thorns to help him- when he was look
ing for his boots."
"Poor papa! It is so cruel. And yet
what are we to do?"
"Oh, he will enjoy being comfortable
all the more if we give him a little dis
comfort now. What horrible work this
chemistry is! I,ook at my frock! It is
ruined. And this dreadful smell!" She
threw open the window, and thrust her
little golden-curled head out of it.
Charles Westmaeott was hoeing at the
other side of the garden fence.
"Good morning, sir," said Ida.
"Good morning!" The big man leaned
upon his hoe and looked up at her.
"Have you any cigarettes, Charles?"
"Yes, certainly."
"Throw me up two."
"Here Is my case. Can you catch?"
A seal-skin case came with a soft thud
on to the floor. Ida opened it. It was
"What are these?" she asked.
"What are some other brands?"
"Oh, Richmond Gems, and Turkish,
and Cambridge. But why?"
"Never mind!" She nodded to him
and closed the window. "We must re
member all those, Clara," said she.
"We must learn to talk about the
brands of cigarettes. Has your rum
"Yes, dear. It is here."
"And I have my stout. Come along
up to my room now. This smell is too
abominable. But we must be ready for
him when he comes back. If we sit at
the window we shall see him coming
down the road."
The fresh morning air, and the genial
company of the Admiral had caused
the Doctor to forget his troubles, and
he came back about midday in an ex
cellent humor. As he opened the hall
door the vile smell of chemicals which
had spoilt his breakfast met him with
a redoubled virulence. He threw open
the hall window, entered the dining
room, and stood aghast at the sight
which met his eyes.
Ida was still sitting among her bot
tles, with a lit cigarette In her left hand
and a glass of stout on the table beside
her. Clara, with another cigarette, was
lounging in the easy chair with several
maps spread out upon the floor around.
Her feet were stuck up on the coal scut
tle, and she had a tumblerful of some
reddish-brown composition on the
smoking table close at her elbow. The
Doctor gazed from one to the other of
them through the thin gray haze of
smoke, but his eyes rested finally in a
settled stare of astonishment upon his
elder and more serious daughter.
"Clara!" he gasped, "I could not have
believed it!"
"What Is It, papa?"
"You are smoking!"
"Trying to, papa. I find it a little
difficult, for I have not been used to
"But why, In the name of goodness
"Mrs. Westmaeott recommends it."
"Oh, a lady of mature years may do
many things which a young girl must
"Oh, no," cried Ida. "Mrs. Westma
eott says that there should be one law
for all. Have a cigarette, pa?"
"No, thank you. I never smoke In the
"No? Perhaps you don't care for the
brand. What are these, Clara?"
"Ah, we must have some Richmond
Gems or Turkish. I wish, pa, when you
go Into town, you would get me some
"I will do nothing of the kind. I do
not at all think that it Is a fitting habit
for young ladles. I do not agree with
Mrs. Westmaeott upon the point."
"Really, pa! It was you who advised
us to Imitate her."
"But with discrimination. What is it
that you are drinking, Clara?"
"Rum, papa."
"Rum? In the morning?" He sat
down and rubbed his eyes as one who
tries to shake off some evil dream.
"Did you say rum?"
"Fes, pa. They all drink it in the pro
fession which I am going to take up."
"Profession, Clara?"
"Mrs. Westmaeott says that every
woman should follow a calling, and
that we ought to choose those which
women have always avoided."
"Quite so."
"Well, I am going to act upon her ad
vice. I am going to be a pilot."
"My dear Clara! A pilot! This is too
"This Is a beautiful book, papa. 'The
Lights, Beacons, Buoys, Channels, and
Landmarks of Great Britain.' Here is
another, 'The Master Mariner's Hand
book.' You can't Imagine how interest
ing It is."
"You are joking, Clara. You must be
"Not at all, pa. You can't think what
a lot I have learned already. I'm to
carry a green light to starboard, and a
red to port, with a white light nt the
mast-head, and a flare-up every fifteen
"Oh, won't It look pretty at night!"
cried her sister.
"And I know the fog-signals. One
blast means that a ship steers to star
board, two to port, three astern, four
that it is unmanageable. But this man
asks such dreadful questions at the end
of each chapter. Listen to this: 'You
see a red light. The ship is on the port
tack and the wind at north; what course
is that ship steering to a point?"
The Doctor rose with a gesture of de
spair. "I can't imagine what has come
over you both," said he.
"My dear papa, we are trying hard to
live up to Mrs. Westmacott's stand
ard." "Well, I must say that I do not ad
mire the result. Your chemistry, Ida,
may perhaps do no harm; but your
scheme, Clara, Is out of the question.
How a girl of your sense could ever en
tertain such a notion is more than 1
can Imagine. But I must absolutely
forbid you to go further with It."
"But, pa," asked Ida, with an air of
innocent inquiry in her big blue eyes,
"what are wc to do when your com
mands and Mrs. Westmacott's advice
are opposed? You told us to obey her.
She says that when women try to throw
Off their shackles, their fathers, broth
ers and husbands are the very first to
try to rivet them on again, and that In
such a matter no man has any author
ity." "Does Mrs. Westmaeott ' teach you
that I am not the head of my own
house?" The Doctor flushed, and his
grizzled hair bristled in his anger.
"Certainly. She says that all heads
of houses are relics of the dark ages."
The Doctor muttered something and
stamped his foot upon the carpet. Then
without a word he passed out Into the
garden, and his daughters could see
him striding furiously up and down,
cutting off the heads of the flowers
with a switch.
"Oh, you darling! Yon played your
part so splendidly!" cried Ida.
"But how cruel it Is I When I saw the
sorrow and surprise in his eyes I very
nearly put up my arms about him and
told him all. Don't you think we have
done enough?"
"No, no, no. Not nearly enough, foil
must not turn weak now, Clara. It is
so funny that I should be leading you.
It is quite a new experience. But 1
know I am right. If we go on as we
are doing, we shall lie able to say all
our lives that we have saved him. And
if we don't, oh, Clara, we should never
forgive ourselves."
Outdoor (James nml Sports Indulged In
at Frontier Poits,
An enlisted man serving on the fron
tier has opportunities for sport that
would be envied by hundreds of wealthy
men, especially In the way of hunting
and fishing. He plays all kinds of out
door games, Is regular In his habits,
has stated times for meals and for
sleep, which all tend to the development
of his physical powers, and the training
he receives straightens his frame and
gives him an easy, upright carriage
that never after leaves him until old
age lays the weight of Its hand upon
him. The post exchange Is fitted up
with billiard and pool rooms, lunch
counter and card-room. Only the best
grades of beer are sold there, and
drunkenness cannot exist under pres
ent restricted rules. A pleasant room
Is always set aside as a reading-room,
where current newspapers are on file,
and in addition to tUis, each company
usually maintains a library. A post
school Is maintained for six months of
the year, where he who wishes may im
prove his mental condition. He is pro
vided with excellent clothing, which
when altered to fit neatly, is the nat
tiest uniform known. A drunkard or
other questionable character may pos
sibly creep In among the men enlisted,
but he is soon "spotted" and, under
the law that five previous convictions
by courts martial are sufficient to
award dishonorable discharge, he Is
soon gotten rid of. It Is creditable to
the army that all men now serving in
the ranks, except possibly a few left
over from the old army, are capable of
reading and writing the English lan
guagethat Is, In a limited sens,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Tr unit nt lfiO Mllra an Hour.
The recent business combination effected,
between a great tocotnotlYe manufacturing
company and an K.istern electric company,
says the Chicago Record, is already tmg-
Resting to students of the question the great
possibilities of the future in the way of
rapid transit. It now seems that the as
sertion of noveral prophets that we shall
yet travel at the rate of l.".t miles an hour
can no longer OS regarded as visionary. The
motive power with which the inventors are
experimenting, of course, is electricity, and
many of the authorities In this line of work
do not hesitate to say that transit at about
three times the present maximum rate is
entirely possible, so far as supplying ade
quate power is concerned. Teals and Bdl
SOn, it is said, have already perfected the
means of producing and applying uu elec
trical motive power which can push trains
over the earth at the rate of 150 miles an
hour, if not at a still higher speed.
The question. Indeed, has siftiM down to a
matter of mechanical appliances and the
perfection of means which will make such
transit practicable and not too expensive. It
is a question if Inventing the wheels which
could stay on the track nt such a high speed
and the apparatus that would withstand
the enormous strain involved. That these
problems will bo overcome is apparently
the belief of thost' most competent to Judge.
What the Introduction of such improve
menta would mean in the conduct of modern
business methods can be but faintly fore
Been. One hundred and llfty miles an hour
-H.IKHI udles a dav- when it becomes post
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Itnsant on len Wnfr.
sir Walter Besant, who has had the good
scn.-e to withdraw ll Sir" from his name.
as it appears under "The Voice of the Fly
ing Bay." pays bis respects to iced water
as lie discovered it In America two years
ago In this wise: "1 drank Iced water all
day long and most of the night I was al
ways thirsty; the heat was extraordinary;
my thirst was Insatiable; yet. although it
failed to drive away thirst, l commend it
as the missl delicious drink that was ever
invented. The Americans are a humane
people, They give you Iced water for noth
ing: in their railway trains; they give iced
water In the slums of New York to the poor
folk for nothing; perhaps they will next gu
one belter and give Iced tea for nothing."
Sir Walter is quite correct about American
lee-water." as It Is called in the vernacu
lar. It In the drink of drinks for the thirst
and a Wholesome one, despite the croakers.
Americans are not fools, and when their
precious climate and heated houses arc eon
slderod imbibing "Ice-water" Is less detri
mental to health than tilling the stomach
with the miserable substitutes found In Kng
land and ESurope generally. The originator
of the People's palace lias a level head, even
though bis literary brethren declare it is
abnormally large Just now.
Ttie Sworn ' orm-Mitort
of the Spanish Inquisition never Inflicted
tortures more dreadful than tllOSO endured
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The chronic form of this obstinate malady
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ates who think It a mark of genius tu get
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Wn Want to Hot.
State. County, City and School District
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3rancb: Chamber of Com. Hldg, Portland, Or
"Take away women,
what would follow'.'"
asks n writer,
That's easy.
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it Is some-
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end in sickness they are atinded with maternal cat
Fall torm opene Tuesday, !opt. Sd. For further par.
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