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. R. S . ! l;t:i V l-.'S
tlatoa of HutMonptum:
i ji'hr JVXu : S x month ..4UB
'I kn e B nthst. routs.
rntj-ro M tho pimt'iBicf Hi Ifenmngtmi fur
i u ' - :. I lie bail ltd tfQOBll ctaM
Eugene Field, the brilliant journal
ist, literatear and pool, died mi the 3d
The Claire hotel i' S:intn Fe has been
offered to and accepted by Dr. Francis
Grooson lor sanitary purposes. Dr.
Cronson says he will carry out there
the Ferum treatment of Dr. Paul
Pnquin of St. Louis, Mo., for diseases of
the utgs.
The Navajo agent should caution
his charges against stealing horses
The Navajo has behaved well for a
long time. He has adapted himself
with skill and patience to many forms
of work, and has proved hi mself capa
ble of self support and improvement.
His record lias been clean, at least in
thin direction, quie a season and the
agency ha. been and is, filled .with
capable and responsible men. We
Fhouid be orry to see this satisfactory
state of fa ace disturbed,
The Deliver Times in ;u article
with tb pleaaant title, "Business is
Improving." says, "Everybody knows
tha gem ral b'Jhiness is picking up all
ovi r ' tie ountry and that Colorado is
sharing in the benefits of teturning
pro . -i"iy. The Times pr nted yes'
terday interviews with a number of
the rej resentatiye business men. Ev
eryoi t.i the fimie upproachcd re
pi i ed -Tenth improved trade condi
tions " We are glad I o note this as
BUrance of a greater prosperity in
Colorado, emanating In m this well
know. und reliable journal. The
pioi-j eril ot our neiuiil or will spread
over our own district. We shall re
ceive our share, and belter markets
for our products and the t x a eiice of
(hat great momentum to busbies-
hard cash. The Denver Times ketps a
careful watch on the business a pect
Of si1- late and can be considered a
sai'c uide when pointing out an rad
ical change fur the better in the pres
ent and future increase of trade.
The subject of varied crops in this
distric has been written ou la papers
frequently. It ha agaiu been biought
before us by several gentlemen while
Chatting on the necessity of varied
farming here and the necessity ot noi
copending upon t e one staple pro
duotion of fruit, It is a known face,
proved ever.v year, mat this a good
gri.in county and ol we are told thai
a man who f und it necensary to give
his horse gr.,iii could not et a feed in
town between June and September,
Oram for our fowls is all biought in
irom outside the county. This jear
there will te more vegetables a;ored.
Last year's tight pinch frightened us
ail and we're, better off this v inter lor
store i vegetables. Again we do not
raise pork tor the home maiket, The
stores may t-oli, at least, s.iy 4U0
pounds of sab ; ork a week right here.
This comes from Kansas us a rule.
Why should it not be raised here?
There must be a market lorg od pork
and there certainly is every facility in
the way t' alfalfa pasture. Probably
the solution to the question of raising
a variety Will be found in the cutting
up of our lands into small holdings.
That this is inevitable we hn.,w, that
it is essentia) to our progress we know
the 1 mils of lame extent round here
are for sale and can be bought in plots
to suit purchasers. This, and this
only, will answer all the queries as to
the provision for future winter sup
plies, and this will place us in the
position of producers and not import
ers There should be u Hour mill
here, and that flour mill could be
maae a good paj ing concern. The
prosperity of a community is in the
community and not in the individual.
The value of propi rty. the quantity of
homo productions is augmented by
every person who (tomes in, occupies
our land and increases our home sup-
The bar association of New Mexico
is now a Republican organization. It
is an extremely pronounced Republi
cs organization too; t hat is,if the ton
ele of the Reuuhiican purty from the
atimdpoint of New Mexican Kepubli
cauism arc taken into consideration.
There has been, in the past, and there
.a now, an unfortunate chance of its
continuance, a dominant power, an
overt caring, bullying, unprincipled,
bribing, autocratic dictatorship, influ
j..cing that party in this territory,
degrading it from a nakna1 p11''"
the lowest level of the lowest gang,
forcing it into iniquity, staining it
with blood, its escutcheon the "bloody
hand,'" its record the law of the bravo,
a perverted legislature and a corrupt
ed judiciary. Recent events have
I 1 . fc. , - 1 J . V.
i urougni neiore us again me oiu nicin-
ods pursued with impunity, except
! when an exasperated people have
risen and mere chance has saved that
"political boss of the most odious de
! scrip'ion" from summary punishment.
This past and tho dread of what awaits
I us brings into prominence the peculiar
J significance of this formation of the
bar association. That association
should have for it primary intent, the
care of the legal profession, the guard
ianship of its rights, the purification
of tho legal life of the territory, the
i upholding of the dignity of the pro
I Cession. As it now stands it is an ex-
ample of almost exclusive Republican
i ism in its worst and regrettable form
1 of the hireling clique, subordinate to
the will of its presidentwhat plots,
what schemes, what thrusts at terri
torial progress, will emanate from this
conclave of obedient and servile vas
sals. Under the guise of a bar associa
tion, its official dutiis will not conceal
its real intention the promotion ot
Catronism, which signifies wholesale
territorial corruption and the closing
ol the avenues of official lite to all but
ts own rank and Qle, Thatthis i the
fate of the New Vlexican bar associa
t,ion is only too apparent There is
not room in ;' d iincils tor men who
hold opinloi - contrary to the Catron
elective clique There will not bo
room In its co n ils for men who dare
to raise their voices against an exist
ing status i ha lias rendered New
Mexico at once h synon m lor lawless
ness, p liMcal wrong doing, and legal
chlcani ry.
Last Saturday evening we attended
the meeting of the literary club held
in the Presbyterian church. The
parts tiketi showed consii erable al
ent, an ; m si i - motive and amus
ing entei tali n cnl was provided fjr a
large nu in bei ol t (Ireal inter
est should b In - i !his excellent,
effort ofi nr town people, n ' nly on
a count ol tin very sgreeable and so
c al w ty of spending n I r or two,
but that rrom an edm itional and in
struct ivi- as; '. there uld be no
mores luable adjim t In our seheol. I
It goes further, indeed than the mere
amusi ment ' r luitioi ' the younger!
portion if the community, for their
elders find in that societ y theopportu-j
nity for debate, for examining and
oommenlingon the vexed questions'
of I he day, lor look in up the thou
sand and one lit'le matters of history,
and social and ilitical economy that
are io gotten t o looked in the
everyday turmoil ol our existence
We must congratulate the promoters:
of this society on the succtss of last!
Saturday, and we trust that the re
currence of this pleasant social eent
will ''0 ever marked by tie same as
pect of ord rlii ess.lriend'inrss,and so-!
ciableness that characterize ! that ex
tremely gratify ing entertainment.
Lit IMaw.
Special Corrmpoodonoe,
L ('LATA, Nov. 12.-News from
these pans is about :is scarc e as hen's
teeth this week
We understand that they have po
much fruit at Farminfrton that they
can't enough teums in th:it neigh
borhood to haul it off. Home ranchmen
of La Plata are helping them.
Ira Fuleher and AlvanMagraw went
to Durango with hav Monday.
School commenced at the upper
district last week with W. S. Magraw
at the head. We wi-h them success
We understand that the county
superintendent fisited the Mesa school
last week and despite the kicks of the
chronic kickers, ho declared it to be a
good school.
More new scholars are entering the
.Mt sii school. This tends to show what
people think of our school.
Mr. Henderson, with his family, has
returned from the mountains to his
ranch on La Plata. X. T. C.
School Notes.
The literary Saturday night was
well attended and the exercises quit?
good. "Resolved, that the full right
of suffrage bo extended to women,"
was decided in the affirmative. Next
Saturday evening the silver question
will bo discussed.
Quite a number of now members
joined the literary Saturday night.
The literary society will meet at 7:30
prompt. It is suggested that members
aud the visitors attend at that hour so
as to obviate the lateness of departure
for home after the proceedings.
The dictionary entertainment has
been postponed to Tuesday 26th irist.
to hotter prepare the exercises. An
elegant program is being arranged-
The enrollment at present is 88,
grammar department 39, primary 49.
A large practical arithmetic class
will be formed next Monday.
The niirht class has 18 members and
is growing.
Misa Mattie Mercer is in Durango.
Lost, a gold cuff button with a letter
S on it. Please leave at Times office.
How's This:
We ofl'er one hundred dollars re
ward for any caseof catarrh ilial can
not Iih cured by Hall's Catarrh Vw
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Props . Toledo, ()'
We, the undersigned, ha- known
F.J. Cheney for the last lobars
and believe him perfectly ImtiotaWe
in all business traiiSHciioiis und li
nanciaily able In carry out any obll
gal ions inadc by their firm. k
West cv Tru'tx, wholesale druggists,
Toledo. O.
Walding, Kin nan & Marvin, whoie
hmIij tlrnggiM-, Toledo, ().
Hail's Catarrh Cnre is i itk-n in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucus surfaces of tiie
system. Price 75c per Imttle Sold
by all druggists. Testimonials free
Dr. A. Rosenthal,
When you are about to buy a Sewing Machine
do uot be deceived bv ulluting advertisements
and bo led ti think you can get tho best made,
fluent finishod and
Most Popular
for ; mere Bong. See to it that
you buy from reliable manu
ucturera that have gained a
reputation by honest and squaro
dealing, vr.u will then get a
Sewing Machine that is noted
:hc world over for its dura
bility. You want ttie one that
ik easiest to manage and is
Lsnht Running
PSp mi I ! it
i non i none in ine worui mat
can equal in mechanical con
struction, durability of working
-rt8, nneoesu of finish, beauty
In appearance, or has us many
improvements as the
New Home
It has Automatic Tension, Double Peed, alike
on both sides of needle (fiatrntt-d), no other has
il ; New Stand ( Wfradnving wheel hinged
on ndi'.iHtable centers, thus reducing friction to
die minimum.
Ohisnn, Msa. Boston, Masii. a I'sion UoriRK, K. Y
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are easy to get, ami cost i " H
more. A !c your Uculer for ft
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WvUtv., how, u-iil whefno plto.t. if
M Sent l''roo. Oct It Aililro.
a D. M. Pi:tJRY&C0.,
B Detroit, Midi. .rf.
If iuu want work that Isplciwitut mid m ..itlc.
lend a - your mullein liiiuiuUluUilv. Wo u aeii uier
and vroiiieii how tc rum frojii r.vi p i un u
Si:!, nun per ar willli-UI I; l'(ij( imd irtvioi l
exterleiiuo, and lui ni-i- iiiuo . iiicnl ut lilcli
(hoy can make iiiai uinuut. S'oiuiuii ditUeuli
learn or tti.it reiiulre lUllcli inn flu woi r
pusy. healthy, and liouufnbl. . oiii can bedinie dun
lug llftvllliic or it (-1 lug!, i I'jlit in yum i r 11 II .1 1
liv, wherever yon live. 'I roknll ot 11 few
hour' work often '"iiini" n ; 1 Qirrr,
Wi llftve taught .lion - ei'l" 01 I. otil M'Xi Billl fill
ap", and niaiiv 'ia laid fiiiindallfo s lint wij
lureiv bring IllMtl rlc Innie of lii? ipiKrli I
men in ihis uouniry owe ifielr w - w III 1
'he llarl given lil-m v.'lliiu ill Mir l'llllj " '
u;jo. Von, reader, rnny il.. iih fcrll: try it. . ua
naunot fall. No capital 11 wn U'ejjt vouont
Willi louiethllin t hill is netr, aollil itiijlsuri!. A
hook brimful of advlc-p Is tree : a: tvli QUI
pell by wrltlni for i. to-da. -11.M i uiorrow
wllftyi are -nt I V-
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Big Discount
Bit Gobi!
At Verv !Lo""' Prices.
Call and Be Convinced.
Williams & Cooper, Farmington, N. M.
rm- . T T 1
RJi lit" in circiwiire t-cti tJi . rD
hells Goods Cheaper than Anybody Elso for Cash, j Xl
W j Steel Bale Ties,
J: Paints and Glass, A
E Durango, Colo, j g
Ban J uan I d m e
F. M. Pierce, A
First Class W ines, Liquors, and Cigars
Visitors Cordially Invited.
.1. .
, 1LlUsT'fr cruo,.
ii-5- .. rprf .' ""t,--
For Caslv
On - -
and SAoes
, Cliin, Etc.,
-rv 1
of and Dealer in
ster catin
ShotGuns ln WUjS,
and Ammunition,
Best in the IAorld.
iYiiiii.jii.r Kti lhi irtu nKna KJO.
- j, , . ... l, - - ,
1. f r.

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