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other things raid: "(Jod damn yoo, I'll
fix you " The ate, showing an un
expected state of things in that dis
trict, particularly pleasing to a gentle
man who desired to settle in our midst,
waB dismissed by Mr. Locke.
Rrachvogel, Dim Sharp and a man
named Coe from Leadvi'le were round
Sub MKipHonB du i for the past this week buying up apples from the
yeHr mut-t be raid at once. orehardiste round Karmington.
Sixty acres of good pasture for sale,
consisting of alfalfa, corn stalks and
wild grass), with good water. Apply
at the Times.
Oa-irse English paid us a business
visit last Wednesday,
Miss Juli.i Hubbard was the guest of
Mrs. 0. 0. Finkney this week.
Elton McJunkhi h going up to the
Cherry Creek saw mill t't haul logs.
First class household furniture and
n good horse for sale. Apply at The
Tilttefl office.
Take in the concert at Pruitland on
Monday evening next. See program
111 this paper.
Oabe Nichols caya that it is like
coming into summer to come down
from Colorado.
There is a perfect string of fruit, wa
gons tip the La Plata road tor Duran
go from this district.
Mr. and Mrs. Pratt of Silverton are
down looking at our lands for the
purpose of locating.
A numerously attended sewing Jpar
ty was held at Mrs. Howard's for the
benefit of Mrs. Epperson.
The Wilkaiskvs, father and son, re
turned Monday from their photo
graphing trip in the smith.
Rev. Jack Warren of Junction is go
ing to Cherry creek saw mill to man
ipulate the shingle machine.
Remember the school concert. in
Karmington Suesday evening next.
Read the program in this issue.
Hank Hull was in town from the
Hogback trading post this week. He
reports Navajo Bill at home and fairly
in order.
A Colorado Springs fruit man was
in Farmington, Saturday and offered
76 cen's for apples delivered in Du
rango. There was a social card party at the
house of J. A. Laughren; i;,flt Monday
evening, in houor of Mits Julia Hub
bard. A family from Silverton is camped
this week near Epperson's. Also a
prospector from Bear Creek. Colo.
They will winter here.
Kit Carson's grist mill is in full blast
turning out fine grades of corn and
graham meal. People who have used
the graham say it is the best they ever
Wills Evans was up to Farmington
Saturday . He reports things quiet in
Pruitland as everybody was away
C. VV. Riggs will start a store in
Fruitland. J. R. Young is hauling
Mr. Riggs' store goods for him. The
store will
house. .
Cabe Nichols returned from the
Park, Colo., just in time to take in the
concert and dance at Fruitland and
the concert at Farmington next Mon
day and Tuesday.
Ceo. S. Hood has an' excellent 160
acre ranch for sale. 4 acres in orchard
18 in alfalfa, house, corrals, stables
about six miles east of Farmington.
Sale on easy terms.
Homer Hays killed an enormous
wild cat in the glade on Sunday, the
biggest cat Homer says he ever saw
From the description the animal must
have been a true lynx.
T. C. Bryan and L. C. Bnrnham of
Frnitland were visitors at The Times
office Monday. Mr. Burnham is hold
ing a lot of very fine apples. He sold
sold so far at Ft. Defiance and some
points in Colorado and got fair prices.
Willie Virdon went to school last
week in a nice, warm fur cap fox
akin. The cap disappeared andean
not be found. These moan thefts
should bo stopped at once; they can be
easily located.
J. B. Larragoite brought Wm. Hunt
ington before Justice Wm. Locke last
Wednesday, charged with abusive
language. Mr. Larragoite produceu
responsible witnesses in support of his
ease. He was driving Mr. and Mrs.
Pratt and their little girl of Silverton
round to show them the country.
The party drove through Mr., Hunt
ington's ground, along the road that
Jead9 to Jack Warren's place. On the
way back, Mr. Huntington met them
and abused Mr, Larragoite roundly
for coming down that road. Mr. and
low 80 per cent Bert Grie
wold. Jay McCoy, Archie McCoy, La
ther Hampton. School is progressing ;
nicely, more scholars expected to en- i
ter this week.
Airs. Lucy England,
Till1 illU Willi
nit in ri mill i hi i
To f
I hav fr. quent applications for property of different descriptions and all
perty listed with me will receive careful attention.
water in 3an
Fred Dean is home from the moun
tains. Fred savs he is delighted to hp
back again in this vale of perpetual
spring and sunshine.
Mrs. Pinkney's white turkey is in
splendid condition. Everybody is in
vited to dine off this magnificent bird.
This bird has traveled all over this
cou nty.
W. R. Bowman arrived from his
mill at Cherry Creek Saturday Bow
man & Carson want men with teams
for hauling logs and offer log cutters
$1 per 1000 for cutting log".
J. G. Willett of this place shipped
30,000 pounds of his apples in two days
this week, 1 wo ear loads of his fine
Ben Davis apples left Durango yester
day for Denver.
Lee Willett will have a first class
turkey shoot next Saturday at Farm
ington to commence at 10 o'clock a. m
30 fine fat turkeys, sportsmen attention
Clans liine
of Millinery
If you want any information regarding land and
county, crop me a line and 1 will promptly respond
Homer Hays,
sunt Kewartl SI OO.
a i - ' '' I i r w i' l't
' i
' i s
i. - - . . -
' ' Mi,
i .; i. i own
ll i '' r . i , t ' -,rrl
, r- I ; II . i ' 'l;' l V, re
n 1 - i i '' u , i infill,
n . - i "in-
tit .i l"i- (.'cud
" hi lad i' ii of
: . :
hi' i iMi-
ii i ins iri '!" tig
Homkk Hays.
Farmington, N. M.
There will he an oyster supperat the
parsonage next Wednesday evening.
Fresh oysters 15 cents a dish, raw or
stewed, coffee 5 cents a cup.
Mr. Hendrickson leaves this week
for his mountain home, after spend
ing an enjoyable season. Ho expects
to return by lime the roses blow.
A really delightful dance and sup
per took place hist Tuesday night.
The dance was held attheJarvis
house and the supper at Mrs Hen
drickson's. About 35 young people
passed a most enjoyable time.
Henry Meisterttiann of this place
desires to inform the public that next
year he will graft vines on the old
vineyards for all persons desiring
such work. and will also stt out new
vineyards. He will guarantee the
growth of the vines so grafted or set
out.or rep ace them without chargo if j
thev fail to crow.
I i
i n
or i'
he i I'
hHVe so
i liollura
in cure.
I he Cheapest
ace in
To Buy.
Groceries Sold
Closer than
Anywhere in
the County.
-i or i i
V . I (
.V c
SmM i v drngi
Sroiinit a.-nwer and un bnnest opinion, write t
ll.'NN it CO., who have hurt neiirly Hfty vcurs1
exporlenoe In tue patent buf inens. Ommii'mica
tions strictly enntuteniiul. A IliindlxinU of In
formation concerning I'nleniH anil how to ob
tain them sent free. AK a catalogue of mechan
ical .mil lolentlBO bruits so&t free.
Patents taken thnmcli Mnnn & Co. receive
apen.V notice in the Scientific Ainerienn. and
tnuj are brought widely before 'he public with
out cost to the Inventor. This splendid purer
IssiicJ weekly, elegant lv illust rat a. has bv far tho
largest circulation of any sciei tide work in the
world. S3 a year. Sample cot les sent free.
Building Edition. BrtrotLly, vcar. .single
(nnies, -25 cents. Kvcry nuinti.'r contains beau.
Produce g J.iLigta,
of All Kinds Farmington,
Taken Here N. Mex.
titul plates, In colors, and ph.itoeraphs of new
uuuses. wnn piani. enuminsf nniiiictu tc
The annual meeting for the election
of officers for the ensuing year of Lin
coln post no. 13, G. A. R.. will he held
at Aztec on Saturday, Dec, 7, 1895.
The usual haversack lunch will he
served. A full attendance is request
ed. By order C. H. Mellenry, com
manding post. Walter Weston, adjt.
Farmington, Nov. II, 1895.
One's surprise in tho fact that no
two persons' voices are perfectly alike l l
ceases wnen one is lntormea oy an
authoritv that though there are only
be at Joo Hatches brick I njne perfect tone" to the human voice,
Vitcsi designs and secure contracts.
Imw the
.'Mil M'io.' . WAT
lor Imcc i ion of ltn 1 1
there are the astonishing number of
17,592,115,044,415 diffeient sounds. Of
these, 14 direct muscles produce 16,382
and 13 indirect muscles produco
The killing of the two Southern Ute
Indians is causing a deal of excite
ment. The Utes say live white men
did the shooting and did it while the
Indians were asleep in camp. They
had been deer hunting and the veni
son hung up round the camp. Two
bucks and a squaw were the victims.
The squaw ran away as soon as shot.
The snow was about two feet deep
and tho tracks were very plain.
F. M. Pierce will take orders for the
knives, razors, etc. of the Novelty Cut
lery company, Canton, Ohio. The
steel is the best and the handles are
m ide of a durable and curious compo
sition in whieh can be placed names,
photos, pictures or whatever the
purchaser may wish, a grand opportu
nity for Xmas presents.
Dr. H. S. Williams of Durango spec
ialist in the treatment of the eye, ear,
nose and throat, nervous and mental
diseases has now permanently located
in Durango with his family. Dr. Wil
liams has acquired an excellent repu
tation in these distinctive branches of
his profession and will receive a largo
share of practice.
Report of the Center Point school,
for the month ending Nov. 15, Lillian
Markley, teacher. Number pupils en
rolled 24, neither absent nor tardy 5;
average daily attendanoe 20; number
of recitations daily 25. Those receiv
ing above 90 per cent as shown by
monthly examination are Joe Ranch,
Carrie Bates and Stella Stoel; Above
Mrs. Pratt averred that Mr. Hunting- J 80 per cent are Grace Bates, Florence
too threatened Larragoite and among 1 Stoel, Perl Curlee, George Curlee; be-
1 III. )Kl' I Al K, A. T ,
.i La ii', N M.
S' i. ember I ', I8IIS,
Soaled uropos.i . endorsed "Pi pos
"un' Hre on m buildings." and ad
(---(in) lie undersigned ai Fort
efliiin c A . . .i G.iiiitp, New Mex
ico, w KHretH-vtil :i' !n- AgeilCV
Ullhi inn' o'eloeli .i in. i " (.).; unci' i2
185)0, Un lui iniiiiiig i no necessary ma
terials anil htiior Mini c ecting and
com; i ug ou I ifb m lei He I ec led llicro
for on I ne Nav ijo Indian lleserval ioo,
live oi i- io y Hione School build-
Mi'j - .i s i. ;i -cord men hi i n l he
plans n ii'i Mm i I'n it ions widen "lay be
examined u .ne olllen of i ne i'ni
.en." A I' iKpr- iiie, N M.; " Tiie San
Juan Times.1 r . m nglon, N M; the
"Democrai," Flags iff, Arizona, nnd
tiie ''Ueiiiocrai,-' Durango, Colorado,
and ai the Nav ijo Agqifcy.
Biddi r inusi htale in their bids the
length of l ime proposed to be con
sumed in the erection of ea -h ol the
buildings, ami ;iio t lie proposed price
of each building Afomol proposal
accompanies i he specifications.
The riuht is reserved to reject any
and all bids or anv it irtof nv bid if
deemed for the best interests of the
The attention of bidders is invited
to the Act of Congress approved Au
gusi 1, 1892, entitled: 'All ncl relating
to the limitation of the hours of daily
service of laborers and mechanics em
ployed upon the public' works of lhe
United States and' of the District of
Columbia," and also to the Act of
Congress approved August 13, 1894,
entitled: "An Act for the protection
of persons furnishing materials nnd
labor for tho construction of public
Each bid must, be accompanied by a
eertilied check or draft upon some
United States deDOitory or solvent
National Bunk in the vicinity of the
residence; of the bidder, made payable
to the order of tho Commissioner of
Indian Affairs fir at least FIVE PER
CENT of the amount of the proposal,
which cheek or draft will be forfeited
to tho United States in case any bid
der or bidders receiving an award
shall fail to promptly execute a con
tract with good and sufficient, sureties,
otherwise to be returned to tho bid
der. Bins accompanied by cash in lieu of
certified checks will not be considered.
For any further information, as to
the precise location of building sites,
means of transportation, etc , etc.,
apply to:
Captain Constant Williams, U. S. A.
Acting Indian Agent.
Addition to
West cf Pivsbyterian Church.
LOTS, 50X200 FEET,
Sold with
Ditch. Water
Lots. Easy Terms
T. J. Arrington
Cherry Creek
Bowman & Carson, Prop'rs
Shingles, Box Material and Lath
Mills aie located at Thompson's Park, 18 miles from Dale's Raaoe
Postofflce address. D1X, OOLO.

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