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Health Comet From Pare Rlood.
fare llloocl Depends on Your
filter Inside You.
Your Kidneys Keep Your Illood Pure
If They Are Wall, A Few Facta
About Them, mid How to Make
I he ui Well Whop "ey
Are Mirk.
Your blood is what uourisb.es your
New blood is made every minute.
It goes to the lungs, gets fresh air, and
then passes through the body. In pass
ing, it deposits new flesh, fat, bones,
etc., and takes up worn out matter.
This worn out matter goes to the kid
neys. The kidneys tilter it out of the
fclood and throw it out of the body.
That Is, when they arc well, they do.
When your kidneys are well, they
act, as perfect filters, to keep your
blood pure. When they are sick, they
act imperfectly. They leave the bad
matter iu. Sometimes they take out
the good.
There is nothing more poisonous than
bad blood.
A proof of this is rheumatism. It is
simply a blood-poisoning caused by the
bad matter left in the blood by sick
Dright's disease Is the kidneys work
ing the other way taking the good
food out of the blood.
Both kinds of kidney sickness are
Both can be cured by Dr. Hobb's
Sparagus Kidney Pills.
One of the most wonderful facts of
our body Is this natural filter inside
us. Our kidneys are very important
organs. We don't take enough care of
them. We are sick oftener than there
is any need for. It Is simply because
we take no heed to our kidneys.
Sick kidneys show their effects in
many different diseases.
Rheumatism and Bright's disease
are very common. Anaemia, Neural
gia, Tain in the Back, Dizziness, Blad
der Troubles, Gravel, Diabetes, Sleep
lessness, Nervousness.
These are only a few symptoms, or
so-called "diseases." Back of them all
are the sick kidneys.
Once the filters can be made to work,
all these symptoms will disappear.
Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Pills
are made principally from the roots of
the asparagus plant, which has a spe
cial curative action on the kidneys. It
gives them new life and strength. It
helps them to do their work as it ought
to be done. It cures their sickness. It
cleans and renews the filter.
When the kidneys are well you will
feel a great difference at once. Your
complexion will clear, and your whole
body will ge. renewed life and fresh
ness. This Is the effect of Dr. Hobb's Spar
agus Kidney Pills on the sick kidneys,
of the re-vitalized kidneys on the im
pure blood.
With a course of Dr. Hobb's Spara
gus Kidney Pills you will get new life.
They will cure you when other medi
cines, which do not reach the real seat
of disease, cannot help you.
Dr. Hobh'p Sparagus kidney Pills are
for sale by all druggists, price 50c. per
box. or will be sent prepaid to any ad
dress on receipt of price.
An Interesting booklet, explaining
about the kidneys and their power for
good and evil, sent free on request.
Address Hobb's Medicine Co., Chicago,
or San Francisco.
A Nut to Crack.
The Bank of Frame contains $410,
000,000 in gold and $250,000,000 In sil
ver. When the French paper notes are
presented there for redemption, or ex
change for coin, the bank pays In either
gold or silver, whichever it sees tit,
and often In both. Still, this policy
Ws not drive gold oul of that coun
try, or send it to n premium. In this
country the gi nbacks and Sherman
notes are redeemable in gold or silver,
or both, at the pleasure of the govern
ment, Just 08 French notes are by the
Bank of Prance. Here our "financiers"
say that to redeem our paper in silver In
accordance with the ri'ln of the govern
ment and the contract, would send gold
to a premium and drive it out of circu
lation, f it would do it here, why does
it. not do it in France, where the 'condi
tions are what they would be here if
we followed our legal rights? Will
Bome gold bug crack this nut'.'
Long-Bnriod Beauties,
Excavations at Pompeii have, for
many years past. I n progressing slow
ly under the superintendence of the
Italian government. Some eighty men
are now at work clearing away the de
bris from the ruins on the side of the
town nearest Mount Vesuvius. Quite re
cently the workmen unearthed a house,
not perhaps remarkable for size, but
containing objects of greul interest and
beamy. Eighteen tint, d columns sup
ported the roof of the great central ball
and all are little the worse for their
lorn: repose In dust and ashes. Seven of
them are now quite perfect, though it is
evident they have i u restored An
some extent. '
The walls are decorated with fres
coes similar to those with which all vis
itors to P pell are familiar. Their
great charm is their freshness and won
derful richness of color, one little
painting of a cock-fight is especially In
teresting, as giving a hint at the sport
ing proclivities of the owner. ither pic
tures, representing fruit, Ash and game,
are surrounded with fi toons of (lowers.
Fresh as these paintings are. a few
months' exposure to the air will proba
bly do them more damage than their
enttirles of burial. Kxchaiisre.
The average wife may say "i told y m so,"
iccusioually. but she Is merciful enough not
The Widow of the Famous Amerlrntt
General Is Not an Admirer of the
Bad of the Cental Girl Christian
Work Needed.
HAT do I think
of the new
woman?" said Mrs.
John A. Logan to
the writer recently.
"In the first place,
I think the appella
tion is offensive.
We might change
Burn's expression
to 'a woman is a
woman for all that,'
literally true. No
which would
ajnount of indulgence yea, license
should change the inherent nature of
"If by the new woman in meant those
either young or old who have laid aside
all restraint in indulging in the sports,
and I might say dissipations, supposed
to be the prerogative of men, not the
least of which is cigarette smoking and
kindred vices, I am sorry that her day
has come. If, on the other hand, is
meant the intelligent, cultured, woman
ly woman who has kept abreast with
the progress of the times and has taken
advantage of the exceptionally fine op-
portunities afforded American woman
to broaden the field of her usefulness
and develop her intellectual powers
without doing violence to her heart or
lessoning her love of home and family
I say all hail the new woman.
"At the same time I feel that a word
of caution might be given by us who
have crossed the half-century .line in
experience and discipline by the ever
changing condition of life. They should
stop and inquire why the eligible young
man of to-day does not seek the young
woman and contract early marriages as
in the days of yore. Our girls are just
as beautiful and should be more accom
plished because of the superior advan
tages of education and chances of ac
quiring accomplishments. Are not the
mothers to blame because of the im
practical and wrong methods of rearing
j their daughters, and sons, too, for that
j matter, especially among the wealthier
I classes?
I "Shrewd, enterprising men work hard
I amass large fortunes and acquire fame,
j They look about for a companion with
! whom to spend their days and share
the fruits of their labors. They cannot
in a twinkling lay aside the habits of
industry and moderation in attendance
upon the frivolities of society, not even
for the sake of the woman of their
choice. Consequently they hesitate
about marrying any of the bewitching
ly beautiful and purposeless young
women they meet because they know
their Insatiable desire to shine in what
we are pleased to call our 'best society.'
Hence they not infrequently shock this
same society by marrying some worthy
young woman who is engaged in the
laudible business of earning her living
often by pressing the keys of the ig
noble typewriter.
"The sons of the wealthy class are
for the most part quite as impractical
and far more extravagant than their
pretty sisters. They are brought up in
idleness and farcical attempts at learn
ing a business or profession, but with
no idea of following either; expecting
with the money they will inherit from
their fathers and some rich man's
daughter they propose to marry to
spend their time yachting, gambling,
traveling and living at clubs in this
and other countries, eventually dying
leaving neither fortune nor fame to the
Unhappy families they leave bchimi
"Americans do everything with such
intensity that any diversion, game or
far) is doomed to brief popularity. 1
passed through the park on the south
side of Chicago recently while i bicycle
meet was at its height. I have never
seen such a sight before in all my life,
or had greater occasion to blush for the
modesty of American girls. Some were
dressed properly and becomingly, while
others appeared in garments they were
pleased to call bicycle i.iilts that were
simply disgusting to any man or wom
an with any sense of delicacy or refine
ment. I think the suggestion of the new
woman grates upon the sensibilities of
the more refined of her sex because of
the abandon that characterizes the man
ners, dress and conversation of the most
pronounced representatives of the so
called new woman. If you will study
them closely you will find that the ma
jority of them have spent much time
abroad and have acquired many of their
most objectionable propensities in
European cities, whose society people
entertain ideas incompatible with the
old-time American propriety.
"I am such an old fogy that I am
pained to see exhibitions of abandon
either in our own blessed country or
across the seas, and shall be glad when
the advent of the new woman means
the beginning of a new era of highly
cultivated Christian wives and mothers
who will never lay n.Mde their princi
ples or sense of modesty, no matter in
what countries they may travel, but bo
as tenacious in their observance of what
seems proper decorum as their foreign
friends are in their observance of their
ideas of propriety."
Little Traveler In America
Carl Seemen, G years old, passed
through Chicago last Monday on his
1 ill to
1 XI V
way to Monterey, Cal., from Mecklen-burg-Sterlitz,
Germany. He was alone
and could speak no English. He was
f'rossed in blue flannel, carried a neat
little cane and wore an up-to-date
straw hat. The child was ticketed very
much as a case of dry roods would be.
On the right arm is sewed a piece of
cam as, on which is written his name
and destination. He had through tickets
to Monterey and 25 in his nurse.
Rbt. Geo. It. Smyth President of Ancle
Chinese College.
Rev. George B. Smyth, the very able
president of the Anglo-Chinese College
at Fooehow, left New York for that
field about 1SS3. The college is one of
the foremost educational institutions of
China. Previous to its establishment
the youth of Fooehow were practically
ignorant of all the Western sciences.
Now Mr. Smyth has under his chargo
some hundred or more students, well
trained, who will be able on reaching
manhood to take their places among
the educated men of the world. Mr.
Smyth is a man of rare attainments.
His massive face and broad brow ex
press the dignity of his nature, while
his smooth-shaven chin indicates an
unswerving inflexibility of purpose.
Yet, withal he has a most gentle, kind
ly nature, which endears him to his
pupils and makes him the friend of
every European resident at the port,
whatever his race or creed. He is ably
assisted in his work by his estimable
wife, Mrs. Alice Harris Smyth.
A Cat Story.
May I add to your animal stories a
striking instance of that spirit of jeal
ousy which insists on all or none?
writes a reader of the London Specta
tor. I had a cat which had long been
an inmate of the house and received all
the attentions which it is well known
old maids lavish on such animals.
Finding the mice were more than one
cat could attend to, I secured a kitten
and wished to keep the two. My cat
was indignant and in very plain lan
guage requested the kitten to go. I
endeavored to make peace, lifted both
on to the table and expostulated with
puss. She listened with a sullen ex
pression and then suddenly gave a
claw at the kitten's eye. I scolded and
beat her, upon which she left the house
and I never saw her again.
it Will Pay
To make some provision for your physi
cal health at this season, because a cold
or cough, an attack of pneumonia or ty
phoid fever may now make you an in
valid all winter. First of all be sure that
your blood is pure, for health depends
upon pure blood. A few bottles of Hood's
Sarsaparilla will be a paying investment
now. It will give you pure, rich blood
and invigorate your whole system.
Is the One True Blood Purifier.
i rn are tasteless, to
ire tasteless, mild, effec- t-
rlOOU 5 r.SIS live. AUdruggisW. 35c.
World's Fair! HKinRST AWARD. :
Try it when the digestion;
is WEAK and no FOOD;
seems to nourish. Try it I
rffn seems impossible to:
keep FOODS stomach!
C John Carle & Sons. New York.
tlary lll.oou 1'OISON m-nuanentt
cured in 15 to35 days. You can bo treated at
borne fur name price under same guaran
ty. If you prefer tocome hero wo will con
tract to Da? railroad furoand hotel lulls. an.'
' : otiaree, If we fail to cure. If yon have tuken uier
curjr, iodide potash, and slid have aches and
all .Mucous Patches in mouth, Sore Throat,
j.in pies, Copper Colored Spots, L'lcers on
any part of the body, Hair or Eyebrows fa Hint
out, it la this Secondary BLOOD POISON
.." guarantee to cure. We solicit the most obsti
nate cases and challenge the world for a
case we cannotcure. This disease haB always
ba llled the skill of the most eminent physi cians.
8500,000 capital behind our uncondi
tional iftinranty. Absolute proofs sent sealed on
application. Address COOK KKM1CDY CO
ou! Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL.
Cut oat and send this advertisement
A I'. ,1.1 .. .. ... .. ..... ..
,i!?,0'"?!ont '-,t,he b0K?'9 each d"y ' necessIrVte
make it rTlrPllfe8a,,pl5 ,,J,hf'. """
ninKe it recuUr. They cure Headache, briuhi Hi.
&M,udelewtbeOompuion better nan . mUml
i )fy "','""T 'V"."' "ur !'" convince 'm we
"'ill man ann e tr,.,, ,r v t.... ....
whom DH. BOSANKO MED CO.. Phiiadeipbia. pi.'
Mc. Hok
Denver Directory.
The best $) dou
ble Concord Har
Hess In Colorado
for $18, With
breeeliing. -$20.
Sli'i double team
li.i Knu ... I t I,
i&$A?P br. . !.!!.!; SIC SIT.
r -Mi V';.'"fl Bteel horn stock
t H saddle for $15. Sir.
mv harness for SR.Rn. it,, not he
deceived by worthless Imitations but order
direct from us and get the lowest wholesale
prices, Catalogue free. All a la stamped.
PBBD MUELLER, 1418 Larimer Street,
Denver, Colorado.
Goods sent for examination.
lACiiiNiH-r Repairs of minimi, PRINTING
III Machinery, etc. l'lno threading and euttla.
Freight elevators. Nock A lliirsldo, U1V17 Hth it.
Henvera oio keliaule Hotel.''
AV! Female Fruit Pills positively restoro all
irregularities, troni whatever cause; price 11.
Call 717 Platte su Lady Attond'itit. 'Address
OA VI MiiDIUAL CO., P. 0. box SO, Denver.
Auu Chemical Laboratory.
Alaftttrtfd isbl.
end your sweeps uud waste containing gold
and silver for treatment. Prompt returui
and highest cash price paid for gold aad sil
ver bullion. Address 173U and 1733 Law
rence Street. Denver. Colorado.
to look nlco nnd ehan . We use nothing but pure
soap and water; ulv.'u liner finish, mole plia
ble, holds to shape better and stays Clean
Much Longer when wo Wash them, what! the
fellow? cm: No: His shim, ouffs and oollori.
Young Fellows, club together; send us 5.0u
worth of laundry ut one time and we pay express
charges bolh ways, if within 1.009 miles, and
pbnrw you only Denver prices. Agents wanted
mall outside towns. Writalor price lists and
particulars. Queen City Laundry, 1248.50 Curtis St.
Safety B-AKt Horse Hoister
i bis hols?! Is buili entirely of Iron and
steel, and is nrovl led with n. hntent rrn
MATH' HAKKTY. II It A K K bofdlng the load
at any point, and tanking the working , i Hie
Holster perfectly safe.
A nature .Vol Pntit .. '.. ,.. her ,7m it IMit.
These Holsters are bull I In flvi - . (
paeltyof machine No. 1, will i,,',,.,.
single line. 800 pounds, T.", feci li t int..
lrlcc, complete with (sheaves, ttuo '
rhe F. M. Dayis irou Wcrfc ug., .
W. A. I. lion V.
..11. ..,.!, j tl
uru winiui- ic. aovciusei's. pieai- so
that you aaw the udvertlseuieut In this pupVr
, ... .. ... ...i ..
MlllMo hi
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