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Ill llll I II
the mm.
Fertile Soil. Abundant Water nml
Other Inducement Offered
to Home Seeker.
ware biougbt to this place there is
do better piece of laud for raising
deciduous fruits. It is protected,
fertile Hod beautiful.
This town may be considered the
center of population on tbe upper
San Juan. Taking iu with it the
little settlement on Fine river and at
Blomntield. tbu population ip between
1000 aud 1200 pernona. tbe majority
of whom are of Spanish dettceut.
The higb culture of the fields, or
chards aud vineyards speaka well f jr
the progress of tbe community.
Kfom N. M. Hurtmu ot Immigration rtpprrt.
This county in one of the garden
spots of the world, and lies on tbe
western slope of the great conti
nental divide, being part .if the Pa
cific water-shed Aside from its great
resources as an agricultural and stock
country its aceuery is very beautiful.
On all Bides great rooky musses,
broken into picturesque formations,
are to be seen across ,vil . t rule
valleys. The county i- watered by
three large rivers, aud from their
junction below Farmiogton the view euntcien
J- ..ran, I unit IIIIIirPWlVH. I of Irtlill
Ia this valley, from a poini about
ten miles above Largo, there is a
narrow Btnp of bottom land on each
ide of the river. At th" town i
Largo the river bottom widens out
into rolling mesas and bottom lands
which are available for cultivation.
The most important of them tract
i.n.., ,.o tiiu i Mn. iii, ti.. i.l niiii Sol-
union mesas, which, with the bottom meal motive fore e far in l excen
1 J I mm il,. uaarMtutu ailV HOhblllie uet-u ui luin vwiiu
I H I 1 i I 11 11' lli "in
somewhat over 20.000 acres. Tiny
are 'in the north aide of the river, wj
From thence to the junction of ihe
Animas, the mesa lands ari broken
into detached plateaus rather difficult
to irrigate. The Animas and In
Plata empty into t1 h San Juan near
Farmington. On the two points of
land formed by the rivers are about
12.000 or 15,000 acres . line laud all
under ditch. Beginning then at the
mouth of the LaPlata and for twenty
miles down the San J nan, to where
it breaks through the Hogback, (a
lino of low hills) thi-re is a confirm
oils series of mesas with about u mi!
wide of bottom land little ovi i
15,000 here are now uu r ditch. To
the north of this i,re a ser- - of high I
. . . - .i .
me:-OOWs, v.-nn, i-s, uiu.i.-.. ... ..- . , , , . . . ..
If r a
abnudaiit harvests. Apples and to
The Lh Plata river tlows iu a deep,
sandy bed, and its waters generally
disappear in the last week in August
or tbe first week of September. On
the upper part of this river after it
! enters Han Juan county there are
about 8000 Bcres cultivated; and at
a small Mormon colonv who till I Th first trees weie planted in tins
about 1000 seres. The river has an county ten years ago, and as tt
average fall of forty feet to the mile. Pnn.eut seemed very doubtful. 1 he
is abotit thirty feet Wide and has M nrt aettlera were principally cattle
mean average flow of about 250 cubic i who knew little about arming,
feet per second. The ultimate re- They prohted by their fa.st niis akes.
clamation of lands in tbe Li Plata ! "owew, oJ V"' Vr; lh!lt Ul
vull.v will i... Ur ! reputation oi inese vaneys m Known
- -. j -o-
Ti n.mfl I,. I. till ll... i , i 1' i I I F i I 'I IT
that there a. available from these va.lev. are almost, wholly sup-
three rivers G250 cubic feet of water , P1'"'1 f" Juan orchards
per second. At the low estimate o!
Kill Hen s to each eilbi fool, this
r. ..... t,, irnonlu I no MM II lu res'
!:.!', ,.,,, ,v, l.,i , , I iiill'l :.. .. ... t
According to a county i0" P'"nwug '
. l.l, ;..... t...- ;.r..,lntinn ul l! II In I el V K IJO Wll. Oil I Will Mill W tt I HI Ji )
I lit 1 II . ' II :r ir.Hiii-ii uiiuu.i" , T . , .,,
i. v.,..i,iv ,,r tl.ur. . ITr.OOO o progress. Last year it ihe Albn-
,.., , s available for irrigation. Iu j qnerque Territorial fair tl
...j.i; .. ti... uiQ ti,.. uutir f,.r ; this county
.rriga.ion.ii is a constant source of P Ihe peaches in some n.:8bets
watVr power. The San Juan and measured nine juches in circumfer
nimiis ..re constant streams, not W apples thirteen to fourteen
Hliecled by toe most enduring. ironth. Inches aud weighed sixteen to uine
Ihe wasted power of their waters f ounces h i o frnit
ould furnish heat, light and elec- return from 8400 to MOO; and
,,f in uue urcuaru near v in uu ix mu me
t three trees, of whose yield un ac
curate account has be. Kept tor lour
years past that show an average re-
. . , -.1 A flL. - .1
I all over me souiuwesi. l ne sooi.ueru
' lowns of Coiarado. outside the San
So remunerative has fruit culture
... ? (Mill tr...c muru
pili.ru , 1 1 f . i iu JIW.' b ww v .....
plan'etl. ami m l.i ahoiit ;l.Uti
OMfa ad Prlcee of 1808.
The following table blows the fruit
yiel 1 of the county and average mar
ket price of 1893:
ii ki ) m t;
( ' o
H,i . y ?
.t t M9R "
OnionH ' in
Tllll'llvHlB till H.
Anplk, .HiOtNi
Pwot.et, "
1'uaiH " M
I 1,11116 "
ChnrllN " r mi ii
Hrti'Ht) " ....
-.nlwrrttw, quxrU.
i Kniwrrim "
r.a.ratiti "
IJuoi.cbi.rriw "
1 1 s
a wi -it
lawiti .7.".
Ul ul
l Ml
7,."i '
4o,ii .,;
M ints of
SWee! - 'iKes
ni all this I
turu of 53 per tree.
tain 44,000 acres. Besides
. anil
to be proper j consiriered in u ian
Juan basin, are tbe lands on either
side of the Canon Largo, Canon
present the only use mnd
ill. oi w.i'er is to ii ngHle aiiout
25,000 acres, the larger ; an of which
1. J:.l 1 1 ..,oO .un.
. T "u ' m ! Cereals of all kinds are grown here,
Ullli.ui uumiii-n. , ii- .. .),. . . ... I,,,.!,,,., ......
Wll.-rtl yit'lUlUi; ..11 II" uununn .
AZTi c acre: mils, 30 to HO bushels; barley, 30
The nn deru civilization has fol- to 60 bpshels; rye, 15 to 80 bushels)
lowed iii same hues of settlernentas corn, 25 to 50 bushels. A ready sale
did the ii cient. Aztec he county lis found t good prices. Current
sent, situ i -il on iht si i-t Lank prices for 18lJ3 were s follows;
of the Animas. It hn , several Wheat, per owt., $1.40; oats, $1.50;
large stores, hotel i ry aud barley, $1.10; corn, $1.60; bran, per
stage stables. I bee il i- aton,$18 Vegetables of every variety
well built, steel lmei k niiciure flourish, from the hardier varieties,
he surrounding cotuirj i.- well i snob as Irish potatoes, turnips uud
ciiiivatfd, ibti t'lirm- extending up beets, to the more tender melons, egg
and down the river for several miles, j plants, tomatoes, etc.
At tins point ii-" valley is iinnui ivo alfalfa
t m tins '
be feared 1
miles wide. Fruit, alfalfa,
"''am, r, !,,..,;ilV(.r ii,H Kt..,, H ,,
count V; drouth is nol to
Blanco and Oau
will include the
and down t i
matoes seom
the sod. Th
and stirronndi
uaiiego, lues,. ,55u )ui(J (.iU per
iniig tne ri v
ini.ariy inn
filiation of
i ,,,.ry ...
pled to
line, i
are iw
th w
ab ii
of I
An. ai
(lev -but
or; hi
are v
is n
It in
i ; south
. four i
'. correction
is iine theiH
,i hiff. of laid,
of I icu are only
average of ;he and r. giou.
overed by the head wa tors
ico or Chnsco and the
oresent this land is
r.e and sheen raising. jaPpenr!inoe
ot using a consul
This little village it d vicit i
a population ot aboi l 250 - ills It
in situated at about ihe wid si part
of the Animas valley, seveii miles
from Aztec, raises th" aniH crops
and its orchards are Bpreadiug;' al
falfa fields have a particularly fjood
il neither frost nor cold endanger
it Owing to i ho advantageous situ
alii n of the county ihe farmers have
ken to fattening bee! cattle. Fori
nn- purpose the sales of alfalfa are
urge, frequently amounting to from (
600 to 1000 tons to a single buyer.
From 181)1 to 185)2 the increase in i
iifili'ii production amounted 7000
i his. The averave yield per aero is
mm 1 to 10 Ions.
This' whole county is underlaid
with coal. Tne beds haVv not been
, land fur airiciiltnri
" 4 . l i .
lie. At present there siiuaiea ai ine moniu oi me aunnas,
. i it and most of it is The population is about, the same a
at Aztec. The location is very beau
aid, therefore, that in tifnl- At this point tbe full scenic
the immediate San Juan valley tbr. l,"'lu,v 01 e VB,1,,y "Heit.
are abom, GO.000 acreB of land, about Vr',ni a ittle biH ov"' Ll,,t-' ,Ue
nlllHH) HeiHM of uhinh :,r.. mm nnilcr I OWI1 a Soli .1 plant .it ioil OJ e or
Farmingtou and Junction Cityf are prospected to any extent. They are
.si) hotvever, to contain almost,
ii , , ii. ti quantities of coal. On the
i Juan river, opposite Fruit laud,
is a truly mtable exposure of this val
iiHbh fu It. stands above the river
34 , liiii! is over 300 feet long, aud
extends back into the hlu'l on a very
ditch, A large area outside of this, j foursquare miles, inciu.iii.j ints, s'ight dip. it '.- supposed f.r miles, a
on tin high mesas, is susceptible of ! uuul,a i:"ios, gram uuo ..."a ..,.v ih ,ftHre ,8 KU ,m,. e mesa stretching
irrigation, and will ul'imately be
and will ul'i.ioilelv Iu. ! fippn. Here is at present t lie oerest
added to the irrigable area by means population of the Couuty and the
of high line d'tcbes. wioesi spread 01 cuiiivauon. i in
no am ,i kb valley. three valleys here converge into the
Tim A i. , i ni i ..nturu 1 1,, mi main valley ot tne oau Juan mere
. " ' " - '"""V Ji .... .1:
just est i iii 106th meridian. It
is formed by the junction of two im-
po'tant torrential stream-, and will
Besides the prodr.ee mentioned in
Ihe foregoing table the county pro
dnced 36,000 pounds of h mey ai an
average price of 12 cents a pound,
aud 30,000 tons of alfalfa bay which
averaged SS per ton.
Questions iVrtWtrd.
Irrigation is the beat means of f r
tilizing land.
Every kind of deciduous fruit c;:
he raised here.
As a frnit raising country the San
Juan has no equal,
Water can be put on arid land at H
cost of from 2 to $15 per acre.
New Mexico took first prize for
wheat ai the World's fair, and second
for oats.
Tl'.e last census gives thirty acres
as the average size of an irrigated
farm iu New Mexico.
As a health resort for persons with
weak lungs San Juan county has
few peers and no superiors.
Hough lumber here i worth $25
per thousand, brick $8 per thousand,
and lime 40 cents per bushel
Fire clay is found in large quanti
ties on Ihe lower San Ju in. and a hue
quality of fire brick can be manufac
tured at a nominal cost'j
Experts pronounce the Han Juan
coal as a steam producing coal fai
above the average, if not the very
best quality in th World.
Any information relative to th.
county not given in the columns ol
Tub Times will be oheerfnlly fur
nished upon application to the pnL-i
Water rights in company ditches
con front S2 t- 15 per acre, with he
additional cost of from $1 to $2 an
nually per acre to pr-y for repairs. Ii
most, cast's this annual assessment
can be worked out.
Sheep do well in this county. Sea!
and other sheep diseases are link' own
here. Thousands of acres of gov
eminent land are contiguous to the
BtreBius ftml watering places on wind
they can graze near!) every month it
the i ear. Large hunches of tin
wei.hfrs can bo fattened on alfalfi
hav dun tit the A'ii ter, and the idhiij
flocks earned over on it at a sutill
co-t. thus making sheep raising
profitable industry. The i.ativHiieep
n uke a most exeelirnt rr.. to rred
the matron producing sn,i:s f east,
em flheep to.
A tannery is needed and otild i
a gOXal investment in ibih o umty
l'btrH hie over 100.000 acres of eaii i
agna rowing wild hf It yle'drt
es high per acre as ten tons wild fl,.
from thirty ions upward under cultt
tat urn, t his plant aontain 8M (Hr
cent of lanni" acid, the highest i ver
age of any known Bgent. The mii
nerv W' nld be furnished with liuomt
Btpply of tanning matter wjUmi!
the ci st of a cent of freight. I'm
cana-ayria is being shipped to Enr p-j
at a cost of betwewi S80 and r;l ;tj
per ton. several tinus tln re n ing it
tor the preparation of tbur hmf
grades of leather.
Aztec, N. M.
' Capital Stock
$30,0C0 CO
Does n general bunking business, fn
torest paid on tinio tieposiis.
Charles V. Slrfoab, Cashier.
Assistant (ashier.
$150.00 every month given away 10 a:iv one who ap
plies through ui for :hc BMI uentorious pateol .... .v.
the montli preceding.
tvo ..in., the best patcatelbe o-,.r elloatSi
and .lie object of thw offer is t" en- '.rtc- rriventori to1
lojtptfick at thairhriabtidep. ,f ' umo cimt vt
wiih to imprcsi upon the pub!' tt. del t!..
such as the "cir-wir1. '.'" i h- easily Hrl up
and down without breakiiiK :it.. pam Iw.j,
"nuopan," ", oUar-butloi ' yaiit-lock," "bottl
topper," and a thousand other hi ic ihin,. . that mct
any one crm find a v ;.yA Improving and thtft .simple
inventions arc the ones thai brindlorc 1 1 .'t, ; i to the
author. Try to t!.inl( of sunieihiuj,' tu ittVU.'.
Patents Mken outt'uouRh Ui tec. ; ci.1 notice fcl
the" National Recorder," publitticl .,' '.v.isiinrj.on,
D. C, which 13 the Dot ncivspatiy pu'oiislicc: in Air erica
in the interests of inventors. Vc furnish : "c.t's sub
scription to tlits journal, ftee oncost, to . it t r clienu.
We also advenise, free of cast, the iu v. r : .mx'i
which wins our $150 prize, andMBldreds of .nousands
of copies cf the "National Recotaer." coniiining a
sketch of the winner, and a drsnipVi'' f !.n invention,
will be scattered througliout die urntcd Sn.ii amon
capiulists and raanufaotuters, tjius biiiigi. to their
attention the merits of the invention.
All communications regarded ;trii.i!y cor 1 !a JaL
Solicitors of American and Foreign I ts,
61S F Street, N. W.,
Box 383. Washir.-vor 1 C.
jf Rttrnut editor of 'this pafrr. !."
SO-fage famthict, FREE.
If you want to know more about
in that din t, in mediately ncrose,
ou the noi ; u t- H the river other
lm,e beds ap; r, iind these the:i
stretch up the La Latn for nearly
tifty miles. This com in a hard, free
hmxing quality. An ex,erienced
Cornwall miner, who is working one
are Revere. ro. id Htoren,pni'.lic stables,
good schools aud general facilities.
Near this town are located several L vaina n h T, I'miH k.v
irriifate, 'f properly handled, 40,000 bric't kilns, a saw mill and a roller w never aaw mines so easily opened
ptuuesbuo,, ui,,,.- n.NHvery pre.iy. or i,al 8 quickly yielded good mer
ii! Lit ItfRu i .
il . I ' L-Zk ' I It,:-
acres ot ti nit . una. ut t tiis amount
lO.O(K) or 12,000 acres are already
under ditch, uud it would not, be wise
to H'Wise largo settlement on auy
new lands. iini"ss some scheme were
ilovi-ed by which the whole am aiut
of 'lie water could be handled by
some comprehensive authority. This
river (lews thirty miles within San
Juan county The farming lands
begin at Cox's crossing and take in a
strip varying from a quarter of a
mile to three miles in width and
go-ahead place. Its citizens are full
of energy and public spirit
j l! 1? R h ii
i 1 in
Su. tl i 1 i M
T lis place can hardly be called a
town. It is a compact, farming com
munity, however, ef about seventy
well cultivated homesieads at the
head of the La I'lata vallev.
western side the laud rises in three
i. i t n .1 . I
cHiiu' toie coai. an mat Heem-- to d
nee ssary is to strip the outer layer,
wlr, n has beeu exposed to th'
weaMiei forages, and the fine, gl:t
tering material is found, free from
slate or "bone" and ready f.r use.
Sr me difference of opinion exists a -
... I I,,, nnuli.v nf fhiu i 'i I I, ill. tlm
Jll Hie i I, ., ,,e ;,.,,;,rrnli,,,, nt.n oo ...
' i 'll, nil ,'l i 1 1 1 1 ii ' . in ! ' ii i,iii niniD .in
ii,., -iiitl,, r i ' nf i.b ii truti I I li n . it i
...... .. il ; ' 1.UV,.. '. , v ... r, , .,.
... i .ceB, urn over u.e ouier, ever ; (if j (,okj chltractpr SoMe of
one or wuicu is imrniv cuitivnteii
In the World
Read the Times
of a good coking character.
. .
n ana .,. .. 9 ; , 1 11, in tns presence, was coverea wnu
n .. . . m L. 0 1 tun 11 ro i nn ,1 ,n tn.i.'i. nt .
about, t wenty rive miles in length. 1 i, "--"" " "'7 snn.l and bred on tbe ground and in
.... . . r . 11 r it'll. 11 Iu nntAima 1 . u uniurn I . .
L w animiiH has a mitntiium now of
20(10 cubic feet, per second. One of
f.he peculiarities' of this and tne San
Juan river is that the bottoms are
"omposed of beds of small, round,
water-worn boulders af unknown
depth. More water Hows in this
boulder lied than on the surface.
Along in the river valley proper
there are about 18,0(10 acres of good
land, the most important area of
which is from Azh to below Flora
Besides the valley of the Animas
there is an important area of land
included in the Farmington Qlade,
an intrnvale between the Animas and
La Plata rivers. It is a strip of
rountry two or three miles wide by
eighteen miles long. It will aggre
gate 25,000 acres of good irrigable
land well adapted to fruit raising.
In tbe glade, and beginning at about
the latitnde of Astec. is a line body
of Dnblta land, subject to desert
laud entry, that would make homes
for a amall colony. The ditch would
be comparatively inexpensive as a
natural opening in the hillside affords
easy entrance to the glade. If water
r reuim lanusc-.pe man a western u rt t:m w rn;lfit.i :,,., ,, Hno
community as yet removed from
railroads, and ten years ago given
over to the Indians as a hunting
ground. Alfalfa and fruit are the
principal productions. This pari of
the county is a very picture in its
picturesque fertility. The Aztecs
also thought well of it, and many of
their monuments in the shape of wf Colorado nd 8pi0ndid min
rudely pictured and sculptured rocks ! ,,Anltfi in NftW Merino re cnr,tir
nous. When rsilroads penetrate
this county tbe neighborhood of Olio
silver coke with a ring like metal.
The coal in tins county is usuHlly
fomid in thick strata between slate
and sandstone of a very fine grain.
It is said that gold aud metallic
iron cpn be found; and the best
building stone, both Handstone and 1
.. 1 a tu.. 1 1 !
granite, hoouuu. 1 ho iwbi uj.uiug
Olio, Fruitland and Jewett are sit
uated on the Sau Juan below its i smelters.
junction with the La Plata. The
population of the three is about GOO
persons. The greater part of the
land is under a fine modern canal
and in a high state of cultivation. At
Fruitland is one small orchard of
seven acreB from which tbe annnal
net return has been over $2,500 per
annum for the past five vears. This
is the property of the resident Mor
mon bishop and is cultivated accord
ing to the theory of his people that a
small place well cared for is more
valuable than broad acreage poorly
farmed. It, is one of the best instances
of intensive culture in the territory.
will afford splendid opportunities foi
Since the forPaoiriK Wn published by the bu
reau of immigrHrion the flour mill wna ileatroyoo'
by tire, bat will be rebuilt Ibis Hummer.
tjnnotion City ia just uerosa tho Animas froir
Farming (on, but, depends on Farmington mor
ohanta for suppliaa.
Patented land witb water can be
had at from $15 to $50 per acre. Be
sides this there are thousands of
acres of government, land that can be
had for the cost of filing on it.
Among the many enterprises which
would flourish in this county may be
mentioned a wool scouring plant and
woolen mills. Water and coal are
abundant and free. Tbe only ex
pense will be in developing.
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